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if they had not been collected and published in 2 vols. most of them consist of dumb show and singing—Sir Francis Drake, the Cloud King, and Rinaldo Rinaldini are good pieces for the sort of thing

D. L. 1812-1813.

D. L., in 1809, had been for a considerable time in a declining state as to pecuniary matters—the salaries of the performers were greatly in arrears— the burning of the theatre reduced the whole concern to a state little distant from bankruptcy-for some years it was very doubtful whether it would be ever re-built or not—at last that desirable point was effected by the unparalleled exertions of Mr. Whitbred-Oulton says—“ in Oct. 1811 the Committee “ for the re-erection of D. L. completed their ar.

rangements—the sum required, and already sub

scribed, was £400,000 ; out of which £40,000 was “made applicable to the purchase of the old patent “ interest, to be thus apportioned, viz. £20,000 to “ Sheridan, who, in consequence, resigned all interest “ whatever in the property ; and the other £20,000 “ in equal portions between Mrs. Linley, Mrs. “ Richardson, and T. Sheridan—the old renters and “ other claiming creditors accepted of 25 per Cent. “ in full of their respective demands, and the Duke “ of Bedford absolved the property of his claim, “ amounting to £12,000—the remainder of the sum “ subscribed was deemed fully competent to the “ completion of this magnificent work.”

The new theatre was opened Oct. 10 with an address by Elliston, which was repeated 9 nightsthe Company was numerous, but not efficaciousone of the performers of C. G. well observed, that at their theatre there was no performer (with the exception of Abbott, who had been engaged on the expectation that C. Kemble would leave C. G.) whose loss must not be supplied by another actorat D. L. there were too many middling actors and too few good ones—it is evident from the bills that few of the plays were strongly cast-the 1st night is no bad specimen-the company was not strong, but in many instances the plays were not cast to the best advantage—the Committee of Management ought to have laid it down as a rule, that as there had been, strictly speaking, no D. L. Company since the fire, every play was to be cast afresh, and that no performer was to claim any character as his right they might then have improved the cast of their plays considerably.

Oct. 10. In order to prevent disappointments, the publick are respectfully informed, that every seat in the boxes has been taken for some days past, for this evening

Hamlet = Elliston : Ghost = Raymond : King= Powell: Laertes = Wallack : Horatio = Holland : Polonius = Dowton: Osrick = R. Palmer : Grave. diggers = Wewitzer and Penley: Queen=Mrs. Brereton: Ophelia = Miss Kelly :—with Devil to Pay. Jobson=Dowton: Nell = Miss Mellon :-at the bottom of the bill there were advertised some very proper regulations as to free admissions — Stage Manager, Raymond.

13. Much ado. Benedick = Elliston : Leonato = Wroughton : Dogberry = Dowton: Beatrice = Mrs. Edwin.

14. Hypocrite, and Beehive.

15. Rivals. Capt. Absolute = Elliston : Acres = Bannister, 1st app. in D. L. Company for 3 years.

19. As you like it. Touchstone = Bannister: Jaques = Wroughton : Rosalind=Miss Duncan.

22. Wonder. Don Felix= Elliston : LissardoBannister : Violante=Mrs. Edwin :- with Weathercock.

23. Merry Wives. Simple=Knight :-and High Life below Stairs. Duke's Servant = Wrench.

24. Honey Moon—28. Sons of Erin.

29. Beaux Stratagem. Archer= Elliston : Scrub =Bannister : Mrs. Sullen = Miss Duncan.

Nov. 5. All in the Wrong. Sir John Restless = Wroughton : Beverley = Elliston : Belinda = Mrs. Davison, late Miss Duncan: Lady Restless = Mrs. Glover :—Wroughton had formerly acted Sir John Restless very well, but he was now become from age totally unfit for the character.

7. Henry 4th 1st part. Falstaff=Dowton. 13. Inconstant. Young Mirabel=Elliston : Du

retete = Bannister: Old Mirabel = Dowton : Bisarre = Mrs. Edwin.

14. Hamlet = Rae, from Liverpool, 1st app.

17. Rule a Wife. Leon = Elliston : Copper Captain = Bannister : Estifania = Mrs. Glover: Old Wo. wan = Mr. Lovegrove.

23. Confederacy- -26. West Indian.

28. Provoked Husband. Lord Townly=Pope, 1st app. at New D. L. :—with Netley Abbey. Oakland = Lovegrove: Mac Scrape = Johnstone: Gunnel= Wrench.

Dec. 1. Isabella. Biron=Pope: Isabella = Miss Smith, 1st app. there.

8. Douglas. Norval=Rae : Stranger = Wroughton: Glenalvon=Raymond : Matilda= Miss Smith, 1st time (there.)

9. Wrench acted the Copper Captain. 11. Suspicious Husband, with Three and Deuce. 12. Never acted, Assignation-Knight-Lovegrove - Miss Kelly, &c.—this Opera, in 2 acts, was acted but once.

14. Jealous Wife, and Mayor of Garratt.

19. Romeo and Juliet, by Rae and Miss Smith: Mercutio = Elliston.

26. George Barnwell = Rae: Millwood = Mrs. Glover.

28. Man and Wife 30. John Bull.

Jan. 6. Not acted 9 years, Twelfth Night. Sir Andrew Aguecheek = Lovegrove: Malvolio=Dowton : Sir Toby Belch = Emery, from C. G.: Orsino Holland : Clown=Knight : Viola = Mrs. Davison : Olivia = Mrs. Glover : Maria – Miss Mellon :-acted but once.

[blocks in formation]


8. Not acted 9 years, Jane Shore. Hastings Rae: Dumont = Wroughton : Gloster=Raymond: Jane Shore - Miss Smith : Alicia = Mrs. Glover :in act 4th a fac simile of the Council Chamber of Crosby House, in which the Duke of Gloucester resided previously to his Coronation- for Crosby House see Heywood's Edward the 4th part 1st.

12. Castle of Andalusia-22. Lionel and Clarissa.

23. Never acted, Remorse. Don Alvar and Don Ordonio (sons to Valdez) = Elliston and Rae : Isidore (a Moorish chieftain) = De Camp: Marquis Valdez=Pope : Monviedro (aa inquisitor) = Powell: Alhadra (wife to Isidore) = Mrs. Glover : Teresa (ward to Valdez) = Miss Smith :-acted 20 timesthe scene lies in Spain-in the reign of Philip the 2d, during the heat of the persecution against the Moors

- Alvar and Teresa were mutually in love-Ordonio was secretly in love with Teresa-he had engaged Isidore to murder Alvar— Isidore had spared Alvar's life, but on condition that he should absent himself for a certain time—at the opening of the play Alvar returns—he disguises himself as a Moor and a sorcerer– he is employed in that character by Ordonio -he contrives to exhibit a picture of his own intended assassination - Ordonio concludes from the picture that Isidore had not executed his promise-Alvar is thrown into prison by Monviedro_Ordonio kills Isinore- Alhadra is assured from circumstances that her husband had been killed by Ordonio-she excites the Moors to revenge their chieftain's death-Teresa visits Alvar in his dungeon-after some time he discovers himself to her-Ordonio enters-Alvar endeavours to make him feel Remorse-Teresa tells Or

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