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Parliament meets-King's speech-Lord Chatham's reappearance

in the house-His speech on American and domestic affairs
Lord Mansfield's-Lord Chatham's reply-Supported by lord
Camden-Debates in the commons on an amendment to the
address-Strength of opposition and signs of an approaching
dissolution of the cabinet-Lord Camden dismissed-Mr. Yorke
accepts the great seal-His death--Resignations sent in-Mar-
quis of Rockingham's motion-Duke of Grafton's reply · resig-
nation-Lord North made premier, and sir Fletcher Norton
speaker-Other ministerial changes---Mr. Dowdeswell's motion
regarding elections Met by lord North-Lord Rockingham's
on the same topic-Answered by lord Sandwich, &c.Conduct
of the livery of London-Remonstrance to the king-Conduct
of the county of Middlesex-Wilkes's conduct after his release
from confinement-Call of the house of lords by lord Chatham-
His motions, &c.—Mr. Dowdeswell's bill to disfranchise revenue
officers negatived-Accounts of the civil list-Mr. Grenville's
bill on controverted elections Lord North's repeal of the revenue
act, excepting the duties on tea—Riotous proceedings at Boston

-Contests between the city of London and the court-Beck-
ford's conduct to the king-Birth of the princess Elizabeth,
Address of the city, and tumult of the populace-Woodfall's
trial— Proceedings respecting it in the house of lords-Also in

Opening of parliament-King's speech-Supplies voted—Adjourn-

ment on account of the affairs of Spain -Parliament meets again

-Satisfactory adjustment with Spain-Changes in the ministry

-Great seal given to judge Bathurst-Hostility between the

two houses of parliament from exclusion of strangers-Proceed-

ings regarding the borough of Shoreham-Attempts made to

carry popular motions in parliament, but fail — Proceedings

leading to the publication of parliamentary debates—Triumph

of Wilkes, &c.—Embankment of the river, and building of the

Adelphi-Stability of ministers-Death of lord Halifax, and

consequent changes-Plague at Moscow-Troubles in Poland-

Attempt on the king—Approaching fate of the country-Affairs

of Germany and Sweden-Contest between the king of France

and the parliaments-Domestic affairs of England Education

of the heir apparent– Pursuits of the king—Meeting of parlia-

ment-Naval arrangements-Debates on the subject of subscrip-

tion to the thirty-nine articles-Nullum Tempus bill regarding

the church rejected -Royal marriage act—Bill to relieve dis-

senters from subscription rejected by the lords-Dr. Nowell's

sermon-Motion for abolishing the anniversary of king Charles's

martyrdom rejected-East Indian affairs-Lord Clive's conduct.

A select committee formed-Custom of pene forte et dure abo-

lished-Parliament rises Amount of supplies and national debt

- Misfortunes of the queen of Denmark-Death of the princess

dowager-Revolution of Sweden-Partition of Poland-Alder-

man Townshend's action against the collector of the land-tax-

Lord Hillsborough resigns-Succeeded by lord Dartmouth-

Other changes-State of British commerce, &c.-Meeting of

parliament-Affairs of the East Indian company-Adjournment

of the house . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

Report of American disorders arrives in England-Proceedings in

parliament on the subject-Boston port bill-Debates on it, &c.

-Is carried, and receives the royal assent-Bill for better regu-

lating the government of Massachusets-bay-Discussion on the

policy of repealing the tea duty-Mr. Burke's speech-Massa-

chusets-bay bill read a second and third time, and passed-Bill

for the impartial administration of justice in the province of

Massachusets-Debates on it-Is passed — Lord Chatham re-

appears in the house of lords—His speech on a bill for quartering

troops in America–Advises conciliatory measures-Reflections

on the subject, and the approaching contest-Bill for settling

the administration of Canada-Debates thereon- Is passed-

Law respecting copyright of books-Foreign events --Birth of

prince Adolphus Frederic-End of the session of parliament-

King's speech-Proceedings in Massachusets-General Gage

appointed governor-Assembly meets-General Gage announces

the necessity of removing it to Salem-Turbulent proceedings

of the Assembly—Appointment of a committee-Assembly dis-

solved-Spirited conduct of the people of Salem, &c.—Proceed-

ings of other colonies-Solemn league and covenant at Boston-

General Gage fortifies Boston-neck - The new council appointed

- Most of its members resign-Colonists begin to make military

preparations-General Gage seizes on the stores, &c.—Meeting

of delegates from the towns of Suffolk county-Acts and procla-

mations of the same- Remonstrance to the governor, and his


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