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THOU art in Friendship with thy Fae,
And to thy best Friends fremit ay,
Thou fleims all faithful Men thee fraë,
Of stedfaft Thocht,

Regarding nane but them perfay

That cures the nocht.


THOU chirriefs them that with the chyds,
And banniefs them with thee abyds:
Thou hes thy Horn ay in thair Syds
That cannot flie;

Thay furder warft in thee confyds,
I fay for me.


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NE agit
ágit Man twyce Fourty Zeirs,
After the haly Days of Żule,


I hard him carp amang the Freirs,
Of Order gray, makand grit Dule,


Richt as he war à furious Fule;
Aft-tymes he ficht, and faid Alace!
Be Claud my Care may nevir cule,
That I fervt evir Mouth-Thanklefs.

THROCH Ignorance, and Folly, Zouth,
My Preterit Tyme I wald neir fpair,
Plefance to put into that Mouth,


Till Aige faid, Fule, let be thy Fare,


And now my Heid is quhyt and liair,
For feiding of that fowmart Face,

Quhairfor I murn baith late and air,
That I fervit evir Mouth thanklefs.
SILVER and Gold that I micht get
Beifands, Brotches, Robes and Rings,
Frelie to gife, 1 wald nocht let,

To pleife the Mulls attour all Things. Right as the Swan for Sorrow fings, Before her Deid a little Space,

Richt fae do I, and my Hands wrings. That I fervt evir Mouth-thanklefs. IV.

BETTIR it were a Man to serve.

With Honour brave beneath a Sheild, Nor her to pleis, thocht thou fould sterve, That will not luke on the in Eild,

Frae that thou has nae Hair to heild Thy Heid frae harming that it hes,

Quhen Pen and Purfe and all ar peild, Tak then a Meis of Mouth-thankless.

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It may be in Example fene,

The Grund of Truth wha underftude, * Frae in thy Bag thou beirs thyne Een, Thou gets nae Grace but for thy Gude, At Venus Clofet, to conclude,

Call ze not this a cankert Case:

Now GOD help and the haly Rude, And keip all Men frae Mouth-Thankless.


O brukil Zouth in Tyme behald,

And in thy Heart thir Words gae graif,

Or thy Complexion gather Cauld,
Amend thy Mifs, thy felf to faif,
The Blifs abune gif thou wald haif,
And of thy Gilt Remit and Grace,

All this I hard an auld Man raif,
After the Rule, of Mouth-Thankless.

I 2

* Makes Use of Spectacles.



Soutar defcryvit by the



Hou lies Loun, thou leis, thou leis,

Zone are Soutars that thou feis,


Kneiland full lawly on thair Kneis,
Thair Gods till adorn.

Be Saint Girnega, that grim Ghaist,
To hale ther Hairfneffes on haift,
Of moltin Tauch thay tak a Test
On Monandays at Morn.


To hald them halefome at the Heart,
Sum of fat Ulie fpews a Quart,
Uthers a Pynt for thair awn Part,
Of foul Soutars Blek,

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