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Unto nae Mess eir preft this Prelat,
For Sound of facring Bell aor Skelat,
As Blacksmyth brukit was his Pallar,

For batting at the Study.
Thocht he came hame a new maid Channoun.
He had dispensit with Matynis Capnoun,
On him come nowdir Stole nor Fannoua,
For smuking of the Smydy.

METHOCHT seir he affailziet
To mak the Quintessance, and failziet;
And when he saw that nocht availziet,

A Fedrem on he tuke:
And schupe in Turkie for to fie,
And quhen that he did mont on hic,
All Fowl ferliet quhat he fould be,
That did ypon him Luke,

SUM held he had bene Dedalus,
Sum the Minatour marvellous,
And sum the Smyth of Mars, Vulcanus,

Aad fum Saturnus Kuke.

And ay the Cuschetts at him tuggit,
The Ruiks him rent, the Ravyos druggit;
The hudit Craws his Hair furth roggit,

The Hevin he micht not bruke,

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Then Mytane and Saint Martins Fowl Weod he had bene the hornit Howle; They set upon him with a Zowle,

And gaif him Dynt for Dynt. The Golk, the Gormaw, and the Gled, Beft him with Buffets till he bled; The Spar-halk to the Spring him sped,

As ferss as Fore off Flint


The Tarfall gaif him Tug for Tag,
A Stanchell hang in ilka Lug,
The Pyot furth his Peas did rug,

The Stork straik ay but Styne.
The Biffart biffy bot Rebuke,
Scho was sae cleverous of her Cluke,
His B s he micht nae langer bruke,

Scho held them at a Hynt.

THICK was the Cloud of Kayis and Crawis,
of Marlzeons, Mittains, and of Mawis,
That bikkirt at his Baird with Blawis

In Battill him about.
They nybillt him with dinsome Cry,
The Rerd of them raise to the sky,
And evir he cryd on Fortune, Fy,

His Lyfe was into Dowt.


THE Jae him skrippit with a Skrykc,
And skornit him as it was lyk,
The Egill strong at him did ftryk,

And rawcht him mony a Rout.
For Feir uncunnandly he cawkit,
Quhyle all his Penns wer drowot and drawkit,
He maid a hundreth Nolt all hawkit.
Beneath him with a Spowt.

He fchure his Feddreme that was schene,
And lippir out of it ful! cene,
And in a Myre, up to the Ene,

Amang the Glar did glyd,

The Fowlis all at the Fedreme dang,
As at a Monster, them amang,
Qubyle all the Peons of it outsprang
Intill the Air full wyde.

AND he lay at the Plunge eirmair,
Sae langs be hard a Ravin rair;
The Craws him socht with Crys of Cair

In every Schaw besyde,
Had he reveild bene to the Ruiks,
They had him riven with thair Cluiks:
Thre Days in Dubs amang the Duiks,
He did with Dirt him hyde.

THE Air was dirkint with the Fowls,
That came with Zawmers and with Zowls,
With Skryking. Skryming and with Scouls

To tak him in the Tyde.
I walknit with the Noyfs and Schout,
Sic hydious Beir was me about,
Senfyne I curft that cankirt Rout,
Quaireir I gang or ryde.

Finis quod DUNBAR.

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Morelands Man of Uplands Mak,

At hame thus to his Nychbour spak, What Tydings, Gosip. Peice or Weir ; The rother rounit in his Eir,

I tell zou this under Confeflion, But laitly lichtit aff my Meir,

I come of Edinburgh frae the Sellion.


QUHAT Tydings hard ze thair, I pray zou ?
The totħer answert, I fall fay zou,
Keip this all secret, gentil Brothir,
Is nac Man thair that trefts ane uther :

A common Doer of Transgreffon, of innocents preveins a Futher :

Sic Tydings hard I at the Seffion.

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