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WEDNESDAY, April 6th, 1864. 28th of the same month of March, for the The Convention met in Liberty Hall, New vention to be elected for the revision and

choice of delegates to a Constitutional ConOrleans, at 12 M., in pursuance of para- amendment of the Constitution of the State graph XI of General Orders No. 35, of of Louisiana,

The undersigned, did, this day, examine Major General N. P. Banks, the command

the returns received of the votes given at ing general of the department, as follows:

the elections of the 28th of March last, and XI. The delegates duly elected to the found the following named delegates obConvention shall meet at Liberty Hall, Ex- tained, in the following parishes, the greatecutive Building, in the city of New Orleans, est number of votes, so far as received up at 12 o'clock M., on Wednesday, the 6th day to this date, to-wit: of April, 1864. At fifteen minutes past 12 o'clock, T. B.

First Representative District-Joseph GorThorpe, a member of the Convention, called linski, R. B. Bell, Geo. F. Brott, W. T. it to order.

Stocker, John Stumpf, J. B. Schroeder, E.

Murphy. J. R. Terry nominated Alfred Shaw as temporary president. Carried unanimously. Cook, Joseph H. Wilson, John Henderson,

Second Representative District-Terrance W. R. Fish nominated Alfred C. Hills as Jr., J. H. Stiner, M. W. Murphy, P. K. temporary secretary. Carried unanimously. O'Conner, Alfred C. Hills, T. B. Thorpe, J.

In response to the unanimous invita- J. Healy, Geo. A. Fosdick, W. H. Hire. tion of the Convention, Rev. Dr. Newman Thomas, James Fuller, John Sullivan, J. R.

Third Representative District-John W. offered prayer.

Terry, 0. W. Austin, John Foley, George The following communications from S. Howes, H. W. Waters, P. Harnan. Wrotnowski, secretary of state, were then Shaw, R. King Cutler, Judge E. H. Durell,

Fourth Representative District -- Alfred read:

E. J. Wenck, Louis Gastinel.

Fifth Representative District - Edmund
Office of the Secretary of State. S

Abeil, John Buckley, Jr., Xavier Maurer, In conformity to General Orders No. 35, J. P. Montamat, A. Mendiverri. under date of the 11th of March last, of Maj. Sixth Representative District-J. V. Bofill, Gen. N. P. Banks, commanding the Depart- F. M. Crozat, Dr. F. M. Bonzano, Adolphe ment of the Gulf, and to the proclamation Bailey. of his excellency, Michael Hahn, governor Seventh Representative District Judge R. of this State, bearing date of the 16th of K. Howell, J. G. Baum, M. D. Kavanagh, said month, for an election to be held on the H. Millspaugh.

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Eighth Representative District--J. A. Spel- | 1864, and of the independence of the United licy, 0. H. Poynot, J. K. Cook.

States of America the eighty-eighth. Ninth Representative District-H. Maas, [Signed]

S. WROTNOWSKI, E. Goldman, Edward Hart.

Secretary of State. Tenth Representative District_John Pur- OFFICE SECRETARY OF STATE, cell, C. W. Stauffer, W. R. Fish, Benj. Camp

STATE OF LOUISIANA, bell, T. Barrett, Geo. W. Geier, R. S. Abbott,

New Orleans, April 6th, 1864. James Duane, Edmund Flood, J. L. Davies.

Right Baníc of Mississippi (Algiers)--J. To the honorable president of the ConstituH. Flagg, W. H. Seymour.

tional Convention of Louisiana : SiR--Permit me to send you and leave to

your disposition the two herewith accomRobert J. Duke, Emile Collin and J. E. panying books : Richard obtained, each, 61. Election con- “ The Rules and Orders of the House of tested.

Representatives,” and “The Legislative ASSUMPTION.

Guide," belonging to the State LibraryJoseph Dupaty, James Ennis, E. J. Pin- and believe me, very respectfully, your obetado.

dient servant, BATON ROUGE (EAST).


S. WROTNOWSKI. W. D. Mann, P. A. Kugler, H. J. Heard.

Accompanying these communications BATON ROUGE (WEST).

were the manual referred to and the oriSidney A. Lobdell.

ginal election returns.

The roll was then called by the secretary, Robert W. Taliaferro.

when the following delegates—eighty-two FELICIANA (EAST). Jansin T. Paine, Martin Schnurr.

in number-answered to their names :

Joseph Gorlinski, John Stumpf, R. B. Bell, Robert Morris, Samuel Pursell, Christian J. B. Schroeder, Geo. F. Brott, E. Murphy, Roselius, John Payne.

W. T. Stocker, Terrance Cook, Alfred Č.

Hills, Joseph H. Wilson, T. B. Thorpe, J. B. Bromley, E. H. Knobloch, C. H. L. John Henderson, Jr., J. J. Healy, J. H. Gruneberg

Stiner, George A. Fosdick, M. W. Murphy,

W. H. Hire, P. K. O'Conner, John W. R. V. Montague.

Thomas, John Foley, James Fuller, George

Howes, John Sullivan, H. W. Waters, J. Ř. PLAQUEMINES. Lewis Lombard, Thos. J. Decker. Elec- Terry, P. Harnan, O. W. Avstin, Alfred tion contested. Votes supposed to be 246. Shaw, E. J. Wenck, R. King Cutler, Louis

Gastinel, E. H. Durell, Edmund Abell, J. P. Not entirely returned.

Montamat, John Buckley, Jr., A. Mendi

verri, Xavier Maurer, J. V. Bofill, Dr. M. F. Thomas Ong.

Bonzano, F. M. Crozat, Adolphe Bailey, R.

K. Howell, M. D, Kavanagh, J. G. Baum, H. R. Beauvais.

Millspaugh, J. A. Spellicy, J. K. Cook, 0.

H. Poynot, H. Maas, Edward Hart, E. Young Burke.

Goldman, John Purcell, Geo. W. Geier, C.

W. Stauffer, W. R. Fish, James Duane, Charles Smith.

Benjamin Campbell, Edmund Flood, J. L.

Davies, J. T. Barrett, J. H. Flagg, W. H. R. W. Bennie, Adolphe Gaidry.

Seymour, Joseph Dupaty, James Ennis, H.

J. Heard, P. A. Kugler, Martin Schnurr, RoTotal number of Delegates—Orleans.. 63

bert Morris, Samuel Pursell, Christian RoseCountry Parishes 27

lius, John Payne, J. B. Bromley, E. H.

Knobloch, C. H. L. Gruneberg, Lewis 90

Lombard, Thomas J. Decker, Thomas Ong, Total number of votes as far as re

R. Beauvais, Young Burke, Charles Smith, ceived up to the 5th April, 1864, at

R. W. Bennie, Adolphe Gaidry. 2 o'clock, P. M..


Mr. Montamat moved to refer the comAnd, therefore, the undersigned has the honor to transmit herewith to the honora- munication of the secretary of state, conble the president and members of the Con- taining a list of the delegates elect, to a vention the following statement, together committee of five. Carried. with all the original returns from the par

The chair named Messrs. Thomas, Samuel ishes of this State. Signed under his hand, at New Orleans, Pursell

, R. W. Bennie, C. H. L. Gruneberg the 6th day of April, in the year of our Lord and George F. Brott, as said committee.







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