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ascertain and stake out the place, the same to be at the expense of petitioners, and remain a publick Market-house for the publick use and benefit of this Corporation.

14 October, 1738.-Market Committee appointed; authorized to enlarge, alter, repair and support, from time to time, all and every the Market-houses, at the expense of the Corporation—to apportion the size of, and mark and number the Stalls and Standings—to contract for letting the same to Butchers, being Freemen of this City, no more than two Stalls to any one-rents payable monthly or quarterly, giving security for payment to the Chamberlain.

4 May, 1740.—The Committee appointed to agree with the butchers of this City, made their Report in the words following, viz:

City of New York, ss:-By virtue of an order of this Court of Common Council, made the Second day of November last, appointing us a Committee, (among other things) to contract for the letting or setting the Stalls and standings in the Markett-houses of this city, to the severall Butchers Resorting thereunto; Do, in obedience to the said order make this Report: (That we have, after many and frequent meetings, great trouble and difficulty,) agreed with the severall Butchers, who have subscribed their names to the paper hereunto annexed, for the Stalls and standings in the severall Markett-houses above their names set, and the sum or price to their respective names put down. We also, further report, that George Younge and

Thomas Cox, two butchers of this City, did not appear before the Committee, tho' sundry times summoned for that purpose. That Israel Horsfield and James Ruffhead, (tho' they frequently appeared and attended the Committee,) yet refused to agree notwithstanding a considerable abatement offered the former. The Committee Do beg leave, also, humbly to inform this Court that one Evarar: dus Brouwer and many others, living on Nassau Island, who make it their chief business, to buy, kill and sell cattle, do daily come and take up the stalls or standings in the said Markett-houses, without paying any thing for the same. Lastly, the Committee are humbly of opinion that some other methods can, and ought to be taken less burthensome, and more profitable to the Corporation, in setting the stalls and standings in the Markett-houses than have been heretofore, all which is humbly, nevertheless submitted to the consideration of this Court.


Which Report is approved of by this Board, and ordered that the Common Clerk, commence an action in the Supream Court, against Israel and Timothy Horsfield, for the rent due from them for their stalls or standings in the Markett-house.

1741, 4 November.-Ordered, that the Clerk of the Board advertise the publick Markets, to be let for one

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year, at publick auction. The Mayor, as Clerk of the Markets, and entitled to the fees, protesting.

7 November. --The rate of fees which the lessees are etitled to collect of Butchers, established.

Ordered, that Markett-house at the lower end of all street, commonly called the meal markett; and the var. kett-house in the Broadway, commonly called the Broadway Markett, are declaerd to be publick meal marketts, for the sale of Heal, Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats, Indian cora. Buckwheat, or any kind of meal, grain or corn—and for: selling at any other place than the two marketts, the offender to be fined six shillings.

The marketts were rented yearly, at auction, up to 100"; at sums varying from one hundred to one hundred and fiftsone pounds, for the whole.

1760, 1 April.The stalls and standings of the serera! markets were sold at auction, for one year, from May 1st, to Benjamin Payne, shopkeeper, for £245, and Lease given.

1766, 18 March. The stalls and standings in the several markets, Leased at auction for two years, to Alexander White, Gentleman, at the annual rent of £110.

1771, 24 Jan'y.-Oswego Market, in Broadway, being indicted as a nuisance, the Common Council agreed to traverse said Indictment, and ordered Committee to employ Mr. Duane, as Counsel.

19 Feby., 1771.--The law, in addition to a law, for reg- . ulating the publick Market, was this day published, provides:

Whereas, The country people in and by the abovesaid law, are permitted to sell, or expose to sale, in all or any of the publick markets of this city, Beef, Pork, Veal, Mutton & Lamb, first paying the fees or rates mentioned therein to the farmer of the market, in the same manner, quantity & proportion, that the Butchers & others are to do; and whereas, th Mayor, Aldermen & Commonaity of the said City, in order to accommodate the said country people *coming to the aforesaid publick marketts, have provided four Tables in the Fly Market, & made a platform, & erected Bences along the same, for their use; and whereas, not only many of the Dutchers, as well as the liucksters & Retailers within this city, do occupy the said Tables & Benches, & make use of the same for laying on their Veal, Mutton, Lamb, Poultry, Eggs, Butter, Cheese, Bacon & many other sorts of market provision, to the great inconvenience & prejudice of such country people; Therefore it is ordained, that if any Butcher, Huckster, or Retailer shall, from after the first day of March next, use, or occupy any part of the said Tables, Benches or Platforms of the Fly Market, they shall forfeit & pay for every offence the sum of twenty shillings, lawsul money of the state of New York.

19 Aug. 1771.-On the question of erecting a market, it was decided, that a Market shall be erected at the Corporation's Lotts, to the Northward of Die's Dock.

Resolved, That if a market be erected by the neighborhood, at the place now agreed upon, that the same do not exceed two hundred & ten feet in length, & thirty feet in, breadth; that a stone foundation be laid under the whole, and that the building of the same be under the entire direction of this Corporation.

22 Augt., 1771.-A plan of the market intended to be erected on the Corporation lotts, to the northward of Die's Dock, which is to contain one hundred & sixty-sii feet in length, and twenty-eight feet in breadth, was erhibited to this Board, and approved of. Ordered that the Aldermen and Assistants of the West, North & Mont gomerie Wards be a Committee to superintend the same & see that it be completed by the first day of November next.

28 Oct. 1771.—The petition of Wm. McAdam, and sundry others, was read, setting forth, that they have lately, at the expense of five hundred pounds, er cted a market, on the Corporation's ground, in compliance with a late order of this Board, which is now opened, and much resorted to: that they have since heard, with much surprise, of a late application to this Board, for leave to erect another market, within two hundred yards of the one they have erected, and therefore pray, is consideration of the great expense they have been at, this Board will not permit any other market in that neighborhood to be erected, as the one they have lately set up will, for many years to come, be suficient for every purpose of a publick market in that quarter of the city. But in case another market should be authorized within the distance aforesaid, of the one they have erected, they rely upon the equity of the Board, to

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