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anecdote, in 3 acts-the cast was-Frederick the
Great = Raymond : Charles, Baron of Felsheim=T.
Cooke : Theodore D’Hartiman = Pyne: Count
D’Herleim=J. Wallack: Stock=Knight: Brandt =
Fawcett: Matilda = Miss Kelly : Charlotte = Mrs.
Orger :--Songs only printed.

Dec. 6. Grimaldi acted Acres for his bt.
8. Mathews gave his Mail Coach Adventures.

10. Policy. Lady Lucretia Limber= Mrs. Jarman, from York, 1st app. :—with John of Paris. John of Paris = Warde: Pedrigo Potts = Woulds : Theodore = Hoddeson: Grand Chamberlain = Grosette : Princess of Navarre = Miss Nash : Olivia (disguised as Vincent) = Miss Rennell : Rosa = Mrs. Woulds : this piece was most judiciously compiled from the two Dramas produced at D. L. and C. G., to both of which it was decidedly superiour—it chiefly followed the C. G. piece, but the character of Olivia was taken from Jean de Paris-John of Paris' songs were omitted, or given to Theodore-Woulds and Miss Rennell acted very well—Warde excellentlythe piece was very successful.

17. Forest of Bondy. Macaire = Warde : Capt. Aubri = Stanley: Blaise = Woulds : Lucille = Mrs. Chatterley.

29. Romeo and Juliet. Romeo = William Macready : Mercutio = Stanley, 1st time : Capulet Bengough, 1st time : Friar Lawrence = Charlton : Peter= Woulds, 1st time : Juliet = Mrs. Chatterley : Lady Capulet = Mrs. Weston, 1st time : Nurse = Mrs. Jarman, 1st time :-with Aladdin. Aladdin = Warde : Kazrac = Chatterley :- W. Macready was the son of Macready formerly of C. G.–he had

been educated at Rugby, and had performed in the North of England with success—the Manager paid him the compliment of new-casting Romeo and Juliet to the best advantage-and ensured him a good house by bringing out Aladdin on the same nightAladdin was very successful-it was gotten up with new scenes, dresses &c. at a great expense--Warde acted very well, but he was too good an actor to play in such a piece.

31. Earl of Essex = W. Macready : Queen Elizabeth = Mrs. Weston :- the bill announced this as Brooke's play, but it was Jones' play, which was really acted.

Jan. 3. Hamlet =W. Macready: Laertes = Warde: Queen=Mrs. Weston: 1st Gravedigger=Chatterley:

- he left off the old stage trick of pulling off numberless waistcoats to make the gallery laugh he said, if he could not gain applause without having recourse to such an expedient, he would go without it.

5 and 7. W. Macready acted Romeo, and Orestes. 10. Royal Oak. King Charles = W. Macready.

12 and 14. W. Macready acted Hotspur, and Daran.

13. Warde's bt. Curfew. Fitzharding=Warde: Matilda = Mrs. Weston :- Warde acted very well.

17 and 21. W. Macready acted Hotspur and Alexander.

26. Not acted since 1735, Richard the 2d.-it should have been not since 1739)-Richard 2d= Macready: Bolingbroke=Warde: York = Bengough: Norfolk = Cunningham : Northumberland = Ash :

Aumerle = Comer : Lancaster = Egan : Bishop of Carlisle = Charlton: Queen=Mrs. Vining : Duchess of York = Mrs. Weston :--the alterations made on this occasion were little or nothing more than omissions, except that the lines about Bolingbroke's affectation of popularity were improperly taken from the king, and given to Aumerle-Wroughton's alteration is not a bad one, but he has omitted too much of the original play—for this reason the Bath alteration was the better of the two-in particular, the scene at the Lists was retained—it was well managed (as at C. G. Feb. 6 1738) and produced a good effect in representation--the play was gotten up at some expense and was well acted- it was however performed but twice, and that to bad houses.

28. Gamester. Beverley = W. Macready : Mrs. Beverley=Mrs. Weston.

Feb. 2. George Barnwell = W. Macready : Millwood = Mrs. Weston :- with Midas, by Chatterley -he acted very well.

7. Hero of the North. Gustavus = W. Macready: Frederica = Mrs. Mountain :-she had acted several nights.

14. Mrs. Weston's bt. Riches. Luke=W. Macready : Lady Traffic = Mrs. Weston : - Stanley acted Heartwell well, tho' the part was quite out of his usual line of acting.

16. Fontainbleau. Lackland = W. Macready :he ought never to have attempted any part in Comedy, which was not quite serious.

18. Macready's bt. Riches-he acted Luke well. 23. Stanley's bt. Mysteries of the Castle. Hilario

= Stanley : Carlos = Warde : Fractioso=Chatterley: Constantia = Mrs. Mountain :- with Aladdin - a good house - £204 15 0-Comer acted Cloddy well.

March 7. Chatterley's bt. Clandestine Marriage. Lord Ogleby = Chatterley : Lovewell = Warde :with Little Hunchback, and Paragraph-Chatterley acted Lord Ogleby very well-Little Hunchback was hissed-and very few persons in the boxes stayed out the Paragraph.

9. Travellers Benighted. Robert = Stanley :-with For England Ho! Guillaume = Stanley :-he played both the parts well.

14. Bengough's bt. Speed the Plough. Sir Philip Blandford = Bengough: Sir Abel Handy=Chatterley: Bob Handy=Stanley: Henry=Warde :—Chatterley and Warde acted very well-Stanley was very good --particularly in the dance.

28. Barbarossa. Achmet = Betty :-since the 1st season of his acting as a man, he had had no engagement in London-but he had a never failing resource in Bath-he acted 8 nights.

30. Othello = Betty: Æmilia = Mrs. Weston :this was one of her best parts, but she did not like it -- the whole performance was flat, with the exception of Mrs. Weston.

April 1. Lady of the Lake. Fitz-James = Warde, 1st time : Roderic Dhu= Stanley, 1st time. 4. Zenobia. Rhadamistus = Betty, 1st time.

Mrs. Davison acted 5 nights.
May - - Miss S. Booth acted 4 nights.

11. Oroonoko = Warde, his last app. but one upon the stage.

13. Mrs. Chatterley's bt. Castle Spectre. Osmond=Betty : Father Philip =Chatterley : Angela = Mrs. Chatterley :-Warde was to have acted for Mrs. Chatterley's bt., but was obliged to go to London on business of consequence—on his return to Bath, he resumed his profession.

20. Comer's bt. Cure for the Heart-ache. Frank Oatland = Comer :with West Wind. Sir Toby Jestall = Chatterley: Dr. Buckthorn = Woulds : Peter=Comer: Lady Jestall = Mrs. Jarman : Molly = Miss Rennell.

West Wind, or Off for London, is a musical F. by Wastell—it is a poor piece—it was written to expose the folly of practical jokes—the plan was better than the execution-it came out at the Lyceum on Sep. 29 1812-the original cast was—Sir Toby Jestall= Penley: Dr. Buckthorn=Oxberry : Peter (servant to Sir Toby)= Knight : Charles (nephew to Sir Toby) = J. Smith : Lady Jestall = Mrs. Harlowe: Molly (wife to Peter) = Mrs. Bland :—Sir Toby had sent Charles 100 miles by way of a joke-Charles determines to be revenged-he writes a letter, as from the Herald's Office, to inform Sir Toby that he is made a baron-Sir Toby sets off for London—at the conclusion, Charles acknowledges that the supposed peerage was only a joke, and played off by way of retaliation-Buckthorn insists that the Wind is the primary cause of all diseases, and that when it is in the West, it produces madness.

23. Every one has his Fault. Edward = Miss Jarman :-she acted very well.

June 1. Merope. Dorilas = Warde : Merope = Mrs. Weston :-Warde's first dress was much too fine-in the 5th act, in prison, he appeared in a still

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