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The Tea Plant......


The Thoughtless Son,..

The Twin Brothers

The Two Arctic Expeditions....... 68
The Two Palaces,..


The Tyrranny of Fashion,.


The Watering Places,..


The Whaling Interest.....


The Withered Flower,...


The Wyoming Massacre,...

Tobacco Chewing,.....

Tobacco Smoking,....


To Correspondents,.....2, 16, 112, 146



Tribute to Dr. McEwen,...



Sabbath School Convention,......163

One Niche the Highest,...

230 Sale of Autographs,..

Organization of the N.'L. N. R R. 220 Sale of Coins, Autographs, &c.... 57

Scene in the Sandwich Islands,....149



Secession and Disunion,..



September 6th, 1781,..


Sewing Machines,..


Parental Indulgence,.....


Shore Line Railroad,

Pen Making in the United States, .243

Singular Occurrence,.


Penn-ylvania Coal Oil,..... 50

Skating for Ladies,..


Photograpic Engraving,..


Social Evils, 128, 134, 140, 144, 146, 156

Physiological Professorship,..

16 Speak Gently to the Lilla Ones,..227

Pleasures of Religion,..

227 Special Inducements,..


Plymouth Church Pew Sales,


Sireet Asssociation18,...


Portrait of Edward Everett,.. 3

Strength of Resolution,..


Praise Your Wife..


Strong Minded Women),.


Preservation of the Hair,.

286 Study of the Bible,..


Presidential Candidater,

St. Valentine's Day,..


Prices of Flour,

Suffer and Be Strong....


Prize of Honor,.


SummerTravel—The Shore Line, 163


Public Acts, 101, 107, 119, 125, 131. Supply of Coal,..

Puirty of Character,...





Terrible Ice Storm,..



..243, 254

The American Agriculturist,.. 181

Rainy Days,..

Raising a Block of Buildings..

The Angel of the Blousehold,..... 201


The Angel on Earth,..


Results of Perseverance,...

The Angel Singer,...


The Annual Thanksgiving,.

Revolutionary Relics,


The Antiquary,

Rosa Bonheurg...


22, 28, 34

The Arctic Expedition,.. ..


The Banking System,


The Bible,..

The Censis of the State, .

The City of Jeddo,...


The Coal Oil Business,


The Cost of Royalty...


The Dying Wife to Her Husband, 308

The Eud of Greatness......


The Episcopal Convention,....

The Evening Walk,..


The Fall and Winter Fasbions......215

The Future,


The Great Eastern,.....

The Great Eastern Arrived,.. .117

The Heart,


The Indian Summer of Life,......296
The Late S. G. Goodrich, Esq..... 80
The Legend of the Christ Child,... 296
The Lottery swindle,.....

The Meniory of a Mother, .233
The Money Panic,....

The Mourners,....


The Mysterious Vault...


The Natural Bridge,


The New Arctic Exhtbition,..... 56

The New Steamboat Line,....


The Old Fashioned Winter, ..... 7

The Old House in Juden Strasse... 91

The Parable of the Skokools,...49,455

The Poor,...


The Power of Woman,...


The Queen and the Prince,


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85 Hope On,...


Behold, Alas! Our Days We I Must Hasten Home,.

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Be True to Yourself,... ....301 Life's Evergreens,.

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Chide Mildly the Erring,.


Lines on the Death of Miss

Common Joys.....

.236 Virginia A. Benton,..

Cousolations of Sleep..

91 Lines to the Memory of the

13 Late Abel McEwen, D.D. 227
Empire of Woman,.

Love that Dieth Not,.. 133


200 My Angel Sister,

Flower and Dew Drop,. .104 My Three Treasures, .251

Footprints in the Snow,. 40 Over the River,...

Friendship, .....

161 Pleasing Recollections,...






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almost hopeless task, when I tried to awak. | The "charity inmate," as she was called,
on any higher motive fór study, than that in the common parlance of fashionable fas-

of the lady-like tone it was to give her tidiousness, was ungrateful to her benefacThere is a love far holier than the rest

future life," she had an undoubted claim tor by displnying her gifts of song. How The yearning love that fills the mothor's breast; Born wiih the babe whose wailing moan

to beauty, and an unusual intellectual the hot tears gushed forth, and how that Asks aid and pity in a world unknown;

capacity, yet selfish almost beyond endur- little heart throbbed with the bitter taunts Still clinging closer as advancing years

ance. She had no gross faults, for it was she bad received ! "I will 'sing !" she Bolarge her hopes and multiply her fears; Chiding the truant, with a beaming joy not in keeping with her position. Once I

exclaimed with astonishing vehemence,
That he who grieved her is her darling boy;
la manhood's blush, in fever's wasting flame, beauty of holiness, but there was a proud added with a kiss, "" but not here."
But nost in grief, in sorrow, sin and shame,
curl of her lip, wben she found it was the

How my heart clung to tha child, and
A mother's love her preoious child attends, -
To human toil angelic lastre lendo,
example of the meek and lowly One, 1 chilled at her predictions, I may not tell

Cheers the pale wanderer af his parting breath,
wisheư her to follow.

but I will add that she grew paler and pal. And pierces e’en beyond the gates of Death! A lovely orphan bad in some providen- er, till the buds and blossoms of spring THE ANGEL SINGER.

tial way, been brought before the public bad come, and rested in beauty on every

oyo, and Mrs. Norton offered with some slope, and in every glen, and nodded å BY **$. C. 1. GILDERSLEKVE. ostentation to provide for the poor friend-welcome to every breeze, yet ever looking Unlike most of my profession, I cannot less child...,

up to heaven, like my dear little Nettie, boast of better days of old times aniid

She became an inmate of the house, and who had been promised, as she called it, wealth and summer friends, I cannot

was given into my care. Nover shalt I by the Physician to go to God before the sigh over crushed hopes, nor complain forget thobe large spiritual eyes, which summer flowers come again. She had that I do not receive those attentions which wandered so earnestly from one face to long since ceased to mourn for those who were mine, and to which my misfortunes another, seeking a resting place, for her had only gone before to the land of song entitle me. On the contrary, I am just

heartfull of childish affection ; nor the and sunshino, and were waiting for Netwhat my ambition craved a governess. larga, bright tears, wbich rested on the tio's voice to unite with theirs. And I have lived among clouds and sunshine, cheok of the little orphan.

though Mrs. Norton surrounded her with but the sunshine lingers, and I forget the

She was told that she must not cry, for luxuries, as though they would smooth
clouds. I have a heart tull of cherished it was ber duty to be happy, and that she the pillows of the dark waters of death,
memories ; so that I am never brooding must be very grateful to them ; (they diayet Nettie could "not forget her longing
over the fact that I am alone in the world, not ask her love ;) and obey all the touse for the sweet tones she was forbidden to
nor am I, if an over present remembrance hold. "Gladly I took the little weeper to utter. Oh how beautiful she looked, with
of some of my dear pupils, cán people tbe my room, and as she nestled upon my ber 'wavý hair thrown back from her
surroundings of my existence. I think of bosom, we talked of her past life, before snowy forehead, on that last night of her
them, and my heart follows them out into the shadow came over her young beart. life.
the changing world, and shares with them She knew she would soon join her lov: We were alone, and she asked me to put
their various destinies. I go in spirit,ed ones, by that instinctive knowledge we out the lamp, and take her licad upon my
with some, to the very pót talsi of the "bet- sometimes and in children, and though I shoulder, that she might see the stars that
ter land,' and fancy I can hear them'sing exhausted all my inventive resources, to glistened so beautifully through the case-
the new song' in the home of the blessed. ind something to rouse her to a love of ment, and the silvery moonlight, which

Speaking of new songs, reminds me of life, yet I failed entirely. She wandered dunced upon the wall through the young
one of the most beautiful incidents of my about the house like a little pħantom, leaves and tendrils which partially drap-
bistory. I was employed in a family to singing with a singularly sweet, bird-like ed the window.
superintend the education of an only voice, and with wonderful exactness, the “Put your arms about me, dear Mary,

most difficult airs, which she had learned and let 'nie tell you how I've longed for Her intellectual culture was to receive while listening in the ball to the masters this hoúr, how I've listened every night the most careful attention, but the spiritu- of the art who bad froquented the house of for the song of the angels that I might al seemed of no importance, for among the Mr. Norton. At first she was allowed to die, and be as pure as that star whose light numerous questions which were to be an sing when asked by company; but her comes down upon me now. I forgive swered with the most scrupulous exactnous voice was too attractive to suit the self-love them for n«t letting me love them, and I -not one word was said of the holiør por- of the only daughter, and one day, after am sorry I grieved them by singing-I tion of my education. I found I had an an unusual display of vocal power, she was sban't be a charity child yonder. Mary,

harshly accused of trying to rival the dear, I am so light, I feel as though I *Associate Editor of the Home Montbly. young lady, and forbidden to sing again. could walk up that ray of light, if they


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and it comes to me now when I am sad, THE REPOSITORY: ho lost his life. And there were "honorable


1 00


would come for me." I fancied a halo tendered to the President and Directors of said Com- cative band has made hopelessly wretched ! had gathered about her face, and she pany for the skill, patience, untiring industry and None, we answer emphatically, NONE !grasped my hand and bade me listen to buoyant faith with which, amido doubts and dio. He looks with the complacency of a demon

at great the angel music.

themselves, they have attended to the work of saving upon bis silly victim stiffening in his own “ They are coming for me, and such a our investments from ruin--for their success in in gore, and feels that his insulted honor song, Mary, such a sweet song!" Her creasing the value of our stock, and making our road is vindicated. Oh shame, where is thy eyes were gazing at the evening star low popular with the people, and one of the great lines of blush!

travel through the United States. in the west, and her little pale hand beck

At a subsequent meeting of the Board,

And yet in the face of all this, there are oned to some invisible thing, and then her C. S. Bushnell was elected President, who do not hesitate to excuse, but even

men, and those in high official stations, voice like a far off echo, whispered exult-Wm. T. Bartlett, Secretary and Treasur. ingly :

laud the murderer, by their eulogies on his er, F. J. Calhoun, Superintendent. "I can sing it, Mary, I can sing it

victim. In this we have a recent instance Wecongratulate the Board of Directors

in the Halls of our National Legislaturo now."

on the efficiency and economy of their I looked out; the star had set! I stoop- former management, and the Stockholders

in the case of a late Senator, who, od to kiss her half closed eyelids down, for in having so unanimously reelected them although possessed of many noblo

, and she was dead, and I was alone! My to the office for the present year.

inanly qualities, had disgraced himself and soul seemed the abode of a blissful presence

degraded the office he held by being a

party in the infamous transaction in whicb like a prophecy that I too shall sometime

he . sing the same song, which called little NEW-LONDON, CONN. Senators" in that body who with flaming Nettie to Heaven. Death seems to me 80

resolutions would attempt to eulogise the beautiful—so like the blossoming Spring

dead, although he died in the commission

Thursday, February 23, 1860. time after the storms of Winter. Miss

of an act which was a direct violation of STARR & FARNHAM,.. .PRINTERS the laws he bad sworn to support. Alas, Norton bears another name, and sings for her daily bread, and as she leaves the


when our highest National Legislative As. heartless smiles of an applauding audience,

sembly, not only gives continuance to, One Square One Week, (10 lines). ...... and lays her weary head upon her pillow,

..80 50 but actually eulogises crime.

Three Weeks... she thinks of little Nettie and her song,

Continuance each wo.ok...

In honorable contrast with this, we no

tice the noble dissent of Senator Foster, a and

MORAL COURAGE-DUELLING. “Longs for that sleep, which is sweetest of all,

true son of New England, and an honor to When our couch is the skies, and our night-robe the

his State. Standing alone, and with a pall." Amongst the most ilagraut violations of

moral courage that will ever adorn his the divine law, there is perhaps, none character, he dares to differ from the THE SHORE LINE RAILROAD.-The more outrageous, brutal and bloody, and


around him. In a calm and im. Stockholders of this Railroad held their we might add cowardly than the act of annual meeting for the election of Direc- the duellist. Without even tho excuse of his manly act. The correspondent of the

pressive manner he gave his reasons for tors last week, at New Haven. Judge the robber, the homicide, or the midnight New York Tribune in relating the fact, McCurdy was unanimously chosen Chair- assassin, in giving or accepting a challenge, prefaces his remarks by stating that "the man, and Wm. T. Bartlett was appointed or carrying out the arrangements of the Secretary. bloody code in " an affair of honor," the proceedings in the Senate were marked by

unusual circumstances.” Mr. Foster very The Report of the President and Direc- duellist violates every principle of humantors was read and unamimously adopted. ity, true honor, virtue and religion. The his doubts of the propriety of paying the

properly and very manfully expressed From this we learn that the total receipts robber may plead want and necessity, the usual testimonials of respect to Mr. Brodof the Road for the past year were, $107,- homicide, sudden provocation, and the as. erick's memory, on the ground that he fell 837,67, and the expenditures during the sassin may be prompted by a desire to ob- in a duel, in violation of the laws of God same time, $92,128,16, and amount paid tain treasures, but the duellist connot plead and man. For this reason, therefore, bo on coupons $51,891,50, making the total an excuse even as futile as any of these.payments $135,079,65. The gross earn- With calm, cool, deliberate fiendishness proposed to withold his vote from the resoings of the Extension Road, are $21.964, he seeks the life blood of a fellow being, high regard for the many manly qualities

lution of respect, though entertaining a 61, from which, after deducting expenses, and nothing short of this will satisfy him.

of the deceased Senator. six per cent, will be paid. It matters not to bim that family ties are

In this single act our honored Senator The Report of the Directors gives a very sundered, loving wives made disconsolate encouraging aspect of affairs. The Ro- widows, and prattling babes orphaned. Lexbibited in all the bloody encounters of

displayed more real courage that was ever port expresses confidence that at an early What is it to his remorseles heart that the the most distinguished duellists on record. day the road will become“ one of the great intended or real victim of his murderous For this he will not only. receive the apthoroughfares of travel, such as was origi- arm shall suffer the most excruciating ago probation of good men of all parties, but nally interded,” and we doubt not their ony, or be sent by his deadly bullet in the higher reward of an approving conexpectations will be fully realized.

stantly into the presence of his offended science, and the satisfaction of having perThe following resolution offered by Mr. and insulted Maker! What sympathy formed a noble duty—that of rebuking 1. F. Babcock was unanimously adopted. have his feelings with the anguish of brok. wickedness in high places..

Resolved. That the thanks or the stockholders of en hearts, tho grief of bereaved families, the New Haven, New London & Stonington Rail, and the blighted hopes of those his vindi

In further connection with the subject road Company are due, and are hereby gratefully

we have received an article from an


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teemed correspondent which we give in and good taste, wedo not regard the prac- Gleason's Literary Companion,

$2,25 another column, and to which we invite tice particularly objectionable and improp

Water Cure Journal,.

.$1,50 Phrenological Journal..

..$1,50 special attention. Let the press denounce er. Of the tens of thousands of these now

U.S. Journal including Rosa Bonheur's celthis murderous "code." Let our writers, manufactured here, many exbibit the ebrated picture of the "Horse Fair."..$2,00 and public speakers denounce it. Let the most exquisite taste and artistic skill, and *Mount Vernon, a beautiful print, 17 by 20 pulpit denounce it in thunder tones, and hundreds of workmen, mostly females, de

inches in size, in 15 oil colors........ $1.50

* Edward Everett, a splendid portrait of this the public will, nay must hear and heed rive a livelihood from their manufacture.

distinguisbed man in oil colors........$1.50 it.

It is supposed that more than $200,000 From the above it will be seen that a

worth of machinery, is now employed for subscription to the Repository in connecBT. VALENTINES DAY. the purpose and the constant emyloyment lion with many of the above publications,

of the number engaged in the business is, will absolutely cost nothing, and with the St. Valentine, who was martyred at Rome in the third century, seems to bave at least an argument in favor of St. Others only from twenty-five to Afty had but little to do with the notions and Valentine's festival. Without being car

cents, while every volume of our paper ried to excess, or degraded by low and actually costs the publisher more than practice connected with the present ob

vulgar association in connection with the a dollar. It is only through the liberal servanco with his day, cither in the old or New World. What was formerly regardcomicalities before referred to, the

arrangement of our cotemporaries, theretice of sending valentines, as a token of fore, that we can afford to be liberal.ed as a solemn ceremony, has been changed into a merry festival, which seems to friendship

or affection to acquaintances or specimens of the Magazines and Engrahave obtained almost universal prevalence.

relatives, we would not regard with disfa- vings may be seen at the Bookstore of In England; "the approach of the day vor, particularly as it affords gratifica Messrs. Starr & Co., No. 4 Main Street

, is heraldeıl by the appearance, in the printsion to our young friends.

who will receive subscriptions for the sellers' shop windows, of vast numbers of

same in connection with the Repository.

SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS. missives calculated for use this

*See notice below. occasion, each generally consisting of a Wisbing to extend the circulation of the

BEAUTIFUL COLORED ENGRAVING.-A single sheet of paper,' on the first Repository," and at the same iime sensipage of which is seen some ridiculous ble that many who would become subscri- Philadelphia artist has recently published caricature of the male or female figure, bers are deterred from doing so in conse

a beautiful colored plate of Mount VEB

NON AND THE HOME OF WASHINGTON.with a few burlesque verses below." For. quence of the seeming necessity of conmerly, however, these frivolities were in a tinuing various other publications which It is a spirited picture, eighteon by twen. great measure unknown. Ridiculous let- have become necessary appendages to ty inches in size, printed in colors, and ters and carricatures were never employed, the home circle, we have been induced to presents an excellent view of the veneratbut if letters were sent, they were simply enter into arrangements with the published homestead of Washington. It is onmudest and courteous professions of at ers of several periodicals and magazines, by graved from an original drawing taken on tachment and regard on the part of the which it will be seen that we are enabled the spot, from a new point of view, by young men who sent them to the fair re- to supply them at rates so very low, in which it is seen to the best advantage, and cipients. A learned writer of the early connection with our paper, that the Re- it is pronounced to be by far the most part of the last century gives the follow-pository in many instances will be a gratu- truthful and striking representation of

Mount Vernon that has yet been present. ing account of the principal ceremony.- ity. With this arrangement at the open"In England and Scotland, on the eve of ing of our third volume, we will be ed to the public. It is executed after an St. Valentines day, the young people meet, pleased to supply all our own subscribers English style of printing, known, it is said, and by a very ancient custom celebrate a with whatever other literary periodicals only to one man in this country, and nev

er before attempted. little festival. An equal number of maids they wish. To this end we would callspeand bachelors meet together, and each cialattention to the following arrangement,

A copy of this beautiful engraving may writes his or her true or feigned name up and invite either old or new subscribers be seen at the Bookstore of Messrs. Starr 01 separate billets of paper which they roll who feel disposed, to arail themselves of & Co., in Main Street, who will receive

orders for the print. up and draw by way of lots, the maids tak- the offer, as all will be included in its libing the men's billets, and the men's the eral provisions.

PORTRAIT OF EDWARD EVERETT IN OIL maids, so that each of the young men light The REPOSITORY, together with eithe: COLORS --This beautiful and life like upon a girl that he calls bis Valentine and of the following publications for one year, trait of the distinguished original is a each of the girls upon a young man that will be supp:ied to every subscriber, at the fine specimen of printing in oil colors she calls hers. By this means each has prices annexed. viz:

and presents the appearance of a real oil two valentines, but the man adheres to the

Arthur's Ladies Home Magazine, ..92.50 painting. All who admire the eloquent valentine that falls to him rather than to

Godey's Lady's Book,.......

$3,00 and gifted orator will appreciate this exthe one to whom he has fallen. The The Home Monthly..


cellent portrait. It may be Atlantic Monthly,............

seen at couples thus divided in merry jesting, often

...$3,00 Harper's Monthly,. ..................


Messrs, Starr & Co.'s Book Storo, in Main becomes happily united in wedlock."

Genesee Farmer...............

$1.25 Street, and copies ordered if desired. The custom of sending Valentines to

Albany Cultivator,.. friends and acquaintances has become al- Amer ican Agriculturist,.

DIED. Rural New Yorker, most universal in our own country, and

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. $1.25



LAW.- In this city on the 17th, inst., Lucretia W. Homestead ......

..$2,50 aside from the miserable" comic" carrica

Life Illustrated,...


TRANKLE.-In Preston, on the 21st., Mary Elizatures, too often the very bane of refinement Gleason 's Pictorial,....

beth, only daughter of Joba and Elizabeth Trank$2,25

le, aged 8 years and 7 months.



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