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And all the first mazes


But most she loved the daisies.

LADIES' DEPARTMENT. by their dark impress, what spectral forms O, how often bave the puro lips of maid.

start from the magic pages! The solitary enhood quaffed from the Circe-cup of an SELECTED POETRY. room is peopled with shapes that came evil book until the entrancing poison

not in at the doors. The great man, whose coursed through her young veins beyond THE WITHERED DAISIES. bones lie mouldering in yonder church- the power of antidote, and the health of the

yard, stands beside us, & dear, familiar spirit was hopelessly destroyed! Give us BY THE AUTHOR OF "OVER THE RIVIR."

friend. The buried beauty floods the cham- then, fearless and honest critics, who will Because she loved them"

with the golden radiance of her smile.- distinguish the fuir-seeming nightsbade You ask me why I love them so.

Electric flashes of wit play around us from from the innocent flowers of fiction. Let Those little simple flowers,

mouths that have long been fleshless. The the Censor's broad fan winnow away the That over every pasture blow,

silence is made musical with tones of pa- light and profitless chaff of literature, and In April's sunny showers: And why a daisy wreath I twine,

thos-of mirth—of counsel—of approval discluse the wholesome wheaten treasure Instead of dewy roses,

-a!l issuing from those living leaves.- beneath, which yields fit nourishment for To hang about ihe holy sbrino

The poet says, “ aspire !" the sage, "be the expanding intellect. He wbu perWhere our lost child reposes.

wise !" the martyr, " be heroic!" the di forms this sacred duty, achieves a double 'Twas in the Spring-time that sbe carne, viner" be humble !" Bare walls are sud- good, for be surely increases our reverence

denly hung with glowing pictures of hu- for books; and can we revere them too Were bright with fiowers without a pamo, The fields were white with daisies.,

man life. Time and space are annihilat- much, when our very religion embalmed You know how beautiful she grow,

ed. A gentle companion softly takes our in the holy pages of an inspired volume ! How fair and sweet and holy,

hand in his, and leads us over mountains But the violet, wel with morning dew,

and across seas—up dizzy heighto-down Is not more pure and lowly.

NEEDLE WORK. cavernous abysses—through labyrinthino She fitted like a gunbeam bright

gardons-into loathsome dungeons ;-nay, Around our cottage-door:

Thero is something pleasanl, and even Her footsteps, as a fairy's light, he even soars with us to the pearly gates,

touching—at least, of very sweet, soft and Made music on the floor,

beyond the blue expanse, and reveals a On every flower of wood or glade,

momentary glimpse of the celestial realms winning effect-in the peculiarity of nee. She lavished childish praises ;

dle work, distinguishing women from they enclose. Bho loved all things the Lord has made,

Our own

sex is incapable of any It may be that we opened the volume, such by-play, aside from the main business

whence all this enchantment comes forth, of life; but women-be they of what How many thoughts beyond her years, That then were all unheeded,

weary and disheartened, and seeing only Wo think of now with blinding tears the dark and tangled threads in the web with intellect or genius, or endowed with

carthly rank they may, however gifted Sweet teachings that we needed.

of lify; but we close it, after that strange queenly beauty-have always some little Three happy years we led her feet

wandering, that mysterious commmuning, handiwork ready to fill the tiny gap of erAlong life's stormy mazes; Tho fourth, wo laid her down to sleep

refreshed and strengthened. Some of the Beneath the April daisies. ends of the knotted skein have been found, ery vacant moment. A needle is familiar

to the fingers of tbem all. A queen, no 'Tis well and we are reconciled, and the shapes they were designed to broid

doubt, plies it on occasion; the woman For He who gave the blossom,

or upon Fate's tapestry are discovered.Who lent to us our angel child,

.poet can use it as adroitly as her pen; the We have assumed a new' armor of cour-woman's eye that has discovered a new Recalled her to His bosom.

age, while consorting with courageous spir-star, turns from its glory to send the polAnd waiting till He calls for me, To sing with her His praises, its. We grow valiant for life's batile,

ished little instrument gleaming along the I'll keep her blessed memory because we bave witnessed victories and

hem of ber kerchief, or to darn & casual Embalmed in April daisies. talked with conquerors.

fray in her dress. And they have greatly Benjamin Franklin, when he was a boy, the advantage of us in this respect. The BOOKS.

met with a book entitled “Essays to do slender thread of silk or cotton keeps them Good;" of which he says, “It gave me united with the small, familiar, gentle in

such a turn of thinking as to have an interests of life, the continually operating “My library

Auence op my conduct through life; for I influences of which do so much for the Was Dukedom large enough."

have alwoys set a greater value on the health of the character, and carry off what Snid tho majestic Prospero; and tu a true character of a doer ot good than any oth would otherwise be a dangerous accumu. lorer of books a choice library is a king- er kind of reputation ; and if I have been lation of morbid sensibility. A vast deal dom of countless opulence and measureless a useful citizen, the public owes the ad- of human sympathy runs along the elec. cxtent. At the feet of its sovereign a rantage of it to that book." There can tric line, stretching from the throno to Golconda opens, and from its teeming be no doubt that the lives of thousands are the wicker-chair of the humblest seamstress, inines ho may gather geins of knowledge influenced by the books they peruse at a and keeping high and low in a species of to circle his own brow with a diadem period when the mind is like an unwritten communion with their kindred beings.moro lustrous than the crowns of princes, page, and of was-like impressibility. A Methinks it is a token of healthy and gene

No wizard's wand in olden days over breath from some chance volume may fill tle characteristics, when women of bigh wrought such marvels as the mighty con- the sails of the human ship, just launched thoughts and accomplishments love to sew, juring of quaint John Guttemburg's un- on the broad ocean of existenco, and give especially as they are never more at home sightly types! As we gaze upon the tran. the first impetus towards a harbor of safe with their own hearts thao while so occu. script of master minds, spread before us ty or the enguling mælstrom.





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Direction of the wind. State of the Weather. General remarks,

observations, &c. &c.
Morn. | Noon. | Eve. Morn. | Noon. | Eve.
North. North. North. clear clear clear Intensely cold all day,
N. E. N. E. N, E. cloudy snow rain

Cold and stormy.
North. North. N E. rain cloudy rain Weather more moderato.
East. East. East. rain rain cloudy Showery, (cold).
V. E.

N. E. N. E. cloudy cloudy cloudy Chilly, with snow equall.
N, E. N. E, South. cloudy snow. rain Changeable.
West. West. West I cloudy cloudy cloudy Pleasant.


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tual charity was not his object, he did not Epacris, Correas, and delicate New Hole

care to profit by the labor of the poor; land plants, must be continually examined PLANTS AND PLANT HOUSES.

but kept a pile of stones on the wharf, and to ascertain whether their roots are in a

applicants were set to remove them first healthy state of growth. Hyacinths in No one can fail to admire the innumera- from one side of the wharf to the other, glasses should bate the water changed ble beauties in the way of handsome flow- and then back again, till the allotted time about once a week-rain water or thawed ars, that uncultivated nature everywhere had expired. It is related that but a small snow is the best--and a few pieces of guascatters so abundantly around us.

Beau- moiety of those asking for and willing to no about the size of a pea, helps consideraty is the same wherever it exists, in the work, would labor at this objectless and bly. Correas and Coronillas are among parlor or drawing-room; in the green-profitless task, preferring rather to take the easiest of delicato ornamental plants house or conservatory; in the hut of pop- their chances for less certain, harder, or to grow. Amaryllis and cape bulbs when erty; in the “ Barcan desert,” or the most more laborious employment. It is pre- grown well are among the handsomest of unfrequented and wildest spot. No one, cisely thus with the cultivation of wild plants. They are now about to grow, we think can admire wild flowers more

fiowers. It seems so profitless to dig up, and consequently it is the time to repot than the writer; he traverses many a mile remove a few hundred yards from the them. Amongst the new flowers' do not in search of them, and if but one new fea. woods to our flower border, and weed, tie forget tho merits of old ones, and particuture in the fair face of Flora is discovered up, cultivate, and labor to effect what na larly stock gillies and the wall flower. in each trip he feels well rewarded. But ture does for us just as well. That idea Old Fuchsias cut down make very strong with all bis faith in the immutable prin- will never become popular. Greenhouses, and noble specimen plants when they ciples of beauty, and all the love amount- and choice flowers, and foreign luxuries shoot up again. For propagation old ing to a species of veneration he holds for in the floral line, will ever be the object plants should now be forced a little, and beauty, and all the love amounting to a of the Horticultural importunato, and we the sprouts taken off and struck. Begonspecies of veneration he holds for beautiful shall never regret our share in ministering ias, many of them are commencing growth wild flowers, he cannot agree with a very to this feeling.

and may be repotted. They do not do common view that they are equally deser

At this season particularly, can we well in large pots.-Gardener's Monthly. ving of cultivation with the collected "sing" of the charms of this branch of treasures of foreign lands, or the improved art. He who has no greenhouse or plant

ENGLISH FRUIT.I attended one of beauties of our own. cabinet of some kind, is as we we said in

the largest fruit exhibitions in the coun. To view a well alled conservatory, well our last issue, a species of the human genus try at the Crystal Palace, in London.cultivated stock of plants in a tastful green to be pitied. Australia, the Cape of Good

The apples were not worth' looking at.-house, excites at this season different sen- Hope, China, the East Indies, South Amer

Pears about middling. Plums and nectasations than even the most lovely prairie, ica, and tropics of both hemispheres, are

rines very fine. Hothouse grapes were or beautiful Alpine Flora ever does. We now in their glory, and for the next two

remarkably good, and a few fair looking feel that choiceness is there, and the hand months at least will afford us all the vari

peaches grown under glase, also some and power of man overcoming the obsta-ety and interest we want.

things they call melons, which would do cles and adverse circumstances of nature, The Cinneraria, or Star flower, as it is very well to feed the pigs with in Ameriis & never failing source of pleasure and being popularly called, is about to flower ca. The fruits in England this year are not delight. It is part of the nature of man Those kinds that grow naturally high-flavored, but poor and insipid. "The to revolt against useless labor. Even the tall and lean are going out of fashion, and sun does not shine hot enough there to sternness of hunger, will scarcely compel kinds with good semi-circular beads, and grow good-flavored fruit, but thoy are not a man to work unless some object is ac- dwarf habit of growth are the favorites. troubled with worms in the fruit as we complished. The late Stephen Girard, In saving seed select such plants as come are.-D. C. Richmond, in Ohio Cultirator. with all his eccentricities, was a very char- nearest to those points for that purpose.

No one's necessities went un- Some very dwarf ones have recently ap- LARGE Fruit.—The California Farreliered. But he bad his own way of do- peared in England that scarcely exceed mer says that, J. H. Ellsworth, of San ing good. He held that no able-bodied one foot in height under very favorable Jose Mission, California

, grew a pear the man should eat, till he had first earned conditions of growth. Calceolarias should

past season which weighed three pounds his meal, and so he seldom gave money be particularly kept near the glass, Auri- six ounces; and Judge Hester, of the but he would always give work. Howev- culas, Polyanthus, and primrose and vio- same place raiced an apple weighing two er, that it might not be supposed that ac- lets like a cool, moist atmosphere. Heaths, pounds six ounces.


itable man.

The Repository:

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List of Discredited Banks in New PROSPECTUS!

England and New York.

"He undersigned, with the aid of many wellBY W. H. S T A R R.



to publish, in the city of Madison, a large, Trst class ONE DOLLAR PER ANNUM IN ADVANCE, Bank of Hallowel.

weekly paper, to be called

75 STARR & FARNHAM, PRINTERS, Canton Bank, China,

worthless Central Bank, Grey..


which will be devoted to RATES OF ADVERTISING. Ellsworth Bank, Ellsworth.

90 RELIGION, HUMAN RIGHTS, TEMPERANCE, One square One Week,(16 lines,)...... .$0 50 Exchange Bank, Bangor.



LITERATURE AND NEWS. " Continuance each week............. Grocer's Bank, Bangor...


It will be printed on a superior quality of book Hancock Bank, Ellsworth.

90 paper, with book ink, and with new type, and will “My motto through life has been-Work and Ad.

be illustrated with engravings furnished expressly vertise. In business. Advertising is the true Phi. Maratime Bank, Bangor..


for the paper, losopher's Stone, that turns whatever it touches in Mousum River Bank, Sanford.... to gold. (have advertised much, both in the week. ly as well as the daily papers; nor have I found that Shipbuilders' Bank......... .worthless those of the largest circulation, of either class, ben.

will be under the charge of two clergymen of unefitted me the most_John JACOB ASTOR.


questioned piety and ability, who have engaged to Exeter Bank, Exeter....

devote all the time necessary to make it, especially SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS!


the missionary intelligence, iruly valuable to Chris


tians of all denominations. It will coutain, among

other matters of interest, frequent original commuThe towing publications for one year, will be supi South Royalton Bank, South Royalbon.... 90 THE REPOSITORY, together with either of the Danby Bank, Danby......

90 nications from missionaries in various parts of the

world. plied to every subscriber, at the prices annexed, viz: Authur's Ladies Home Magazine, $9.50 Stark Bank, Bennington....

2 THE TEMPERANCE DEPARTMENT Godey's Lady's Book,..........


MASSACHUSETTS. The Home Monthly,..

will contain original communications from Hon. C, $9.00

DELAVAN, Dr.Chas.JEWETT, and other well known Atlantic Monthly,.

$3,00 Cochichuate Bank, Boston. .....worthless friends of Temperance; interesting Temperance stoHarper's Monthly,.


Grocer's Bank, Genesee Farmer,..

ries, anecdotes and statistics; will advocate the $1.25 Boston... .redeeined

adoption of a prohibitory liquor law, and labor zealAlbany Cultivator.. $1.23 Western Bank, Springfield.

2 ously to advance the interests of the Good Templars American agriculturiste........... $1.75

and other temperance organizations. Rural New Yorker,...........................$2.50

RHODE ISLAND. Homestead,.. $2.50 Bank of South County, Wakefield...


10 Life Illustrated,

$2.25 Gleason's Pictoral,...........

will be independent of all cliques; free to upbold $2.25 Bank of the Republic, Providence.. 50

and defend the right, free to oppose and attack the Gleason's Literary Companion,

$2.25 Farmer's Bank, Wickford..... worthless wrong; will zealonsly labor for tbat freedom of ao Water Cure Journal, $1,50

tion and opinion which is in harmony with the DiPbrenological Journal,.. $1.50 Hopkinton Bank, Westerly..

10 vine injunction to “ love our neighbor as ourselves ;" U.S. Journal including Rosa Bonheur's celebra

Mount Vernon Bank, Providence..


and firmly oppose that Law or that License which ted picture of the " Hurse Fair,". $2.00

maintains or recognizes the right of any man or Mount Vernon, a beautiful print, 17 by 20 inch- R. I. Central Bank, East Greenwich. 90

any government to interfere with the natural rights eg in size, in 15 oil colors....

$1.50 Edward Everett, a splendid portrait of this disTiverton Bank, Tiverton....

of any person or people, or to deprive any buman 90

being of bis God-given birthright. It will also adtinguished man, in oil colors,...... .$1,50 Warwick Bank, Warwick.

2 vocate the doctrines of protection to Home Industry, From the above it will be seen that a subscription

CONNECTICUT, to the Repository in connection with many of the

freedom of the public domain, a judicious system of

Internal Improvements, and will not be bought or above publications, will absolutely cost nothing, Bank of North America, Seymour.... 5 intimidated into silence regarding political or social and with the others only from twenty-five to inty Colchester Bank, Colchester..... worthless

corruptions of any kind or nature whatsoever. cents, while every volume of our paper actually costs the publisher more than a dollar. It is only through Eastern Bank, West Killingly.... worthless AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT the libera arrangements of cotom poraries, therefore Granite Bank, Voluntown.. that we can afford to be liberal. Specimens of the

worthless Embracing stock raising, darying and farming gen Magazines and Engravings may be seen at the Book Hatter's Bank, Bethel..


erally, together with the kindred arts of Horticulture, Store of Messrs. Starr & Co., No.4. Main Street, who

Sruli Raising and Flowers, Bee Raising, Rural Archwill receive subscriptions for the same in connecLitchfield Bank......

itecture, and Household Affairs, will contain more on with the Repository. Merchant's Exchange Bank, Bridgeport.... 90

matter of interest to the farmer and gardener than

any Agricultural monthly in the West, and will be FOREIGN POSTAGE. Pahquioque Bank, Danbury.

2 worth, exclusive of the large amount of reading

matter in otbor departmenis, twice the amoun' or Pequonnock Bank, Bridgeport. The following table shows the rates of postage be


subscription. This department will be under ihe tween this and the various foreign countries and Woodbury Bank, Woodbury.

15 charge of one w bo bas for over twenty years, in Wisports with which regular mail communication is es


consin, made the subject of Agriculture, Horticultablished.

ture, and Fruit Raising a constant study, and who by Letters. Newspapers. Agricultural Bank, Herkimer.....

5 constant observation of the peculiarities of our cli. England, 2 cts.

mate and soil, combined with a practical experience Bank of Central New York, Utica..

1 Ireland .24 "

in many matters apper aining to this department, is Scotland,

24 6
Bank of Orleans, Albion.....

60 able to make it of practical value to the farmer, France, (1 oz.)... 15 €

gardener and fruit grower, and will endeavor to see Chemung County Bank, Horseheads. 6 China, via England,

cure the aid of practical men, from all parts of the China, via Marseilles. 45 46

Dalryman's Bank, Newport.......

6 State, whose experience in our hyperboreau climate Ilong Kong,.. Goshen Bank-refuse all notes printed on

will prove of more value than that of individuals Mauritius, via England. *33 "

in more favored positions, upon the lacustrine shores Mauritius via Marseilles, *45 "

white paper, as the bank repudiates of our great lakes, or the more genial climate of the N. S. Wales, via Marseilles,. *45 “ 8 "

Middle States. It will be illustrated with engravings

them some having been stolen. N. 8. Waies, via England.... *33 “

taken from life, of most of the blooded stock that New Zealand, via England. *33"

Hamilton Exchange Bank, Green., 25 receive the premiums of our State and County Fairs, New Zealand, via Marseilles, * 45 " 8 "

and also with architectural designs, views of prize Hollister Bank, Buffalo...

5 Taleahuano, Chiii, 666

farms, agricultural implements, plants, flowers, &c. Valparaiso, Chili,

New York City....


6 "

Ontario Bank, Utica, Safety Fund.. 40 of the paper will contain well written original arii-
Palta, Peru, ..
Panam, ..

Ontario Bank, Utica, secured notes.


cles, and carefully selected matter tending to elevate Sandwich Islands,

and enlighten the minds of its readers, of Ontario County Bank, Phelps, Australia, via England., A

25 tbe great majority, the young. Australia, via Marseilles,..

Pratt Bank, Buffalo..

15 THE CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT Newspapers to England, Ireland, Scotland and Reciprocity Bank, Buffalo...

30 France, should be sent with very narrou envelopes,

will also contain frequent illustrations, with original herwise they will be subject to letter postage. Sackett's Harbor Bank, Buffalo..

80 articles from eminent Naturalisis, Botanists, and fe

8 •Payment to be made in advance. All other let-Yates County Bank, Penn. Yann..

mate writers. Western Bank, Lockport...

THE NEWS DEPARTMENT ters optiogai.

1 + Weekly, per annum. Papers in all cases to be All the rest of the State.

will contain accurate and impartial reports of the paid in advance.

Legislatire proceedings; all necessary Domestic and

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.24 cts.

.33 6

* 26 "




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tenderly loved When the blessed Christ- happs through care and sickness. And

mas eve had come, this little child stood when the Christmas eve came again, the The way to make thy son rich, is to all His mind with rest, before his trunk with riches;

looking wistfully out into the street, father was 'quite unable to buy for his Por wealth without contentment climbs a hill where glimmered the cheerful light of child a rol or wax taper. He had not To feel those tempests which fly over ditches. the Christmas trees which the rich people even a penny for milk, or a bit of wood But it thy son can make ten pounds his measure, had prepared for their children. He to warm the room.

So it was quite Then all thou addest may be called his treasure.

longed to possess such a tree, but his gloomy and unhomelike in the cold chamTHE LEGEND OF THE CHRIST.

parents were too poor. The mother sat ber. For a long time the child bad sat

behind the stove waiting for the return still upon the bench. At last he said, CHILD.

of the father, who had gone out to bring “Mother, if that pale. boy should como something, if possible, for his child. He again to-day, I could not give him milk

came at last. Ay! and wbat had he or bread, But perhaps father will And a Perhaps many of our readers have beard, | brought? First, a beautiful golden apple golden apple.” The mother was silent in one or another of its many phases, the which ho had found upon the street, then for grief. But the little one went on in beautiful legend of the Christ-child, which a threepenny loaf, and a tiny wax taper. bis innocence, “Mother, does the Christseems almost to form a part of the nation. The poor man had no more. But when child come only to rich children » al faith of Germany. All nations, as all he bad lighted the little wax candle, and

“He comes," said the mother, to all individuals-cultivate most that view of had given the loaf and the golden apple good children, even to the poor.” the Infinite One which is most congenial to the boy, he was happy enough, and “Ah, then, mother, he will come to to their peculiar character. The more thought surely for once he was the child me,” cried the child, joyfully..“ An anreverential of Christian nations have the of rich parents. And when the mother gel has told it me in a dream." Christ enshrined in their sacred art, as a said that she had still a little wood, and

And, behold ! Suddenly the door divine Sovereign to be worshipped afar off; would make the room once more warm opened, and a clear light fell into the litbut never as one who may be so nearly and comfortable, and that in the morning tle gloomy ruom. The light proceeded approached and familiarly loved. The he should have a cup of milk, bis happi- from a strange youth who at that moment warmer hearted Germans chiefly adore ness was unbounded. He clapped his lit- entered. He was clothed in shining raithat loving Friend who took the little tle hands and laughed aloud for joy.

ment and a crown of light encircled his children in his arms and blessed them.

Early the next morning the bright wax golden hair. He was followed by twelve On the festival day which commemo- taper was burning, and the child was friendly looking old men, whose hair was rates his incarnation in the form of a lit- deep in the enjoyment of his bread and silvery wbite. Each of them bore a great tle child, they love to think of him as a milk, when be heard a gentle tapping, sack upon his shoulder. The beautiful guest in every home. Thousands of eyes and looking up, perceived a pale and youth was the Christ-child, and the ven. grow brighter, and thousands of little shivering child, who gazed wistfully erable men were the twelvo holy apostles, hearts beat faster with delight, at the through the frost flowers of the window Then spake be to the astonished boy: supposed advent of the Christ-Child in into the room. Tha little one quickly “A year ago there came to thee a sul. their festive and joyful gatherings. At set down bis cup of milk, and ran to open fering child. He was cold ard hungry. such times, too, they believe that he rec- the door, saying, “Come in, pour boy! Thou dividedst with him thy Christmas ognizes every act of kindness toward the You are surely cold and hungry. Come, gifts. I was that boy. I took the seeds Buffering or destitute, and rewards it with warm you by the fire! And sce! I bave of thy beautiful apple and planted them the richest of blessings, even as if shown bread and milk, a wax taper, and a golden for thee in tbo "heavenly garden. A to himself. Our little readers will hardly apple, because it is Christmas day." 80 great tree bas grown from it, and has be deceived by the fictitious form of the the poor wan little stranger went with brought forth fruit a bundredfold, which following story, or fail to recognize the bim into the warm room, and drank now I bring to thee. Also the grains truthfulness of its spirit, when they com- milk and ate bread, and received also of wheat which were in thy little loaf part it with the Master's own declara- half of the beautiful apple. When he have I taken and sowed in the gardens of tion, “Who so receiveth one such little went forth he thanked them right sweetly, Paradise. And the seeds sprung, and child in my name, receiveth me.” Per- and wished to the child and his parents brought forth a thousand fold, which I haps they will also seek, by acts and much happiness and God's blessing there- return to thee to-day,". words of love, to plant some seeds in the with,

Now was there bread for hunger, and

For the sacks were full The wish of the stranger child seemed joy for sorrow. In & certain city lived two poor people, not likely to be fulfilled; for the poor of the finest flour, and the apples of the with their one little child, whom they people grew daily poorer and more un

Christmas-ree wore all of purest gold,

gardens of Paradiso. Here is the story.




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circulars are in the form of lithographed ers will notice the extraordinary philanTHE REPOSITORY:

letters, and forwarded to hundreds of our thropy of feeling, as exhibited in the letNEW-LONDON, CONN. most influential and respectable citizens ter, which, by the by, contained a plainly

whose names have been filched from the directed envelope, for the return letter.

directory, without their knowledge or Thursday, January 31, 1861:

Capital Prizes.

Office of consent. Each letter, it is intimated, is $100,000 $65,000 SWINDLE. GRAB & Co.,


Bankers, Brokers, and THE INDIAN SUMMER OF LIFE. confidenti il, and encloses a printed “glo

80,000 50,000 Licensed Venders of Tickrious scheme,” setting forth, in the most 75,000 45,000 ets in the Delaware

70,000 40,000

Lotteries. Rev. H. W. Beccher, in one of his lec- tempting manner, the absolute certainty

35,000 30,000 Wilmington, Del. [ures, presented a beautitul thought in re- of drawing a prize or prizes, as "every We have long been desirous of extending gard to the “Indian Summer of Life.” ticket draws a prize,” according to their our business in your section of the country,

and having accidentally met with your name, His eloquent illustration of the idea we had statement. As specimens we insert one

we take the liberty of making yon the follownot the pleasure of hearing; but the idea or two of these infamous attempts to iug very liberal offer. If you will send us 'ken itself is delightfully suggestive. How swindle, recently received by one of our mail, a certificate of a selected package of twen

Dollars. (say $10) we will send you by return spontanevusly the thoughts crowd upon the citizens, who has borne similar infictions ty-six sixteenths of Tickets, in the enclosed reflective mind, illustrative of so pleasing a for some two years past. They are of the (see scheme) magnificent all prize Lottery, to

be drawn on the 23rd of February, under the conception. As the tender mother, having same character and purport as hundreds of popular and liberal management of Messrs. laid her slecping infant down to its rest, others that flood our city almost every Libel, Catch, & Co., ana duly authorized by

the state of Delaware. turns to take another look of love-another month. We copy verbatim,' changing We will warrant that you draw from this gáze upon its cherub brow, with the sweet simply names and omitting numbers, as

venture at least $4,000, or we will send you an

other certificate in one of our extra Lotteries, smile of infantile beauty resting on its fra- we should be yery sorry to aid in advertis- free of charge. Yon may draw the Capital grant lips, and with unutterable tenderness ing such a miserable concern.

Prize of $36,000. We sent in this way the she lingers over its little couch ere she DELAWARE STATE LOTTERIES,

splendid prize of $20,000 to a physician in Ty

ler Co.. Va, on the 29th of November last. leaves it to its quiet slumbers ; so the lin. By authority of the Governor and Legislature All we ask in return for our liberality is, that

State gering beauties that mark our Indian Sum- CHEAT & CO., GENERAL AGENTS,

you will show the money, you draw, and let Box ***, Post Office, Wilmington, Delaware that we are prize sellers, or we shall derive no

it be known among your fr mer with almost unearthly loveliness, come

ds and neighbors WILMINGTON, January, 1861. over the landscape. How calm the bazy Dear Sir :

benefit from the arrangement, which we make atmosphere, redolent of Autumn's ripened

From what we can learn of public As a matter of course you must keep it strictly

only for the purpose of extending our business. sentiment, we are satisfied that there exists a fragrance, how beautiful the white clouds strong feeling against Lotteries in your state, which we will do as soon as the drawing

private until we send you the money you draw, fading into the blue ether of the sky, while and desiring to remove all

such prejudices, by also a copy of the official drawings. Send withtinged with a soft violet tint, everything in your locality, who will give it publicity, we

selling a Good Prize to some influenijal person out delay, as we can safely say that you may wears a sort of dreamy quietness, that per- take the liberty to enclose you a Scheme of the rely on drawing a snug little fortune, and such

a chance may never again offer. Use the en vades the earth with almost elysian loveli- Class 26th,

in which Lottery we offer you the closed envelope, and send in your letter $10, as ness, and fills the heart with serenity and preference, to purchase a very finely arranged we shall have to puy the managers that amount joy. So it is, sometimes, with the dear Certificate of a full package of 28 Sixteenth for the certificate. Also state upon what Bank

Tickets, which we have selected in the above in your part of tne country you would like a children of God. After once having ap. Lottery. This package gives you the advan- draf, for the money. Hoping to have your parently fulfilled their mission on earth, tage of $16,25 worth of Tickets for the cost of order by return mail, we are and seemed just passing away to their hs in the Lottery, amounting to over $40,000. only $10—and can draw the four highest Priz- | Very truly yours, SWINDLE, GRAB & Co.,

January, 1861.

Box *** rest-after having go nearly approached

To convince you of our confidence in its suc

P.S. You can send your order by mail or the gates of the celestial city that they in our extra ”Lottery, free of charge-if the cess, we will guarantee you another pack age express, at your own option.

To the above it may be proper to insert could look upon its golden streets, and al- package we send you fails to draw a Prize of the reply from the recipient, to the disin

at least $4,000. most pluck the fruits of the Tree of Life;

We make this offer in good faith, with a de interested offer contained in the above. they return as it were and linger awhile sire to sell you the Capital prize, $28 000, and we cannot but admire his generosity in with the boly radiance of heaven around all we ask is, that after we have sent you the

amount the package draws, you will use your the liberal terms he proposes on his part. them; meekly, calmly, submissively and influence among your friends in our favor, so

New-London, Jan. 24, 1861. sweetly exhibiting to all, the power of di- as to increase our business.

Messrs. SWINDLE, GRAB & Co.,

Should you think favorably of our offer, envine grace and the triumph of the chris- close us $10, and the package selected will be

Bankers, Brokers, &c.,

Wilmington, Del. tian faith, together with the precious love- sent by return mail The official drawing,

GENTS Your esteemed with a full explanation of the success of the favor, enclosing the “glorious spheme" in your liness of confiding trust, and sweet com- package, will be sent immediately after it is : magnificent all-prize Lottery” was duly remunion with tbe Savior, and diffusing over, and we confidently think that the result ceived. Deeply impressed with your exceedaround them the odor and sanctity of from you, and that we may have the pleasure confidentially and privately," your splendid

will be, satisfactory to you. Hoping to hear ing liberality in extending specially to me, so heaven. This is, indeed most truly, the In- of selling you the Capital, we remain, offer, and as a proof of my gratitude to you for

Yours truly dian Summer of Life.


so doing, I hereby authorize you to forward me Money that is current in your State taken at once by draft on the American Exchange

Bank, the $4,000, to which, at least," I shall THE LOTTERY SWINDLE. We give one more, as it improves a lit- be entitled, retaining in your own name the tle on its predecessor, and the noble heart- package of tickets you so generously offered to

send me, and deductirg the trifling charge to Our citizens have been subjected to the ed philanthropists, Swindle, Grab & Co., which you would be entitled for the same. intolerable nuisar.ce of receiving repeated- are exceedingly anxious to relieve them of taking all the extra prizes, and also tho cap

This will give you the very flattering chance ly, circulars from the swindling lottery selves of $4,000 " at least," and very prob. ital prize of $36,000, to which the lucky number ticket venders at the South, generally pur- ably $36,000, for the benefit of the sole ob-contained in the selected" package will doubt porting to come from Wilmington, Del., ject of their deep solicitude, as “such a make this offer in good faith as a slight return for

less entitle you to receive. I am induced to and to be authorized by that State. These chance may never again offer.” Our read. I your own kind and liberal offer to me. Hoping


at par.

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