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guards—it now appears that the Æthiop was Alraschid in disguise-Giafar, in the ed act, did not see the conspirators—this seems to have been owing to a concerted plan between the Vizier and the Caliph -at the conclusion Alraschid pardons the conspirators—Cephania joins the hands of Alraschid and Orasmyn—there is a comic underplot— Benmoussaff and Mustapha want to seduce Zoe-she appoints them to come to her cabin - Benmoussaff arrives first-on the approach of Mustapha she conceals him in a chest-on the approach of Alexis she conceals Mustapha in another chest-Grimnigra and Grumnildra arrive at the cabin by Zoe's appointment-she gives each of them the key of the chest in which her husband is confined the wives Vow vengeance on their husbands this Romantick Play, in 3 acts, was written by Dimond.

12. Buskin=Mathews, 1st app. there.

15. Comedy of Errors. Dromio of Syracuse= Fawcett.

16. Virgin of the Sun, with, never acted, Schniederkins-Liston-Mathews — Abbott — BruntonBlanchard — Miss Cooke-Mrs. Davenport : — acted 5 times—not printed.

17 and 19. Young acted Zanga, and Hamlet.

22. The new play of the Æthiop is only interrupted in its career, at the express request of the author who withdraws it for extensive alterations, and to render it more consonant with critical rules.

24. Lord of the Manor, revived. Young Contrast = Jones : Trumore= Sinclair : Rashley = Incledon : Sir John Contrast=Fawcett : La Nippe=Mathews: Sophia Mrs. Sterling : Annette = Miss Bolton :

Peggy=Mrs. Liston : Moll Flagon=Mr. Liston :acted 16 times—the character of Capt. Trapan was foolishly omitted--and consequently the best strokes in the whole piece—General Burgoyne had exposed crimping

26. Tempest. Prospero = Young : Ferdinand = C. Kemble : Caliban=Emery: Stephano = Mathews : Trinculo=Blanchard : Hippolito = Mrs. H. John. ston : Ariel = Miss Bolton : Dorinda = Miss S. Booth: Miranda = Miss Cooke.

28. Farmer. Jemmy Jumps = Mathews.

Nov. 3. Barbarossa. Achmet = Betty, 1st app. in London for 6 years : Barbarossa =

Egerton : Othman = Barrymore: Zaphira = Mrs. Powell : Irene = Mrs. Egerton.

6. Not acted for many years, (acted May 18 1789) Cheats of Scapin. Scapin= Mathews : Gripe = Sim- . mons: Thrifty = Blanchard :-Scapin is a part quite suited to such a versatile actor as Mathews, yet this excellent Farce was acted but once.

7. Zara. Osman= Betty : Lusignan= Barrymore: Nerestan = Abbott: Zara = Miss Marriott :-with Love laughs at Locksmiths. Capt. Beldare= Abbott.

10. Earl of Essex. Essex = Betty: Southampton = Abbott : Queen Elizabeth = Mrs. Powell : Rutland = Miss Marriott.

12. Douglas. Norval= Betty : Stranger= Young : Lady Randolph = Mrs. Powell.

13. Recruiting Officer. Plume = C. Kemble : Brazen = Jones : Kite = Mathews : Bullock = Emery: Costar Pearmain = Liston : Sylvia = Mrs. H. Johnston : Melinda = Mrs. Egerton : Rose= Miss S. Booth : Lucy = Mrs. Gibbs :- acted but twice.


17. Alexander the Great= Betty : Clytus = Egerton : Lysimachus = Abbott : Statira = Mrs. H. Johnston : Roxana = Mrs. Powell.

18. Never acted there, Hit or Miss. Dick Cypher = Mathews : Janus Jumble = Hamerton : Adam Sterling= Blanchard: Jerry Blossom=Emery: O'Rourke O'Daisy = Taylor : Mrs. Honeymouth = Mrs. Davenport: Dolly O'Daisy=Mrs. Liston.

20. Never acted, Love, Law, and Physic. Lubin Log (a great flat) = Liston : Flexible (a Counsellorfriend to Danvers) = Mathews : Dr. Camphor Blanchard : Andrew (his servant) = Emery : Capt. Danvers (in love with Laura) = Broadhurst : Mrs. Hilary = Mrs. Gibbs : Laura (niece to Dr. Camphor --in love with Danvers) = Miss E. Bolton :-acted 44 times—Lubin Log and Dr. Camphor had agreed that Lubin should marry Laura-Lubin had just come into an estate by the death of his uncle-Mrs. Hilary, by the desire of Flexible, pretends to be the uncle's daughter, and to claim the estate— Flexible suggests that the best way to settle the dispute would be for Lubin to marry his cousin-Lubin approves of the expedient, and resigns his pretensions to Laura, Dr. Camphor consents to her union with Danvers--Mrs. Hilary discovers herself to Lubin, as being the actress with whom he had come to York in the coach this is a tolerably good F. by Kenney-Mathews, and more especially Liston, made it very laughable in representation-printed at Dublin in 1821.

26. Tancred and Sigismunda. Tancred= Betty : Siffredi =

Egerton : Osmond = Barrymore : Sigismunda = Mrs. H. Johnston.


30. Richard 3d = Seymour, late of the Norwich theatre.

Dec. 2. Never acted, Renegade. Don Sebastian (King of Portugal) = C. Kemble : Dorax (the Renegade) = Young : Muley Moluch (Emperor of Barbary) = Barrymore: Benducar (his minister) Egerton: Alvarez (Sebastian's Admiral) = Chapman: Antonio (a young Portuguese) = Jones: Pedro (a painter) = Blanchard: Jaquez (his servant) = Liston : Octavio=Sinclair : the Mufti=Cresswell: the Dowan = Simmons : Almeyda (the deposed Empress) Mrs. H. Johnston : Olivia (ward to Pedro) = Miss Bolton :-acted 18 times—this play, in 3 acts and with songs, was written by Reynolds-it is professedly founded on Dryden's Don Sebastian-the scene lies at Alcazar in Barbary-Don Sebastian and Almeyda are mutually in love--at the opening of the piece Almeyda is in prison-Muley Moluch makes love to her—she rejects his addresses-Don Sebastian lands, and is taken prisoner-in the 2d act, Muley Moluch prepares to marry Almeyda by force -Sebastian enters with Portuguese soldiers -Sebastian and Muley Moluch begin to fight-Dorax enters with a great number of Moorish troops—they disarm Sebastian - Muley Moluch quarrels with Dorax -- the Moors, at the instigation of Dorax, proclaim Almeyda as their Empress--in the 3d act the grand scene between Sebastian and Dorax takes place-Muley Moluch is on the point of recovering his throne—Alvarez arrives from Portugal with fresh troops--the Moors are defeated-and Muley Moluch (or Moloch as Reynolds calls him) is killed by Dorax

-Reynolds has altered Dryden considerably for the worse, but the Renegade is not a bad piece on the whole, as the best parts of Dryden's play are inserted in it-the chief merit Reynolds can claim, is that of having left out the incest between Don Sebastian and Almeyda, which, tho' committed in ignorance, was a disgusting circumstance—the comic parts are chiefly his own, and they are very inferiour to those in the original play—the scene before the Dowan is stolen from the Spanish Fryar-a most insignificant character is introduced for the sake of Sinclair, and to make the piece still more palatable, the 1st act is concluded with the bursting of a water spout.

Dryden says that his plot was pure fiction, and that he begins where history ends-as Don Sebastian's body was not found in the field of battle, many took occasion to believe that he was still aliveDryden therefore considered himself at liberty to dispose of Don Sebastian as he pleased, provided he did not make him return to Portugal, which it is certain he never did—this however Reynolds has made him do, and Almeyda with him—the characters of Benducar and Antonio are greatly altered—the latter vastly for the worse-Dryden's blank verse is reduced to prose – for Don Sebastian see T. R. 1690.

12. Earl of Warwick. Warwick = Betty : King Edward = Abbott : Margaret of Anjou Powell.

22. Siege of Damascus. Phocyas = Betty : Caled = Barrymore : Eumenes = Egerton : Eudocia = Miss Marriott.

26 and 28. C. Kemble acted George Barnwelland Essex, 1st time.

= Mrs.

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