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BATH 1808–1809.

The theatre opened with Young in Zanga. Oct. 15. (Probably) Hamlet = Young. 22. Iron Chest. Sir Edward Mortimer = Young.

29. (Probably) Young acted Ranger, and Count Romaldi for his bt.

Nov. 15. She Stoops to Conquer. Hardcastle = Blisset : Mrs. Hardcastle = Mrs. Grove.

22 and 24. Cooke acted the Man of the World, and Macbeth.

26. Cooke acted Shylock, and Sir Archy. 29. Richard 3d = Cooke : Richmond =Egerton. Dec. 1. King Lear = Cooke : Edgar = Egerton.

3 and 6. Cooke acted Sir Giles Overreach, and the Man of the World.

8. Fashionable Lover. Colin Macleod = Cooke : Mortimer = Egerton : Dr. Druid=Lovegrove : Augusta Aubrey = Miss Jameson :

Miss Jameson : — with Inkle and Yarico. Sir Christopher Curry=Cooke:-he played both the parts very well-particularly Colin-he was excellent, when he disclaimed Mrs. Macintosh, and when he was called Rascal.

10. Every Man in his Humour. Kitely=Cooke: Bobadill = Bengough: Brainworm = Lovegrove : Master Stephen = Mallinson :- with Blind Boy, by Miss Jameson :-Cooke played Kitely very finely.

27. Tamerlane = Bengough : Bajazet = Egerton : Moneses = Abbott : Arpasia = Miss Marriott.

Jan. Mrs. Dickons acted 7 nights.
Feb. 2. School for Authors. Diaper = Lovegrove.

Madame Catalani performed in 4 Italian Operas.

March 2. For bt. of Mrs. Grove, and Abbott. Road to Ruin. Harry Dornton = Abbott : Dornton = Lovegrove: Goldfinch = Mallinson: Widow Warren = Mrs. Grove :--with Too many Cooks. Bustleton = Lovegrove : Katty O'Bother= Mrs. Grove.

4. Miss Marriott's bt. Provoked Husband-she had advertised Measure for Measure in her 1st bills, but as that play had been objected to as not sufficiently decent, she thought it advisable to change it-the Epilogue to the Amorous Bigot says —

“ Methinks I hear some Ladies nicely wise,
“ I do not mean the virtuous, but precise.”

16. Reports having been circulated, that the Manager has received Incendiary Letters tending to endanger the safety of the theatre, he thinks it his duty to assure the public that such reports are entirely destitute of foundation ; and have evidently been spread with the mischievous intention of exciting unnecessary aların, and injuring the benefits of the Performers—it is hoped however, that this public refutation of such reports will satisfy the public of their fallacy, and prevent the ill consequences which might otherwise arise from them.

W. W. Dimond. 18. For bt. of Charlton, acting manager. Not acted 20 years, Alexander the Great. Alexander = Egerton : Clytus = Bengough: Lysimachus = Abbott: Roxana = Miss Marriotti Statira = Miss Jamesun :

a Monody on the death of Sir John Moore, written by M. G. Lewis, Esq. to be recited by Miss Marriott :-with Is he a Prince ? Lindorf = Abbott : Blufberg = Lovegrove: Miss Crackenburg

= Mrs. Grove.

21. Miss Fisher's last bt. Hero of the North, with Edgar and Emmeline. Miss Fisher acted Gunilda and Emmeline.

23. Mallinson's bt. Days of Yore. Alfred = Bengough : Voltimar = Egerton: Adela = Miss Marriott : - with Sword of Peace. Lieut. Dormer = Egerton : Jefferys Mallinson: Mrs. Tartar = Mrs. Grove : Eliza – Miss Fisher:- and Fortune's Frolic. Robin Roughhead = Mallinson.

April 4. Lovegrove acted Justice Woodcock. 11. Country Girl = Mrs. Jordan, her 1st app. there.

13 and 15. Mrs. Jordan acted Lady Teazle, and Letitia Hardy.

18 and 20. Mrs. Jordan acted Violante, and Widow Cheerly.

22. Inconstant. Young Mirabel = Egerton : Bisarre = Mrs. Jordan.

25. Man and Wife. Charles Austencourt = Abbott : Helen = Mrs. Jordan: Lady Worrett = Mrs. Grove:-with Sultan. Roxalana = Mrs. Jordan.

27. Much ado. Benedick = Egerton : Dogberry = Lovegrove : Beatrice = Mrs. Jordan :- with Three Weeks after Marriage. Drugget = Lovegrove: Lady Racket = Mrs. Jordan.

29. All in the Wrong, and Matrimony. Mrs. Jordan acted Belinda and Clara.

May 2. Mrs. Jordan's bt. Way to keep him. Lovemore = Egerton : Sir Bashful Constant = Love

grove: Widow Bellmour=Mrs. Jordan : Mrs. Love. more=Miss Marriott :-with Devil to Pay. Jobson = Lovegrove : Nell = Mrs. Jordan.

June 1. Rivals, and Turnpike Gate – Munden acted Sir Anthony Absolute, and Crack.

3. Road to Ruin, and Rival Soldiers—Munden acted Dornton, and Nipperkin.

6. Poor Gentleman. Sir Robert Bramble=Munden : Frederick = Egerton : Ollapod

Egerton : Ollapod = Mallinson: Humphry =Cunningham : (very good) Miss Lucretia Mac Tab= Mrs.Grove:—with School for Authors. Diaper = Munden.

8. Munden acted Sir F. Gripe, and Deaf Lover.

10. Birthday. Capt. Bertram = Munden : Jack Junk = Mallinson : Emma = Miss Jameson :-with Farmer. Jemmy Jumps = Munden.

13. Munden acted Old Rapid, and Darby.

16. Munden's bt. Birthday-with Turnpike Gate - and Two Strings to your Bow. Lazarillo = Munden :-Munden excelled chiefly in Dornton—Sir Robert Bramble — Sir Francis Gripe—and Capt. Bertram—the last part met with unusual applause.

July 8. Theatrical Fund. Exile. Count Ulrick = Bengough: Governor of Siberia = Lovegrove : Daran= Egerton : Servitz= Mallinson : Alexina= Miss Jameson.

29. Much ado. Benedick=C. Kemble : Beatrice = Mrs. C. Kemble :—with Of Age To-morrow. Maria = Mrs. C. Kemble.

D. L. COMPANY AT LYCEUM 1809–1810.

The Lyceum theatre was opened under the special license of the Lord Chamberlain, granted to the joint application of all parties principally interested.

Sep. 25. Duenna. Lay Brother = Oxberry, his 1st app. in this Company:-with Mayor of Garratt.

27. Oxberry acted Robin Roughhead.
28. She Stoops to Conquer—29. John Bull.

Oct. 2. Jealous Wife—Raymond announced as Stage Manager.

3. Dowton acted Dr. Pangloss, 1st time.

7. Wrench, from Bath and York, made his 1st app. in Belcour, and Tristram Fickle.

12. Mathews acted Daniel Dowlas.

14. Soldier's Daugiter. Frank Heartall = Wrench: Timothy Quaint = Edward Knight, from York, 1st app. : Widow Cheerly=Mrs. Edwin, from Dublin, 1st app. :—with Fortune's Frolic. Robin Roughhead =Knight.

16. Stranger = Raymond : with Three and Deuce. 3 Singles by De Camp.

19. Mrs. Edwin acted Violante.

20. Grieving is a Folly, with Prize. Lenitive = Wrench : Label = Knight : Caroline= Miss Kelly.

21. Will. Howard = Wrench: Albina Mande. ville = Mrs. Edwin :- with Three Weeks after Marriage. Lady Racket = Mrs. Edwin.

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