Practical Housekeeping: A Careful Compilation of Tried and Approved Recipes ...

Buckeye Publishing Company, 1883 - 682 Seiten

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Seite 288 - Distrust the condiment which bites so soon ; But deem it not, thou man of herbs, a fault To add a double quantity of salt. * Three times the spoon with oil of Lucca crown, And once with vinegar, procured from town.
Seite 551 - ... ulnar nerves ; and also, in a more generalised way, in the gastrocnemii, in the soles of the feet, and in the palms of the hands, the pains were of a tearing character, which she described as resembling " iron teeth " tearing the flesh. The pains recurred many times daily ; her life was a perfect burden to her, and always had been during these attacks.
Seite 658 - Cure for Sick Headache.— It is stated that two tea-spoons of finely powdered charcoal, drank in half a tumbler of water, will, in less than 15 minutes, give relief to the sick headache, when caused, as in most cases it is, by superabundance of acid on the stomach. We have tried this remedy time and again, and its efficacy in every instance has been signally satisfactory.
Seite 554 - Get some clean, fine sand ; dry it thoroughly in a kettle on the stove. Make a bag, about eight inches square, of flannel, fill it with the dry sand, sew the opening carefully together, and cover the bag with cotton or linen.
Seite 422 - There must be a place for every thing and every thing in its place, a time for every thing and every thing in its time, and "patience, patience," must be written in glowing capitals all over the walls.
Seite 555 - However small the supply of breast-milk, provided it agrees with the child, the mother should carefully keep it up against sickness ; it alone will often save the life of a child when everything else fails. When the child is over six months old the mother may save her strength by giving it one or two meals a day of stale bread and milk ; which should be pressed through a sieve and put into a nursing-bottle. When from eight months to a year old it may have also one meal a day of the yolk of a fresh...
Seite 626 - ... hours, and boil it half an hour; next soak it in the bleaching liquor, made as above; and lastly, wash it in the usual manner. Discolored linen or muslin may be restored by putting a portion of bleaching liquor into the tub...
Seite 78 - When cool, beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, and add to the mixture.
Seite 221 - ... remove from the oven, and cover with a meringue made of the whites of two eggs, beaten to a stiff froth with two tablespoons powdered sugar; return to oven and brown slightly.
Seite 117 - Boil one and one-half pounds moist white sugar, two ounces butter, one and a half tea-cups water, together with half the rind of the lemon, and when done (which may be known by its becoming quite crisp when dropped into cold water) set aside till the boiling has ceased, and then stir in the juice of the lemon, butter a dish and pour in about an inch thick. When cool take out peel (which may be dried), pull until white, draw out into sticks and check about four inches long with a knife.

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