Selecta è præscriptis, selections from physicians'prescriptions [by J. Pereira]. To which is added, a key. By J. Pereira


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Seite 137 - No., numero, in number. 0., octarius, a pint. 01. lini si, oleum lini sine ign&, cold-drawn linseed oil. Omn. hor., omni hora, every hour. Omn. bid., omni biduo, every two days. Omn., bih., omni bihorio, every two hours.
Seite 149 - But if a nominative come between the relative and the verb, the relative will be of that case, which the verb or noun following, or the preposition going before, usually govern.
Seite 139 - Sesquih. Sesquihora, an hour and a half. Si n. val. Si non valeat, if it does not answer. Si op. sit. Si opus sit, if there be occasion. Si vir. perm. Si vires permittant, if the strength will bear it.
Seite 130 - Det. Detur. Let it be given. Dieb. alt. Diebus alternis. Every other day. Dieb. tert. Diebus tertiis. Every third day.
Seite 7 - ... sell, set on sale, put forth, or put to sale to any person or persons whatever, any medicines, compound medicines, or medicinable compositions, as directed by any prescription, order, or receipt, signed with the initials in his own hand-writing...
Seite 169 - Words of two syllables, either Greek or Latin, whatever be the quantity in the original, have, in English pronunciation, the accent on the first syllable: and if a single consonant come between two vowels, the consonant goes to the last syllable, and the vowel in the first is long ; as Cato, Ceres, Comas, &c.5 See Principles of English Pronunciation prefixed to the Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, No.
Seite 134 - Horae unius spatio. At the expiration of an hour. Hor. interm. Horis intermediis. At the intermediate hours between what has been ordered at stated times.
Seite 116 - When he, most fortunately for the science and for the popularity of his whole System of Nature, invented the present simple specific names, he called them nomina triviaiia, trivial, or for common use ; but that term is now superfluous.

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