The Repository, Band 3

W.H. Starr & Company, 1860

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Seite 276 - Secession ! Peaceable secession ! Sir, your eyes and mine are never destined to see that miracle. The dismemberment of this vast country without convulsion ! The breaking up of the fountains of the great deep without ruffling the surface ! Who is so foolish, I beg...
Seite 234 - Their growing minds soon close above the wound — their elastic spirits soon rise beneath the pressure — their green and ductile affections soon twine around new objects. But the sorrows of the poor, who have no outward appliances to soothe — the sorrows of the aged, with whom life at best is but a wintry day, and who can look for no after-growth of joy — the sorrows of a widow, aged, solitary, destitute, mourning over an only son, the last solace of her years; these are indeed sorrows which...
Seite 227 - ... a foot above those of a hundred full-grown men who have been there before them. " They are all satisfied with this feat of physical exertion except one, whose example illustrates perfectly the forgotten truth that there is no royal road to intellectual eminence. This ambitious youth sees a name just above his reach — a name that will be green in the memory of the world when those of Alexander, Caesar, and Bonaparte shall rot in oblivion.
Seite 228 - The sun is now half-way down the West. The lad has made fifty additional niches in that mighty wall, and now finds himself directly under the middle of that vast arch of rocks, earth, and trees. He must cut his way in a new direction to get from under this overhanging mountain. The inspiration...
Seite 227 - ... the size of a man's hand. The silence of death is rendered more impressive by the little stream that falls from rock to rock down the channel. The sun is darkened, and the boys have unconsciously uncovered their heads, as if standing in the presence-chamber of the Majesty of the whole earth.
Seite 227 - Minutes of almost eternal length roll on, and there are hundreds standing in that rocky channel, and hundreds on the bridge above, all holding their breath, and awaiting the fearful catastrophe. The poor boy hears the hum of new and numerous voices both above and below.
Seite 266 - Over the river the boatman pale Carried another, — the household pet ; Her brown curls waved in the gentle gale : Darling Minnie ! I see her yet. She crossed on her bosom her dimpled hands And fearlessly entered the phantom bark ; We watched it glide from the silver sands, And all our sunshine grew strangely dark. We know she is safe on the further side, Where all the ransomed and angels be ; Over the river, the mystic river, My childhood's idol is waiting for me.
Seite 86 - The waters have gone over me. But out of the black depths, could I be heard, I would cry out to all those who have but set a foot in the perilous flood.
Seite 242 - Oh, fear not in a world like this, And thou shalt know ere long, Know how sublime a thing it is To suffer and be strong.
Seite 86 - ... understand what a dreary thing it is when a man shall feel himself going down a precipice with open eyes and a passive...

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