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SAB mony Theivs and Murderers weil kend,
Sae grit Releivs of Lords them till deffend,

Because they fpend the Pelf them betwene,
Sae few till wend this Mischeif till amend,
Within, &c.

This to correct, they shore with mony Cracks,
But small the Effect of Speir to bartar Ax,

Quhen Courage lacks, that fuld the Corfs mak kein,
Sae mony Jacks, and Brats on beggars Baks,
Within, &c,

IX. Sıc Vant of Woustours, with Heart in finful Satures, sic brawland Bosters, degenerate frae their Natures,

And fic Regratours, the pure Man to prevene;
Sae mony Traytors, sae mony Rubeators,
Within, esco

SAE mony Juges, and Lords new made of late.
Sae small Refuges, the pure Man to debate ;

Sac mony Estate, for common Weil fae quhene, Owre all the Gate, sae mony Theives fa tait,

Withia, &c.

Sae mony a Sentane retreitit for to win
Geir and Aquentance, or Kyndness of thair Kin;

Thay think nae Sin, quhair Proffit cums betwene
Sac mony a Gin, to hailt them to the Pin,
Within, &c.

XII, Sic Knavis and Crakkars, to play at Cards and Dyce, Sic Haland-Shakers, quhilk ate Cowkulbys Gryce,

Ar halden of Pryce, when Lymers do convene; Sic Store of Vyce, fac mony Witts unwyse, Withio, &c.

SAE mony Merchands, fae mony ar mensworne,
Sic pure Tennands, fic curfing Ein and Morn,

Quhilk says the Corn, and Fruit that grows grene; Sic Skaith and Skorn, sae mony Paitlaits worn, Within, dc.

SAE mony Rachets, fae mony Ketch Pillars,
Sic Balls, fic Nackets, and fic Tutivilaris,

And fic Ill-willars, to ipeik of King and Quene, Sic Pudding-fillars, descending doun frae Millars,

Within, Soc.


Sıc Fardingails on Flags as far as Quhails,
Fattit lyk Pouls, with Hatts that noebt avails,

And lic foul Tails, to fweip the Causy clene,
The Dust up fails, sae mony with uek fails
Within, &c.

XVI. SAE mony a Kitty, dreft


in Golden Chenze, Sae few witty, that weil can Fables feoze,

With apil Renze, ay Thawand her Golden Cheoc; Of Sathans Senzie sure Gic an upsall Menzie

Within this Land was nevir hard nor sene.

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T that I gife, I haif,

It that I len, I craif,
It that I spend, is myne,
It that I leif, I tyne :

Get and saif, and thou falt haif.
Len and


and thou salt want;
Wha in his plenty taks not Heid,
He fall baif Falt in Tyme of Neid:

When eir I lend.
I am a Friend,
And when I craif,

I am unkind;
Thus of


Friend, I mak a Fae, I shrew me, gif I mair do fae.

A zung Man Chifane, wittles,
A pure Man Spendar, gettles,
Ape auld Man Trechour, ttuthless.
A Woman Lowpar, landless;

Be gude Saint Giel,
Sall nevir ane of thir do weit.





An EPISTLE to his Mistress

on the Force of Luve.



UHAIR Luve is kendlit comfortless,

Ther is nae Fever half sae fell, Frae Cupid keist his Dart begels

I had nae Hap to faif my fell,

Lyk as my wofull Heart can tell, My inwart Pains and Siching fair ;

For weil I wat the Pains of Hell Unto my Pain can necht compair.

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