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Dr. Frauklin to Messrs. les Abbés Chalut et Arnaud, April 17, 1787

220 to the Marquis de la Fayette, April 17, 1787. Various matter

221 to Monsieur l'Abbé Morellet, April 22, 1787. On

the freedom of commerce-State of America 223 to Mr. Jordain, (London) May 18, 1787. On

receiving his present of a cask of porter-Va-
rious matter

225 to George Wheatley, esq. May 18, 1787. The

Philadelphia Bank, Commercial treaty scheme
for coining - Dr. Riley

227 to Mr. Small, Sept. 28, 1787. American taxation

---New form of prayer -- American royalists,

229 to Count De Buffon, Nov. 19, 1787. On the stone 231 to *, Dec. 15, 1787.

Disorders in Holland Projected conquest from Turkey

232 to Monsieur Le Veillard, Feb. 17, 1788. Relative

to Monsieur Saugrain - Dr. Franklin's Me-
moirs of his own life~New Constitution pro-
posed for the United States--Imports on trade
Paper money

to the Editors of the Pennsylvania Gazette, March
30, 1788. On the abuse of the press

236 to Monsieur Le Veillard, April 22, 1788. Respect

ing Dr. Franklin's own MemoirsThe new con-
stitution Custom-house duties

to Madame Lavoisier, Oct. 23, 1788. Thanking
her for his portrait

240 to Dr. Ingenhausz, Oct. 24, 1788. Relative to the state of his health-The steam-boat

242 to Benjamin Vaughan, esq. Oct. 24, 1788. 'Re

lative to Dr. Franklin's own Memoirs.The
Turkish war-Drs. Price and Priestley-

to Mrs. Partridge, Nov. 25, 1788. On the death
of Ben. Kent-Orthodowy

245 to Mrs. Mecom, (Dr. Franklin's sister) Nov. 26, 1788

ib. to Mr. Small, Feb. 17, 1789. On the stone-Expedient to assist hearing

246 to Mrs. Greene, March 2, 1789

248 to Mrs. Catherine Louisa Shipley, April 27, 1789.

Dr. Franklin to Joseph Galloway, esq. speaker of the

house of assembly of Pennsylvania.-London,

June 13, 1767. Repeal of act restraining the

legal tender of paper money-Mr. Grenville-

Mr. Townsend-The salt duty-Change of mi-

nistry predicted


to the same, August 8, 1767. Attempt to form a

coalition of parties. Right claimed to tax the

colonies. Paper money


to Governor Franklin, New Jersey, August 28,

1767. Conversation with Lord Shelburne and

Mr. Conway on American affairs. Paper mo-

ney - De Guerchy - Monsieur Durand, the

French Plenipotentiary, curious about American



to Governor Franklin, Nov. 25, 1767. Gorernor

Barnard-Conversation with Lord Shelburnem

Dean Tucker-Lord Clare


to Joseph Galloway, esq. Dec. l. 1767. Paper

money-Mr. Grenville-Duke of Bedford - 290

to Mr. Ross, Philadelphia, London, Dec. 12, 1767.

Question of admitting America to be represented

in the British parliament


to Governor Franklin, Dec. 19, 1767. The Boston

resolutions concerning trade-Anecdote relative

to Colonel Onslow and Mr. Grenville


Governor Pownall to Dr. Franklin. Concerning an equal

communication of rights, privileges, &c. to Ame-

rica by Great Britain


Minutes on the back of the foregoing, by Dr.



Dr. Franklin to Governor Franklin, Jan. 9, 1768. Change

of ministry-Bedford party to come in


to Joseph Galloway, esq. Jan. 9, 1768. Change of

ministry-American affairs


to the same, Feb. 17, 1768. Restraining act rela-

tive to paper money-Conversation with Lord

Hillsborough on the subject, and on a change of

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government in Pennsylvania-Farce acted in

parliament respecting the mayor and aldermen of

Oxford - Borough jobbing - Mr. Beckford's

bill to prevent bribery and corruption-Sarcastic

reply to Mr. Thurlow, who opposed it


Dr. Franklin to Thomas Wharton, esq. Philadelphia ; Lon-

don, Feb. 20, 1768. Conversation with Mr. Se-

cretary Conway, relative to his resignation, and

to American affairs-Boston proceedings 303

to Governor Franklin, March 13, 1768. Lord

Hillsborough The Farmer's letters--- American

manufactures--New elections in England 305

to the Committee of Correspondence, Pennsylvania,

March 13, 1768. Affair of the boundary line

with the Indians General Gage - Governor



to Joseph Galloway, esq. March 13, 1768. Lord

Hillsborough.The old parliament gone--First

instance of bribery in Queen Elizabeth's time,

monstrously risen since


to the Committee of Correspondence, Pennsylvania,

April 16, 1768. Repeal of the duty act-Change

of government-Legal tender of paper money 312

to Governor Franklin, April 16, 1768. New par-

liamentary elections-Wilkes's election for Mid-

dlesex_Illuminations on that occasion

- 313

to Mr. Ross, May 14, 1768. Disorders on the Ame-

rican frontiers-State of the Capital of England

on account of Wilkes--Sending a Bishop to



to Joseph Galloway, esq. May 14, 1768. Great

disorders in London occasioned by Wilkes's party 316

to Governor Franklin, July 2, 1768. The Duke of

Grafton-Mr. Secretary Cooper-Lord North

-Mr. Todd, secretary of the post-office-Lord



to Joseph Galloway, esq. July 2, 1768. Removal

of Lord Clare- Return of Lord Hillsborough-

Other changes in administration-Combination

in America-Wilkes's outlawry reversed - 323

London, Nov. 28, 1768


to Monsieur Dubourg, Oct. 2, 1770. Great Bri-

tain no right to tax the North American colonies 326

to Gov. Franklin, Aug. 17, 1772. Removal of Lord

Hillsborough--Succeeded by Lord Dartmouth - 327


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Dr. Franklin to Governor Franklin, August 19, 1772.

Lord Hillsborough-Refused admittance to him 329 to Joseph Galloway, esq. August 22, 1772. Lord

Hillsborough's resignation-- Lord Dartmouth
succeeded him-Lord Rochford

332 to the same, Dec. 2, 1772. Lord Dartmouth

Court of Exchequer-The India Company-Du-
ty on tea, &c.

333 - to Thomas Cushing, esq. Dec. 2, 1772. Petition

from Massachusetts Bay-Reasons for delaying w the presenting it

335 to the same, Jan. 5, 1773. Lord Dartmouth

American affairs--Great fall in India stock 338 on to Governor Franklin, Feb. 14, 1773. Affair of

St. Vincent--Affairs of the India company owing
to the refusal of North America to take tea from

England-Distress among the manufacturers - 341 to the Hon. Thomas Cushing, esq. March 9, 1773.

Proceeding of the town of Boston-Gov, Hutch-
inson's speech

342 to the same, April 3, 1773. Lord Dartmouth's wish

to heal the breach between Great Britain and

343 to Governor Franklin, April 6, 1773. The Bishop

of St. Asaph's sermon before the Society for pro

pagating the Gospel, favorable to America 344 to the Hon. Thomas Čushing, esq. May 6, 1773.

Gov. Hutchinson's speech Conversation with
Lord Dartmouth respecting the same

· 345 to the Hon. Thomas Cushing, esq. June 2, 1773. Petition to the king, and his answer

349 to the same, June 4, 1773. American duty on tea 350 to the same, July 7, 1773. Controversy with Gov.

Hutchinson-First idea of an American congress-- Dr. Franklin's justification of himself against the charge of neglect, as agent för Massachusetts

- 351 to the same, July 7, 1773. Parliament prorogued

-The king's answer to the American petitions -Proposed means of obtaining redress--General sentiments of the people in England respecting America-- Captain Calif-Sir Francis Bernard's project

355 to the Rev. Dr. Mather, (Boston) July 7, 1773. Remarks on the proceedings against America

- 362

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