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Begun by Christopher Marloe; and finished by George Chapman.

Ut Meltar, Ingenium.


At London

Printed by Felix Kingston, for Paule Linley,and are to be folde in Paules Church-yard, at the figne of the Blacke-beare. 1598.

To the Right VVorshipfull, Sir Tho

mas Walsingham, Knight.

Ir, we thinke not our selues discharged of the duty we owe to our friend, when we haue brought the breathles bodie to the earth: for albeit the eye there taketh his euer farewell of that beloued obiect, yet the impression of

the man, that hath beene deare vnto vs, liuing an after life in our memorie, there putteth vs in minde of farther obsequies due vnto the deceased. And namely of the performance of whatsoeuer we may iudge shall make to his liuing credit, and to the effecting of his determinations preuented by the stroke of death. By these meditations (as by an intellectuall will) suppose my selfe executor to the unhappily deceased author of this Poem, upon whom knowing that in his life time you bestowed many kinde fauours, entertaining the parts of reckoning and worth which you found in him, with good countenance and liberall affection: I cannot but see so far into the will of him dead, that whatsoeuer issue of his braine should

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