Geschichte des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts und des neunzehnten bis zum Sturz des französischen Kaiserreichs: mit besonderer Rücksicht aus den Gang der Literatur, Band 3


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Seite 415 - If, by the immediate interposition of Providence, it were possible for us to escape a crisis so full of terror and despair, posterity will not believe the history of the present times. •They will either conclude that our distresses were imaginary, or that we had the good fortune to be governed by men of acknowledged integrity and wisdom: they will not believe it possible that their ancestors could have survived, or re• Mr.
Seite 640 - British constitution; that it is an essential, unalterable right, in nature, engrafted into the British constitution, as a fundamental law, and ever held sacred and irrevocable by the subjects within the realm, that what a man has honestly acquired is absolutely his own, which he may freely give, but cannot be taken from him without his consent...
Seite 560 - ... and some so small as to be worn in rings ; and the numbers sold are incredible. These, with the pictures, busts, and prints (of which copies upon copies are spread everywhere), have made your father's face as well known as that of the moon...
Seite 419 - The Prince, who imitates their conduct, should be warned by their example; and while he plumes himself upon the security of his title to the crown, should remember that, as it was acquired by one revolution, it may be lost by another*.
Seite 560 - It is said by learned etymologists, that the name doll, for the images children play with, is derived from the word IDOL. From the number of dolls now made of him, he may be truly said, in that sense, to be i-doll-ized in this country.
Seite 640 - English constitution ; and that it is an essential unalterable right in nature, ingrafted into the British constitution as a fundamental law, and ever held sacred and irrevocable by the subjects within the realm — that what a man has honestly acquired, is absolutely his own ; which he may freely give, but which cannot be taken from him without his consent.
Seite 457 - Having entire confidence in the wisdom of my Parliament, the Great Council of the nation, I will steadily pursue those measures, which they have recommended for the support of the Constitutional rights of Great Britain, and the protection of the commercial interests of my Kingdom.
Seite 196 - Pologne soit maintenue dans son état de libre élection, et qu'il ne soit permis à personne de rendre ledit royaume héréditaire dans sa famille , ou de s'y rendre absolu , sa...

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