The West in the Diplomacy of the American Revolution

Russell & Russell, 1913 - 247 Seiten

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Seite 63 - I am therefore by no means for restoring Canada. If we keep it, all the country from the St. Lawrence to the Mississippi will in another century be filled with British people. Britain itself will become vastly more populous, by the immense increase of its commerce; the Atlantic sea will be covered with your trading ships; and your naval power, thence continually increasing, will extend your influence round the whole globe, and awe the world!
Seite 204 - For this purpose you are to make the most candid and confidential communications upon all subjects to the ministers of our generous ally the King of France, to undertake nothing in the negotiations for peace or truce without their knowledge and concurrence and ultimately to govern yourselves by their advice and Opinion...
Seite 145 - Franklin, however, was more optimistic and urged Jay to continue his efforts. He agreed with him, however, that the United States should never give up the right to the free navigation of the Mississippi.54 * On the evening of the 23rd Jay was admitted to a conference with Florida Blanca on the points at issue between the two countries. During the conversation Jay once more brought up the question of an alliance; but Florida Blanca replied that there was no occasion to hurry, and Jay would have time...
Seite 186 - From these principles it results, that all the territory lying within the limits of the states, as fixed by the sovereign himself, was held by him for their particular benefits, and must equally with his other rights and claims in quality of their sovereign, be considered as having devolved on them, in consequence of their resumption of the sovereignty to themselves.
Seite 220 - River to the highlands; along the said highlands which divide those rivers that empty themselves into the river St. Lawrence, from those which fall into the Atlantic Ocean, to the northwesternmost head of Connecticut River; thence down along the middle of that river to the forty-fifth degree of north latitude...
Seite 99 - Such a case, he feared, would make the new republic a hard taskmaster for the other nations of the world. He agreed, too, that it was best to leave Canada in possession of the English to make the Americans perceive the necessity of having "des garants, des allees, et des protecteurs." The Floridas, or at least West Florida, Vergennes thought should go to Spain, as they were in no sense connected with the other provinces.34 On this much, Spain and France agreed; but here the likeness ends. With France,...
Seite 140 - There are many reasons (hereafter to be explained) which induce me to suspect that France is determined to manage between us, so as to make us debtors to their influence and good correspondence with Spain for every concession on her part, and to make Spain hold herself obligated to their influence and good correspondence with us for every concession on our part.
Seite 61 - The most christian king shall never invade, nor, under any pretence, attempt to possess himself of Labrador, New Britain, Nova Scotia, Acadia, Canada, Florida, nor any of the countries, cities or towns on the continent of North America, nor of the islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, St. Johns...
Seite 145 - Poor as we are, yet, as I know we shall be rich, I would rather agree with them to buy at a great price the whole of their right on the Mississippi, than sell a drop of its waters. A neighbor might as well ask me to sell my street door.
Seite 87 - This is the introduction of large bodies of French troops into Canada, and putting them in possession of the capital of that province, attached to them by all the ties of blood, habits, manners, religion, and former connection of government. " I fear this would be too great a temptation to be resisted by any power actuated by the common maxims of national policy.

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