the british and foreign medical review or quarterly journal of practical medicine and surgery: vol xii


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Seite 568 - ... had not been able to form from them the idea of a square and a disc, until he perceived a sensation of what he saw in the points of his fingers, as if he really touched the objects.
Seite 513 - The Principles of Physiology, applied to the Preservation of Health, and to the Improvement of Physical and Mental Education.
Seite 523 - ... solutions would be undisturbed. Not so, however, if lime-water be mixed with a solution of bicarbonate of lime : very soon a haziness appears ; this deepens into a whiteness, and the mixture soon acquires the appearance of a well-mixed whitewash. When the white matter ceases to be produced, it subsides, and in process of time leaves the water above perfectly clear.
Seite 221 - Pharmacopoeia, arranged in Classes according to their Action, with their Composition and Doses. By a Practising Physician.
Seite 522 - To understand the nature of the process, it will be necessary to advert, in a general way, to a few long-known chemical properties of the familiar substance chalk ; for chalk at once forms the bulk of the chemical impurity that the process will separate from water, and is the material whence the ingredient for effecting the separation will be obtained. " In water, chalk is almost, or altogether insoluble ; but it may be rendered soluble, by either of two processes of a very opposite kind. When burned,...
Seite 191 - Water require no detailed explanation. The fifth is the great remedy of the water-doctors, though by no means peculiar to them, but a modification of that kind of bath which is used, not only by the Russians, and other nations of Northern Europe, but also by the North American Indians. « They have a cure for some diseases, « quaintly says good old Cotton Mather of the Indians, « even a little cave ; after they have terribly heated it, a crew of them go and sit there with the priest, looking in...
Seite 22 - Je sais seulement que la vérité est dans les choses et non pas dans mon esprit qui les juge , et que moins je mets du mien dans les jugements que j'en porte, plus je suis sûr d'approcher de la vérité : ainsi ma règle de me livrer au sentiment plus qu'à la raison est confirmée par la raison même.
Seite 279 - The functions of the medulla oblongata are enfeebled about the same period that the sensorial functions are arrested, but are not fairly suspended for some time longer. Immediately after the sensorial functions are suspended. and the blood has become still more venous, it is transmitted with difficulty through the capillaries of the lungs. and consequently begins to collect in the right side of the heart. A smaller quantity of blood must now necessarily reach the left side of the heart; and this...
Seite 281 - Whether there be any pain or tenderness on pressure in the corresponding portion of the spinal column : because, if there be, although it may not absolutely decide whether inflammation be present or not, it is quite sufficient to account for both the pain and tenderness, without assuming the existence of any inflammation.

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