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by grosser sounds. A far off music comes THE HOUSEHOLD. floating to it by the air. 'Tis the sound

How to Avoid DISEASE. — The great THE LIGHT AT HOME,

of the heavenly barps touched by viewless thing, then to do in order to ward off serifingers-mar not the harmony by the dis

ous disease, (and sickness never comes cord of earth,

without a friendly premonition in the dis“Let me die quietly!" The commo

tance, only that in our stupidity or heedThe light at home! how bright it beams tion of life, the struggles of ambition, the lessness, we often fail to make a note of it,) When evening shades around us fall;

strife and warring with human desting is simply to observe three things: And from the lattice far it gleams, To love, and rest, and comfort all; are over. Wealth accumulated must be

1. The instant we become conscious of When wearied with the toils of day,

scattered ; honors won must be resigned; And strife for glory, gold or fame,

and all the triumphs that come within the any unpleasfnt sensation in the body, How sweet to seek the quiet way'

cease eating absolutely. Where loving lips will lisp our name, range of human achievements must be

2. Keep warm. Around the light at home! thrown away. The past, with its trials,

3. Be still. its accumulating responsibilities, its eling. When through the dark and stormy night

These are applicable and safe in all ca. ing memories, its vanished hopes, is renThe wayward wanderer homeward flies, llow cheering is that twinkling light dering up to the future its long acount

ses; sometimes a more speedy result is obWhich through the forest gloom he spies! disturb not the quiet of that awful reckon tained, if instead of being quiet, the paIt is the light of home. He feels

ing. Speak not of fading memories of af. tient would, by moderate, steady exercise, That loving hearts will greet him thera, And safely through his bosom steals fections wbose objects, perish in their love. keep up a general perspiration for several

hours.-Dr. Hall. The joy and love that banish care liness, like the flowers of spring, or with

TRANSPARENT WINDOW SPADES.-Cut Around the light at home.

er in a slow decay. Talk not of an earth-
ly home where loved ones linger, where a

India-rubber in small pieces, put in an
The light at home ! how still and sweet
It peeps from yonder cottage door-

seat will be yacant, a cherished voice hush- carthern vessel, cover with spirits turpenThe weary laborer to greet

ed forever, or of the desolation that will fine; let it stand, stirring occasionally unWhen the rough toils of day aro o'er! seat itself by the hearthstone. The soul til is becomes a jelly; then thin with vil, Sad is the soul that does not know The blessings that the beams impart,

such as is used for painting, and boil in an is at peace with God : let it

pass calmly

iron vessel. When nearly cool, aprly The cheerful hopes and joys that flow,

away. Heaven is opening upon its vision. And iightens up the heaviest heart,

The bright turrets, and the lofty domes of with a brush to your cloth, which should Around the light at home.

the Eternal City, are emerging from the be bleached and tacked smoothly and

spectral darkness, and the glory of the tightly on frames the size you wish your “ LET ME DIE QUIETLY,

Most High is drawing around them. The curtains. Dry in the shade. When dry Be still make no noise-lot me die quietly.

White Throno is glistening in the dis- you can trace with a pencil any design (VICE PRESIDENT KING. tance, and the white robed angels are you please, and paint with oil paint. A "Be still !" The hour of the soul's de- beckoning the weary spirit to its everlast- small landscape, surrounded by a wreath parture is at hand. Earth is fading from ing home. What is life that it should be of flowers is pretty. This is also a good its vision ; Time is gliding from its pres- clung to longer? What the joys of the way to make oil cloths for stands, doorence! Hopes that cluster around young world that they should be regretted – ways, and carpet preservers around stoves, lifo, that swell in the bosom of manhood, What has earth to place before the spirit taking thick cloth.

KEEPING CIDER SWEET.-Take a barhave fallen from around it like the forest of a man to tempt its stay, or turn it from leaves, when the frosts of autumn have its eternal rest?

rel that will not leak in the sides, with chilled them unto death. Ambition,

bottom in and top out, bore holes in the

LONGEVITY.—Some of the paper are re- bottom that there will be no trouble in the with its hollow promises, and Pride, with its lofty look, have vanished away. The

porting the number of old persons ascer- escapement of the cider, Now take a world, with its deceitfulness. pleasure of the smaller towns in this state. The bottom neatly, that no sand can run

tained by the census still living in many doubled piece of flannel and lay on the with its gilded temptations are gone; and writer met this morning on Main street, through. Place a layer of sand thereon, alone in utter destitution of all that time one of three men now living in this city, to about the depth of six inches, and pulpromised, it mnst start on its solemn jour- born in the Fall of 1776-7. They were verize charcoal and make a very thin layney across the Valley of the Shadow of schoolboys together, and will all enter on er, then another layer of sand of the same Death ! “ Make no noise?" Let the tumult of four months, and have always resided in the last, a heavier layer of sand. This

their eighty-fifth year within the next depth, again another layer of charcoal, life cease. Let no sound break the soul's communion with itself ere it starts on its

New London. One of them commanded barrel of sand and charcoal is to set over a returnless flight. Trouble it not with the another can tell us of heroic exploits as

a ship from this port 62 years ago, and tub which the cider can run in. The proaccents of sorrow. Let the tears stand

cess of cleansing now commences. Draw master of a New York packet in the last from your cide: barrel and pour on the sand still on the cheek of affliction ; and let

war with Great Britain. not the wailing of grief break the solemn

&c., taking care not to stir up the sand silence of the death scene. Let it gather

We have older men in this and other much, rack the whole through, putling the accents that come within the dark towns, but can any place show three other therectifiedc ider it to another sweet barrel shadows of eternity, saying to it, “ Come

or women of eighty four years who in which, afterward, put a pint of mustard home !” The whisperings of angels are

were born and have ever lived in the same seed, and your cider is fit for any compåin its ears ; obstruct not their silvery voices place, and were school children together.—ny, Too much charcoal is a damage

, as Chronicle,

it colors it.-Rural New Yorker.

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General remarks, observations, &c. &c.

40 * 48

Day of Day of Temperature above zero *; below - Direction of the wind. State of the Weather. the week.' | Month. Sunrise. I 12 o'cl’k. 110 P. M.\m'n temp. Morn. | Noon. | Eve. Morn. | Noon. | Eve. Sunday,. ... Sept. 30 34 * 50 * 36 *

North. North. North. clear clear clear Monday,.. Oct. 1 32

53 " 56 «

North./ S. E. S. E. clear rain rain Tuesday,

2 56

70 6 60" 62 6 Bouth. South, N. W. clear clear rain Wednesday,

North./ North North. clear

clear clear Thursday s.. 4 45

58 53

62" N. W. N E. S. E. clear cloudy rain Friday,

5 50
57 6

N. E. N. E. N. E. cloudy rain clear

North. North. North. clear clear clear


76 6


Cold rain.
Heavy thunder storm.
Plesaant at night.
Dull and showery,
Chilly winds.

53 16

52 38 6


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HORTICULTURAL. Willow Twig, Limber Twig, Bonum, | ken ot by Messrs, Hooker and Prince, bu

Stansill, White Pippin, Pryor's Red, Kes- others seemed to think little of it. PauTHE AMERICAN POMOLOGICAL SOCIETY.

wick Codlin, Rawles' Jeanette. Maiden's line was recommended by several South.

Blush, Pomme Royal, Summer Queen. ern members as a fine grape. The MassaThe eighth liennial session of this So

The Currant was next taken up, and a chusetts Wbite met with little favor from ciety opened at Philadelphia on the 11th warm discussion ensued in regard to the anybody. Allen's Hybrid was spoken of of September, and continued three days. merits of the Cherry. Messrs. Wilder, by several, and the merits of the Anda, The morning session was occupied chiefly Downing, Havey, Lawton, and others Ontario, Rogar's Seedling, and others were in organizing, and appointing a nominat-spoke of it as being excessively acid, and freely discussed. The Delaware met with ing committee. In the afternoon, the destitute of flavor ; while Messrs. Barry, encomiums more or less warm, on all President Marshall P. Wilder, Esq., de- Hooker, Warder, and others spoke its hands. livered his address. At the close of the ad- favor ; and it was finally left on the list, to On Grape-culture a great variety of dress the nominating committee reported, which were added, the Versailles, Fertile opinions were expressed, each man seemand the officers were elected, President, d'Angers, and Imperial Jaune, a new ing to have a system of his own. On M. P. Wilder, of Boston. Treasurer, T. French variety.

some points, however, there was much P, James, of Philadelphia Secretary,

Strawberries were next taken up, unanimity, and some particulars were Thomas W. Field, of Brooklyn, L. I. Tho session just closed lost some of its which the opinion was expressed that a etc.

and interesting discussion followed, in elicited in regard to trenching, manuring, interest from the fact that the list for gen- distinction should be made between the eral cultivation was not touched, the Pres

Pear Culture, however, brought out a foreign varieties; that while those from greater variety of opinions than any other ident having recommended that the duty England had almost invariably proved ill subject; some of them indeed, curious of revising this list should be referred to adapted to our climate, those from France enough. One gentleman thought moistspecial and local committees, to report at and Belgium had on the contrary, proved ure had more to do with the growth of the next meeting. This we regard as the

very promising, as instances of which the plants than manure, the impression being most important step yet taken by the So- Triomphe de Gand and others were men- that manure was of no consequence where ciety. If these committees shall faithful

tioned. The Triomphe de Gand was spo- moisture was abundant. Our reporter ly perform their duties, something will at

ken well of by everybody, and this and may have failed to catch his idea. Dr, last have been done worthy of a national Pomological Society. We purpose help.

Jenny Lird were added to the list. Boynton gave some lengthened remarks ing these gentlemen by and by. Their

Raspberries were next in order. The on his mode of using manures for the labors will be of the most onerous kind,

Allen after a warm discussion, was placed pear, including a number of salts, by the but we hope they will not flinch from on the list of the rejected fruit. The Belle use of which he claimed to have given his

de Fontenay was placed on the list which pears a high color and glossy appearance. them.

The Treasurer reported a balance on The discussions which followed were promises well, and the Hornet was well rambling and discursive, but some inter-spoken of. The Purple Cane or Ameri- hand in 1858, $258,94 ; received Septemesting facts were brought out. We find it can Red was highly coinmended by Mr. ber, 1860, $357; the total amount of exDowning.

penditures $418,30; leaving a balance of necessary to condense our reporter's romarks,

Gooseberries. The Downing was added $97,64 in the treasury. An amendment was made to the consti

The Standing Dommittees were announcto the list. tution, reducing the life-membership fee

Blackberries were brought up, several ed by the Chair, which we shall publish as from twenty to ten dollars. The discus. new kinds spoken of, such as the Grape, soon as we can get them. Boston was sesions were then begun, the first in order Parsley-leaved, 'etc., but none added to the lected as the place for holding the next list.

meeting. being the Apple. It will be remembered that the list for general cultivation was

Grapes. This subject proved the most The following resolution was passed :not brought up at any time, the discus-interesting brought before the Society.— Resolved, That the thanks of this Society sion being confined to varieties which The Taylor and Maxatawny were added are tendered to Mr. T. P. James, Mr. J. promise well. The leading members hav- to the list. The Clara was thought too C. Mitchell, and Mr. Wm, Saunders, the ing expressed their opinious, the following tender for out-door culture. The To Ka- committee of arrangements for the meetwere added to the list of apples which lon was said to mildew and rot badly in ings of the Suciety, for the excellent acpromise well: Summer Sweet, Paradise, some localities, but was thought good commodations and polite attention which Canon, Pearmain, Fall Wine, Early Joe, when perfect. The Clinton was well spo- its members have enjoyed.

The Bepository:


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TIEREPOSITORY, together with either of the Danby Bank, Danby.



List of Discredited Banks in New

MAIL ARRANGEMENTS, England and New York.


January 1, 1860. NEW-LONDON, CONN.



Closes al 8! P.M. Arrives at 9 o'clock A,M. Dis.


Closer at 11 A.M., and 52 P.M.

Arrives at 1 P.M.

worthless STARR & FARNHAM, PRINTERS, Canton Bank, China..


Closes at 11 A, M, and 5] P. M.
Central Bank, Grey.


Arrives at 11 and 81 P. M.
Ellsworth Bank, Ellsworth...

90 The mail closing at 53 P. M. is the way mail by

which the offices are supplied belween New Lobo One Square One Week, (16 lines,)... .$0 50 Exchange Bank, Bangor. worthless ** Three Weeks.........

and New llaven; matter for offices beyond New Ma. 1 00 Grocer's Bank, Bangor...

-90 /ven, however, is also sent by the mail which lose Continuance each week........... 20 Hancock Bank, Ellsworth,

at 1?P. M. An additional New flaven mail is also

90 “My motto through life has been-Work and Ad.

received at 8] P. M.. bringing Do:hing from ofices ver tise. In business. Advertising is the true Phi- Maratime Bank, Bangor...

10 between New Haven and New London, losopher's Stone, that turns whatever it touches in- Mousum River Bank, Sanford..


20 to goll. I have advertised much, both in the week

Closes for the shore Line" R. R. Route al 1. M. ly as well as the daily papers; nor have I found that Shipbuilders' Bank.... .worthless Arrives at II P. M. those of the largest circulation, of either class, ben.

Closes for Steamboat and N&W.R.R. at E; P. M. etitted me the most."-JOHN JACOB ASTOR.


Arrives at 10. P. M.

ALBANY AND WESTERN-[By Railroad.] Exeter Bank, Exeter....


Closes at 51 A. M.

Arrives at 6 P. M.



DON AND WILLIMANTIC, following publications for one year, will be supi South Royalton Bank, South Royalton.... 90 plied to every subscriber , at the prices annexed, vizi Stark Bank, Bennington..

Closes at 61 A. M. and 1 P. M.

2 Arrives at 11 A. M. and 6 P. M, Authur's Ladies Home Magazine,..

$2,50 Codey's Lady's Book,.....

Close: also on Saturday evenings for Nutrich it The liome Monthly,.


Atlantic Monthly,..
$3,00 Cochichuate Bank, Boston...... worthless

STONINGTON AND INTERMEDIATE. Harper's Monthly,... $2.75

Closes at O} A.M. Genesee Farner,... $1.25 Grocer's Bank, Boston. . redeemed Arrives at 5 P. M.

LONG ISLAND. Albany Cultivator,. $1.25 Western Bank, Springfield.

2 American Agriculturist,....,

Closes and arrives via New York mail. $1.75 Rural New Yorker,.......


COLCHESTER. Ilomestead,.. 8:2.50

Closesat 7 A.M., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Life Illustrated,

$9.95 Bank of South County, Wakefield... 10 Arrives at 3, P. M., Monday, Wednesday and Gleason's Pictoral, $7.25 Bank of the Republic, Providence......... 50

Friday, Gleason's Literary Companion, $2,25

On alternate days via Norwich, closing at 51 A. Water Cure Journal,...

....$1.50 Farmer's Bank, Wickford.... worthless M., arriving at 6 P.M. Phrenological Journal,....

Hopkinton Bank, Westerly.

10 CALIFORNIA MAIL. U.S. Journal including Rosa Bonheur's celebrated picture of the "Horse Fair,' Mount Vernon Bank, Providence..

Closes for Sea Route on the 4th and 10th or each $2.00


month, Mount Vernon, a beautiful print, 17 by 20 inch- R. I. Central Bank, East Greenwich. 90 es in size, in 15 oil colors.... $1.50

For Orerland Route at St. Louis, every Monday Edward Everett, a splendid portrait of this dis- Tiverton Bank, Tiverton....

90 and Thursday. tinguished man, in oil colors.... ..$1,50 Warwick Bank, Warwick...

The Post Ofice opens at 6 A. M. and closes at & P.

2 from the above it will be seen that a subscription

M. On Sunday opens at 7 A. M. for one hour, alid to the Repository in connection with many of the


hese hours will be strictly observed. above publications, will absolutely cost nothing,

Letters or papers put into the outside box before an I with the others only from twenty-five to Arty Bank of North America, Seymour.

584 P. M. for the New York Steamboat mail,or before cents, while every volume of our paper actually costs Colchester Bank, Colchester..... worthless

54 A. M. for the morning Railroad Mail, are always the publisher more than a dollar. It is only through

in time

STANLEY G.TROTT,P.J. the libera arrangements of cotemporaries, therefore Eastern Bank, West Killingly.... worthless that we can atford to be liberil. Specimens of the Granite Bank, Voluntown. . worthless

Magazines and Engravings may be seen at the Book
Store of Messrs. Starr & Co., No.4. Main Street, who Hatter's Bank, Bethel.

FALL AND WINTER will receive subscriptions for the same in connec- Litchfield Bank.... on with the Repository. Merchant's Exchange Bank, Bridgeport.. 90

DRY GOODS! FOREIGN POSTAGE, Pahquioque Bank, Danbury.

2 The following table shows the rates of postage be- Pequonnock Bank, Bridgeport..

2 CHRISTOPHER CULVER, tween this and the various foreign countries and Woodbury Bank, Woodbury.

15 ports with which regular mail cominunication is es

IS tablished.

Letters. Newspapers.

21 cts, 2 cts.
Agricultural Bank, Herkimer.....

5 Ireland.


Bank of Central New York, Utica.. 1 NEW Scotland,

.24 6

2 " 'France,(1 oz.).

15 of
Bank of Orleans, Albion.....

China, via England,

Chemung County Bank, Horseheads. 5
China, via Marseilles.

4 6 Hong Kong,..

Dairyman's Bank, Newport......


PRETTY Mauritius, via England.

Goshen Bank-refuse all notes printed on Mauritius via Marseilles, ....*45 "

8 " N. S. Wales, via Marseilles,. *45 “

AND white paper, as the bank repudiates N. S. Wales, via England.... *33" them some having been stolen.

CHEAP New Zealand, via England. *33 New Zealand, via Marseilles, * 45 “

Hamilton Exchange Bank, Green...... 25 Talcahuano, Chili,.

Hollister Bank, Buffalo....

5 Valparaiso, Chili,

66 Callao, Peru,..

New York City..




Ontario Bank, Utica, Safety Fund.. 40 Panama,

Sandwich Islands,

Ontario Bank, Utica, secured notes.

5 Australia, via England..

Ontario County Bank, Phelps.


No 12, Main-Street. Australia, via Marseilles,..

8 “ Newspapers to England, Ireland, Scotland and Pratt Bank, Buffalo.....

15 Sept. 27, France, should be sent with very narrow envelopes, Reciprocity Bank, Buffalo.

ORNAMENT IN EVERY FAMILY. The herwise they will be subject to letter postage. Sackett's Harbor Bank, Buffalo.

plain ENGRAVINGS, LITHOGRAPHS, AMBROTYPES, &C. *Payment to be made in advance. All other let- Western Bank, Lockport...

5 on to Glass, MARBLE, OR Woop. Sent free to any ters optional.

address, on receipt of 25 cents,coin or slamps. Weekly, per annum, Papers in all cases to be Yates County Bank, Penn. Yann..

Address GW. PLACE. pa id in advance. All the rest of the State.

444 Houston st., New York.




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*33 6

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8 " 46 4 66 8 6 66

*34 " *34


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Life bath its seasons >

THE HARVEST OF THE HEART. subsequently distributed among nephews have been located in that part of the town,

and nieces living in Rhode Island and but it must be remembered that the Cove, North Carolina.

was then the seat of the principal mercanAnd Time on a chariot of hours,

In 1762, Capt. Thomas Oliver, was ap. tile business of the town. The wharves Rolls to Eternity's gate

pointed Collector of the port and District and ware-houses were all north of the PaAdown a dim valley, where flowers. of New London. He continued in office

rade. Bereft of their beauty, Lie withered and scattered by Fate.

but a short period and his subsequent his- Mr. Stewart lived in free, hospitable

tory is not known, except that he made style. Those were the days when cards, Hearts have their harvests :

his will in 1770 at New London, where it clubs, game-dinners and tripe-suppers And Sorrow goes after the reapers To mildew the yellowing grain;

was proved many years afterward. He were in vogue, and Mr. Stewart's house While Pity, in tears,

owned a valuable lot upon Town Hill was one of the gathering places of the gay Stands watching the laboring weepors, which was confiscated during the revolu- men of that period. He seemed also to Go reaping a harvest of pain. tion.

take a lively interest in the prosperity of The last of the royal custom house offi the place; contributed liberally to the Youth is the Seed-time :The season of sunshine and sbowere,

cers in New London was Duncan Stewart. Episcopal cburch and was one of the origThat nurtures the delicato germ

He received the appointment of “Collec- inal founders and proprietors of the Union Which, in Life's autumn,

tor of his Majesty's Custoins for the port School. In a M.S., letter of Nathaniel Will bring to our bosoms sweet flowers,

and district of New London,” early in the Shaw Esq., to the Messrs Wharton, his Or thorns and a cankering worme.

year 1764, and sailed from Portsmouth, business correspondents in Philadelphia, God's is the Harvest :

Eng., in June, in the frigate Essex.—he requests them to engage and send on Whose sickle by Mercy is wielded

Meeting with very tempestuous weather, some German servants for Mr. Stewart, Among the ripe grain and the tares;

the vessel was driven out of her course, the Collector, of whom he thus speaks :Unto His garder The sheaves of the gleaner are yielded,

and having sprung a leak, was compelled “ I should be very glad if you could get With Harvest Home anthems and prayers.

to put into Lisbon harbor. From this him three such servants to suit him, for I

place Mr. Stewart took passage in a brig really think him to be as good a man as BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES.

to New York, and from thence came im- any that belongs to the Revenue. Bis inediately to New London, where he ar- motive ir sendirig for them is, that he bas rived, Sept 21, 1764.

a great aversion to negroes and the white The New London District then includ- servants about here bave too many connec

ed the whole Colony of Connecticut: ves- tions." COLLECTORS OF THE PORT OF NEW LON- sels from Hartford, Middletown, New

Immediately after the battle of LexHaven. all cleared from this port. Mr. ington, Mr. Stewart became a prisoner, DON, BEFORE THE REVOLUTION.

Stewart was a popular officer and assimi- so far as to be placed under watch and lated readily with the people and customs guard to prevent all communication with of the country. He married in Boston, the royal party. In general, he was al

Nancy, youngest daugbter of John Er- lowed the liberty of the town, on bis The first Collector of the port of whom ving, Esq., January, 6, 1767, A small pledge to keep within its bounds, but such any notice has been obtained was John headstone in our old Burial Ground is was the violence of the populace in those Shackmaple, who died in 1743. He was dedicated to the memory of one of their days of strife and embittered feeling, that buc 85 years of age, and it may be con children removed by death in early infan, he could not appear in the streets without jectured that his father, whose name first cy: ." Isabella, daughter of Duncan and being pursued by a mob and subjected to appears on the New London records Anne Stewart, died April 17, 1770.

insult. Once on the arrival of some goods about the year 1710, held tbe office before Mr. Stewart lived in Main Street, with from New York, which he bad been per. him.

the Custom House a little in the rear of mitted to receive for the use of his family, Joseph Hull was probably the successor his dwelling. Both buildings were origi- a lawless throng gathered at the wharf to of the two Shackmaples and continued in nally erected by Robert Sloan a former prevent their being landed. They were office, perhaps 20 years. He amassed a merchant of New London, and were de- balked in this attempt, but seized them considerable property in New London, be- stroyed in the conflagration of Sept 6, afterwards, set fire to them, and in the ing the owner of several farms, together 1781. The mauufactoring establishment midst of noise and tumult they were conwith various houses and house lots in the of Albertson and Douglass now occupies sumed in a public bonifire. The ring. town plot. He died after 1760, leaving the site. It may seem strange at the pros- leaders were indeed arrested and imprisapparently no family, as his property was ent day that the Custom House should oned, but they were forcibly released by


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another mob, and allowed to go unseath- THE REPOSITORY: Yania, Kentucky and Virginia, some er


18. 1860.

, NEW-LONDON, CONN. By the regular authorities of the town

by persons wbose desire to learn all about and sta:e, Mr. Slawari was uniformly

the art was at that time only equalled by treated with kindness and liberality. In Thursday, October

their ignorance of chemical manipulations. the autum of 1776, he was permitted to go

The process of distillation would be occa.

THE COAL OIL BUSINESS. to New York on parole for three months,

sionally directed by the village apotbecary, and in June, 1777, he obtained leave from Like most of the useful inventions and under the superintendence ot the coal land the State authorities to return to England. discoveries of the present day, the extrac-owner, both in turn overlooked by the The sloop Union, came from New York tion of a cheap and safe illuminator from capitalist of the county, who varied bis with a flag of truce to convey bis family coal and other bituminous substances, bas scientific labors by demolishing the stateand effects thither, from whence be was to attained its present development, through ments and calculations of his companions, take passuge immediately for London, the long and patient labors of the chemists Frequently the glass retorts used would having a passport which covered his fam- of this country and of Europe. The abun- burst from being overcharged, and sprinily, his furniture, two servants, and "one dance of the raw materials, cannel coal, kle the party with creosote or carbonic acmilch cow for the benefit of the children bitumen, and petroleum in the United id, which is found in the crude oil distilled on the voyage."

States, naturally caused a greater expendi- from coal. In one mining district, where The question is often asked, wbat be- iure of skill and capital here than in any the writer was employed in building a came of the Colonial Custom House rec. other country. In 1853 the manufacture coal distillery, the people planted corn in ords of this port? No positive answer was first commenced in America by a great quantities, under the impression that can be given, as there does not appear to New York company, working under the it would bring a good price at the works; be any actual testimony upon the subject. Kerosene” patents which were granted they not believing that oil could be made Three conjectures may be admissible, viz., to a chemist of New Yurk.

from "stone coal," as they called it, but that the state took possession of them af- One of our cotemporaries states that in supposing the statement was made to preter the Declaration of Independence; | 1855, after the new oil had in some degree vent their ministers from denouncing the that Mr. Stewart carried tbem with him overcome the prejudices of the people and concern as a whiskey distillery. to England; that they were left in the the opposition of those interested in the Although the first coal oils manufactured Custom House and consumed in the build- | manufacture of camphene and burning were inferior to those of the present time, ing. The last supposition is the most fluid, the owners of deposits of cannel coal, they soon came into use for burning and probable, for were they still extant, in the which is found in many parts of the Alle- lubrication, principally for the former purcourse of 80 years some trace of them ghany coal field, began to erect works for pose, however. The following list com. would probably have been discovered. its manufacture. The raw material up to prises most of the companies and firms

that time had been imported from the manufacturing coal oil, not more than ten The office of Controller of the Customs British provinces and Scotland. In most of whom were in operation prior to 1856: appears to bave been distinct from that of cases the business proved unremunerative,

COAL OIL COMPANIES AND FIRMS, 1860. Collector. This office was held for a con- from the fact that the art was a new one, Aladdin Co., Kiskiminitas, Pa.; Atlantic Co., New siderable term of years, under Hull, Oli and the data for its suceessful prosecution Lorka Adair & Veeder, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Ander

son, Darlington, Pa.; Breckinridge Co.. ver and Stewart, by Dr. Thomas Moffatt, were only to be obtained by experience.- Ky.; Boston & Portland (o. Boston;

New York; Brooks, Zanesville, 0.; Covington Co. an Englisb physician and surgeon. Du-Tbe mystery which was about the art Covington,'Ky.; Cox, Zanesville, 6.; Carbon Com ring the vacancies that bad occurred in served to excite the desire of many persons Co., Now York; Downer & Co. Boston: Dean,

New York; Cornell & Co. Cantield, O.; Clough & the collectorship, he had acted as collec- to attempt its prosecution, and with every Scieveland ; Empire State Co., New York : Excelsior

York ; tor. He practised also as a physician in accession to the ranks of coal oil amateurs, Cambridge Co.. East Cambridge, Mass. ; Enon Valthe place, and was highly esteemed in that the statement made of the astonishing re- tyrosinon. Valley, Pa; Franklin Co., New York:

Hill Co., VaRock , capacity. He appears to have withdrawn sults of their experiments only intensified Kananha, Va.; Great Weslern Co., Newark, O.

Grers, Kananba, Va ; Great Kananha Co., Kanan ; from town suddenly, on the first rumor of the excitement upon the subject. The ha, Va.; Grasselli, Cincinnati; Glendon Co., Bos the approaching conflict, leaving his effects yield of marketable oil from one ton ot ton; Hartford Co., Hartford, ct.; Himebaugh &

Co., Ceshocton, 0.; Knickerbocker Co., New York; behind, Mr. Stewart at first obtained cannel cual, averaging twenty gallons in Keystone Co., Preston county, Va.; Long Island Co.

New York; Lucesco Co., Kiskiminitas, Pa,; New permission to take the goods of Dr. Moff the Western coal fields, was stated to be York nd Wheeling Co. Whceling, Va.; New Bedat with his own to London, but the order one hundred gallons and one hundred and Co., New Galilee, Pa ;'Orion Co., New York; Fink

ford Co., New Bedford, Mass.; New York Coal Oil was countermanded, a representation be- fifty gallons, and the profits of the business bam, Boston ; Peasley, Boston ; Page & ca, Bos

ton; Pictou Co., New York ; Palestine Co., Palesing made to the government that he had were calculated from that enormous viela, tine, Pa.; Phænix Co., Cincinnati, O.; Preston Com left the country in a hostile spirit and had far beyond that of the purest bitumen, G.; Ritchie Co., (bitumen,) Ritchie county, Va.

Preston county, Va.; Robinson & Co., Perry county, since been in arms against her. His ef- which yields rarely more than seventy-five Sherwood, Cantield, 0:; Stanton, Kananba, va fects were therefore confiscated and sola gallous per ton. A coal oil fever, which Ky.; White Day Co., Monangalia county, Va.

Stamford Co., Stamford,'ct. ; Unior Co., Maysville, by the select men, 20th of April 1778.- has been compared to the “morus multi- Western Co , Cincinnati, O.; Zephyr Co., New York.

Total 57. The advertisement states that they consis- caulis” mania, seemed to fasten upon all ted of a valuable collection of books, some who attempted to experiment in making of small coal oil works in Philadelphia,

There are, besides the above, a number drugs and medicines, an anatomy, and a oil; material for some very laughable farces quantity of household furniture. abound in the experiences of the pioneer by individuals.

Baltimore, and the western cities, owned Dr. Moffat died in London in the year coal oil manufacturers. In the log cabins

The quantity of coal oil produced is 1787.

of the mining distircts of Ohio, Pennsyl- estimated to be thirty thousand gallons per


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