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Advice to Man to enjoy his ain.


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An, sen thy Lyfe is ay in Weir,

And Deid is ever drawing peir,
The Tyme unliker and the Place,
Thyne ain Gude spend quhile thou has Space.

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Gif it be thyne, thy felt it uses,
Gif it be not, thee it refuies,
Another of thee Proât has,
Then spend thy ain quhile thou has space,

Thou may to Day have Gude to spend,
In haist to Morn may from it wend,
And leive an uther thy Baggs to brace,
Then spend thy ain qabile thou has space.


QUhile thou has Space, se thou dispone
That for thy Geir; quhen thou art gone,
Nae Wicht ane other say or chace,
Enjoyt thy self quhile thou has Space.


Sum all his Days dryves owie in vain,
Ay gatherand Geir with Greif and Pain,
Is nevir glade at Zule nor Pais;
Thyoe ain Gude spend quhile thou bas Space,


SYNE cums ane blythsome of his Sorrow,
That for him prayd nor Even nor Morrow,
And fangs it all with Merryness;
Then spend thy ain quhyle thou has Space.


SUM gathers Gude, and ay it spares,

And after him cum braw young Airs, "That his auld Thrift fets on an Ace, And fendít a Sheiring in thort Space.


IT & juft all thyne that here thou spends,
And not all that on thee depends,
But his to spend it that has Grace;
Then spend ibyo ain quhyle thou has Space.

TRUST not apnother well do ye to,
It that thy self wald nevir do ;
For gif thou dois, (trange is thy Cace ;
Thine ain Gude spend quhyle thou has Space


Lure how the Bairo dois to the Mother,
And tak Example be nade uther,
That it not after be thy Case;
Sae spend thy ain quhyle thou has Space.


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On a bonny Vessel called The FLEMING

BAR K, belonging to Edinburgh,



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Have a little FLEMING Berge

Of cleanly Wark, and scho is wicht;
Quhat Pylot taks my Schip in Charge,

Maun hald her cleanly, trim and ticht;

Ilir Hatches maan be handlit richt,
With Steir Burd, Baburd, Luf and Lic;

Scho will fail all the Winter Nicht,
And nevir tak a Tellzevie.


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WITH ane even Kei! afore the Wind,

Scho is richt fairdy with a Sail ;
But at a Lufe feho lyis behind,

Gar heis her quhile her Howbands skail ,


Draw weil the Takle to her Tail, Scho will not miss ro lay zour Malt,

To pump as aft as ze may fail, Ze will neir hald her Watter-taft,


To colf bir aft cao do no ill,

And tallova quhair the Fluide mark flows ; But if scho lekks, get llen of skill

To stap ihe Holes laigh in the Hows :

For faut of Hemp, tak hairy Tows, And Stane-balalt withouten other,

la moonless Nichts it is nae Mows, Except a stout Nan steir the Ruther.

A Vessell fair abune the Watter,

And is but laitly reikit too,
Quhairto til deave ze with hir Blatter

Are nane fic in the Flot as scho:

Plum weil the Grund, quhat eir ze do, Hail on the Fore Meit and the Blind

; Scho will tak in at Cap and Ko, Without scho balast be behind,

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