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1. B. WHITE.

Vol. III.
Thursday, December 6, 1860.

No. 42. THE FARMER'S HOME. even for a day. Often she rose again and accidentally discharged, and a bullet had again in the night, and with a lamp in passed through the child's breast.

As her hand stood gazing at the cherub sleep-William throw himself, with a wild Oh! if there be one spot ou earth,

ers, unable in their perfect repose to tell shriek, beside him, the dying boy opened Where clnudless bliss and joy have birth ; Where blighting sorrows seldom comel

which was Henry and which was William. his lips as if he would speak, tried to And envy's bitter tongue is dumbAfter breathing over them a silent prayer

stretch his hard towards his dispairing That spot of peaco and quiet mirth

and kissing a cheek of each as it lay glow-brother, and expired. Not a minute had Is found beside the Farmer's hearth.

ing against the snowy pillow like the elapsed since they had sprung into that Thrice sacred spot ! where frlendship's light crimson of a rose's heart, she wonld seek fatal building, glowing with health and In many a lovely eye is bright

her couch, still to watch over them in joy, and now they lay on the ground toWhere hearts and bands to kindness given,

dreams. How her heart thrilled every gether, one dead, the other suffering a Prepa re an antepast for Heaven, And consecrate an humble " COL,"

morning at the sound of their voices, as if mortal agony far worse than death! With all that kings in vain have sought.

she had received them anew to life! It The whole had been seen by a servant

was their daily custom to wake her by girl who was at work near by, but it had From The Mothers' Magazine. singing some sweet, simple hymn at her passed too quickly for her to interpose. THE TWIN-BROTHERS. door, and she used to say that often in the She and others, who had been alarmed by

first confused moment of waking, as the the shot, now hastened to the place. The FROM THE GERMAN.

music of their sweet young voices mingled old gardener, who blamed himself as the The twin brothers were the pride and de- with her morning dream, the idea of because of this terrible accident to the chillight of the whole neighborhood. As they ing welcomed into the gate of Heaven by dron, who were bis pride and joy, filed and passed along through the village, hand in her two boys as angels, was vivid as reali- concealed himself. A physician was callhand, every face smiled

ty itself; a momentary rapture, succeeded ed, but he could do no good. In vain did them, every

upon heart blessed the beautiful and loving pair:

by a keen, prophetic pang which told her they attempt to lead William from the What then must they have been to their that it would be even so. Thus, loving spot

. With fixed looks he hung over his and beloved, had the bright current of dead brother, but no sound escaped his parents ? To their mother especially, they had been, from the hour when they were their lives flowed on till they had reached lips, no tear fell from his eye. When the first laid in one cradle, the objects of an their eighth summer.

body was taken to the house he followed affection stronger than a mother's com

One day in June, their natal rronth, silently, and took bis place beside the bed mon love, and she watched them by day

their parents were obliged to leave them on which it was laid.

to attend the wedding of a relative in the A servant was dispatched to meet the and night like some unearthly treasure which she feared might vanish from her neighboring city. The mother was not returning parents and prepare them for

The moment he was perceived sight. There was something so strange in

easily persuaded to go, for it required an the scene. their perfect resemblance to each other ; the boys baving finished their lessons, heard calling out to know if all was well.

absence of two days. On the second day, from the carriage, the mother's voice was the source almost every hour of sweet perplexities, of innocent mischiefs. Nor was

were playing about the grounds. In their A flood of tears in renly told her to exthe likeness confined to their persons. eagerness to explore every nook and cor- pect some great rcisfortune, and she fainted

The whole dreadThe golden curls, the dark blue eyes, the Der, they had wandered into an outhouse in her husband's arms. voices, the size of these beautiful creatures where garden tools were kept. Here the ful story was at length drawn from the were not more alike than their minds and gardener had, on the preceding day, left weeping and agitated servant. When the tempers. Affectionate and gentle disposi

a gun which he bad been using to destroy carriage stopped before the door, and Wiltions were united with the promise of rare

the bawks which of late had greatly dis- liam, whom no entreaties bad been able to

turbed the nightingales and thrushes, those remove from the bedside, heard his fathgifts of intellect. They were perfectly quiet denizens of the shrubbery. As this er's voice, he grew deadly pale and drop healthy, and their gayety and activity kept | Outhouse was remote from the mansion ped without consciousness upon the floor. the whole house astir. Nothing could be and seldom entered except by himself, he Thus when the poor parents entered their imagined more like the happiness of Eden had laid down the gun without drawing lute happy nursery, both their dear chilthan the life of these childen in their beau- the charge. William caught up the loud- dren lay apparently lifeless before them, tiful rural home. Their mother's happiness in them, deep out : * Die now, theu bloody hawk !" the state can be called life in which he re

and pointed it at Henry, calling William was at length restored to life, if and full as it was, had always been tinged "Stop, Willy, stop!" cried Henry, cumo mained from this day. That deatblike by an anxious foreboding, & secret feeling that they were unt long for earth. Sheering his eyes with his hands. But at the pallor never vanished from bis cheeks. could never bear to be separated from them fell lifeless to the ground. The gun had lese, he wandered round the house, taking

sama instant there was a flash, and Henry Like a restless spirit, silent, with fixed

ed weapon

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notice of nothing and seeming not to re- his brother to watch for their mother's mouth, in order to bring peace to a distraccognize the most familiar friends. Only coming at the gate of Heaven !

led country, and silence forever the disnow and then, when his mother clasped

union cry, so revolting to American men? him in her arms, spoke to him in endear- THE REPOSITORY:

Yes, South Carolina knows this as well ing tones and kissed him tenderly, dim re

as any one; but under the infuence of

NEW-LONDON, CONN. membrances seemed to awake in his mind.

strong passion, aud under the leadership He would for a moment look at her intel

of men, lost to every sense of honor and Ilgently, and with deep sighs press his Thursday, December 6, 1860. patriotism, she still wars against her bet. hands upon his breast, or lay his mother's

ter judgement, but with declining success. hand upon his heart ; but the next instant

SECESSION AND DISUNION. The conservative element of th. South is he relapsed into his usual state. This was

aroused, and South Carolina and ber cononly interrupted by a strong convulsion

This is a subject that we cannot contem- ferees in insanity will soon be brought to every day just the hour of the fatal acci- plate with any degree of complacency. It

Let us aid in the good work, not dent. He took very little food, and this strikes at the ruot of confederacy, barmony by vain glorious boasts, not by threats, always with reluctance. His sleep was and public prosperity. Its advocacy is a not by attempts at c. ercion, but by Chris. unquiet and broken. Sometimes he would breach of good faith and sacred obligation Lian reason, and in a spirit of Christian rise in the night and examine every part on the part of any separate State compris, mercy, overlooking all wrongs committed of the room as if in search of sometbing, ing a part of his noble Compact—the beau. under a banesul influence, and bearing in then with a deep sigh throw himself again tiful Sisterhood of States—the bright Gal- mind only the service rendered when, in upon the bed. His strength visibly de-axy of Nations. We cannot, in view of the the time of the revolution, ber Marions creased. After a time he could not stand, disolution of this Compact the dismem- and ber Sumpters led her sons on to vic. or sit up; then he lay upon the couch day berment of the Union, forbear most strong tory, fighting for Liberty and Union. after day without uttering a word. In ly to declaro against such a suicidal course. In regard to the South, we cannot see any

PEN MAKING IN THE UNIT ED this manner a whole year had passed away,

STATES. and new the day of the sad catastropbe good reason for such a proceeding. The had come round. As the hour of his usual Flag of Liberty, a Bell and Everett jour- The Manufacture of Metallic pens in the convulsion approached, his mother was

nal ailudes to it in the following strong United States has cost a very large amount sitting beside him, her heart everflowing and pertinent language :

of capital and in a majority of instances in tears of anguish for the living and the

“ Is South Carolina mad? Has ber rea- bas resulted in disappointment and failure dead. Suddenly he fixed his eyes on her son left her? Is she idiotic, that she per on the part of the manufactures.

We learn from the Commercial Adverti. with the appearance of one awaking from sists in causing such a disunion agitation, a deep swoon. Seeing her weep, the tears as that of which we every day bear? We ser that about the year 1836, the first stee! gushed freely from the long-sealed foun. fear for the worst; we fear that she has in pen establishment in the United States, so tains in his own eyes. Then he seized her reality gone mad-politically mad—and far as can be learned, was started by a hand and drew her towards him. As sbe we mourn the occurence. We pity South company at Hayden ville. Mass. After bent over him, covering him with kisses, Carolina, for, with all her faults, she is expending a large amount of money upon and crying, “My Willy, my dear, dear still a sister state, and once poured out her the works, and producing some excellent boy, dost thou know me once more ?” he heart's blood to form that Union which specimens of pens, considering the infancy, threw his wasted arms around her neck, she is now, under the leadership of mis- as it were, of that branch of manufactures, and said, in a low, earnest whisper, “Moth: guided zealots, striving to demolish. they were compelled to give up the enter

Has South Carolina yet to learn, that prise, in consequence of a want of experier, I have seen my brother; he has called me!" He then said himself back, but in these United States, the will of the ma-ence and the absence of proper tools, good still held her hand fast in his, and gazed at jority is the ruling power and that to it all tool makors at that time being very scarce. her with a beaming, heavenly expression. must bow? Is she really so ignorant that The panic of 1837 also militated against A soft glow overspread his palo, sunken

she does not know that, as long as she re- the success of the enterprise. The want cheeks ; bis lips grew red; he breathed mains in the Union, she has to be govern- of a proper knowledge of slitting, temper. quick. He often whispered, “Dearest

ed by the rules and regulations of that ing and general finishing, caused the pens Mother, I am so, so happy ? My Henry is Union, and that any attempt on her part, to be far from uniform in quality. At with me again ; he loves me still ?" This or on the part of any state, to subvert the one time the product might be very good, lasted about half an hour, and the moth- government, will constitute treason, and —at another the whole lot would be so toer's heart vibrated between joy and cor

receive the punishment adjudged 10 such tally valueless that they could not even be row. She could not reject the hope that crime? And does she not know that she used for school pens. her child was about to be restored to her. cannot leave this Union without causing Anothur establishment was about this Alas ! this hope was soon to go down in a revolution in social and political circles. time put in operation at the village of Feltdarknese. In the midst of this blessedness,

that would shake the Christian world to villo, in New Jersey. This, after repeatin the midst of the soft rapture of reunion its centre, and bring annihilation upon ed trials, unfortunately followed its prede

herse!f ? Do not the leaders In this unho- cessor. and reconciliation, the angel of Death gently laid his hand on the bosom of the child. ly agitation know, that the first overt act

A company next started in Brooklyn, on her part toward disunion, will bring and made great efforts to obtain a footing Onee more he murmured the name of Henry, once more pressed his mother's hand upon themselves all the just wrath of of- in the manfacturing world; bot safter esto his beart, gasped-and had flown with

fended millions of, freemen, who would not pending several thousand dollars, bad hesitate to blow them from the cannon's also to give up the project as a failure.

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The next effort was made by two cner- of the gold pen, but the earliest informa- think we can recommend this city as the getic men, one of whom was well known tion obtained on this point is that in best stock market in New England. in bis day as a proficient die sinkor, and England some years sinco, a gold pen was wbo naturally thought that bls practical made, the great desideratum then being to

COURSE OF LECTURES. --The Citizens' knowledge would enable him to overcome get in the nietal all the flexible nature of Course of Lectures will be oponed on Tuesthose dificulties that had shipwrecked all the quill, and to conquer the corrosive day Evening next at Lawrence Hall, by the former concerns. By strenuous efforts quality of the steel pen. Thie was of Mr. George Sumner of Boston. Mr.S. a company was formed, in which were sev- course accomplished in the gold pen, but is a very popular and pleasing lecturer and eral respectable men, many of whom are the precious metal was found to be too cannot fail to interest bis audience. No actively engaged in mercantiie pursuits soft, and in a short time, with consiant one, we are sure will be willing to forego in this city at :he present time. Their ex-use, the pen would rapidly wear away:- the pleasure of the course for the small penses amounted to hundreds of thousands Some doubts exist at the present day as item of expense fura ticket. Every memof dollars, but still the enterprise failed. to who was the roal inventor of pointing ber of families that can attend sbould be They built a large factory in New York,in tho gold pen with a harder substance. A supplied in season. We are not sure where a location then considered far up town, clergyman in Vermont gets the credit for the tickets may be obtained but doubtless but which now is almost in the heart of the discovery from some parties; wbile a at the bookstores and news offices. the city. Every improvement in macbine- man named Hawkins claims the invention ry was procured, and many varieties of as his own. In either case it matters but LITERARY NOTICES. pens—some of excellent quality-were little to the commercial world at large, the results of their experin:ents.

provided they get the benefit of the im- NELLY'S FIRST SCHOULDAYS.-By JoThe Ramapo Coinpady was then started provement.

sephine Franklin, Author of “Nelly in Rockland county, New York; but un- The first manufacturer of gold pens was

and her Friends," Boston, published by fortunately the whole establishment was Mr. Levi Brown, of Detroit, in which city Brown & Taggard, 25 and 29 Cornbill. soon after destroyed by fire. Two other be started in rather a small way. He soon 1860. companies, one after the other, tried to re- after established himself in Brooklyn, This is second in the series of the “ Mar. suscitate this business, but followed their where he made a rapid fortune and retired tin and Nelly Stories” by the author of the predecessors, and "expired,” after expend. from the business. Previous to this Mr. former volume, “Nelly and her Friends,'' ing large amounts of capital in repeated Bagley started in the business, and launch- and fully equal to it in juvenile interest. experiments. ed out extensively.

Written in that familiar and exquisiteA joint stock company was next started, At this time the trade became more and ly beautiful ard attractive style that capwith great spirit, in Newark, New Jer- more in the bands of all classes of persons, tivates the youthful mind, and inely sey, but as in the preceeding cases, after some skillful, others possessing a capital embellisbed, it will prove a rare treat to disposing of about twent;-five thuusand and procuring the services of the talented. our young friends to whom we will guar. dollars without any return, and after an After some little time bad elapsed and antee in it a luxury scarcely equaled in existence of twelve months they had to many experiments bad failed, a factory the whole range of juvenile literature. succomb and give up the struggle. was established, and by the aid of machin. We predict for “Nelly's First Schooldays"

Some private parties next undertook the ery, &c., the proprietors are enabied to a wide circulation. For sale by Starr & production of a good steel pen, and estab- turn out complete, if required, 12,000 gold Co., No, 4 Main Street. lished a factory at 37th street, for the pens weekly. manufacture of the same. Not being very

OLDER THAN ADAM.-By the Author of successful, a number of persons possessing


“Violet” “Daisy" Etc. Boston, Brown some enterprise, a little capital, and not

& Taggard, 25 and 29 Cornbill. 1860.

SALE OF STOCKS.-At a recent auction devoid of experience, joined themselves in

This beautiful little volume is one of the sale of Bank and Insurance Stocks by to a company under the general manufac

Messrs. Phillps & Smith of this city, the popular “Summer House Series" and alturing law, taking the title of the “Wash.

following prices were obtained, viz.:- thougb distinct in itself, is a continuation ington Medallion Pen Co.,' and by procu.

4 shares Union Bank, at $106,50, to of the theme of a previous story by the ring the assistance of good workmen, bave

Ezra Chappell; 8 do scrip ($25 sbares) at same writer relating to the habits of inbeen enabled, after an expenditure of

$31,25; 89 sbares New London Bank to sects, birds &c., and the resources and about Afty thousand dollars, to produce Leander Lewis, in several lots, at an aver. pleasures of quiet country life

. Its especial the first American pen, All the other

age of 78 cents, (shares $62,50;) 10 shares subject, however, is “the formation and companies had directed their attention to Merchants Bank, N. Y., ($60) to H. P. subsequent history of the earth, and the imitating the English article.

Haven, at $50,25; 10 to John Grace, at continual providence of God.” In this atIt is estimated that about ten thousand

$50,75; 10 to J. W. Eggleston, at $60,- tractive volume the young reader cannut gross of pens are in course of completion 76; 10 to E. Chappel), at $60,25 ; 12 to fail to find a mine of useful knowledge at one time in this manufactory. It is E. Chappell, at $60,60 ; 62 shares scrip that contains most valuable gems, which, calculated that 1500 pounds of steel are

($12) at $18 per sbare.

will invite him to more ardent and pleasused in this factory every month, and that

10 sharns Norwich Fire Insurance Co., urable efforts fully to develop their richthe average yearly sales of pens are between sixty and soventy thousand gross & Harris at $60. The premiums above volume will be sure to obtain the cumain

to Charles Barns, at $60. 10 to Shepard ness and beauty. Those who read this, annually. Some doubt exists as to the exact origin well for New London in panic times. 'wo Co., No. 4 Main Street.

par value paid for the above stocks speak der of the series. For sale by Starr &

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LADIES DEPARTMENT. them, in modest privacy, enact many a

cause. Let every one, therefore, see that scene of beautiful wonder, and plaudits of you care for them, by showing them what POETRY.

angels. And upon the whole, fairly esti. Sterne so happily calds, 'the small sweet

mating the glory and the uses, and the ac- courtesies of life,' in which is no parade: MY THREE TREASURES.

tual and possible prevalence of the friendly which voice is so still to ease, and which sentiment, we must cheerily strike the manifest themselves by tender and affeclyre and liftour voice to the favorite song, tiunate looks and little kind acts of atten.

confessing after every complaint is ended, tion-giving others the preference in every I HAVI a steed-a bounding steed, With a form as lithe as a bending reed, that

litile enjoyment-at the table, in the field, And limbs like the petrel's wing;

“There is a power to make each hour walking, sittirg, or standing." With his airy form and his step of grace,

As sweet as heaven designed it; His eye of love and his beaming face,

Nor need we roam to bring it home,

“MOTHER."-0, word of undying bean. Oh, bs is a beautiful thing !

Though few there be that ind it!

ty! Tbine echoes sound along the walls

We set k too high for things close by, I have a lamb—a household pet;

And lose what nature found us :

of lime until they crumble at the breath Like the blue of June, when the sun has set,

For life hath here no charms so dear

of the Eternal. In all the world there is Is his soft and dreamy eye;

As home and friends around us." not a habitable spot where the music of He frolics and gambols the livelong day

that holiest word is not sounded. Ay, by Then turns, and, lisping. asks the way

NEAT WIVES AND "TOUCHY” Hus. the flower of the river, by the crystal mar. To the Shepherd's fold on high.

BANDS. - Women have their fa'ults, 'tis gin of the forest tree, in the hut built of I have a bird-life's dawning light,

true, and very provoking ones they some bamboo cane, in the mud and thatched All quivering, beautiful and bright, Upon her radiant wing ;

times are; but if we would all learn, men cottage, by the peaks of the kissing moun. Sweet as tbe chime of silver bells,

and women, that with certain virtnes tains, in the widespread valley, on the blue Or voice of spring in their woodland dolls, we admire are always coupled certain die- ocean, in the changeless desert, where the Do her broken carols ring.

agreeableness, we might make up our angel came down to kiss the parched lips, Rare, raro the gems in my love-crown set; minds more easily to accept the bitter with the sweet waters of the wilderness, under But sin has a poison to canker and fret, the sweet. For instance, every husband, the white tent of the Arab, and in the And its stain even now they wear;

we believe, delights in a cleanly, well,or. bark covered wigwam of the Indian hun. With a trembling heart, and bended knee,

dered house, free from dust, spots, and un- ter ; wherever the pulses of the human I bear them, Son of God, to thee, Oh, heed a mother's prayer!

seemly stains; the pains taking machinery heart beat quick and warm, or floats feebly

necessary to keep it so, he wishes never to along the current of failing life, there is FASHIONABLE FRIENDS.-The hardest

see, or seeing too often forgets to praise. that sweet word spoken, like a universal trial of those who fall from afluence and If, then, his wife, true to her fendinine in- prayer—"Mother.” honor to poverty and obscurity, is the dis

stincts toward cleanliness, gentiy reminds covery that the attachment of so many in him, when he comes home, that he has

THE MOTHER.-A writer beautifully whom they confided was a pretence, a mask

remarks that a man's mother is the reproforgotten to use the door mat before enterto gain their own ends, or was a miserable ing the sitting room on a muddy day, let

sentative of his Maker. Misfortune, and shallowness. Sometimes, doubtless, it is him reflect before he gives her a lordly,

even crime, set up no barriers between her with regret that these frivolous followers impatient, ungracious "pshaw!" how the and her son. While his mother lives he has of the world desert those upon whom they reverse of the picture would suit him, viz: one friend on earth who will not listen have fawned ; but they soon forget them. a slatternly, "easy" woman, whose apart

when be is slandered; who will not desert Flies leave the kitchen when the dishes ments are a constant mortification to him him when he suffers; who will soothe him are empty. The parasites that cluster in the presence of visitors. It is a poor

in his sorrows, and speak to him of hope about the favorite of fortune, to gather his return, when a wife has made everything

when he is ready to despair. Her affecgifts and climb by his aid, linger with the fresh and bright, to be unwilling to take tions know no ebbing tide. They flow on sunshine, but scatter at the approach of a a little pains to keep it so, or to be properly

from a pure fountain, and speak happiness storm, as the leares cling to the tree in reminded, if forgetful, on these points, up. / through this vale of tears, and cease only summer weather, but drop of at the on which many husbands are unreason

at the ocean of eternity. breath of winter, and leave it naked to the

ably "touchy," even while secretly ad. IMPROVEMENT IN SKIRTS.-A new stinging blast. Like ravens settled down miring the pleasant results of the vigilance skirt has been invented which sustains the for a banquet, and suddenly scared by a of the good house-mother.

dress without any assistance from whalenoise, how quickly, at the first sound of calamity, these superficial earthlings are

bone, simply by a harmonious and skill

GooD ADVICE.-In a letter from Wm. ful disposition of the muslin folds of which specks on the horizon !

Wirt to his daughter, occurs • & passage it is composed. The Multiple Skirt is But a true friend sits in the centre, and which we give for the benefit of our rea- formed of a series of overlapping flounces, is for all times. Our need only reveals ders. They are simple truths. He says: arrayed in a fan shape, readily expanded him more tully, and binds him more close

“I want to tell you a secret. The way by means of metallic eyelets. One or two ly to us. There are more examples of un- to make yourself agreeable to others is to flounces are at most required for a mornadulterated affection, more deeds of silent show that you care for them. The world ing dress, and nothing can be more simple. love and magnanimity than is nsually sup is like the iniller at Mansfield who cared The skirt is put on or off in a minute; posed. Our misfortunes bring to our side for nobody-no, not be—because nobody when on a journey, divided in pieces, it real friends, before unknown. Benevo- cared for him. And the whole world will may be smoothly folded and scarcely occulent impulses, where we should not expect serve you so if you give them the same I py any space.”


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Day of Day of Temperature above zero *; below -.| Direction of the wind. State of the Weather. General remarks, the week. Month.

observations, &c. &c. Sunrise. | 12 o'cl'k. (10 P. M. m'n temp/ Morn. | Noon. | Eve. Morn. | Noon. Eve. Sunday, Nov. 25 16

33 * 32 * 27 * N. W.South. South. clear cloudy cloudy Cold and freezing. Monday, 26 60 53" 41 € S, E. South, South rain

rain rain Showery. Tuesday, 27 33

38 16 28 " 33 N. E. N. E. North. cloudy cloudy clear
28 24

33 S. W.


N. E. North. clear clear clear Thursday,.. 29 40


45 " S, W. S. E S. E. cloudy cloudy rain Showery, Friday, 30 84

31 6

N. W.

N. W. cloudy clear cloudy Chilly. Saturday,... Dec. 1 23


28 66 31 " North. N. W.! N. W. cloudy clear clear Cold.

42 6 50 1 40


35 "

N. W.

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ticulturist says:


vals of ten or twelve days throughout the ripening. This may be done the first of

season, to keep down the weeds and stir the December, and by the middlo the whole CELERY.

ground. A man and a horse can culti. may be covered six or eight inches deep

vate four acres per day, or something near over the sides and top. It can be drawn Weind a good article in the Tribune 120,000 roots, which, by the trench sys- any time during Winter for use or market.

a on the culture of celery. It is well worth tem, would require all to be boed by hand, The near contact of the stalks with the remembing by every lover of this health involving at least twenty times the manure while thus stored does not affect ful and nutritious vegetable. It is as fol. amount of manual labor.”

the Celery any more than it does while As soon as the Celery gets to be 15 or 18 growing before it is taken up, nor any There are but few farmers who attempt inches high, instead of the hoe-harrow use more than it does potatoes or any other to grow Celery, yet it is not a dificult mat. 4 plow to throw a slight furrow to the vegetable that we eat. ter; and it is an excellent vegetable, not Celery; then the "handling” or straight- About topping tbe plants when transonly as a sort of condiment, but it is nour- ening-up process is gone through with, and planting, a large grower of Celery says: isbing as food. And every farmer's wife a heavier furrow is then thrown against I mow off with the scythe "some three who has a teste for setting a handsome ta- it. It is then allowed to remain eight or inches of the tops of Celery plants twice ble, either for her own family or when ten days to extend the hearts, when the "in the season before transplanting." she has com pany, will always be glad to banking process is finishe'l by the spade. have a bandsome dish of celery as a table This is the practice with what is sold THE YALE AGRICULTURAL LECTURES. ornament, if it was not touched as foud. in September, October, and November. - The experiment of the Yale AgricultuWhere there is a market for it, it is con- That which is put away to preserve for ral Lectures of last Winter was SO succsidered as good a paying crop as almost Winter use is done the same with in every cessful as to induce its repetition this any one that can be grown with so little respect, except that it is not banked up by Winter on a more completo scale. The trouble'as this grden vegetable. The Hor- the spade nor blanched in any way before course will commence February 5, and being put away.

continue through the month. These lec"Yearly all the Celory sold in the New The crop being all handled and straight. tures are given under the auspices of the York markets is grown as a second crop. ened up, begin to put away what you want Yale Scientific School, or Scientific DeThe ground is first heavily manured in for use through December on the first dry partment of Yale College, as a supplement Spring for crops of early cabbages, beets day after the 25th of October (dates are of to its newly instituted practical course, and or onions, which are sold off usually by the great importance for localities of the same for the benefit of the public at large. A first week in July. The ground is then temperature), and so continue until you new and important foature of this course cleared off, plowed, and harrowed, and at finish, which may be about the 15th of will be its complete illustration by speci. once planted with Celery, if the ground is November ; any later, in our district, is mens, drawings, models, and animals. moist enough to receive it. The Celery is dangerous for frost; earlier, the Celery Life-sized pantings of groups from celebraplanted in rows four feet apart for early, will whiten too quick, and rot.

ted herbs will be included in these illustraand three feet for the late crop-planted in The best manner of preserving is to tions. The lectures on the training and each case six inches apart-all on the sur- choose a sandy, or at least a dry spot, in breaking of horses will be accompanied by face of the ground. This is what is tech- an open exposure, stretch a line, and dig a practical illustrations on living animals,ia nically termed the 'Aat system. Never trench or drain 10 or 12 inches wide, and a large alaphitheater which has been semanure specially for Celery unless the of the depth of the Celery to be put away. cured for the purpose. It is quite possible crop preceding it bas been neglected, and it is then dug up, the earth wel! shaken that Mr. Rarey may be engaged for this then madure over the whole surface, as from the roots, and packed perpendicularly specialty. We learn from good authority any one of experience knows that the in the trench or drain, just tight enough in Connecticut and Massachusetts, that a feeding-ground for the roots is not con. not to bruise the stems. No earth is put very large number of students may be exfined to six inches on each side of the to the roots ; the damp soil of the trench pected from those States. plants, but that they will meet in the cen. gives moisture enough. You simply dig ter of four-feet rows; hence the absurdity a trench and pack it full of, Celery, and let N. L. COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIEof manuring only in the rows. The cul- it stand until there is danger of hard freez- TY -A meeting of the New London ture of the crop by the 'flat' system is very ing: then throw strawy stable manure on County Agricultural Society, for the simple. In a week or so'after planting, each side, leaving a strip of the green choice of officers, will be held in the Town the ground is run through by the triangu- leaves in the center uncovered. This Hall, at Norwich, on Wednesday, Dec. lar hoe barrow; this is continued at inter- gives ventilation, and prevents too rapid 19, 1860, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon,


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