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Sublime Adoration.


Pub by Sherwood Neelv & Jones Nov 118?)


Plute LXV. represents Rolla, in the tragedy of Pizarro. He is in the act of adoration, in the Peruvian Temple of the Sun.

Rolla. Yet never was the hour of peril near, when to inspire them words were so little needed. My brave associates -partners of my toil, my feelings, and my fame! Can Rolla's words add vigour to the virtuous energies which inspire your hearts ?- No!



The figure in Plate LXVI. represents Mr. John Moody, in the comedy of the Provoked Husband. He is in the act of shaking hands with Mr. Manly.

Moody. Ads wounds and heart, Measter Manly! I'm glad I ha fun ye. Lawd, Lawd, give me your hand! Why, that's friendly now. Flesh! I thought we would never ba' got hither. Well, and how do you, measter? Good lack! I beg pardon for my bawldness—I did not see as his honour was here.

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