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For the markett shall be opened and shut by the ring. ing of the city bells, at the times aforesaid, before and after which ringing of the bell, no butchers' meat or victuals is to be exposed for sale in the markett, under the penalty of forfeiture.

No huckster shall engrosse any poultry, eggs or frest. butter, coming to the markett, under pain of forty shillings.

No person shall forestall any provisions or rictuals coming to the markett, as to any private place other than the markett, under pain of forfeiture of the same, whether found in the hands of the buyer or seller.

The orders in relation to the marketts shall not be put in execution until the week after Easter, when the same is to be duly observed and kept.

1684, 24 May.-Ordered, that the market be removed from the place where it is now kept, to the vacant ground before the fort, and that the butchers erect stalls, &c., at their own charge.

1691, 15 October.-Ordered, that there be two markets for flesh, kept; one in the Broadway over against the fort, and the other under the trees, by the slip.

That fish be brought unto the dock, over against the City Hall, or the house that Long Mary formerly lived in.

1692, 18 February.—Ordered, that Committee let out what is to be let of the old market-house, next the bridge;

also the new market-house, at the end of Broad street, and shambles allowed.

1694, 25 September.-Ordered, that the market-house, or shed in the Broadway, be let to Henry Crosby, butcher, for seven years, at one pound per annum, and repairs.

6 September, 1699.-—The petition of the inhabitants of Queen street was read, praying that a market be appointed at Countess Key, and that they will build a convenient Market-house, at their own charge, for the publick benefit. Petition granted and ordered, that the inhabitants of the said street, at their own cost and charge, have liberty to erect any publick building at Countess Key, aforesaid, for the convenience and ornament of the city.

19 Feby. 1700.—The Committee appointed to view the Market-house, on the application of the South Ward, reported & ordered, that the Market-house be granted to the said ward, for the term of fifty years, the Inhabitants erecting a public Building, according to the model exhibited, paying a yearly rent of twelve pounds, & keeping & delivering the same in good repair, at the expiration of the

50 years.

30 June, 1701.- Resolved, that the old Market-house, near the Custom House Bridge, be forever hereafter, appropriated for a publick Market-house, for the benefit and conveniency of all persons that should resort thereunto, in

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as full, and ample manner, as any other Market-bocze or Market-place, within this city, now is, or lawfully ought to be.

1701, 8 July.—Ordered, that the Inhabitants of the neighborhood of Burger's path, have liberty to erect a Market-house, at their own charge, on the vacant lots of ground fronting to the houses of Leonard Huygen, and that late of Jacob Teller, and that for the conveniency and accommodation of the public; and that the title to the said Land shall be defended by the City, but what damage shall accrue by the cutting or pulling down of the said Market-house, shall be the loss of the neighbourhood, that build the same.

1702, 3 August.-Ordered, that the old Market-house in the Broadway, be leased for five years. .

1706, 20 June.--Pursuant to an order of this Court, bearing date the sixth day of September, one thousand six hundred and ninety-nine, authorizing the Inhabitants of Queen street to build a convenient Markett-house, at their own charge, for the public benefitt, at Countess Key, for the conveniency and ornament of the city.

It is hereby ordered, that such Markett-house as the said Inhabitants shall erect and build, at their own charge, betwixt the houses of Capt. John De Peyster, and Bernardus Smith, att the north end of the slip in Countess Key, aforesaid, be appointed, and continue a public Markett and Markett-house of this city forever.

1709, 4 October.—The petition of several of the Inhab-. itants of the East Ward, was read, praying leave to erect a Markett-house, at the south end of Clarke's slip, at the end of the Wall street, so soon as their conveniency shall permit.

Ordered that they have liberty to erect the same, at their own charge, provided it be finished within two years, from the date hereof.

1711, 7 Septr.-It is hereby ordained, that the North end of the Broad street, between the City Hall, and the Cross street, which goes from the Broadway to the Dutch Church, be appointed and established a publick Markett-place.

Ordered, that the Inhabitants in and about the Broad street have liberty 10 erect and build such stalls and sheds, and other conveniencys in the Broad street Markett-place, according to regulations, &c., from the Clerk of the Markett.

1720, 16 Novr.-Resolved, That the Inhabitants of the South Ward, have liberty to remove the old Markett-house, near the Custom House, to a more convenient place, near the water side, at their own proper cost and charge.

Ordered, that the neighbourhood of the Wall street Markett house, have liberty to remove the said Marketthouse higher up into the said street, or repair it where it now stands, at their own proper cost and charge.

1728, 16 Octr.-Upon application of the neighbourhood of the Markett-house, at the slips, near Burger's path, It is ordered, that the said neighbourhood have liberty to repair the said Markett-house, at their own charge.

1731, 18 Novr.-Law regulating the publick Markets, allows every day in the week, Sunday excepted, as marketday, from sun-rise to sun-set-Market Clerk to collect fees-Declares aş public markets, viz: 1-Market-house at the slip, commonly called Coenties


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2–Market-house at the Old Slip, commonly called

Burger's path. 3-Market-house at the lower end of Wall street, com

monly called, Wall street Market-house. 4-Market-house, at or near Countess Key, commonly called, Countess slip.

1733, 6 April.-On petition of Freeholders and Inhabitants of the West Ward, for leave to erect and build a publick market, by voluntary contributions, at Thurnian's slip, for the accommodation of farmers, and other persons from the Jersey side, and up the North River. Ordered, that prayer of said petitioners be granted, and a Committee appointed to carry the same into effect.

November 4, 1735.-Ordered, the Law entitled, A Law for the better Regulating and ordering the Publick Marketts within the City of New York, be forthwith printed, and

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