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Who is that person whom I saw you introduce, and present to the duke?

I offer observations which a long and chequered pilgrimage has enabled me to make on man.

Every church and sect of people, has a set of opinions peculiar to itself.

Mayst thou as well as I, be meek, patient, and forgiving.

These men were under high obligations to adhere to their friend in every situation of life.

After I had visited Europe, I returned to America,

Their example, their influence, their fortune, every talent they possess, dispense blessings on all around them.

When a string of such sentences occurs, the effect is disagreeable.

I was lately at Gibraltar, and saw the commander in chief.

Propriety of pronounciation consists in giving to every word that sound, which the most polite usage of the language appropriates to it.

The book is printed very neatly, and on fine woven paper.

Many of the fables of the ancients, are highly in structive.

He resembles one of those solitary animals, that have been forced from their forests, to gratify human curiosity

There neither is, nor ought to be, such a thing as constructive treason,

He is a new-created knight, and his dignity sits aukzoardly on him. Ora newly-created knight, &c.

Hatred or revenge deserves censure wherever it is found to exist.

If you please to employ your thoughts on that subject, you will easily conceive our miserable condition,

His speech contains one of the grossest and most infamous calumnies that ever were uttered.

Too great a variety of studies, dissipates and weakens the mind.

Each of those two authors has his merit.

James was resolved not to indulge himself in so cruel an amusement.

The want of attention to this rule, is the source of a very common error. Or~Want of attention, &c.

Calumny and detraction are sparks, which, if you do not blow them, will go out of themselves.

Clelia is a vain woman, who, if we do not flatter her, will be disgusted.

That celebrated work had been nearly ten years published, before its importance was at all understood.

Ambition is insatiable: it will make any sacrifices to attain its objects.

A great mass of rocks thrown together by the hand of nature, with wildness and confusion, strikes the mind with more grandeur, than if the parts had been adjusted to one another with the most accurate symmetry:


Exercises, p. 102.

He showed a spirit of forgiveness, and a magnanimity, that do honour to human nature.

Them that honour me, I will honour; and they that despise me, shall be lightly esteemed.

Reason's whole pleasure, all the joys of sense,

Lie in three words, health, peace, and competence. Having thus begun to throw off the restraints of reason, he was soon hurried into deplorable ex

These arts have enlightened many minds; and they


will enlighten every person who shall attentively study them.

When we succeed in our plans, it is not always to be attributed to ourselves; the aid of others often promotes the end, and claims our acknowledgment.

Their intentions were good; but wanting prudence, they missed the mark at which they aimed.

I have not consented, nor shall I consent to a proposal so unjust.

We have subjected ourselves to much expense, that thou mayst be well educated.

This treaty was made at the castle of earl More.. ton the governor.

Be especially careful, that thou give no offence to the aged or helpless.

The business was no sooner opened, than it was cordially acquiesced in.

On account of his general conduct, he deserved punishment as much as his companion, and indeed, deserved it more. He left a son of a singular character, and who behaved so ill, that he was put in prison.

If he do but approve my endeavours, it will be an ample reward. I hope you

will do me the favor, to accept a copy of “A view of the manufactories in the West Riding of Yorkshire."

I had intended to write the letter, before he urged me to it; and, therefore, he has not all the merit of it.

All the power of ridicule, aided by the desertion of friends, and the diminution of his estate, was not able to shake his principles.

In his conduct was treachery, and in his words were faithless professions.

Though the measure is mysterious, it is worthy of atter on.

Be solicitous to aid such deserving persons as appear to be destitute of friends.

Ignorance, or the want of light, produces sensuality, covetousness, and those violent contests with others about trifles, which occasion so much misery and so many crimes in the world.

He will one day reap the reward of his labour, if he be diligent and attentive. Till that period come, let him be contented and patient.

To the resolutions which we have once, upon due consideration, adopted as rules of conduct, let us firmly adhere.

He has little more of the great man than the title.

Though he were my superior in knowledge, he would not thence have a right to impose his sentiments.

| That picture of the emperor, is a very exact resemblance of him.

How happy are the virtuous who can rest under the protection of that powerful arm, which made the earth and the heavens!

Prosperity and adversity may be equally improved: both the one and the other proceed from the same author.

He acted conformably to his instructions, and cannot justly be censured.

The orators did not forget to enlarge on so popular a subject.

The language of Divine Providence to every human agent, is,

- Hitherto shalt thou come, and no farther."

Idle persons imagine, that how deficient soever they may be in point of duty, they at least consult their own satisfaction.

Good as the cause is, it is one from which pum, bers have deserted.

The man is prudent who speaks little.


Exercises, p. 105.
He acted independently of foreign assistance.

Every thing that we here enjoy, changes, decays, and comes to an end. All floats-on the surface of that river, which, with swift current, is running towards a boundless ocean.

The winter has not been so severe as we expected it to be. Or-expected it would be. Temperance, more than medicines, is the

proper means of curing many diseases.

They understand the practical part better than he does, but he is much better acquainted with the theory than they are.

When we have once drawn the line, with intelligence and precision, between duty and sin, that line we ought on no occasion to transgress.

They who are distinguished by extraordinary lents, have extraordinary duties to perform.

No person could speak more strongly on this subject, or behave more nobly, than our young

advo. cate for the cause of toleration.

His conduct was so provoking, that many will condemn him, and few will pity him.

The people's happiness is the stateman's honour. We

e are in a perilous situation. On the one side, and on the other, dangers meet us; and either extreme will be pernicious to virtue.

Several pictures of the Sardinian king's were transmitted to France. Or-Several of the Sardinian king's pictures, &c. Ór-Several pictures belonging to the king of Sardinia, &c. When I last saw him, he was grown considerably.

If we consult either the improvement of the mind, or the health of the body, it is well known that exercise is the great instrument of promoting both. - If it were they who acted so ungratefully, they are doubly in fault. OrmeIf they acted, &c.


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