American Journal of Dental Science, Bände 1-2

William Gird Beecroft., 1839

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Seite 62 - No flocks that range the valley free, To slaughter I condemn: Taught by that Power that pities me, I learn to pity them...
Seite 84 - ... necessary to all the duties, as well as pleasures of life, that the crime of squandering it is equal to the folly ; and he that for a short gratification brings weakness and diseases upon himself, and for the pleasure of a few years passed in the tumults...
Seite 84 - Cornaro, who was the author of the little treatise I am mentioning, was of an infirm constitution, till about forty, when by obstinately persisting in an exact course of temperance, he recovered a perfect state of health ; insomuch that at fourscore he published his book, which has been translated into English under the title of ' Sure and certain Methods of attaining a long and healthy Life.
Seite 253 - Do unto others as ye would that they should do unto you " ? This was the doctrine of Lao-tsze.
Seite 75 - I can not help thinking that our success in the treatment of all chronic diseases would be very much promoted, by directing our inquiries into the state of the teeth in sick people, and by advising their extraction in every case in which they are decayed.
Seite 56 - ... the adherence to the use of animal food is no more than a persistence in the gross customs of savage life, and evinces an insensibility to the progress of reason, and to the operation of intellectual improvements.
Seite 85 - I will therefore give an account of my recreations, and the relish which I find at this stage of life, in order to convince the public...
Seite 21 - ... irregularly. This happens much oftener in the upper jaw, than in the lower : because, the difference of the size of the two sets is much greater in that jaw. This irregularity is observed almost solely in the incisorcs and cuspidal!
Seite 122 - THE wretch, condemn'd with life to part, Still, still on hope relies ; And every pang that rends the heart, Bids expectation rise. Hope, like the glimmering taper's light, Adorns and cheers the way ; And still, as darker grows the night, Emits a brighter ray.
Seite 24 - It may not be improper, in this place, to take notice of a case which frequently occurs. It is a decay of the first adult grinder at an early age, viz. before the temporary grinders are shed, and before the second giinder of the adult has made its appearance through the gum.

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