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Sum with his Maik, rowns him to pleis,
That envyous wald byt aff his Neis;
His Fae him by the Oster leids;
Sum Patters with his Mouth on Beids,

That has his Mynd all on Oppreflion;
Sum becks full law, and fchaws bair Heids,
Wald luke fall heich war not the Seffion,
SUM bydand Law, lays Land in Wed;
Sum fuperexpendit gaes to Bed,

Sum fpeids, cause he in Court, has Meins,
Sum of Partiality compleins,

How Feid and Favour fleims Difcretion:
Sum fpeiks full fair and falfly feins;

Sic Things I hard and faw at Seffion.

SUM Summonds caffs and fum excepts,
Sum ftand befyd and fkaild Law kepps;
Sum is delayd, fum wins, fum tynes ;
Sum maks him merry at the Wynes ;

Sum is put out of his Poffeffion;
Sum herrit, and on Credance dynes;
Sic Tydings hard I at the Seffion.


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SUM fweirs, and gies clein up with GOD,
Sum in a Lamb-skin is a rod,
Sum in his lung his Kyndnefs turfes,
Sum cuts at Throats, and fum pyks Purses:

Sum gaes to Gallows with Proceffion;
Sum fains the Seit, and fum them curfes ;;
Sic Tydings hard I at the Seffion.
RELIGIOUS Men of divers Places.
Cum thair to wou, and fee fair Faces,
Baith Carmelites and Cordiliers,
To Gemer cum, and get mae Friers,
Unmindful of thair cheft Profeffion,
The zunger at the elder leirs;

Sic Tydings hard I at the Seffion.

THAIR Cums Zung Monks of hie Complexion,
Of Mynd devote, Luve and Affection;
And in the Court thair het Flesh dant,
Full Father-lyk, with Pech and Pant:

They are fae humble of Interceffion,
Thair Errand all kynd Women grant:
Sic Tydings hard I at the Seffion.


SUM honeft Lords adorn the Bench,

Sum mynds nocht but his Wyne and Wench;

Sum has Law Learning of his awin,
Sum wants and lippens to his Man,

In ilka Cause to get a Leffon;
Sum cankirt girns, be Party thrawin,

And feims fair Juftice frae the Seffion,

THE Advocates I may
nocht wyte.
Nor yet the Lads that Lybalds wryte;
For its thair Craft, and they maun fen,
This has nae Spevie in his Pen,

Nor that a Palfie in Expreffion;
But weil I wate an of ilk Ten,

Micht very weil gane all the Seffion,

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Generall SATYRE.


EVORIT with Dreim devising in my Slumbers
How that this. Realm. with Nables out of


Gydit, provydit fae mony Years has bene ; And now fic Hunger, fie Cowarts and fic Camber, Within this Land was nevir, hard nor fene.



Sre Pryd with Prelats, fae few to preich and pray ;

Sic hunt of Harlots, with them baith Nicht and Day,

They that fould have ay their GoD afore their Ene,

Sae nyce in Array, fae ftrange to their Abay,

Within this Land was nevir hard or fene.


SAE mony Preifts cled up in fecular Weid,
With blafing Breifts, cafting thair Clais abreid;

It is no Neid to tell of quhome I mein,
To quhome the Creid and Teftament to reid
Within this Land was nevir hard nor fene.

SAE mony Mailers, fae mony gowckit Clerks,
Sae mony Wailters, to GOD and all his Warks,

Sic fyrie Sparks, difpytful frae the Splene,

Sic lofin Sarks, fac mony Glengore Marks,

Within, &c.

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SAE mony Lords, fae mony naturale Fules
That better accords, to play them at the Trules,

Nor feis the Dules, that commons did fuftene. New tane frae Schules, fae mony Anis and Mules, Within, &c.

SAE meikle Treaffon, fae mony partial Saws,
Sae little Reafon, to help the common Caufe,
That all the Laws are not fet by ane Bene,
Sic fenziet Flaws, fae money waftit Waws,


Within, &c.

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