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a hand wherewith to draw; and the woman was soon blessedly to learn, in her own experience, that He had wherefrom to supply;—that, in the parched lips which accosted her, there was "a well of life"-"a fountain of life"-"a well-spring of life”—“deep waters”_"the well-spring of wisdom, as a flowing brook.” She, and each of her townsfolk, whom her missionary zeal had directed to this wondrous stranger, were soon to be in a condition thus intelligently to speak to Him, and of Him: “With thee is the fountain of life; He shall make me drink of the river of His pleasures.”4

We read of “the deep things of God.“THE WELLS OF SALVATION” may be ranked among these. The Spirit, the glorifier of Jesus, has searched them, and has brought up thence, and placed within reach of the lip of faith, draughts to slake the utmost thirsting of the soul within us. “God hath revealed” these depths "unto us by the Spirit;" and it only remains that that Spirit should be “received” by us, “ that we might know the things which are freely given to us of God."6

My object in the following treatise is to evolve and set forth the fulness of the term SALVATION as I find it in Scripture. Jesus not only had wherewith “to draw” into His own blessed person of

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“the fountain of living waters all that was demanded by the need of fallen man, and thus, as the Gift of the Father, to become the Giver of the Spirit" (in some sort, as in the sun was concentred, on the fourth day of creation, the pre-existing luminous fluid to be influential for the physical necessities of earth); but by the aid of that Spirit He has made provision whereby we too may “with joy draw water out of THE WELLS OF SALVATION."

Too many in the Church of God are satisfied with what may be termed mere surface-dealing with Scripture, laying themselves legitimately open to the apostle's rebuke in Heb. v. 11-14; and perhaps there is not a word traced by the pen of inspiration in general more superficially dealt with than Salvationa word which implies and involves ALL that the Father has to bestow, in His grace, of what the Son has purchased by His blood, even reaching forward to His given glory.

I deal with my field according to my ideas concerning it.

Its kindly soil has for years remunerated the labour of the spring, by an abundant yield in the autumn; but scientific men tell me of unmistakeable indications of deep-lying strata of valuable ore beneath. Hitherto, with Job, I have said of my field, “As for the earth, out of it cometh bread;" but

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reliable evidence now certifies to me that “the stones of it are the place of sapphires: and it hath dust of gold."! I cease at once to be a farmer, and become a miner. The plough, the harrow, and the spade make way for the implements needful to disembowel my plot of ground of its newly-discovered precious contents. I pass, through this simile, into the field of Scripture, which is mine by inalienable right; for “the things revealed belong unto us.” There are “the riches of Christ," which are "unsearchable,”? yet sought out of all them that have pleasure therein. “The depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God” is there ;—“His judgments unsearchable, and His ways past finding out;"4 yet that word of faith cheers me on in my investigating enterprise,—“Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord.”5 The “breadth, length, depth, and height” of a love “which passeth knowledge is there;" yet, "strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man,” Christ dwelling in the heart by faith, rooted and grounded in love, I am "able” (for so the Spirit hath said)—as ought to be “all saints” with me—“to comprehend” and “to know this extent of love divine. I search after the unsearchable, in confident trust that the promise will not fail me,

If thou seekest after wisdom, and searchest for her as for hid treasure; then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God."6

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I have sought thus to deal with the theme of Salvation; and, through the following pages, like Andrew, I would find my brother, and would tell him, with a far fuller significancy than I was wont to attach to that name, until my present close investigation of my subject, I “HAVE FOUND THE MESSIAH, which is, being interpreted, THE CHRIST;" and my highest ambition is, that it may be said of me, as it was of him,—“He brought him to JESUS;” and ample shall I deem my reward for the cost of months of prayerful thought, if I be used as the honoured instrument of bringing one believing soul to sit, like Mary, at the feet of Jesus, there, by His Spirit, to apprehend a fulness in Him, as the SAVIOUR, and in His SALVATION, which he has never seen before.

I may make a few remarks on the third part of my subject, which treats of the salvation of Israel's restored remnant. I have sought (and I trust not in vain), while dealing with the salvation of Israel, to keep before my mind “the God of all grace”, in the Lord God of Israel." Realizing my justification by faith, my "peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ,” and my “access" by Him “into this 6 Prov. ii.

7 1 Pet. y. 10.



grace wherein" I now "stand," I find myself in a condition to “rejoice in hope” of the coming “glory, in whatsoever form, and with whatsoever concomitant circumstances, the Word of God indicates its development and manifestation. Outpoured vengeance, in desolating judgments, will be seen to be the envelope in which Israel's salvation will reach our earth: and sad would be my task to trace, and sad that of my readers to peruse the evolving, even, of such a glorious event in the future of our world, at the cost of such an exhibition of the divine displeasure, if the great, and, at the same time, the gracious Being, round whom our thoughts are called to centre, as the august Agent on this theatre of “judgment” as well as “mercy," were not “THE LAMB," and if the wrath in question were not “THE WRATH OF THE LAMB. Let the eye of faith be kept intently fixed on the “ Lamb as it had been slain? “the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world,” while considering, in this treatise, “the things touching the King;” and, while following Him, with His sword-girt thigh, seated on "a white horse,” in majesty riding prosperously, we may mark “meeknessas the connecting link between His "truth" and His "righteousness :and, while His “arrows” are sharp in the heart of His “enemies," we have the “fairer


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