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THE REPOSITORY. The Repository:

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Telowing publication cost one year when bestelpa South Royalton Bank, South Royalton... 90

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List of Discredited Banks in New MAIL ARRANGEMENTS.
England and New York.

Post OFFICE, NEW London,

January 1, 1860.)

NEW YORK AND SOUTHERN-{ By Steamboat.] BY W. H. S T A R R.


Closes at 81, P. M. Arrives at 2 o'cloek A. M.


Bank of Hallowell....


Closes at II A.M., and 57 P.M.

Arrives at 1} P.M. STARR & FARNHAM, PRINTERS, Canton Bank, China.


Central Bank, Grey.


Closes at 11 A. M. and 53 P. M.

Arrives at 13 and 8} P. Ñ.
Ellsworth Bank, Ellsworth...

......., 90

The mail closing at 5, P. M. is the way mail by One Square One Week, (16 lines,).......... $0 50 Exchange Bank, Bangor. worthless

which the offices are supplied between New London * Three Weeks... 1 00

and New Haven; matter for offices beyond New Ha" Continuanceeach week............. 20 Grocer's Bank, Bangor..

90 ven, however. is also sent by the mail which loses Hancock Bank, Ellsworth.


at 12P. M. An additional New Haven mailis also My motto through life has been-Work and Ad.

received at 81 P. M.. bringing no:hing from offices vertise. In business. Advertising is the true Phi- | Maratime Bank, Bangor....

10 between New Haven and New London. losopher's Stone, that turns whatever it touches in Mousum River Bank, Sanford...


BOSTON, PROVIDENCE AND EASTERN. to gold. I have advertised much, both in the week

Closes for the Shore Line" R. R. Route at 12 M, ly as well as the daily papers; nor have I found that Shipbuilders' Bank....

.worthless Arrives at 11 P. M. those of the largest circulation, of either class, ben.

Closes for Steamboat and N&W.R. R. at 8 P.M. efilted me the most." --JOIN JACOB ASTOR.


Arrives at 101 P. M.
Exeter Bank, Exeter....



Closes at 5. A. M. Special Inducements.


Arrives at 6 P.M. THE REPOSITORY GRATIS Danby Bank, Danby.......



DON AND WILLIMANTIC. plied to every subscriber, at the prices annexed, viz: Stark Bank, Bennington...

Closes at 61 A. M. and I P. M.

2 Authur's Ladies Home Magazine,..

Arrives at II A. M. and 6 P.M, $2.50

Closes also on Saturday evenings for Narvigh at Godey's Lady's Book,..

$3 09

MASSACHUSETTS. The Home Monthly,.

81. $2.00 Atlantic Monthly,

Cochichuate Bank, Boston. $3.00

... Worthless

STONINGTON AND INTERMEDIATE. Harper's Monthly,... $2.75 Grocer's Bank, Boston... i.redeemed

Closes at 61 A.M.

Arrives at 5 P. M.
Genesee Farmer,...............

Western Bank, Springfield..


LONG ISLAND. Albany Cultivator....... 81.25

Closes and arrives via New York mail. American agriculturist,

$1.75 Rural New Yorker,...


COLCHESTER. Homestead,. ....... $2.50 Bank of South County,

Closes at 7 A, M., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,

Wakefield... 10 Life Illustrated, $2.25

Arrives at 3} P. M., Monday, Wednesday and Gleason's Pictoral,.. $2.25 Bank of the Republic, Providence.

60 Friday. Gleason's Literary Companion,..

On alternate days via Norwich, closing at 51 A. $2,25 Farmer's Bank, Wickford..... worthless Water Cure Journal, $ ,50

M., arriving at 6 P. M. Phrenological Journal,.. $1.50 Hopkinton Bank, Westerly.


CALIFORNIA MAIL. U.S. Journal including Rosa Bonheur's celebra

2 Mount Vernon Bank, Providence. ted picture of the "Horse Fair,". $2.00

Closes for Sea Ronte on the 4th and 19th of each Mount Vernon, a beautiful print, 17 by 20 inch- R. I. Central Bank, East Greenwich...

90 month, es in size, in 15 oil colore...


Tiverton Bank, Tiverton... Edward Everett, a splendid portrait of this dis

For Overland Route at St. Louis, every Monday

and Thursday: tinguished man, in oil colors, .$1,50 Warwick Bank, Warwick....

2 From the above it will be seen that a subscription

The Post Office opens at 6 A. M. and closes at 8 P.

CONNECTICUT, to the Repository in connection with many of the

M. On Sunday opens at 7 A. M. for one hour, and above publications, will absolutely cost nothing; Bank of North America, Seymour....

these hours will be strictly observed.

5 and with the others only from twenty-five to fifty

Letters or papers put into the outside box before

81 P M. for the New York Steamboat mail, or before cenis, while every volume of our paper actually cosis Colchester Bank, Colchester..... worthless the publisher more than a dollar. It is only through Eastern Bank, West Killingly.... worthless

51 A. M. for the morning Railroad Mail, are always

in time the liberal arrangements of cotemporaries, therefore

STANLEY G. TROTT, P. M. that we can afford to be liberal. Specimens of the Granite Bank, Voluntown. worthless Magazines and Engravings may be seen at the Book

Hatter's Bank, Bethel.

75 store of Messrs. Starr & Co., No.4. Main Street, who

BOOTS AND SHOES! will receive subscriptions for the same in connec- Litchfield Bank.... on with the Repository. Merchant's Exchange Bank, Bridgeport. 90

AT FOREIGN POSTAGE, Pahquioque Bank, Danbury...


WHOLESALE & RETAIL! The following table shows the rates of postage be Pequonnock Bank, Bridgeport..

2 tween this and the various foreign countries and Woodbury Bank, Woodbury..

50 ports with which regular mail communication is es.


HE SUBSCRIBER, truly grateful for a liberal

NEW YORK. iablished.

share of patronage received for the last three Letters. Newspapers. Agricultural Bank, Herkimer...

years, takes this method of informing the public

5 ibat he has England,

.24 cts. 24 "

Bank of Central New York, Utica.. Ireland..


A FINE STOCK! Scotland,

24 6
Bank of Orleans, Albion.....

60 France, (f oz.).

15 .6

33 " China, via England, Chemung County Bank, Horseheads.. 5

OF ALL KINDS OF GOODS China, via Marseilles. .45

Dairyman's Bank, Newport...


Goshen Bank-refuse all notes printed on Maurtuus, via England.

COMPLETE! Mauritius via Marseilles,

white paper, as the bank repudiates N. S. Wales, via Marseilles,. *45 “

And will sell the N. S. Wales, via England.... *33

them some having been stolen. New Zealand, via England. *33" Hamilton Exchange Bank, Green.... 25

SAME QUALITIES New Zealand, via Marseilles, *45 "

Hollister Bank, Buffalo........

*34 " Talcabuano, Chili,

6 66
Valparaiso, Chili,

6 «
New York City.....

As they can be bought elsewhere, believing bis faCallao, Peru,..

*22 "

Ontario Bank, Utica, Safety Fund.


cilities for doing so unsurpassed by any other stabPalta, Peru,

lishment in New-London. Panama,..

Ontario Bank, Utica, secured notes. Sandwich Islands,..

April 24–1 yr.

A. G. LATHAM. 4 $ Ontario County Bank, Phelps...

25 Australia, via England. Australia, via Marseilles,.. 8 «

CHARLOTTE B, COGSWELL, Pratt Bank, Buffalo..

15 Newspapers to England, Ireland, Scotland and

80 France, should be sent with very narrow envelopes, Reciprocity Bank, Buffalo..

WOOD ENGRAVER! otherwise they will be subject to letter postage. Sackett's Harbor Bank, Buffalo.

80 Western Bank, Lockport.....

5 New York School of Design, *Payment to be made in advanco. All other lettors optional. Yates County Bank, Penn. Yang..

COOPER INSTITUTE. Weekly, per annum. Papers fu all cases to be All the rest of the State. paid in advance.

March 25tr.

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2 cts.

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+34 6

*26" 10 16 *33 * * 45 46






JY V. . T.

Vol. III.
Thursday, May 3, 1860.

No. 11.

It was very strango, and now and then “ No it hasn't either." If her voice

an exclamation would slip out of Mrs. sbook, at first, because of her tears, it was « Home's not merely four square walls Ames' lips with the caresses she lavished brave and strong as she kept on, “You've Though with pictures bung and gilded ;

upon her child—“I wonder what is keep- got me and baby still, Harry, and we've Homne is where affection callsFilled with shrines the heart has builded!

ing papa! I guess he's forgotten mamma gut you ; and so long as this is true, and Home 1-go watch the faithfui dovo

and baby. Oh, dear! that coffee 'll be the trouble has come upon us without any Sailing 'neath the heaven above us spoiled! I don't see what has got into fault of our own, we'll look it bravely in Home is where there's one to love, Harry!"

the face and conquer it." . Home is where there's one to love us!”

At last she heard the front door open, · Mary, do you know what you're say

and the familiar tread along the ball and ing? What is to become of us !" From the Ladios' Home Magazine. " ALL GONE." up the stairs.

“No matter, we shall get along somehow. The door opened. “ What has taken Trust me to do my part, as a true, loving you, Harry," began Mrs. Ames, but the wife should. We'll rent a smaller house

words were cut short on the young wife's and begin anew. I'll give music lessons, Mrs. Ames knew that something was lips, with the first glance at her husband. and that'll help matters along until you the matter, ber husband came home to His face was white as the face of the dead, get into business, and we commence creepdinner every day with such a worried, and it had a half wild, hal frenzied look ing up again. I'll do anything: Harry, abstracted air; he was growing pale and that fairly froze her heart with alarm.- if you won't give up and say all is gone.' tbin, and she felt tbat he did not bear She sat her child down on the carpet, and She had nestled up close to him, and be her half the time when she was talking sprang toward him.

drew down her fair head on his shoulder to him; and what was worse than all the "Oh! what is the matter, Harry ?"

and strained her to bis heart. rest, he had gone off that very morning But he waved her back with his hand. “ No, Mary, I won't give up so long as without kissing baby though he had crowed" Don't speak to me Mary," and he sank I've got you, my precious wife, the best to him out of the cradle, feeling quite as into a chair and buried his face on his and truest one that man ever had. I came certain of being taken up and trotted five arm, and a groan dropped out of his lips home to-night, dreading to look upon your minutes on "papa's knee, as he was of which fairly stopped the beating of Mrs face, dreading to hear the voice of my his breakfast.

Ames' heart. She knelt down by his side, child, a distracted, dispairing man, and I Mrs. Ames turned over all these things and her hands shook as she laid them on never knew half your worth until her mind, as she sat late that afternoon his arm. “Tell me, Harry, your own wife, No, it isn't all gone, for a man's rich knitting a baby's "sock” and jogging the what it is. Don't keep it back,"

without a dollar in the world, and such a cradle in the nursery.

The young merchant lifted up his hag- wife as you are!” She was a pleasant faced little woman, gard face and looked at her a moment, And then a little silence fell between and while the night of the brief winter with such an expression of mingled pity, them, and as her head lay on her husband's day dropped about her, her thoughts went and tenderness, and dispair, that she could shoulder, Mrs. Ames felt his tears drop to and fro after this fashion: “I wonder hardly bear it. “I'll tell you what it is, softly, into her hair, what does ail Harry, poor fellow! I'm Mary, and God help you to bear it! I'm A moment later, she felt a small, weak, certain it must be some trouble about his a ruined man! every dollar's gone. The human fluttering along her dress, and business ; I'll find out to night, and won't blow fell this afternoon,” and he dropped looking down she saw her boy, who had be put off any longer with his "Oh, Ma- his face as though he could not bear to see crept along the floor to his parents; then ry, don't bother me now; women don't the effect of his words on the woman he he stood vainly trying to lift himself up, know anything about men's affairs.” I'll loved better than his life.

his sweet, innocent face full of wonder, hurry down and make the coffee myself But a sudden smile broke into her pale the blue eyes agape, and the small mouth, to-night, he's so fond of it, and then he face, and the smile only looked the bright- red as a cluster of ripened currants, full thinks nobody prepares it quite so well as er for the tears which were running over of laughter. I do."

it. Sbe drew close up to her husband and “See, papa, see, papa, you've got baby And the loving, thoughtful little wife dropped her fingers into his hair, and ber too,” sobbed the young mother. laid down her knitting, and went down voice was brave and joyful. “ Is that all, And the child lifted up his dimpled stairs bumming a tune to herself, but still Harry? is that all ?”

arms, and lisped out, in gleeful triumph there was a little shadow on her forehead.

The merchant lifted his head and looked to its father, “ Baby too! baby too!" An bour later Mrs. Ames sat in the at his wife in blank amazement. “Is Henry Ames bent down and lifted up nursery, tossing her baby up and down, that all, you poor child! You don't un- the little fellow; but he did not speak, for tumbling him back and forth, and still derstand me. I've failed! I'm a ruined his heart was full of its "i thank God” at Harry didn't come.

man! All's gone, Mary, all's gone!" that moment.

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Vossels employed.

Vessels employed.



In Port on II AA 24, 1860.


387 1,470 14,620

8 3 40 19

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4 46 11 5 5 11 74 10



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1860, She was not one of your brilliant,

capital. New Bedford last year it is said,

sunk more than $1,000,000 in whaling, showy, captivating women, but she was a true, sweet, loving, faithful wife, and ob,

and the encouragement offered at present

Places. was she not indeed to her husband, in th:

is very small to owners of this class of 82,240

299 102,997 37 vessels to refit. Under these circumstances hour of his calamity and despair, a “Gift New Bedford.



would it not be well to cast about for of the Lord ?"


1,111 Fair Haven,

13.776 Years afterward Henry Ames was a

some new enterprise in which to employ Mutapoisett,


3,864 successful mercbant, honored and beloved Sippican,

2 tbe surplus vessels of our whaling fleet Warcham,

1,209 of his fellow-men; and to one who was Westport,

rather tban to have them lie useless at the 2,066

4,113 Nantuckel,


7,501 6 wbarves ? It is really becoming a serious very dear to him he spoke thus of bis wife;



3,737 "If it hadn't been for her I should be, at Holmes' Hole, 1,287

matter, and wbile we honor our enterprisProvincetow ng


2,868 this moment, a miserable, broken down, Plymouth,

ing citizens and others for their manly Boston, ruined man. Her love and faith held me

and liberal spirit in still sending their Fall River,

1,939 up when I was falling, and I owe all I Freetown.

veseels again and again to perform their Portsmouth, am, under God, to that blessed woman, my Providence,


perilous voyages under such discourageBristol,

1,743 wife, Mary Ames."

ments, we trust some judicious philanthroWarren,


2,505 Pleasant and precious words to the heart New London. 26,369

- 12,4:25 pist who have bad experience in mara

Lyme, of a woman, more to be desired than hon. Salem,

time affairs, with true Yankee proclivities, Newport,

3,098 ors, or riches, or all earthly gifts !

will suggest some plan by which a more Somerset,

18 Blessed words! to be set in pearls of Mystic River,

1,499 profitable business might be introduced for Stonington,

7,966 living light over the days of her life, and Sag Harbor, 23,094

4,975 4 their benefit. We hope for it-we confi. Greenporn

3,253 to shine there forover and forever.

dently look for it.
New Supoik.
New York,
Cold Spring,



CHAM-PAIGNE.-A correspondent of

the Springfield Repnblican in speaking NEW.LONDON, CONN.

New Haven,

of Paine's new steam engine, says " it is San Francisco,


designed as a rival of the Ericsson engine, BY W. H. STARR.

Total, 736 232,701 564 173,945 87 and if it performs wbat it is promised, Thursday, May 3, 1860.

The above table presents some curious will be a very formidable rival. I can

and striking facts. New Bedford is the only say that the flame from a single gas THE WHALING INTEREST.

most important city in which any gain in burner d:ove it with great force and veloc

vessels has occurred. The increase has ity. Mr. Paine claims that small engines Through the kindness of an esteemed been 43 ; and 37 are now lying in port.- for driving printing presses, &c., can be friend (B. F. Brown Esq.,) we have been, And this seems to be the case in the very driven by the fame of three to five ordifavored with a comparative view of the few instances in other ports where there nary burners. He proposes to make it by hitherto great interest of New Londun, bas been any addition during the last 14 and by, profitable and indispensibie to (Whaling) as it was in 1846, and as it is years, viz., at Dartmouth, Mattapoissett, horse railroad companies, and so turn the now, as per latest record. It has been Westport and Edgartown, there are nearly equine race out to grass. Like the carefully prepared, and we think may be as many vessels now lying in port as there Ericsson engine, it consists of a single acrelied on as correct. As there are reported have beer added to the list. This of course tion cylinder, embracing the air pump, but to arrive in 1860, 89 vessels, and there are is not intended to refer to the few ports it has but one piston, and one connecting now 87 in port, in all the ports engaged in where the whaling business has more re- rod while the Ericsson has two pistons and the business, it may be presumed the fleet cently been introduced; as San Francisco three rods. At the pump end of the cyl. will be reduced from 75 to 80 vessels this and three or four other smaller places, but inders is an apparatus sopewhat like the present year, owing to the enbanced ex. even these do not by any means equal the chambers of a revolver. The chanıbers pense of the business, unusual length number of cities and towns which in are filled with a disk of wire gauze, which, of voyages, the depression in price of 1846 were engaged in the business, that as they revolve, become charged with oil, &c., with heavy losses on vessels ab- now have entirely discontinued it. These moisture by contact with water in a tank. sent. During the past three to four years are Plymouth, Boston, Freetown, Ports. Each one of these chambers is brought bo"not one in twenty,"Mr.B. remarks,“hare mouth, Providence, Bristol, Lyme, Som fore the induct part of the air pump at bad a profit, if indeed nineteen in twenty erset, New Suffolk, New York and Bridg- each half revolution and the air, passing have not lost money, as many maintain, port, eleven in all, numbering 35 vessu-ls, into the puiop, traverses the instertices of and some know, to their cost."

where now not one is employed in whal- the wet disks, and becoming charged with As citizens of the third whaling port in ing. In addition to this Nantucket - bas moisture, is driven into the heater, and the Union, we are particularly interested in reduced her whaling interest from 74 to 22 expanded for duty in the cylinder end.the oil market, and really on taking a back vessels, Mystic River from 18 to 5, Sag The use of moist air instead of dry inview from our present stand point, we are Harbor from 63 to 18, Greenport from 11 creases the expansive force, and gives it admonished of the propriety and the to 1, and our own city from 77 to 41, and great energy and power." necessity even, of turning the enterprise of 8 of these are now in port. As a general The almost marvellous inventions of New London into another channel, as thing where the number of vessels has been Mr, Paine that have for the past fifteen will be seen by the statement as follows: increased it has been at a great sacrifice of years been heralded before the public, have


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been "like the baselesa fabric of a vision." esperiencing relief from their slavery to lecturer, and but few have attained a Not even a “ wreck,” has been left behind. the needle. The number of these ma- higher degree of popularity. His lectures Our own citizens will doubtless remember chines sold last year by the leading man.

are exceedingly interesting and his exten. his Chateaux en Espagne in connection ufacturers is enormous.

For the twelve- sive chemical and philosophical experiwith some of his quondum friends two or month ending July 1, Wheeler & Wilson mental apparatus surpasses probably any three years since in his wonderful discove- disposed of 15,774; I. M. Singer & Co., other of the kind in the country. Circury in Electricity and Galvanism, and the 9,728; Grover & Baker, 7,823; A. B. lars now being distributed among our citquasi purchase of the New-London Foun- Howe, 636; Ladd & Webster, 138; Bar- izens show to some extent the rare and aldry property to carry out his vast concep-tholf & Co., 712; Leavitt & Co., 228; most wonderful developements of his chem. tions in using the Thames as his cup, and Whitney & Lyon, 261-making a total of ical and philosophical knowledge, illustratthe granite foundations of our city as his 87,442. Mr. Elias Howe, to whom each ing and elucidating the subjects of which tattery to produce the revolution of inan. manufacturer pays tribute for his lock- he treats. The low price of tickets for If we were to design a coat of arms and stitch, has an enormous income therefrom. attendance on the course, (only one dolsuggest an appropriate motto for this gen

Ono periodical has stated that it amonnts lar,) would seem to place them within tleman, we would certainly inscribe Cham. to $100,000, but at $6 for each machine, it the reach of all who desire to be instructpaigne upon an enormous balloon in its amounted to $187,210.

ed in the wonderful phenomena of nature, last stage of collapse.


as developed by science and art.

Of Prof. Dunn's well earned reputation SHORE LINE ROAD.-The Editor of the most remarkable operation of mechanical in New York we have had personal knowl. N. H. News in a recent number of that skill

bas just been performed in Chicago: edge, and he also comes to us with the highpaper remarked : “ We passed over this An entire business block of Orst class brick

est recommendations by distinguished men, road to Boston and back last week, and and marble, four and fire story stores, to

among whom we notice the names of were much plcased with the admirable gether with a massive marble structure, Rev. J. S. C. Abbott, Rev. Geo. B. Cheev. arrangements which have been carried (the Varino Bank building,) in all three

cr, Rev. Dr. Judson of Bridgeport, Miss out for the accommodation of the travel- hundred and twenty feet in length, together C. M. Sedgewick, the authoress, and othling public. We took the Express train with the side-walks of the streets, have

ers, while the press generally has been for Boston and reached that city within by a single operation, been raised nearly unqualified in his praise. We bespeak the time advertised by the Company, five feet. The operation occupied but five

for him a large attendance, without a change of cars, and with no no

days, and was carried on with so much ticeable delay either at the Connecticut skill and little confusion that the mer

TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC.-The river or New London crossing. The

chants and other numerous occupants line of Norwich steamboats to New York rangements for running the cars upon the wore not in the least disturbed in their now start from pier No. 2, North River, ferry boats at these points are complete in business operations. So carefully was the

New York, instead of from pier 18, foot every respect, there being not the slight- / whole performed that not a pane of glass of Cortland Street as heretofore. The est danger or inconvenience to passengers was broken, nor & crack in the ma

Stonington line of boats will hereafter attending the change that is made. The sonry, either externally or internally, ap

occupy pier 18.

The hour of leaving road at the present time is in admirable peared.

New York is changed from 5 to 6 P. M. condition, with a first class equipment

The process of raising, was by the screw, Passengers from New York to Norwich

at six thousand of which, three inches in will do well to bear in mind this change throughout, and as gentlemanly and cour

diameter and of three-eighths thread, were teous conductors as can be found on any

of location. The new arrangement is in six hundred mon employed, each man in road in New England. The amount of

accordance with the terms of the contract

A complete under which the Commonwealth was transthrough travel over the road is daily in charge of ten creasing, and we have no doubt but that system of signals was kept in ope- ferred from the Norwich to the Stoningthe present season will largely augment ration, and by these the workmen

ton route. the receipts of the company from this class passed, each through his series, giving

ACCIDENT.-A young man named Cbas. of travel. The road is destined to be each screw a quarter turn, then returning to repeat the same.

Winslow, belonging in this city, was struck come a popular one with the citizens of

The entire weight of the buildings thus by the cars on Rope Ferry Bridge on Sale New Haven, and we bespeak for it what it unquestionably deserves a liberal sbare raised, was estimatod at about forty thou urday last, and knocked overboard. His sand tons.

body has not been found. of public patronage. CITY ITEMS,


LINSLEY-THOMPSON.-In this city, on the 23rd tively recently introduced and invaluable INTERESTING COURSE OF LECTURES.

inst, by the Rev Dr. McEwen, assisted by Rev, T. household appendages are, in reality, be

P. Field, Rev. J. H. Linsley, D. D., of Greenwich,

Conn, to Mr. Hannah Thompson, of this city. coming household necessities, and we are We take pleasure in calling the attenpleased to learn, are becoming exceedingly tion of our citizens to the interesting

DIED. popular in the community. In almost course of Chemical and Philosophical Lecevery family the " Song of the Shirt" is tures about to be opened in this city by DOUGLASS. In this city on the 28th Inst. Honry,

of and Mary Douglas superseded by the cheerful click of these Professor Dunn, of New York. Prof. aged 17 years.

KEENEY:-In this city, on the 30th inst., Gllos lively little workers, and thousands of D. is well known as an accomplished Keeney, Jr., aged 41 years, our bard working females are absolutely scholar, a successful teacher, and an able CONE... Easi Haddam in the 19th Inst, Mr.

James Cone, formerly of this city.



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law, and therefore he will not support the

law, but on the contrary will resist it. If The following lines, unless we are his resistance amounts to an overt act, it USES OF IOE. greatly mistaken, were written by one of

becomes insurrection, ireason, and rebel. our own favorite and frequent correspon- lion. Such are the legitimate fruits of We copy the following very valu

dents. They are full of poetical truth and higher law teaching. Before a man can able, suggestions from Hall's Journal

beauty.- Ed. Repos. of Health. They should be remembered

subscribe to such a dogma, he must come

À TANCIFUL FANCY. and followed. We insert them for the

to the conclusion that he himse'f is wiser benefit of our readers. Ice is too fre- I have a lover.- A crimson love

than the laws and constitution of his counquently the cause of serious and sometimes Is his, -rose delicate,

try, and also that he is a believer in "The

A ll full of worshipful thought and breath, fatal injury-and at the same time if

perfectibility of men.”

With glowing Life elate. properly applied, a valuable and effica

Such men will tell us that the strongest

But the rose may fade,-the leaves muy fall,cious remedy.- Ed. Repository.

Or the first wild storm may break,

argument against any subject would be that “ In health no one ought to drink ice

And darken quite the delicate blush

it will not bear a free discussion. This is a water; it has occasioned fatal inflamations or this love I must not take ?

very specious, although a spurious kind of of the stomach and bowels, and sometimes

I have a lover.-A golden love

etbies, undermining the moral foundations sudden death. The temptation to drink Made up of starbeam and sun

of society

Is his,-all gold to the very heart, it is very great in summer; to use it at

And I call him my dazzling one,

An able and popular lecturer can always all with any safety the person should take

introduce or insinuate bis own proclivities but a single swallow at a time, take the

But that is too bright, too bright for me
Who have wept too deep and long,

and impress his sentiments upon bis auglass from the lips for a half a minute,

To bear such light on my aching eyes,

dience whether they be for good or evil. and then another swallow, and so on. It

So clear, -50 keen,
-50 strong!

It is therefore of the highest importance will be found that in this way it becomes

I have another.--A love cold blue

that none but men of sound moral and redisagreeable after a few mouthfuls.

Like the hue of the cruel steel,- .

ligious principles should be engaged in On the other hand, ice itself may be ta- Shall I clasp a sword to my bleeding beart, popular lectures, so that the impressions ken as freely as possible, not only without

And sing of the bliss I feel?

received may be fraught with improveinjury, but with the most striking advan- I have another,—A violet love,

ment to the hearers. tage in dangerous forms of disease. - All purpling with passion intense,

Whose warmth and beauty und fragrant breath

Our country, so extensive, and bound If broken in sizes of a pea or bean

Weave charms for my troubled sense. together by the strongest ties of national and swallowed as freely as practicable,

Oh, passion-tremulous, violet love,

and individual interests, is in no danger without much chewing or crushing be

You would wrap me in gorgeous guise, of a disruption of the government. No tween the teeth, it will often be efficient

But I should fade in the tropical heat calamity like that will ever overtake us, in checking various kinds of diarrhea, And die of your life-drinking eyes.

if we are true to our Creator and to ourand has cured violent cases of Asiatic

I have a lover,-A white, white love,

selves, but it cannot be too often repeated cholera.

Mystical, tender and bright,

that our government is a government of A kind of cushion of powdered ice kept All hues and all passions commingle to make

One lover whose love is white.

laws, and that the only security for freeto the entire scalp has allayed violent in

dom itself, is in the supremacy of the law. flamation of the brain, and arrested fear- He hath the glow of the crimson love,

Its graceful, worshipful ways,

The moral and religious character of the ful convulsions induced by too much

He is more bright than a golden love,

United States is often damaged by politicblood there.

With a halo of holier rays.

al discussions, and the Union itself is most FOR CROUP.-Water as cold as ice ap

He can be cold as the blue steel sword,

in danger from what seems to be its greatplied freely to the throat, neck and chest

To the world when it frownetb on me, est security, and that is, our freedom and with a sponge or cloth very often affords His heart beats high with roya ller love

intelligence. But if the public mind be an almost miraculous relief; and if this

Than mere purple robed passion can be.

disabused of these human foibles, “The be followed by drinking copiously of the White, white, his love enwraps me round,

perfectibility of man" and the equality of same ice cold element the wetted parts Pure, pure, his soul meets mine,

man, and trained to a habitual respect for

He fills my heart, -oh, happy heart ! wiped dry and the child be wrapped up

And Life has grown divine,

the laws, it will be prepared for the recepwell in the bed cloths, it'falls into a de

tion and exercise of freedom and intelli. lightful and life-giving slumber.


gence, as well as for the enjoyment of lib. All inflamations, internal or external,

For the Repository.

erty regulated by law, and then we may are promptly subdued by the application PRECOCITY OF THE AGE. say, in the words of the great defender of of ice or ice water, because it is converted

the Constitution :-“If we work on mar.

NUMBER THREE. into steam, and rapidly conveys away the

ble, it will perish; if we work on brass, extra heat, and also diminishes the quanti- In this world there is no such thing as time will efface it; if we rear temples, ty of blood in the vessels of the part,

“The perfectibility of man" or higher they will crumble into dust. But if we A piece of ice laid on the wrist will law ethics. One man can adopt such work on immortal minds, if we imbue often arrest violent bleeding of the nose. sentiments as well as another, and thus all them with high principles, with the just

To drink any ice cold liquid at meals might construo any law of the land as fear of God and their fellow-men, we onretards digestion, chills the body, and has they pleased, or any article of the consti- grave on those tablets something, which been known to induce the most dangerous tution to suit their purpose. A man may no time can efface, but which will brig

brightinternal congestions. imagine that his conscience objects to a len to all eternity.

X L.

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