The ladies' new book of cookery: a practical system for private families in town and country; with directions for carving and arranging the table for parties, etc. Also, preparations of food for invalids and for children

H. Long & Brother, 1852 - 474 Seiten

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Seite 464 - Now stir the fire, and close the shutters fast, Let fall the curtains, wheel the sofa round, And while the bubbling and loud hissing urn Throws up a steamy column, and the cups That cheer but not inebriate, wait on each, So let us welcome peaceful evening in.
Seite 435 - ... and very moderately pressed. It is then put into a shape in the form of a cylinder, eight or nine inches in diameter, the axis of which is longer than the diameter of the base. When it is sufficiently firm, a cloth or tape is wound round it to prevent its breaking, and it is set on a shelf. It is occasionally powdered with flour, and plunged into hot water. This hardens the outer coat and favours the internal fermentation, which ripens it. Stilton cheese is generally preferred when a green mould...
Seite 426 - ... mould, and line it with sugar paste, and strew in some crumbs, mixed with a little sugar ; then lay in apples, with a few bits of butter over them, and so continue till the dish is full ; cover it with crumbs, or prepared rice ; season with cinnamon and sugar. Bake it well.
Seite 99 - ... pour gradually in veal broth, gravy, or boiling water to nearly half its depth ; add a little salt, one or two sliced carrots, a small onion, or more when the flavour is much liked, and a bunch of parsley ; stew the veal very softly for an hour or rather more ; then turn it, and let it stew for nearly or quite another hour, or longer should it not appear perfectly done. As none of our receipts have been tried with large, coarse veal, the cooking must be regulated by that circumstance, and longer...
Seite 56 - The cock-lobster is known by the narrow back part of his tail, and the two uppermost fins within it are stiff and hard; but those of the hen are soft, and the tail broader. The male, though generally smaller, has the highest flavour, the flesh is firmer, and the colour when boiled is a deeper red.
Seite 63 - When cool, turn them out upon a large dish. Stew some large fresh oysters with a few cloves, a little mace and nutmeg, some yolk of egg boiled hard and grated, a little butter, and as much of the oyster liquor as will cover them. When they have stewed a little while, take them out of the pan, and set them away to cool. When quite cold, lay two or three oysters in each shell of puff-pasie.
Seite 392 - Coffee Milk. — Boil a dessert-spoonful of ground coffee in nearly a pint of milk a quarter of an hour ; then put into it a shaving or two of isinglass and clear it ; let it boil a few minutes, and set it on the side of the fire to grow fine.
Seite 29 - Eels should be alive and brisk in movement when they are purchased; but the "horrid barbarity," as it is truly designated, of skinning and dividing them while they are so, is without excuse, as they are easily destroyed "by piercing the spinal marrow close to the back part of the skull, with a sharp pointed knife or skewer. If this be done in the right place, all motion will instantly cease.
Seite 153 - Take a lean piece of beef; rub it well with treacle or brown sugar, and let it be turned often. In three days wipe it, and salt it with common salt and saltpetre beaten fine; rub these well in, and turn it every day for a fortnight. Roll it tight in a coarse cloth, and press it under a large weight ; hang it to dry in a wood-smoke, but turn it upside down every day.
Seite 154 - ... of bay salt dried and pounded ; at the end of three days more, pour on it half a pound of treacle, and let it remain in the pickle a fortnight after this; then hang it to drain, fold it in brown paper, and send it to be smoked over a wood fire for two or three weeks. Should the peculiar...

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