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XIV. With him the braif Lord OGILVY,

of Angus Sherriff principall, The Constabill of gude Dunde,

The Vanguard led before them all.

Suppose in Number they war small, Thay.first richt bauldlie did purlew,

And maid chair faes betor themfall, Quha then that Race did fairly rew.


AND then the worthy Lord SALTON,

The strong undoubted Laird of DRUM, The Italwart Laird of Lawristone,

With ilk thair Forces all and fum.

PANMUIR With all his Men did cum, The Provost of braif Aberdene,

With Trumpets and with Tuick of Drum, Canse schortly in thair Armour schene.

XVI. These with the Earle of MARR came on,

In the Reir-ward richt orderlie, Thair Enemies to sett upon;

In awfull Maoner hardily,

Togither vowit to live and die,
Since they had marchit mony Mylis

For to fuppress the Tyrannic
Of douted DONALD of the Yles.

But he io Number Ten to Ane,

Richt subtile alang did ryde,
With Malcomtosch and fell Maclean,

With all thair Power at thair Syde,

Presumcand on thair Strenth and Pryde, Without all Feir or ony Aw,

Richt bauldlie Battill did abyde,
Hard by the Town of fair HARLAW.

THE Armies met, the Trumpet

founds The dandring Druns alloud did touk, Baith Armies byding on the Bounds,

Till ane of them the Feild sould bruik.

Nae Help was thairfor, nane Wald jouk, Ferfs was the Fecht on ilka Syde,

And on the Ground lay mony a Bouk of them that thair did Battill byd.

With doutsum Victorie they dealt,

The bludy Bartil laftit lang,
Each Man his Nibours Forfs thair felt ;
The Weakest aft.tymes gat the Wrang:

Thair was nae Mowis thair them amang,
Naithing was hard but heavy Knocks,

That Eccho mad a dulefull Sang,
Thairto resounding frae the Rocks.

But Donalds Men at last gaif back ;

For they war all out of Array.
The Earl of MARRIS Men throw them brak,

Pursewing fhairply in thair Way,
Thair Enemys tó tak or stay,
Be Dynt of Forks to gar them yield,

Quha war richt blyth to win away,
And sae for Feirdoels tint the Feild.

THEN Donald Aled, and that full fart,

To Mountains bich for all his Micht;
For he and his war all agalt,

And ran till they war out of Sicht;

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And fac of Rofs he loft his Richt, Thocht mony Men with hem he brocht,

Towards the rles filed Day and Nicht, And all he wao vas deirlie bocht.

This is, (quod be) the richt Report

Of all that I did heir and knaw, Thocht my Discourse be sumthing schort,

Tak this to be a richt suthe Saw ;

Contrairie God and thç Kings Law, Thair was spilt mekle Christian Blude,

Into the Battil of Harlaw, This is the Sam, fac I conclude.

XXII. But zit a bonoy Quhyle abyde,

And I fall mak thee cleirly ken Quhat Slaachter was an ilkay Syde,

Of Lowland and of Highland Men,

Quha for thair awin haifevir bene : These lazie Lowns micht weil be spaird,

Chessit lyke Deirs into their Dens, And gat thair Waiges for Reward.

XXIV. MALCOMTOSH of the Clan Heid Cheif,

Macklean with his grit hauchty Heid, With all thair Succour and Relief,

War dulefully dung to the Deid:

And now we are freid of thair Feid, They will not lang to cum again;

Thousands with them without Remeid, On Danald's Syd that Day war dain.

XXV. And on the uther Syde war lost,

Into the Feild that dismal Day, Chief Men of Worth (of mekle Cor)

To be lamentit sair for ay.

The Lord Saltoun of Rothemay, A Man of Micht and mekle Main;

Grit Dolour was for his Decay, That lae unhappylie was slain.

XXVI. of the best Men amang them was,

The gracious gude Lord OGILVI The Sheriff-principal of Angus ;

Renownit for Truth and Equitie,

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