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Plate LI. represents Queen Kathraine in the trial scene, in the play of Henry VIII. She is in the attitude of reproaching the king and the cardinal for the accumulated injuries which have been heaped upon her head :

Wolsey. Be patient yet.

Q. Kath. I will when you are humble—nay, before, Or God will punish me.

I do believe, Induced by potent circumstances, that You are mine enemy; and make


challenge ;
You shall not be my judge, for it is you
Have blown this coal betwixt my lord and me
Which God's dew quench! therefore I say again,
I utterly abhor, yea, from my soul


for my judge; whom yet once more I hold my most malicious foe, and think him Not at all a friend to truth.

Often to place with vehemence the right fist on the left palm is an action commonly employed by those who mock, chide, insult, reproach, rebuke, and explode, or drive out with noise. Vulgar persons use it in their bickerings, as being the scold's taunting dialect and the natural

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rhetoric of those who declaim at Billingsgate. Ovid, not unskilful in this brawling property of the hand, ingeniously metamorphoses the Pierides, as they were about to scold and clap their hands, into pies and silvan scolds.

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