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PORTRAIT of CAPTAIN COOK (Ætat. 44)–Engraved by Horsburgh after Dance,.....

.To face the Vignette. VIGNETTE_Canoe of the Tonga or Friendly Islands. Man of Tierra del Fuego, View in the Island of New Caledonia,...

155 Woman of Edward Davis' or Easter Island,

169 View of the Island of Otaheite......

227 Female Dancer of Otaheite.......

259 Fac-simile of Cook's Observations of the Transit of Venus in

1769. Engraved by Wright from the Original in the Possession of the late Mr Cragg-Smith,..

To face 311 War-canoe of New Zealand,

.Page 324 Tupapow and Chief Mourner in Otaheite,..

359 Monuments on Easter Island, Man of the Island of Tanna, in the Archipelago of the New Hebrides,..

381 Man of New Zealand,.

385 Sledge of Kamtschatka,.

396 Weapons of the New Zealanders,..

403 Man of Sandwich Islands in a Mask,

432 Man of Nootka Sound,...

436 Woman of Nootka Sound,.

437 Man of Prince William's Sound,.

440 Woman of Prince William's Sound,.

441 Interior of a House in Oonalaska,.

444 Natives of Nootka Sound,..

474 Canoe of Oonalaska.......



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