Essays of a Birmingham Manufacturer, Band 3

Williams & Norgate, 1872

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Seite 5 - Then rose from sea to sky the wild farewell — Then shrieked the timid, and stood still the brave — Then some leaped overboard with dreadful yell, As eager to anticipate their grave...
Seite 55 - I passed through the ordinary course of education with success, and was seized very early with a passion for literature, which has been the ruling passion of my life, and the great source of my enjoyments.
Seite 97 - I had expected pleasure from the invention of the arguments, from the arrangement of them, from the putting of them together, and from the thought in the interim that I was engaged in an innocent contest for literary honour.
Seite 6 - And down she sucked with her the whirling wave, Like one who grapples with his enemy, And strives to strangle him before he die.
Seite 65 - ... this idle way of reading and considering things. By this means, time, even in solitude, is happily got rid of without the pain of attention ; neither is any part of it more put to the account of idleness, one can scarce...
Seite 25 - ... of the country requires. The consequence is, that there is no nation in Europe in which we find so wide an interval between the highest minds and the lowest minds. The German philosophers possess a learning and a reach of thought which places them at the head of the civilized world. The German people are more superstitious, more prejudiced, and, notwithstanding the care which the government takes of their education, more really ignorant and more unfit to guide themselves than are the inhabitants...
Seite 209 - ... on the coast of Guinea. When a French regiment comes from some of the northern provinces of France, where wine is somewhat dear, to be quartered in the southern, where it is very cheap, the soldiers, I have frequently heard it observed, are at first debauched by the cheapness and novelty of good wine; but alter a few months residence, the greater part of them become as sober as the rest of the inhabitants.
Seite 199 - I endeavored to convince him that the bodily strength afforded by beer could only be in proportion to the grain or flour of the barley dissolved in the water of which it was made ; that there was more flour in a pennyworth of bread ; and therefore, if...
Seite 97 - I always slept with a candle in my room, that I might rise out of bed and put down such thoughts as might occur to me in the night, if I judged them valuable, conceiving that no arguments of any moment should be lost in so great a cause.
Seite 6 - And first one universal shriek there rushed, Louder than the loud ocean, like a crash Of echoing thunder ; and then all was hushed, Save the wild wind and the remorseless dash Of billows ; but at intervals there gushed, Accompanied with a convulsive splash, A solitary shriek, the bubbling cry Of some strong swimmer in his agony.

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