proceedings of the democratic national convention


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Seite 49 - Go, wiser thou! and, in thy scale of sense, Weigh thy Opinion against Providence; Call imperfection what thou fanciest such, Say, here he gives too little, there too much...
Seite 10 - An act respecting fugitives from justice, and persons escaping from the service of their masters...
Seite 68 - That the liberal principles embodied by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, and sanctioned in the Constitution, which makes ours the land of Liberty, and the asylum of the oppressed of every nation, have ever been cardinal principles in the democratic faith...
Seite 69 - States; and to sustain and advance among us constitutional liberty, by continuing to resist all monopolies and exclusive legislation for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many; and by a vigilant and constant adherence to those principles and compromises of the Constitution which are broad enough and strong enough to embrace and uphold the Union as it was, the Union as it is, and the Union as it shall be, in the full expansion of the energies and capacity of this great and progressive people.
Seite 68 - That the Constitution does not confer authority upon the Federal Government, directly or indirectly, to assume the debts of the several States, contracted for local and internal improvements, or other State purposes; nor would such assumption be just or expedient.
Seite 68 - ... to suspend the passage of a bill, whose merits cannot secure the approval of two-thirds of the Senate and House of Representatives, until the judgment of the people can be obtained thereon...
Seite 28 - The Chair ruled the amendment out of order at the present stage, or until the Association decides upon the question of reconsideration. After a long discussion, Dr. Davis, of Indiana, moved to lay the motion to reconsider on the table, which was carried, 97 yeas, nays not counted, so the amendment stands registered.
Seite 68 - ... 5. That it is the duty of every branch of the Government to enforce and practise the most rigid economy in conducting our public affairs, and that no more revenue ought to be raised than is required to defray the necessary expenses of the Government, and for the gradual but certain extinction of the public debt _ 6.
Seite 68 - Justice and sound policy forbid the Federal Government to foster one branch of industry to the detriment of another, or to cherish the interests of one portion to the injury of another portion of our common country.
Seite 68 - Resolved, That we rejoice at the restoration of friendly relations with our sister Republic of Mexico, and earnestly desire for her all the blessings and prosperity which we enjoy under republican institutions, and we congratulate the American people on the results of that war which have so manifestly justified the policy and conduct of the Democratic party, and insured to the United States indemnity for the past and security for the future.

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