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The Epistle Dedicatorie.

Louer. Accept it therefore (good Madam) though as a trifle, yet as a serious argument of my affection: for to bee thought thankefull for all free and honourable fauours, is a great summe of that riches my whole thrift intendeth.

Such vncourtly and sillie dispositions as mine, whose contentment hath other obiects than profit or glorie; are as glad, simply for the naked merit of vertue, to honour such as aduance her, as others that are hired to commend with deepeliest politique bountie.

Jt bath therefore adioynde much contentment to my desire of your true honour to heare men of desert in Court, adde to mine owne knowledge of your noble disposition, how gladly you doe your best to preferre their desires; and haue as absolute respect to their meere good parts, as if they came perfumed and charmed with golden incitements. And this most sweet inclination, that flowes from the truth and eternitie of Nobles; assure your Ladiship doth more suite your other Ornaments, and makes more to the aduancement of your Name, and happines of your proceedings, then if (like others) you displaied Ensignes of state and sowrenes in your forehead, made smooth with nothing but sensualitie and pre


This poore Dedication (in figure of the other vnitie betwixt Sir Thomas and your selfe) hath reioynd you with him, my bououred best friend, whose continuance of ancient


The Epistle Dedicatorie.

kindnes to my still-obscured estate, though it cannot encrease my loue to him, which hath euer been entirely circulare; yet shall it encourage my deserts to their utmost requitall, and make my hartie gratitude speake; to which the unhappines of my life bath betherto been uncomfortable and painfull dumbnes.

By your Ladiships vowd in most wished seruice:

George Chapman.



Leander to the enuious light

Resignes his night-sports with the night,
And swims the Hellespont againe ;
Thesme the Deitie soueraigne
Of Customes and religious rites
Appeares, reprouing his delites
Since Nuptiall honors he neglected;
VVhich straight he vowes shall be effected.

Faire Hero left Deuirginate

VVaies, and with furie wailes her state:
But with her loue and womans wit

She argues, and approueth it.

No our ensue,

Ew light giues new directions, Fortunes new
To fashion our indeuours that

More harsh (at lest more hard) more graue and hie
Our subiect runs, and our sterne Muse must flie.
Loues edge is taken off, and that light flame,
Those thoughts, ioyes, longings, that before became
High vnexperienst blood, and maids sharpe plights

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He cals

the God

of Gold,

since the

vertue of

Must now grow staid, and censure the delights,
That being enioyd aske iudgement; now we praise
As hauing parted: Euenings crowne the daies.
And now ye wanton loues, and yong desires,
Pied vanitie, the mint of strange Attires;
Ye lisping Flatteries, and obsequious Glances,
Relentfull Musicks, and attractiue Dances,

And you

detested Charmes constraining loue,
Shun loues stolne sports by that these Louers proue.

By this the Soueraigne of Heauens golden fires,
And yong Leander, Lord of his desires,
Together from their louers armes arose :
Leander into Hellespontus throwes

His Hero-handled bodie, whose delight
Made him disdaine each other Epethite.
And as amidst the enamourd waues he swims,
The God of gold of purpose guilt his lims,
That this word guilt, including double sence,
The double guilt of his Incontinence,

Might be exprest, that had no stay t'employ
his beams The treasure which the Loue-god let him ioy
creates it. In his deare Hero, with such sacred thrift,
As had beseemd so sanctified a gift:
But like a greedie vulgar Prodigall
Would on the stock dispend, and rudely fall
Before his time, to that vnblessed blessing,

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Which for lusts plague doth perish with possessing.
Joy grauen in sence, like snow in water wasts;
VVithout preserue of vertue, nothing lasts.
What man is he that with a welthie eie,
Enioyes a beautie richer than the skie,

Through whose white skin, softer then soundest sleep,
With damaske eyes, the rubie blood doth peep,
And runs in branches through her azure vaines,
Whose mixture and first fire, his loue attaines;
Whose both hands limit both Loues deities,
And sweeten humane thoughts like Paradise;
Whose disposition silken is and kinde,
Directed with an earth-exempted minde;

Who thinks not heauen with such a loue is giuen?
And who like earth would spend that dower of heauē,

With ranke desire to ioy it all at first ?

What simply kils our hunger, quencheth thirst,
Clothes but our nakedness, and makes vs liue,
Praise doth not any of her fauours giue:
But what doth plentifully minister
Beautious apparell and delicious cheere,
So ordered that it still excites desire,
And still giues pleasure freenes to aspire
The palme of Bountie, euer moyst preseruing:
To loues sweet life this is the courtly caruing.
Thus Time, and all-states-ordering Ceremonie

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