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FOR Ony Malledy, ze ken,

Except peuir Luve, or than stark Deid. Help may be had frae Hands of Men,

Throw Medicines to mak Remeid: For Harms of Body, Hands or Heid, The Pottingars will purge the Pains;

But all the Members are at Feid,
Quhair that the Law of Luve remains.
As Tantalus in Watter stands,

To ftanche his thrifty Appetyte,
Bewailing Body, Heid and Hands,

The River fleis him in Difpyte;
Sae does my lufty Lady qwhyte,
She fleis the Place where I repair:

To hungry Men is smal Delyte.
To twitch the Meit, and eit nae mair.
THE nar the Flame, the hetter Fyre,
The mair I pyne, zet I perfew,
The mair enkendlis my Difyre,
Frae I behald her heavenly Hew;

Pure Piramus himself he flew,
Made Saul and Body to diffaver,

He diet but anes, farwel, adiew,
I daylie die, and zet dies never.

ZIT Jafon did enjoy Medea,

And Thefeus gat his Adriane, Dido diffaved was with Enea,

And Demophoy his Lady wan ;
Gif Women trowd fic Traytors than,
For till enjoy the Fruits of Luve,

Quhy wald ze flay zour faikles Man,
Quha never mynds for to remuve,

THOCHT ferfs Achil, that worthie Knicht, Was flain for Luve, the Suthe to say, Leander on a formy Nicht

Diet fleitand on the Billous gray; Thocht Trapalus be langourt ay, Still waitand for his Luves Return, Had not fic Pyne (thairs was but Play) As daylie does my Body burn.


As Pol to Pylatts does appeir
Far brichtar than the Stars about,
Sae does zour Visage shine as cleir
As Rofe amang the rafkal Rout;
War Paris leivand now, bot Dout,
And had the Golden Ball to ferve,
I wate he wald fune waił zou out,
And leif Wenus and Minerve.


Now Paper pas, and at her fpeir,
Gif pleife her Prudence to imprint it?
My faithfull Heart I send it heir,

In Signe of Paper I prefent it;
Wald GOD my Body war fornent it,
That I micht ferve hir Grace bot Glammer,

To be hir Knaif I am contentit,

Or fmallest Varlet of her Chammer.


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CUPID quareld for his Tyranie.
Blindnes and Injustice.


UHOME fould I wyt for my Mischance,
But Cupid King of Variance,


Thy Court, without Confiderance,

Quhen lit knew,

Or evir made the Obfervance,

Richt fair I rew.


THOU and thy Law ar Inftruments
Of diverfs Inconveniments;

Thy Service mony fair repents,

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Knawing the Quarrell,

Quhen Body, Fame and Substance fhents,
And Saul in Percl.


QUHAT is thy Manrent but Mischeif,
Sturt, Anger, Grunching, Yre and Greif,
Ill Lyfe, and Langour bot Releife,
of Wounds fae wan,

Difplifour, Pain, and hie Repreife

Of GoD and Man.


THOU luves all them that loudest leis,
And follows fastest them that fleis;
Thou lichtlies all trew Properties
Of Luve exprefs,

And marks quhen neir a Styme thou feis,
And hits begefs,


BLIND Buk! but at the Bound thou fhutes,
And them forbeirs, that the rebutes;
Thou ryves thair Hearts ay frae the Rutes,
Quilk ar thy awin,

And cures them that cares not three Cutes
To be mifknawn.

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