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1709, 4 October.—The petition of several of the Inhab-. itants of the East Ward, was read, praying leave to erect a Markett-house, at the south end of Clarke's slip, at the end of the Wall street, so soon as their conveniency shall permit.

Ordered that they have liberty to erect the same, at their own charge, provided it be finished within two years, from the date hereof.

1711, 7 Septr.-It is hereby ordained, that the North end of the Broad street, between the City Hall, and the Cross street, which goes from the Broadway to the Dutch Church, be appointed and established a publick Markett-place.

Ordered, that the Inhabitants in and about the Broad street have liberty to erect and build such stalls and sheds, and other conveniencys in the Broad street Markett-place, according to regulations, &c., from the Clerk of the Markett.

1720, 16 Novr.---Resolved, That the Inhabitants of the South Ward, have liberty to remove the old Markett-house, near the Custom House, to a more convenient place, near the water side, at their own proper cost and charge.

Ordered, that the neighbourhood of the Wall street Markett house, have liberty to remove the said Marketthouse higher up into the said street, or repair it where it now stands, at their own proper cost and charge.

1728, 16 Oclr.—Upon application of the neighbourhood of the Markett-house, at the slips, near Burger's path, It is ordered, that the said neighbourhood have liberty to repair the said Markett-house, at their own charge.

1731, 18 Novr.-Law regulating the publịck Markets, allows every day in the week, Sunday excepted, as marketday, from sun-rise to sun-set-Market Clerk to collect fees-Declares aş public markets, viz: 1—Market-house at the slip, commonly called Coenties


2—Market-house at the Old Slip, commonly called

Burger's path. 3—Market-house at the lower end of Wall Street, com

monly called, Wall street Market-house. 4-Market-house, at or near Countess Key, commonly called, Countess slip.

1733, 6 April.-On petition of Freeholders and Inhabitants of the West Ward, for leave to erect and build a publick market, by voluntary contributions, at Thurman's slip, for the accommodation of farmers, and other persons from the Jersey side, and up the North River. Ordered, that prayer of said petitioners be granted, and a Committee appointed to carry the same into effect.

November 4, 1735.-Ordered, the Law entitled, A Law for the better Regulating and ordering the Publick Marketts within the City of New York, be forthwith printed, and

(after the ringing of three bells at the City Hall, and Proclamation made for silence) published accordingly.

Forasmuch as the marketts of this city are chiefly supplyed by the country people with victuals and provisions, by water carriage, from the neighboring countys and colonies, at different times and seasons as the tides, wind and weather permitt, By reason whereof no particular times or days can conveniently be appointed for holding the said marketts, Be it therefore Ordained by the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen and Assistants convened in Common Council, That every day in the week (Sunday excepted) are appointed publick markett days from sun-rising to sunsetting-marketts to be held at the Markett- house, at the Slip, commonly called Coenties Dock-at the Old Slip, commonly called Burgher's Path—at the lower end of Wall street, and at Countess Key, called Counteses Slip; Where the country people and others may stand or sit in such part or parts, not appropriated and allotted to other persons by Lease from the Corporation, and there vend their Flesh, Fish, Poultry, Herbs, Fruit, Eggs, Butter, Cheese, Bacon, and other necessary provisions and commodities; and be it further Ordained, That, (in regard the marketts are principally intended for the benefitt of housekeepers, who buy for their own use) The Hucksters and Retailers within this City, who buy to sell again, shall not enter into any of the aforesaid marketts to make their Provisions, and buy to sell again any sort of Markett Provisions of any of the Markett People there, to sell again, or carry the same, to their several Houses and Shops, until the afternoon of every day, to the end, that the Housekeepers may provide themselves in the forenoon of every

day, at the first hand, with Provisions at moderate rates; upon pain, that every such Huckster and Retailer shall for every offence forfeit the sum of ten shillings, current money of this province.

And be it further Ordained, (to the intent, that forestalling, regrating and engrossing of victuals, &c., may be the better prevented) that no person or persons from and after publication hereof, shall buy, or cause to be bought, ang victuals or things whatsoever within the said City of Ne York, or the Libertys thereof, coming to any of the mar ketts, or bargain or contract to buy, before the same shall be brought into one of the said marketts, ready to be there sold; or shall offer to sell again in the markett or elsewhere, any thing so coming to their hands or possession, shall for every such offence forfeit the sum of forty shil: lings.

And be it further Ordained, That no unwholesome or stale victuals, no blown meat or leprous swine, be sold or exposed to sale, under pain of forty shillings for every offence.

All Butter exposed for sale, in Pound Rolls, Pots, Dishes or other vessells, not exceeding six pounds, shall have the weight of the same marked thereon. Any pound deficient in weight, or fraud discovered, shall be seized by the Clerk of the Markett, and forfeited to the poor of the City.

And in order for making the several marketts of this City more commodious and convenient for the future, as well for the Butchers, being freemen of this City, as of all other persons who resort thereto for the supply thereof, a Standing Committee shall be appointed by the Common

Council, who shall be empowered and authorized to enlarge, alter, repair, and support from time to time, all and every the said Market-houses, and to order and give directions for repairing and enlarging the same at the expense of the City, as they shall find occasion. Also, to apportion the size of (and to mark and number) the several stalls therein, and to contract for the Letting and Setting of the same to the several Butchers, for such reasonable rents as they can agree for, and made payable every month in the year to the Chamberlain of the City for the use of the same.

Provided, That no more than two stalls or standings in any one of the said marketts, shall be let or leased to any one Butcher


Also, That it shall and may be lawful to, and for all and every, the country people and others, who shall come to the several marketts other than and excepting Hucksters, who are hereby excluded and intended to be excluded all stalls and standings in the same) with any sort of provisions, &c., to take such stalls, standings and places, not appropriated, as they shall first happen to get possession of, without any fee or reward for the same, for the more plentiful supply of the marketts with all sorts of provisions, at the most reasonable rates and prices—

All penalties and forfeitures, recovered by virtue of this act, for which no particular direction is given: The one half to be paid to the Chamberlain, and the other half to the informer.

And whereas, by virtue of divers Laws of this Corporation for many years past, the Clerk of the Markett had,

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