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Doctor Panglos (in the Comedy of the Heir at Law) is represented in Plate LIX. in the act of offering his services, for three hundred pounds a year, to' any body that will accept of them; and is supposed to be concluding a most humorous final speech with the following couplets :

If any body wants a tutor here,
My terms are just three hundred pounds a year;
Upon my merits I shall lay no stress,
I am an LL. D. and an ASS.
On their own virtues modest men are dumb-
Plaudite et valete-Terence.- Hum !



Plate LX, representing Sheepface in the Village Lawyer, is not easily described. The character is that of a country fellow, who, under the appearance of rustic simplicity, carries so much natural cunning that he is an overmatch for the lawyer who has saved him from being transported for sheep-stealing. He is here drawn as standing before the justice on his examination.

Sheepface. Oh! no, don't hang me! Consider, that would be the death of me! besides, your worship, I was only married yesterday; leave me alone for a week or two, and who knows but by that time I may save your worship the trouble.

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