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with gems, and one more glorious lamp, that yields such bashful light as love enjoys-while underneath, a carpet shall be spread of flowers to court the pressure of thy step, with such sweet whispered invitations from the leaves of shady groves or murmuring of silver streams, that thou shalt think thou art in Paradise.

Reg. Indeed !

Hunts. Ay, and I'll watch and wait on thee all day, and cull the choicest flowers, which while thou bind'st in the mysterious knot of love, I'll tune for thee no vulgar lays, or tell thee tales shall make thee weep, yet please thee-while thus I press thy hand, and warm it thus with kisses. Reg. I doubt thee not

Pevidor enters.
Pev. So fond, so soon! I cannot bear to see it.
What ho, within, (Devils enter) secure him.

Seize and bind the Huntsman.

At the close of the 3d act of the Goblins there is a love scene between Orsabrin and Reginella.

Reg. I know not what I am,
For like my self I never yet saw any. .

Or. Nor ever shall.
Oh! how came you hither ?
Sure you were betray'd.
Will you leave this place,
And live with such as I am ?

Reg. Why may not you live here with me?

Or. Yes
But I'd carry thee where there is a glorious light,
Where all above is spread a canopy,

Studded with twinkling gems,
Beauteous as lover's eyes ;
And underneath carpets of flowr'y meads
To tread on
A thousand thousand pleasures
Which this place can ne'er afford thee-

Reg. Indeed!

Or. Yes indeed-
I'll bring thee unto shady walks,
And groves fring’d with silver purling streams,
Where thou shalt hear soft feathered queristers
Sing sweetly to thee of their own accord.
I'll fill thy lap with early flowers ;
And whilst thou bind'st them up mysterious ways,
I'll tell thee pretty tales, and sigh by thee :
Thus press thy hand, and warm it thus with kisses.
Reg. Will you indeed ?

Tamoren and Peridor enter.
Tam. Fond girl :
Her rashness sullies the glory of her beauty,
'Twill make the conquest cheap,
And weaken my designs ;
Go part them instantly,
And bind him as before.

The thieves blind Orsobrin and


away. In a subsequent scene Peridor tells Orsobrin that Reginella was

“ A mere Phantasme rais’d by art to trie thee.”

Moore adds—In a more crude and unfinished “ state are the fragments that remain of his pro“ jected Opera, · The Foresters’-to this piece Sheri“ dan often alluded in conversation - particularly “ when any regret was expressed at his having “ ceased to assist old Drury with his pen—wait (he “ would say smiling) till I bring out my Foresters' “ —the plot, as far as can be judged from the few

meagre scenes that exist, was intended to be an

improvement upon that of the Drama just de“ scribed—the Devils being transformed into Fores“ ters ” —the plot of the Foresters, as far as can be judged from the few meagre scenes which Moore has printed, seems to have differed almost totally from that of the Drama previously described.

C. G. 1812-1813.

Sep. 7. Romeo and Juliet- -9. Beggar's Opera.

11. Foundling of the Forest. Florian = Abbott, from Bath, 1st app. : Unknown Female = Miss Marriott, from Bath, 1st app. :—she had not acted at Bath since 1810, and she had been at C. G. for 3 seasons before she went to Bath-the managers of C. G. were very unsuccessful in their attempts to get a person fit to act Mrs. Siddons' characters—they ought to have engaged Miss Smith (if possible) the moment that Mrs. Siddons determined to retire.

16. Merry Wives of Windsor, with Taming of a Shrew. Petruchio = Young : Katharine = Mrs. C. Kemble.

17. School of Reform. Frederick = Abbott :with Midas, revived. Midas = Liston: Apollo = Sinclair : Pan=Emery: Sileno = Fawcett : Mysis = Mrs. Liston :-acted 54 times.

19. Pizarro. Elvira = Miss Marriott.

21. Richard 3d=C. Kemble, 1st time: Richmond = Abbott.

22. English Fleet. Katharine=Mrs. C. Kemble. 23. Virgin of the Sun. Cora = Miss S. Booth.

24. Pierre-Young, 1st time: Belvidera = Miss Marriott.

25. Love for Love. Valentine = C. Kemble : Foresight=Fawcett : Ben=Emery: Tattle = Jones : Sir Sampson Legend = Blanchard : Scandal = Barrymore : Jeremy=Farley : Angelica = Mrs. H. Johnston: Mrs. Frail = Mrs. Gibbs : Miss Prue=Miss S. Booth.

28. Othello. Iago = Elrington, from Dublin, 1st app. : Desdemona= Miss Cooke, 1st app. there.

Oct. 1. Macbeth. Lady Macbeth=Miss Marriott.

3. Henry 4th. Hotspur=Young: Ist Carrier= Liston : Lady Percy=Miss Cooke.

6. Never acted, Æthiop, or the Child of the Desert. Æthiop

= C. Kemble : Saracens-Giafar (Vizier to the Caliph Haroun Alraschid)= Egerton: Benmoussaff (a Cadi) = Liston: Mustapha (an Emir) = Simmons : Grimnigra (wife to Mustapha)= Mrs. Davenport : Grumnildra (wife to Benmoussaff)=

Miss Leserve : - the Tribe of Ali-Almanzor (an Arabian sage)

Young: Orasmyn (his nephew) = Miss S. Booth : Cephania (niece to Almanzor, and wife to the Caliph) = Mrs. H. Johnston :-GreeksAlexis (a camel-driver) = Fawcett : Constantine (cousin to Zoe) = Broadhurst: Zoe (wife to Alexis)= Mrs. C. Kemble :-acted 7 times—the scene lies at Bagdad—the father of Haroun Alraschid had killed Ali, and usurped his throne—Almanzor had saved Orasmyn, the son of Ali, at that time an infantthey had lived in the Desert about 15 years—in the 1st act, they return to Bagdad—Almanzor is at the head of a conspiracy against Alraschid—the conspirators salute Orasmyn as their sovereign-Almanzor takes a dagger from an altar, and offers it to Orasmyn-he enjoins him at the same time to swear to avenge his father-Orasmyn takes the dagger and the oath with reluctance—the conspirators are joined by an Æthiop, whom they at first distrust-Giafar, with guards and torches, enters the catacomb in which the conspirators are assembled—after a short time Giafar retires, apparently unconscious of the presence of the conspirators—the Æthiop had previously told them that he could make them invisible

- they now suppose that it was owing to the power of the Æthiop's wand that they were not seen by Giafar-in the last scene, Alraschid is discovered in his apartment apparently asleep-Almanzor orders Orasmyn to kill Alraschid–he refuses-Almanzor lifts his dagger to stab Alraschid--at that moment Alraschid springs up from his couch, and arrests Almanzor's arm-the Caliph is surrounded by his

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