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sweet fire-side circle; I see ever before me THE REPOSITORY: brightness and beauty of the suņshine of the ever placid face of my Alice, as her

life, and for this, certainly, we bave to-day

NEW LONDON, CONN. eyes looked into my own with intelligent

renewed occasion for thanksgiving and confidence. I feel her arms twine about

praise. Even since the last occasion of its my neck; the music of her voice is ever Thursday, November 29, 1860. annual observance, we can look back upon sounding in my ears."

many happy scenes, and count up the

THANKSGIVING. Here the speaker's emotion overcame

pleasant memories that the passing hours him. His utterance became choked, and

To-day in accordance with the time

have numbered. Ourselves, our families, he stood silent with bowed head and honored custom originating with our Pu. Our relatives, our friends, bave been sus. trembling limbs. The dense mass of peo: ritan fathers, and the proclamation of the

tained by a kind Providence. Our coun. ple were hushed into an oppressive stillness, that was broken here and there by

Chief Executive of the State, is observed try has been prospered. Our liberties half stifled sobs. At that moment there is a day endeared by a thousand ballowed yet kept us as a peoplo-yet

as a day of Thanksgiving and praise. It have been thus far preserved. God has was a movement in the crowd. A single associations, and brings with it in all tbeir a nation, than which no nation on the female figure, before whom every one ap vividness the scenes and memories of the carth was over more privileged. God bas peared instinctively to give way, was seen

blessed us far beyond our deserts, has given passing up the aisle. This was not observ - past. Before us rise the visions of our ed by Delancy, until she had come nearly youthful days, and our imaginations hover us of the fullness of his bounts, and our

amid the bright realities of those seasons smiling hills and fertile valleys have litin front of the platforin on which he stood. Then the movement caught his

so congenial then to our nature, and so erally teemed with the richness of his ear, and lifting his eyes, tbat instant fell fraught with the cheerful vivacity of youth gifts

. Shall we not for this raise to Him on Alice; for it was she that was pressing ing—the ancient church and its hour of praisa? and ardent feeling. The family gather

the glad songs of thanksgiring and of on ward; he bent forward towards her with suddenly lifted hands and eager eyes, lamation, ample in its dimensions, religious service—the Governor's proc.

Still we may not look back even up

on the past year without undissembled and stood like a statue until she had gained

emotion. Since the last time we shared the stand and advanced quickly to his side. folded by the pastor, and read in the ears

with endeared friends tbe greetings of this For a moment the two stood thus, the

of the audience, invariably closing with whole audience thrilled with the

festal occasion, some have passed away to the stereotyped clause. "All servile labor scene, und vain recreation are by law on said

the spirit land. “Many a silver cord bas were on their feet and bending forward. day forbidden"—the generous table, groan

been loosed,”—many a pleasant family cirThen Delancy opened his arms, and, Alice threw herself upon his bosom with a quick ing under its ample load of the richest vi- cle has been broken, and loving and loved wild gesture. Thus, for the full space of a

ands—the cheerful evening fire-the lus- ones been removed. Some sweet voices minute they stood; every one fully, as by

cious fruit—the juvenile nut-cracking and that filled with delight our listening ears a singular intuition, understanding the merry “blind man’s buff ;” and amid all as they sounded the anthem of praise to

the cheerful and animated features of the Giver of our blessings, are now swell. One of the ministers , then came loved parents and invited guests

, who ing the anthem of eternal gladness in forwar:l and gently separated them.

bearen. “No, no,” said Delancy, “you must with approving smiles looked upon and

And although with 'swelling not, cannot take her away from me.”

encouraged the vivacity and innocent hearts and quivering lips, we raise the ac“ Heaven forbid that I should do that," fore us, the bright imagery of former whom all bleşsings flow," we realize his

sports of the young—all come up be- customed song of praise to God “from replied the minister. “By your own confession she is not your wife."

days and glowing youthful aspirations.- mercy still over us and the loved ones

Surely we would not, if we could, now, around us. And to many, very many, No, she is not,” roturned Delancy, amid the more sober realities and riper ex- will the sweet reflection come, that like mournfully.

periences of our nature, obliterite the gathered towers transplanted to a bet“But is ready to take up her vows bright picture, or mar the beauty of these ter land--the heavenly Paradise; these again," Alice said, smiling through tears pleasing visions of by-gone days.

forms of earth will be gathered fresher, that now rained over her face.

These scenes of the past bave indeed brighter, and more fragrant, to claster in Before that large assembly, all standing changed. The venerated forms of loving celestial beauty around the throne of God and with few dry eyes, was said in a bro- parents have been, perhaps, consigned to

forever. ken voice, the marriage ceremony that the tomb, and we have deposited their

And may thanksgiving from grateful gave Delancy and Alice to each other.- precious dust in the grave, with the blessed hearts ascend from thousands in our land As the minister, an aged man, with thin prospect of a glorious immortulity. Com- who have been specially blessed of hear. white locks, finished the rite, he laid hispanions and friends may have left us, but en, unto whom the trials of poverty hands upon the heads of the two he had we are still enjoying the favor of the right and want have never come, into whose joined in holy bonds, and lifting up hand of the Most High. Many may have family circles the death-ungel bas nol bis aged eyes, that streamed with drops of been our trials, and complicated the mesh- entered, aud to whom the bitter cup of gladness, he said, in a solemn voice; es of the net work of our after years, yet suffering and grief has never been admin

“What God has joined together, let what abundant reason havo we for grati-istered — surely thanksgiving and praise not Rum put asunder."

tude and praise to the Great Giver of all should ascend from hearts thas joyful in "Amen !" was cried by the whole ag

our mercies. Although we have not es- the good things of this life. And shall somby, as with a single voice.

caped all the shadows that have fallen not these favored ones and all-all who around us, we have enjoyed much of the enjoy in profusion tbe liberal gifts of the


benificent Creator, “ remember the poor the store of Messrs. Carroll & Parmelee, We learn from the Star that "officer Dun. of the land,” and wbile partaking of the No. 14 Main Street, who are the author- ford bas bad his suspicions aroused for rich bounty of his love, impart of their ized agents for this city.

somo time that an Italian was concerned abundance to the destitute and suffering

in the perpetration of these robberies.around them? And thus with nurer joy

ARTHUR'S LADIES' HOME MAGAZINE. Tbe fellow came to New London about and sweeter harmony be enable to unite in - With the December number, the pub- four months since, and was then “proprithe glad songs of a true Thanksgiving of lishers of the Home Magazine announce eter" of a hand organ. He bas been strollthe Heart..

their purpose to give additional value and ing about the city for some time past, not

interest to the work during 1861. Here- doing any work, but always appearing to THE POOR VAN'S FRIEND. Lófore they have endeavored to make the bave a plenty of money. On Thursday

literary portion of their magazine, as it morning, Mr. Wm. B. Tate, on opening INSCRIBED TO B, C., Nov. 29, 1800,

should be in all magazines, the most at- his store at N, 79 Bank Street, missed the Blessed is he that considereth the poor.-Ps, ILL. 1• the magnetism of mind upon mind, and and some tobacco. He immediately noti

Lractive portion; to hold their readers by change from his money drawer, a ham Friend of the needy! To the suffering poot

while thus holding them strongly interest- filed officer Dunford of the robbery, and Thine hand is ever open; from wbose door ed, so glve moral power as well as intel. Mr. D. immediately visited the Italian's No sorrowing one with poverty oppressed, lectual pleasure. In a still higher degree boarding house, or Water Street, where E'er turns away unb eeded or unblest.

will they aim to impart this quality to the the thief was tound. On being searched, Friend of the friendless I Thine's the pleasing task,

“ Home Magazine." Additional literary a bunch of keys was found on his person, To shield the shivering form from Winter's blast;~ aid, of the right character, will be secured one of which fitted the lock to Mr. Tate's Thine the unselfish act, in time of need,

during the year,


the cditors will, as store, and another which had been filed The comfortless to cheer, tho hungry feed.

heretofore, be in constant communication to fit the lock of Mr. Smith's store. A Friend of the outcast! Thine the pleasure here,

with their readers, giving them the best silver plated watch was also found in his An almaoper of God; the gifts to bear. products of their minds.

possession, inade by Josh. Johnston,-No. of his rich bounty unto them distressed,

This magazine presents strong attrac- 3618. The ham and tobacco stolen from And joy impart to many an anguighed breast. .tions to the public, and we feel warranted Mr. Tate's store were also found on the

in recommending it to all who desire a premises, and some articles that Mr. Smith Friend of the poor! Thy well known form we see From day to day dispensing charity ;

good healthful moral tone to pervade their claimed as his property, The thief also How much of deep-felt sorrow in the heart

family reading. Its beautiful steel en- had a number of counterfeit bills in his Dost thou assuage-how much of joy impart. gravings and colored fashion plates are pocket.

unsurpassed by any other magazine in the Friend of thy race! How many hearts will bless

THE MONEY PANIC.—The recent pano Thee for thy works of love, thy tenderness, –

country. A splendid premium plate, we Those who in penury und in bitter grief,

understand, will be forwarded each sub- ic in Boston and New York has during From thy kind hand have oft obtained relif. scriber to this magazine, at only $2 per

the past week prevailed to a trifling extent year. Subscriptions received by Starr & in New London, but not sufficiently to And when thy works of charity and love Co., No. 4 Main Street,

cause anything more than a very slight Have all been done below, and from above

embarrassment in the commercial circles. The Master calls thee to thy final rest, By grateful hearts thy memory shall be blessed. TIE GENESEE FARMER.—The Decem

Our shrewd business men, always on the ber number of this excellent agricultural lookout for a good investment, have taken

the matter quite coolly, and improved the LITERARY NOTICES. journal is on our table. We would again recommend the Genesee Farmer to all who advantages offered in larger cities

, by quiCOSMOPOLITAN ART JOURNAL.-We want a good, sound, practical, reliable etly investing in stocks that have been

forced upon the market, at almost fabu

It take pleasure in calling the attention of agricultural and horticultural journal, onr readers to this beautiful publication, costs only fifty cents a year. A new vol-lously low prices. The Chronicle states

that during the past week from thirty to in connection with the Art Association ume commences with the rext number.with which it is intimately related, and Now is the time to subscribe. Send the forty thousand dollars was thus invested

by capitalists in this city. The investwhich is more fully described in our ad- fifty cents in stamps to Joseph Harris,

ment will doubtless be very profitable to vertising columns. The Cosmopoli:an Art Rochester, N. Y., or get one of


those concerned, but we cannot recommend Association has become one of the " insti- neighbors to join with you, and send a dollar for two copies.

the withdrawal of our own available retutions" uf our country, and sustains a

sources for such a purpose, at the present high position in regard to the progress of

time. Doubtless the feeling now pervadArt in America. The office of this Asso- CITY ITEMS.

ing the public mind, financially, will qui. ciation being to place works of true art


etly subside, and full confidence soon be within reach of all classes, the induce

restored, ments offered to each subscriber are es-Several petty burglaries have been of ceedingly liberal and almost unprecedent- lato perpetrated in this city, the thief or

DIED. ed. Again we would refer our readers to thieves in every instance heretoforo escapits notice in our advertising columns which ing detection. The store of J. W. Smith, PALMER. I Greenville, on the 22nd Inst, Har

, son Palmeraged . more fully sėts forth the advantages it of- on Bradley Street, has been entered seve- Wrigur.-In korwich, on the 22d Int., vol. 1

, 23 offers. The premium engraving, and spec. sal tiines, and others have been also bro- PECK. – in vid Lyme, yn lhe 16th inst, Dr. A. 8. imen numbers of the work may be seen at ken into and robbed of small amounts.- Peck, aged 32 years.


LADIES DEPARTMENT. They seem to associate with the phrase what they bave endured, others,—wbile

everything unlady-like, indelicate, and the fire which will not be quencbed is POETRY.

masculine. This is a total perversion of burning within, the worm gnawing, and

ils meaning. 'Tis the strong minded wo- their heartstrings breaking, -rather than (From the Patriot.)

men who endure labor and hardship, pri- to show the world the agony which cannot The following lines were suggested by vation and pain, poverty and self-denial, be relieved, seek to cover their aching the early depariure of Miss VIRGINIA A without shrinking.

hearts and witbered hopes with the sem. BENTON, of Roxbury, Mass.

'Twas our strong minded women of '76 blance of joy,—with smiles and laugbter,

who nerved our patriots to battle and to and seeming happiness, ---but too often OI could you see the joyous throng

victory. Where would bare been our thelr wild mirth is like flowers on the That round God's altar stands, With golden harps, to tune bis praise,

freedom from Britisb tyranny if our coun- grave of the lost; they cover only the And palms within their hands;

try then, as now, bad been cursed with ruins of what was once beautiful. Alas! Could ye but see that bright array,

sickly sentimentalism about woman's that to the children of men sbould come So pure from spot or stain,

sphere-this false delicacy about her strong such biller sorrow as to make their bearts Ye could not call your loved one back,

mindedness? To weep on earth again.

a sepulcbre. Though this world is not all This “ fippery, foppery,” fasbionable et sadness,-for there are joys here many and Could yo but know whose arms enfold iquette, wbich can only allow a woman to rich,—there are sorrows wbich sweep like Your cherished darling now;

sir per bebind her fan, to talk nonsense in lightning through the beart and brain, Could ye but see the crown of light,

wbite kids, and faint at the sight of a cat. crisping every living thing, striking to That sparkles on ber brow; Could ye but feel the rapture pare,

erpillar, will never produce a generation clay, all we have loved most; and though That marks her angel strain ;of Washingtons or Adanses.

in our sufferings there may be


wid. Ye would not surely call her back

Strong minded! We ought to glory in er far than in a thousand deaths, yet there To weep on earth again.

the name, and thank Heaven tbat we are is something divine in the idea of sufferJoy! joy! the precious tenr drops flow! so many removes from idiocy! Do not ing. Even CHRIST suffered deep and long.

I've touched their swelling springs: fear, gentleman, we bave no notion of step-By suffering, when we allow it to answer And God has sent his holy balm

ping into your pants, of wearing your bat its true ends, our spirits are purified and or healing, on my wings. Peace, for the spirits reconciled

and moustache, of twirling your cane, or made better for the kingdom of Heaven. To his unerring will;

smoking your cigar! We only mean to Wbat nobler sight can be imagined than Peace to the hearts that bend-not burst, mind our own business, recognize our own one weigbed down by suffering, patiently That weep-yet trust Him still.

individuality, and scout the idea that we enduring all the Master sends for His Ah! mid the flight of weary years,

are a “part and parcel" of our “ lords and sake! There are many who, when a few Loft to earth will come,

müsters.” • Lord and master !” That bitter dregs are placed in their cup, would To shed the rays of heavenly Hope

stereotyped phrase, fresh from the mint of push it all away, exclaiming. “Oh, my Around my earthly home.

old Paganism, sounds well, when applied Father! this is too much for thy child,I'll watch my parent's couch beside, I'll be with them in prayer,

to the women of the nineteenth century, give me the release of death!" thinking Then bear their wishes up to Heaven, doesn't it? Suunds weil when the Bible they are acting magnanimously. Ab, the And plead those wishes there. tells us to “ call no man master!”

weakness of human nature! Had GOD Let it be distinctly understood, that wo desired to take them to Himself without And when the chord of life is rent, Which separates us now,

men are a part of humanity, and the great- discipline thus derived, never would the When Death his signal seal has set, er their mental strength, the greater their

cup have been given them. 'Tis cowardly Upon each parent's brow,

influence for doing good, if rightly direct- to wish for death ; buy the act of a noble My harp shall be the first to hymn,

ed. Woman, unless made so by constitu- mind to nerve the soul to encounter all Their welcome to the skies;

tional defect, ought to be ashamed if she that lies in store for it," to suffer and be My form shall be the first to meet Their rapture beaming eyes.

is not strong minded. What right bas strong.” · Some there are, when the waves

she, through idleness and dissipation, to of sorrow roll over their souls, who forget O! mother dear, farewell, farewell! I have not come in vain,

let the powers of her mind dwindle and the duties they owe themselves, their fel. Ye would not, if ye could, recall

die, till she becomes a cipher in communi- low beings, and their God, and selfishly My soul to earth again. ty.-Life Illustrated.

give themselves up to their own sorrow, Live on, for those who yet remain, To heed your loving care;

and thus the purposes of the All-Wise are

(From Moore's Rural New Yorker.] Live on! Your hearts will not be dark,

not accomplishedl. When we see those For God's own light is there. "SUFFER AND BE STRONG."

whose souls rise above the afflictions of

this world, which are but for a moment

" Oh, fear not in a world like this, STRONG MINDED WOMEN.

And thou shalt know ere long,

compared with the eternity beyond, -we Know how sublime a thing it is

reverence them in their sorrow. It must To suffer, and be strong."

be a sweet consolation to earth's stricken

That there is suffering in our world, no ones to know the more they endure here Strong minded! A term of frightful one will deny, for in almost every counte- of sorrow, the sweeter will be the rest in import to many a feinale ear; and some

nance are the lines of

agony. Both


Heaven,--the brighter the smiles of an women are so weak-minded that they will and old have their share in the common approving God. start back with a blush if the epithet is suffering. Some wear their sorrows on

MILLICENT GRAI. applied to them. their faces, as if for all the world to know

Hillsdale, Mich., 1860.



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Day of Day of Temperature above zero *; below . Direction of the wind. State of the Weather. General remarks, the week. Month.

observations, &c. &c. Sunrise. | 12 o'cl'k. 110 P. M. Im'n

temp Morn. | Noon. | Evo. Morn. Noon. | Eve. Sunday..... Nov. 18

47 * 44 * 46 *
N. E. N. E. N. cloudy rain

rain Monday,

19 40
63 6
46 N. E. S. W. West. cloudy cloudy clear


20 88
46 6 80
40.6 N. E. S. W. S. W. rain clear clear

21 26

27 "
80 16

N. E. West. N. W. clear clear clear

40 to 23

N. W. | N. W. North. clear clear clear

23 26

41 - N, E. S. E. S. E cloudy cloudy rain Showery: Saturday, 24 46

19 "

West. N. W. N. W. cloudy clear cloudy | Very bigh and cold winds.


47 16

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These must have their boughs gathered up and blackberry. Evergreen boughs placin a bundle, and then surrounded by a ed about any tender trees, afford the best thin sheathing of straw, or old matting, and safest protection,

fastened in its place by stout cords. If This is the month in which to attend to

evergreen boughs are neatly tied around the wants of ail tender shrubs and plants. shrubs, the appearance is much better than There are many things in our gardens, straw or inats. And for front lawns we big fruit

, and successful pomological cul

Sacramento papers are full of notices of which, if they were so well provided for recommend this mode; at a little distar.ce ture. Some apples over fifteen inches in in Winter as the wild plants of the woods the effect is the same as that of bandsome-circumference was recently exhibited. A overhung by trees, and covered with ly trained evergreen bushes.

gentleman bas in his garden on of the leaves—would need no further care; but

Such tender roses as the Chinas, Buur trees known as the “ Dearborn Suckling," when in the open ground, and exposed to

bons, Noisettes, and Teas, hybernate best which is but five foot bigb, on whose frawind, and frost, and sunshine aloernately, if put into a cool pit, covered with a win- gile boughs bang seventy-five large pears. they will fare hard if not protected by ar. dow frame. But ir the soil be well drain. The tree is supported by props. In the tificial means. North of this city, many ed, t' ey will sometimes, (with the excep same garden are rare specimens of pear shrubs and nearly all herbaceous plants tion of the tea roses) go through the win- trees of the Duchess d'Angouleme species, are benefitted by a slight covering. Slight ter safely out of doors. If this is tried, one bearing twelve and another sixteen we say, for barn is sometimes done by too they should not only be covered with largo pears; yet the trees are only of a thick a blanket.

leaves and soil, but should have a little year's growth, and are not larger than a For plants, many persons use long ma

roof of boards, shaped like an inverted common walking stick. The same går. nure, putting a forkful or two about each eaves trough, to shed excess of rain from den contains blso two Winter Nellis of the crown. This is very good, but for most them. Still, with the best of care, many same age and about the same thickness as things, a peck of forest leaves is the best will die, and others will conie out in the others. On one of these trees are forprotection. These shed the rain like a

Spring a good deal sɔorched. Last Win- | ty-five large sized pears, on the other ten. roof, and keep the roots warm enough ter, we keps part of our tenderist roses by Adjoining tho lutter are two Bartlett pear without heating thom. They will perhaps putting them in large pots in November, trees, one bearing nineteen, and the other need fastening to the ground by a few

keeping them in a carriage house chamber, thirty-tive pears, averaying in weight one sticks or stones, to provent their being until December, then taking them into a and one balf pounds. These constitute a blown away, Carnations, picotees, dui

light cellar, where they remained until curiosity equal to the mammoth trees of sies, Japan lilies, pyrethrums, sr.ap drag. Spring; then they were re-pla ited in the Calaveras County. One quince, four feet ons, and other half-hardy plants winter

garden. Souvenir de la Malmaison, (Bour- high, stem not larger than a common cane, quite well in this way.

bon), Taglioni and Bougen, (Teus), and has on it twelve large quinces of an averTender shrubs may be protected easily. Make a small mound of old manure or of Agrippina, (China): wintered well, and age weight of one and a half pounds each.

Aowered abundantly in the open ground –Ruralist. leaves around the roots, then bend down

throughout the past Sunumer Again, we the branches carefully to the ground, and

BAD NEWS FOR THE WINE DBINKERS. took up several China roses in Noveniber, fasten them there by short stakes. Now, laid them flat on the ground, covered them

-“. It is of uo use," says the Revue Bour. lay over them a few inches of leaves, or

with the dry tops of phloxes and a few guignonne, “to deceive ourselves about the any loose litter, and ther, an inch or so of soil. All that they require is a light and leaves, and inally a few inches of soil; crop of our vineyards. It will be decid

and these wintered better than others of edly bad, whatever the weather may be porous covering to protect them from sud

from the present moment to the next vintthe same kind left standing in the ground den changes of temperature. Of course,

arid protected in the usual manner.-- Ru. age. So far as quality goes, 1860 will reit is not expected to exclude frost entirely,

mind us of the worst years we can rememfor that will penetrate two or three feet in

ber.” The news is still melancholy from depth.

Champagne. The Courrier de la ChamThe above is all the covering that hybrid


pagne thinks that there is not even the perpetuul roses will need, and such shrubs to cover raspberries, grape vines, &c

least prospect of a vintage of any kind in as Foisythia virdisima. Reevess' spirea, Grape vines are often sufficiently protected that province. Nights being very cold, and others of like babit. But some ten- by simply laying flat on the ground_or, and the sun remaining bidden during the der shrubs have such stift branches that at most, with an inch or two of soil. The day, the grapes were not larger than green they cannot easily be bent to the ground. same remark will apply to the raspberry peas at last accounts.

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The Repository:

Cosmopolitan Art Association,

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.: 90

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THE REPOSITORY; together with either of the Danby Bank, Danby....



List of Discredited Banks in New

England and New York.

S T A R R.




.. worthless STARR & FARNHAM, PRINTERS, Canton Bank, China..

The seven years of unrivalled success attending

Central Bank, Grey.... worthless
Ellsworth Bank, Ellsworth.

One Square One Week, (16 lines,)...... ..$0 50 Exchange Bank, Bangor.. .. worthless
*** Three Weeks.....................

have made it a household word througbout every 1 00 " Continuance each week.............. Grocer's Bank, Bangor..

90 section of the country,
Hancock Bank, Ellsworth.

Under the auspices of this popular institution, “My motto through life has been-Work and Ad.

over three hundred thousand homes have learned to ver tise. In business. Advertising is the true Phi. Maratime Bank, Bangor....

10 appreciate-by beautiful works of art on their walls, losopher's Stone, that turns whatever it touches in Mousum River Bank, Sanford.

and choice literature on their tables, the great bene

20 to gold. I have advertised much, both in the week.

fits derived from becoming a subscriber. ly as well as the daily papers ; nor havo I found that Shipbuilders' Bank... .. worthless Subscriptions are now being received in a ratio those of the largost circulation, of either class, ben.

unparalleled with that of any previous year. efitted me the most--Joux JACOB ASTOR.

Exeter Bank, Exeter.....

Terms of Subscription.


Any person can become a member by subscribing THE REPOSITORY GRATIS.


three dollars, for which sum they will receive

1st. The large and superb steel engraving, 30x38

90 inches, entitled following publications for one year, will be sup: South Royalton Bank, South Royalton.... 90 plied to every subscriber, at the prices aiinexed, viz: Authur's Ladies Home Magazine,.. $2,50 Stark Bank, Bennington......

"Falstaff Mustering his Recruits."

2 Godey's Lady's Book,....

83.09 Tbe Home Monthly,......


2d. -One copy, ono year of that elegantly illusAtlantic Monthly, $3,00 Cochichuate Bank, Boston, .

trated magazine,

.worthless Harper's Monthlygo......................... $2.75 Genesee Farmer,...


Grocer's Bank, Boston.. redeemed "Cosmopolitan Art Journal." Albany Cultivator,...... $1.25 Western Bank, Springfield.

2 American Agriculturisty.. $1.75

3d.-Four admissions, during the season, to Rural New Yorker,.....


RHODE ISLAND. Homestead,

$2.50 Lise Illustrated,.... Bank of South County, Wakefield... 10

"THE GALLERY OF PAINTINGS, ...............$2.25 Gleason's Pictoral,

$2.25 Bank of the Republic, Providence.. 50 548 BROADWAY, NEW YORK.” Gleason's Literary Companion,...

$2,25 Water Cure Journal,..

Farmer's Bank, Wickford....... worthless .$1.50

In addition to the above benefits, there will be give Pbrenological Journal,... $1.50 Hopkinton Bank, Westerly...

10 en to subscribers, as gratuitous premiums, over U.S. Journal including Rosa Bonheur's celebra

Mount Vernon Bank, Providence.. ted picture of the Horse Fair,”. $2.00


Five Hundred beautiful Works of Art, Mount Vernon, a beautiful print, 17 by 20 inch- R. I. Central Bank, East Greenwich. 90 es in size, in 15 oil colors,.....

$1.50 Edward Everett, a splendid portrait of this dis

Tiverton Bank, Tiverton.


comprising valuable paintings, marbles, parians, tinguished man, in oil colors,

outlines, bic., forbciag a truly national benedt. ..$1,50 Warwick Bank, Warwick.

2 From the above it will be seen that a subscription

The superb engraving, which every subscriber to the Repository in connection with many of the


will receive, entitled, FALSTATI MUSTERING HIS above publications, will absolutely cost nothing, Bank of North America, Seymour......

RECRUITS, is one of the most beautiful and popular and with the others only from twenty-five to any

5 engravings ever issued in this country. It is done cents, while every volume of our paper actually cosis Colchester Bank, Colchester..... worthless

on steei, in fine line and stipple, and is printed on the publisher more than a dollar. It is oaly, through Eastern Bank, West Killingly.... worthless

heavy plate paper. 30 by 38 inches, makirg a most the libera arrangements of cotemporaries, therefore

choice ornament, suitable for the walls of either the

library, parlor, or office. Its subject is the celebrated that we can afford to be liberal. Specimens of the Granite Bank, Voluntown.. . Worthless Magazines and Engravings may be seen at the Book Hatter's Bank, Bethel..

scene of Sir John Falstaff, receiving, in Justice ShalStore of Messrs. Starr & Co., No.4. Main Street, who


low's office, the recruits which have been gathered

for his " ragged regiment.” It could not be furnishwill receive subscriptions for the same in connec- Litchfield Bank...

ed by the trade for less than five dollars. on with the Repository. Merchant's Exchange Bank, Bridgeport.... 90

The Art Journal is too well known to the whole

country to need commendation. It is a magnificent. FOREIGN POSTAGE, Pahquioque Bank, Danbury.

2 ly illustrated magazine o! Art, containing Eesays, The following table shows the rates of postage be- Pequonnock Bank, Bridgeport..


Stories, Poems, Gossip, &c., by the very best writers

in America. tween this and the various foreign countries and Woodbury Bank, Woodbury.

16 ports with which regular mail communication is es

The Engraving is sent to any part of the country iablished.


by mail, with safety, being packed in a cylyinder,

postage prepaid. Letters. Newspapers. Agricultural Bank, Herkimer...

5 Bubscriptions will be received until the evening of England,

2 cts. Ireland

the 31st of January, 1861, at which time the books 24 66

Bank of Central New York, Utica.... 1/ will close and the premiums be given to subscribers. Scotland,

24 6

2 " France, (1 oz.). .....

Bank of Orleans, Albion..

60 . 15.6

No person is restricted to a single subscription.2 «

Those remitting $15, are entitled to Ave memberChina, vía England,

33 "
Chemung County Bank, Horseheads...

5 berships and to one extra engraving for their

trouble. China, via Marseilles. Dairyman's Bank, Newport...

Subscriptions from California, the Canadas, and Hong Kong,.. Mauritius, via England..

all Foreigo Countries must be $3,50 instead of $3, in Goshen Bank-refuse all notes printed on · order to defray extra postage, etc. Mauritius via Marseilles,

white paper, as the bank repudiates For further particulars send for a copy of the ele N, S. Wales, via Marseilles, . *45 “

8 " N. S. Wales, via England.... *33“

gantly illustrated Art Journal, pronounced the hand4 them some having been stolen.

somest Magazine in America. It contains catalogue New Zealand, via England. *33 “


Hamilton Exchange Bank, Green... 25 New Zealand, via Marsellles,*45 “

of premiuins, and numerous superb engravings.846 Talcahuano, Chili,.

Regular price, 50 cents per number. Specimen cop *34 46

6 «
Hollister Bank, Buffalo......

5 ies, however will be sent to those wishing to subValparaiso, Chili,

+34 "

New York City.....

scribe, on the receipt of eighteen cente, in stamps or Callao, Peru,.... 8 66

coin,Address Palta, Peru,..


Ontario Bank, Utica, Safety Fund.. 40
Sandwich Islands,
Ontario Bank, Utica, secured notes.

C. L. DERBY, Actuary, C. A. A. *10

5 6 « Australia, via Englahd.. 4 " Ontario County Bank, Phelps..


546 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. Australia, via Marseilles,.... *45 “ 8 "

Pratt Bank, Buffalo.....

16 Newspapers to England, Ireland, Scotland and France, should be sent with very narrow envelopes, Reciprocity Bank, Buffalo.....

80 N, B.- Subscriptions received and forwarded by herwise they will be subject to letter postage. Sackett's Harbor Bank, Buffalo.

30 *Payment to be made in advance, All other let

Western Bank, Lockport.....
ters optional.
Weekly, per annum, Papers in all cases to be nu the rest of the State.
Yates County Bank, Penn. Yann..

Agents for New London, Conn, and vicinity, where paid in advance.

specimen ongravings and Art Journal can be seen.

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.24 cts.


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* 26

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Carroll & Parmelee,

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