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For Faith and Magnanimitie;
He had few Fallows in the Field,

Zet fell by fatall Destinie,
For he sae ways wad grant to Zield.

SIR James Scrimgeor of Duddap, Knicht,

Grit Constabill of fair Dunde, Unto the dulefull Deith was dicht,

The Kingis cheif Banner man was he,

A valziant Man of Chevalrie, Qubais Predecessors wan that Place

At Spey, with gude King WILLIAM frie, Gainst Murray and Macduncans Race,

XXVIII. Gude Sir Allexander Irving,

The much renownit Laird of Drum, Nane in his Days was bettir sene,

Quhen they war semblit all and fum;

To praise him we could not be dumm, For Valour, Witt and Worthyoels,

To end his Days he ther did cum, Quhois Ransom is remeidyless.

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AND thair the Knicht of Lawriston

Was Nain into his Armour schene,
And gude Sir Robert Davidson,

Quha provest was of Aberdene,

The Knicht of Panmure, às was sene, A mortall Man in Armour bricht,

Sir Thomas Murray ftout and kene,
Left to the Warld thair last gude Nickt.

THAIR was not sen King Keneths Days

Sic strange intestine crewel Stryf
In Scotland Sene, as ilk Alan says,

Quhair mony liklie lost thair Lyfe ;

Quhilk maid Divorce twene Man and Wafe, And mony Childrene fatherless,

Qubilk in this Realme has bene full ryfe: LORD help these Lands, our Wrangs redress.

IN July, on Saint James his Even,

That Four and twenty dismall Day,
Twelve hundred, ten Score and elevco

of Zeirs sen CHRYS'T, the Suthe to fay;

Men will remember as they may, Quhen thus the Veritie they knaw,

And mony a ane máy murn for all, The brim Battil of the Harlaw.

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Ane BALLAT of the ferziet Frier of Tungland, How he fell in the Myre fleand to Turkland,



Szung Auror with Chrystal Fail,

lo Orient schewd hir Vilage pail, A lwenyag Swyth did me affail,

Of Sonis of Sashanis Seid;
Methocht a Turk of Tartary,
Come throw the Bounds of Barbary,
And lay forloppin in Lombardy

Full lang in Watchmans Weid.

Ao Account of this Friar, who was an Italian, may be leen in Mr. Lesly's History. K. James IV made him Abbot of Tungland: He pretended and attempted to make Gold ont of oiher Mettals; but failing of that, he next gave out, That he could Ay, and very boldly appointed the Day and Place, which was from Sirling Cante, where the King and many Spectators saw him throw himself with his large Wings from the Rock, and brcak his Thigh bunc.

I'R AE baptaling for to eschew,
Thair a religious Man he few,
And cled him in his Habeit new,

For he couth wryte and reid,
Quhen kend was his Dillimulance,
And all his cursit Governance ;
For Feir he fied, and come in France,
With litill Lombard Leid.

To be a Leiche he fenyt him thair,
Quhilk mony micht rew evirmair,
For he left nowthir fick nor fair

Unsane, or he hyne zed:
Vane-Organs he full cleinly carvit,
Quhen of his Straik fae mony starvit,
Dreid he had got quhat he desarvit,
He fted away gude Speid.

In Scotland then the narrest Way
He come, his Cunning till affay;
To fum Men thair it was nae Play,

The preiving of his scieas.

la Pottingrie he wrocht grit Pyne,
He murdreift mony in Medecyne,
The Jew was of a grit engyne,
And generit was of Gyans.

In Leich craft he was homecyd,
He wald haif for a Nicht to byd,
A Haiknay and the Hurtmans Hyd,

Sae mekle he was of Myance.
His Yrons was rude as ony Rawchter,
Quhair he leit Blude, it was nae Lauchter ;
Full mony an Instrument for Slauchter.
Was in his Gardevyance,

He couth gif Cure for Laxatyve,
To gar a wicht Horse want his Lyfe,
Quha eir affay wald Man or wyfe,

Thair Hipps zied hiddy-giddy.
His Practicks neir war put to Preif,
Bot fudden Deid or grit Mefchief;
Mc had Purgation to mak a Thief

To dic without a Widdy,

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