European travellers in India during the fifteenth, sixteenth

Kegan Paul, 1909 - 274 Seiten

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Seite 214 - Thro' scudding drifts the rainy Hyades Vext the dim sea : I am become a name ; For always roaming with a hungry heart, Much have I seen and known ; cities of men And manners, climates, councils, governments...
Seite 40 - The land is overstocked with people; but those in the country are very miserable, whilst the nobles are extremely opulent and delight in luxury. They are wont to be carried on their silver beds, preceded by some twenty chargers caparisoned in gold, and followed by 300 men on horseback and 500 on foot, and by horn-men, ten torchbearers and ten musicians.
Seite 209 - Let us then examine your title to any mark of distinction. I do not deny you would possess such a title if you had filled my young mind with suitable instruction. Show me a well-educated youth, and I will say that it is doubtful who has the stronger claim to his gratitude, his father or his tutor. But what was the knowledge I derived under your tuition...
Seite 12 - Phcenicians, which had survived the alleged (BC 586) and real (BC 332) destruction of Tyre, and the fall of Carthage (BC 146), had been broken at Actium in BC 31; but the Indian trade which this blow caused them largely to relinquish went on in other hands ; and Rome, as mistress of Egypt, found herself able to reap much of the profit drawn from it. The Periplus which has been already mentioned, tells us that a certain Hippalus boldly set out from the mouth of the Arabian Gulf, and was carried by...
Seite 229 - Empire. places between Cambay and Goa. For his limited field, however, he is a valuable authority, in addition to which he is an exceedingly interesting writer. Fryer clearly points out one of the chief causes of the political distractions of the later years of Aurangzib's reign. Akbar had perceived that a powerful Mogul Empire was only possible if it were propped up by Hindu and Mohammedan alike, and had acted on that belief. " This religious bigot of an Emperor, Auren Zeeb...
Seite 53 - They threw holy water over us, and gave us some white earth, which the Christians of this country are in the habit of putting on their foreheads, breasts, around the neck, and on the forearms. They threw holy water upon the captain-major and gave him some of the earth, which he gave in charge of someone, giving them to understand that he would put it on later.
Seite 40 - The Hindu Sultan Kadam is a very powerful prince. He possesses a numerous army and resides on a mountain at Bichenegher. This vast city is surrounded by three forts and intersected by a river, bordering on one side on a dreadful jungle, and on the other on a dale ; a wonderful place and to any purpose convenient. On one side it is quite inaccessible ; a road gives right through the town, and as the mountain rises high with a ravine below, the town is impregnable.
Seite 145 - This done, he eateth opium, and being in the height of his drinke he layeth him down to sleep, every man departing to his own home. And after he hath slept two hours they awake him and bring his supper to him, at which time he is not able to feed himselfe; but it is thrust into his mouth by others. And this is about one of the clock; and then he sleepeth the rest of the night".
Seite 108 - M.arriage woman come to the water side, and there is an old man which they call a Bramane, that is, a Priest, a Kow, and a Calfe, and a Kow with Calfe. Then the Man and the Woman, the Kow and Calfe, and the old man goe into the water together, and they give the old man a white cloth of foure yards long, and a basket crosse-bound with divers things in it : the cloth...

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