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elementary conceptions of the first two chapters may be cursorily passed over by the more practised reader.

To the books, from Plato to Benedetto Croce, I stand in general indebtedness; those whose influence I am most conscious of are the Poetics of Aristotle and the Kritik of Judgment of Immanuel Kant. For helpful suggestions I am indebted to Mr. D. Nichol Smith, Goldsmiths' Reader in English in Oxford University; and to my colleagues, Professors H. M. Belden, R. D. Miller, and F. M. Tisdel. Professor Miller also kindly read the proof. An indebtedness which goes deeper than these I have acknowledged on another page.

A. H. R. F.


April, 1912.


Can Poetry be Defined ?

The more one sits and thinks over the creative process, the more it confirms itself as “inspiration," nothing more nor less.


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