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hub by Sherwood, Veely,& Jones, Iov? 1822


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This dress was so much admired that it was thought proper to exhibit it in Plate LXI. as a specimen of splendid Oriental costume. presents Bajazet, in the grand ballet of Tamerlane and Bajazet, performed at the Opera House, in the

year 1806.

Bajazet. It is beneath me to decline


I stand prepared to meet thy utmost hate;
Yet think not I will long thy triumph see,
None want the means when the soul dares be free.
I'll curse thee with my last, my parting breath,
And keep the courage of my life in death;
Then boldly venture on a world unknown;
It cannot use me worse than this has done.

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Plate LXII. represents Mr. Munden as Jemmy Jumps, in the “ Farmer,” and is inserted as a specimen of the fashionable habit which then prevailed. The dress and the character are so much dependent on each other that its costume is at present a matter of no small difficulty, and serves to show the contrast in the dress of a beau of 1790 and that of a dandy of 1821.

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