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Day of the week.

76 66

Day of Temperature above zero *; below Direction of the wind. State of the Weather: General remarks,
Sunrise. /.12 o'cl'k. (10 P.M.Im'n temp./ Morn. | Noon. | Eve. Morn. | Noon. | Eve.

observations, &c. &c.
dug. 19
80 * 70 * 70 *

N. W.South. IS, W., foggy clear cloudy Hot.
20 64

66.6 East. East. East. cloudy cloudy cloudy Dull and cloudy.
21 70

75 6 S. E, East. S. W. foggy clear cloudy
22 72
74 " 766 S. W S. W. S. W.

clear cloudy Hot and sultry:
23 70
82 6.

75 "

S. E, S, W. S. W. foggy clear clear
24 64

S. E, S. E,

S, E. cloudy cloudy foggy Pleasant,
25 68
70 % 69

N. E. N. E. S. W. cloudy rain clear

Sunday,.. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday, EU Friday,


65 66 73 16

82 6


7361 72

72 "




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HORTICULTURAL. and full roports of the condition and pro- delegates are requested to forward for ex.

gress of fruit culture, within their limits, hibition as large collections of fruit as together with definite answers to each of practicable, including specimens of all the

the following questions. Those reports, it rare and valuable varieties grown in their The eighth session of this Institution is desirable, should be forwarded to the respective districts, and esteemed worthy will be held in the city of Philadelphia, Chairman of the General Fruit Commit- of notice; also, papers descriptive of their commencing on the 11th of September tee, Hon. SAMUEL WALKER, Roxbury, mode of cultivation-of diseases and innext, at 10 o'clock A. M., and will be con- Mass., if possible, as early as the 1st of sects injurious to vegetation--of remedies tinued for several days.

September, or to THOMAS W. FIELD, Esq., for the same, and to communicate whatThis Society, the first National Institu- Secretary, Brooklyn, New York. ever may aid in promoting the objects of tion for the promotion of Pomological Sci- What six, twelve, and twenty varieties of the meeting. Each contributor is requestence, was organized in the year 1848. Its of the Apple are best adapted to an orchard ed to make out a complete list of his consessions have brought together the most of one hundred trees, for family use,-and tributions, and present the same with his distinguished cultivators of our country; how many of each sort should it contain ? fruits, that a report of all the varieties enits transactions have embodied their vari. Wbat varieties, and how many of each, tered may be submitted to the meeting as ous researches and riprst experience, and are best for an orchard of one thousand soon as practicable after its organization. its Catalogue of Fruits has become the trees, destined to bear for the inarket? Societies will please transmit to the Secacknowledged standard of American Po

Wbat six and twelve varieties of the retary at an early day, a list of the Delomology.

Pear are best for family use on the Pear gates they have appointed. Its example has created a general taste Stock ? What varieties on the Quince Gentlemen desirous of becoming memfor this science, inspired pomologists with Stock? What varieties, and how many of bers can remit the admission fee to Tromgreater zeal, and called into existence many each of these are best adapted to a Pear As P. JAMES, Esq., Treasurer, Philadel. kindred associations. Its progress has Orchard of one hundred or of one thousand phia, who will furnish them with the transbeen remarkable and gratifying, but it troos?

actions of the Society. Life Membership, still has a great work to perform. Its general catalogue should, from time to time, ties of the Peach? What are the best va

What are the six and twelve best varie-twenty dollars; Biennial, two dollars.

Packages of Fruits may be addressed to be enlarged and perfected, and local cata

rieties, and how many of each, are best Thos. P. JAMES, 630 Market Street, Phillogues formed, embracing the fruits adapt-I adapted to a Peach orchard of one hundred adelphia. MARBHALL P. WILDER, ed to each State and Territory of the Unor of one thousand trees ?

President, Boston, Mass. ion. The last of these suggestions was made by the Chairman of the General made from reliable experience, and with

Answers to these questiuns should be THOMAS W. FIELD,

Secretary, Brooklyn, N. Y. Fruit Committee, at the seventh session of

reference to the proximity or remoteness the Society, in the year 1858. This has

COAL ASARS As A MANURE.-The fol. of the market. been carefully considered, and is deemed

lowing experiment by an English farmor

Held, as this convention will be, in a worthy of special attention. It is, there

may shed some light on the subject :-The fore, earnestly recommended that each city easily accessible from all parts of the

ground selected contained three perches of State Pomological, Horticultural, or Ag., country, and with the prospect of abundant I clover, the first had to manure and proricultural Society, charge its Fruit Cum- crops of fruit, it is anticipated that the duced thirty-eight pounds when cut in full mittee with the duty of collecting inform coming session will be one

of the most use head; the second where four quarts of coal ation, and presenting the same with de- ful the Society bas ever held. Societies ashes that had not been exposed to the scriptive lists of Fruits adapted to their therefore, in every State and Territory of

weather were applied, the produce was the United States, and the Provinces of fifty pounds; on a third perch one quart location.

The importance of this subject, and the British America, are requested to send of plaster was sown, and the crop weighed increasing value of the fruit crop of the such number of delegates as they may fifty-four pounds. It will thus be seen that United States, call for a prompt and cor- choose to elect. Fruit-growers, Nursery- the ashes increased the clover nearly one dial response to this request,-for a careful men, and all others interested in the art of

quarter. preparation of said list, and for a full and Pomology, are invited to be present-to able representation, at the approaching become members, and to take part in the

Ox the line of the Ohio and Mississippi deliberations of the Convention. session, from all parts of the country.

road, in Jackson County, Ind., there is a The various State Committees of this

In order to increase as much as possible single plantation of watermelons, comprisSociety are expected to submit accurate tho interest of the occasion, members and ing seven hundred acres.

The Repository:

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........ $2.25



List of Discredited Banks in New MAIL ARRANGEMENTS.
England and New York.


January 1, 1860.




Closes at 8! P.M. Arrives at 2 o'clock A, 31. ONE DOLLAR PER ANNUM IN ADVANCE. Bank of Hallowel......


75 Closes at 11 A.M., and 57 P.M.

.. worthless STARR & FARNHAM, PRINTERS, Canton Bank, China.

Arrives at 1] P. M.

Central Bank, Grey..

. Worthless Closes at 11 A. M. and 5) P. M.
Ellsworth Bank, Ellsworth.......


Arrives at 14 and 8J P. M.

The mail closing at 5, P. M. is tbe way mall by One Square One Week, (16 lines,)...........80 50 Exchange Bank, Bangor. . worthless which the offices are supplied between New Loodut ** Three Weeks.......

1 00

Grocer's Bank, Bangor.. * Continuance each week.............

and New Haven; matter for offices beyond New Ha

.-90 20

ven, however, is also sent by the mail which loge Hancock Bank, Ellsworth.. “ My motto through life has been-Work and Ad:

90 at 124 P. M. An additional New Haven majlis ala ver tise. In business. Advertising is the true Phi. Maratime Bank, Bangur..


received at 8] P. M.. bringing do:hing from otices

between New Haven and New Lundon. losopher's Stone, that turns whatever it touches in Mousum River Bank, Sanford..

20 BOSTON, PROVIDENCE AND EASTERN. to gold. I have advertised much, both in the week

worthless ly as well as the daily papers ; nor havo l' found that Shipbuilders' Bank.

Closes for the "Shore Line" R.R. Route al 12 ,

Arrives at 11 P. M. those of the largest circulation, of either class, ben. efitted me the most."-JOHN JACOB Astor.


Closes for Steamboat and N&W.R.R. at BJP. M.

Arrives at 101 P. M.
Exeter Bank, Exeter...



Closes at 5: A. M.

Arrives at 6 P. M.
Danby Bank, Danby..


g... THE REPOSITORY, together with either of the


AND INTERMEDIATE BETWEEN NEW LONfollowing publications for one year, will be sup South Royalton Bank, South Royalton.... 90 DON AND WILLIMANTIC, plied to every subscriber, at the prices ajinexed, viz: Stark Bank, Bennington...

2 Closes at 61 A. M. and 1 P. M. Authur's Ladies Home Magazine,... $2.50

Arrives at 11 A. M. and 6 P. M,
Godey's Lady's Book,.....


Closes also on Saturday evenings for Norwick st The Home Monthly,.. . $2.00

81. Atlantic Monthly,..

$3,00 Cochichuate Bank, Boston,

..... worthless

STONINGTON AND INTERMEDIATE. Harper's Montbly,..... B.....................$2.75 Grocer's Bank, Boston... ..redeemed Closes at 64 A.M. Genesee Farmer,... $1.25

Arrives at 5 P. M. Albany Cultivator.......................... $1.25 Western Bank, Springfield....


LONG ISLAND. American Agriculturist,...

$1.75 Rural New Yorker.....


Closes and arrives via New York mail. .......................$2.50

COLCHESTER. Homestead,.. ..........................$2.50 Bank of outh County, Wakefield...

Closes at 7 A.M., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Life Illustrated,.. Gleason's Pictoral,

Arrives at 3} P. M., Monday, Wednesday and ................$2.25 Bank of the Republic, Providence......... 50

Friday. Gleason's Literary Companion,. ........... $2,25 Farmer's Bank, Wickford....

On alternate days via Norwich, closing at 51 A. Water Cure Journal,..

$ .50 Phrenological Journal,... $1.50 Hopkinton Bank, Westerly.

M., arriving at 6 P. M.

10 U.S. Journal including Rosa Bonheur's celebra- Mount Vernon Bank, Providence....... 2 CALIFORNIA MAIL.

ted picture of the Horse Fair,". Mount Vernon, a beautiful print, 17 by 20 inch- R. I. Central Bank, East Greenwich. 90 Closes for Sea Route on the 4th and 19th of each es in size, in 15 oil colore..........

month, $1.50 Tiverton Bank, Tiverton.... Edward Everett, a splendid portrait of this dis


For Overland Route at St. Louis, every Monday tinguished man, in oil colors,........ -$1,50 Warwick Bank, Warwick...

2 and Thursday. From the above it will be seen that a subscription

CONNECTICUT, to the Repository in connection with many of the

The Pool Office opens at 6 A. M. and closes at 8 P.

M. On Sunday opens at 7 A. M. for one hour, and above publications, will absolutely cost nothing, Bank of North America, Seymour...

6 these hours will be strictly observed. and with the others only from twenty-Gve to any Colchester Bank, Colchester ..... worthless

Letters or papers put into the outside box before cents, while every volume of our paper actually costs

8] P M. for the New York Steamboat mail, or before the publisher more than a dollar. It is only through Eastern Bank, West Killingly.... worthless

5] A. M. for the morning Railroad Mail, are always the liberal arrangements of cotemporaries, therefore

in time

STANLEY G. TROTT, P.N. that we can afford to be libera l. specimens of the Granite Bank, Voluntown.. .worthless Magazines and Engravings may be seen at the Book Hatter's Bank, Bethel..... store of Messrs. Starr & Co., No. 4. Main Street, who

76 A The

ney and beautiful Art of transferring colored or will receive subscriptions for the same in connecLitchfield Bank...

plain ENGRAVINGS, LITHOGRAPHS, ANBROTYPES, &c. -ion with the Repository. Merchant's Exchange Bank, Bridgeport.... 90 on to Glass. MARBLE, OR Wood. Sent free to aby

address, on receipt of 25 cents,coin

or stamps. Pahquioque Bank, Danbury.


Address G.W. PLACE. Pequonnock Bank, Bridgeport.


444 Houston st., New York. The following table shows the rates of postage be tween this and the various foreign countries and Woodbury Bank, Woodbury.


DRY GOODS! ports with which regular mail communication is eg. tablished.

NEW YORK. Letters. Newspapers. Agricultural Bank, Herkimer..... England,


Bank of Central New York, Utica..

1 Scotland,

24 6
2 "
Bank of Orleans, Albion......

60 France, (oz.)..

. 15

Low and Uniform Prices ! China, vía England,

Chemung Copnty Bank, Horseheads. 5 China, via Marseilles.


Dairyman's Bank, Newport.......
Hong Kong,..
Mauriuus, via England..

4 "

Goshen Bank-refuse all notes printed on
Mauritius via Marseilles,
N. S. Wales, via Marseilles,. * 45

white paper, as the bank repudiates CHRISTOPHER CULVER,

8 " N. 8. Wales, via England.... *33 "

them some having been stolen. New Zealand, via England. *33"

Hamilton Exchange Bank, Green... 25 New Zealand, via Marseilles, * 45 46

AT No. 12 MAIN STREET, Talcahuano, Chili,..

Hollister Bank, Buffalo...

Valparaiso, Chili,..
New York City..


*22 " Palta, Peru,.............

Ontario Bank, Utica, Safety Fund.. 40
Panama, ...
Ontario Bank, Utica, secured notes.

Very Desirable and Choice Selection ......10 Sandwich Islands,

5 +26" Australia, via Englahd..

Ontario County Bank, Phelps...

25 Australia, via Marseilles,

8 "
Pratt Bank, Buffalo....

Newspapers to England, Ireland, Scotland and
Prance, should be sent with very narrow envelopes, Reciprocity Bank, Buffalo...


SEASONABLE GOODS! otherwise they will be subject to letter postage. Sackett's Harbor Bank, Buffalo,... 30 *Payment to be made in advance. All other letWestern Bank, Lockport...

5 Which purchasers aro solicited to examine before tors optional.

Yates County Bank, Penn. Yann. * Weekly, per annum. Papers ly all cases to be all the rest of the State.

purchasing. yaid in advance.

July 1-5 mos.


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morning light stresmed. The foor was “ These,” said my guide, c. are Knowl

inlaid with gems that reflected the light in edge and Humility; for here they always Round many a brow are flowers wrought, In garlands bright and fair,

a thousand hues, so that there was no walk together. Knowledge has brought To show how full the heart is fraught

hiding place for darkness in all the palace. vast treasures to this palace, and is conor love that placed them there;

The walls were hung with pictures, some stantly bringing more. She has collected or love, that for a while is bright,

of them of scenes familiar to me and very the choicest gems of sea and land. She But dies like day-beams, in the night.

dear, while others represented forms and has sailed over the wide ocean of Immen: No garland for thy brow Itwine,

places more glorious than any of which I sity, and brought away riches from the Which outward roses forin,

had ever dreamed. My ear was also de- stars. Sbe has talked with angels, and For such must droop in fleeting time,

lighted with the songs I heard, sweeter her choicest treasures were brought diE'en sheltered from the stormEach perfumed flower must fade away,

than the carol of early birds. I could not rectly from the presence chamber of God An emblem of earth's loves decay.

see the singers ; but it was as if their mu- himself. See, now, how she loves Hu. sic filled all the air.

mility. She has always done so since she Bat still I'd weare a garland bright, As ever crowned a brow,

This palace, as I have said, was very

has seen the Lord. That will not change in darkest night, rast; and yet it seemed, in some mysteri.

“Now turn thy eyes in another direcBut be what it is now

ous way, constantly to increase in magni- tion. Observe Wisdom. He it is, with And round thy HEART the wreath I'd twine,

tude, and, as constantly to receive addi. such a depth of thought expressed in his An emblem of the truth of mine.

tional resources. It was full of people, all large eyes. That bold-looking personage Tis Friendship’s garland that I bringbeautiful, and all activo.

upon whom he leans is Truth, and the Unfading as the sky

“Who,” said I, addressing my guide, fair being who so much attracts you, reor sweeter fowers than those of SpringE'or blooms, but ne'er will die

“is that grave and dignified personage clining by Wisdom's side, whose white Yes, FRIENDSHIP's garland crown was giron, who stands in the central court, to whom robe and innocent eyes seem so well to To make poor mortals hope for Heaven. all eyes are so often directed ?"

harmonize, is Purity. Though years roll round, and we should part, “ That is Order,” he answered ; " for “ You will remark that this palace is Still may Tuls garland be

order reigns here, as well as in heaven." large indeed, and in no part unoccupied, A guerdon that shall give thy heart

“ And who is she, with a bloom like and set there is not a single deformed or A warmer beat for mo. Mem'ry the perfume of this wreath,

the young roso, and eyes so full of purity unlovely person in it all. Neither are Whose incense love should ever breathe.

and tenderness ? All smile as sho ap- there any discords here, nor any sorrows.

proaches, and she glides about like a spir. Happiness, here, is perfect and complete. THE TWO PALACES.

it, leaving her own image upon every face Yet it was not always so. You will she looks at."

scarcely believe me, when I tell you that “ That is Love."

this fine palace was once a ruin, occupied I HAD been trying to exclude outward

“And she, who follows her overywhere, by fierce banditti. It was ransomed from objects from my mind, and turn my

as if she were her shadow, with the light their hands at a great price, by the thoughts inward upon the soul. I endeav

mighty Prince who now rules over it, and evergreen garland ?" " That is Jog."

who has made it what you wonder to beored to think of its origin, of its capacities,

“Will you not point thom all out to

hold. of its never-ending existence; my mind

“But come now with me, and I will became bewildered by the subject, and I me?" I said to my guide; “I would

know them all. I have never seen so show you what this palace might bave fell asleep, and dreamed. A form of divine beauty stood beside goodly a palace, or beings so fair as been, by showing you another.” these."

I sighed to leave such a scene of beauty me, and pointed towards a noble palace that at a little distance rose before ine. It

A grave smile passed over his faco, and and blessedness; but my guide beckoned vas vasi, and symmetrical in its propor

he pointed to the door, through whose me on. In a short time, I had left betions, and of a dazzling whiteness. Clear, golden archway two figures were just hind me the golden dome and lofty portal rosy light hovered about it like a cloud, then entering. One was tall, and of a and found myself in the region or night and air bracing as that of the mountains, lofty carriage, with large, bright eyes, and and gloom. yet soft as in early June, floatel around robe that seemed wrought with sunbeams. Again I stood before a vast palace, if

She carried in her hand a rich casket of that could be called a palace from which “Enter!” said my guide. In another jewels, and looking upon it she smiled every trace of royalty was gono. The moment I stood within the palace, aston-joyfully, then glanced upward, and then heavens seemed to frown upon it, and the ished at its splendor. Above me rose a bent her eyos reverently upon the small, walls looked blackened and blasted, as if crystal dome, through which a flood of yet graceful figure at her side.

by lightning. A lurid light streamed

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step and



will be held at the of

from the windows, exposing all the ruin; thou hast seen a human soul, that would | bastions and ramparts of the littlc fort and with it camo a voice like the midnight not be redeemed, and must remain a where they 80 Dobly fought and

bravely fell. Its gallant commander wind of winter ; now, a long and heavy wreck forever !" sigh ; now a long wail; and now, a wild

slain with his own sword, with the shrick, that seemed borne from some dis- THE REPOSITORY: death-drops upon bis nuble brow, was tant sea.

NEW LONDON, CONN. Among the number—and all this in defense “Look within,” said my guide, “and


of the dearest rights inherited by us their tell me if this is like the other, or like Thursday, September 6, 1860.

descendants. We would not recall theso anything thou hast ever seen.”

harrowing scenes of conflict and of blood, SEPTEMBER SIXTH, 1781.

but for the purpose of fixing more indeliI looked and shuddered. How shall. I describe what I there saw ? No light “A meeting the Gre to Monument Association bly on our hearts the value

of the sacred from above ; but a great furnace, from be- the 6th of September 1860, at 7 o clock P. M., for gift, which, by the struggles and the hero. the choice of officers for the year ensuing."

ism of our noble ancestors has been con. death, made the place bideous. And yet The above simple notice, clipped from ferred upon us. May its keeping be a sathere were pictures of beauty upon those one of our daily papers, is emphatically cred act of duty and devotedness on the walls, as upon the other palace. I rec- suggestive. This brief paragraph is the

part of their descendants, and while we ognized some of the same scenes ; but here orly ållusion that we have noticed, to a emulate their virtues, and admire their they seemed burnt in as by fire, and spic subject most deeply and painfully interders, and toads, and venomous serpents esting to every patriot-every lover of our that all their success was attributable to

generous patriotism, may we remember crawled over them.

liberties—every ardent friend of our blood- the favor of Heaven and the righteousness This palace, too, was full of inhabitants; bought institutions and every admirer of the of their cause, and never, nerer may we but how unlike the other! Here Dis. self devotion and nobly patriotic virtue of desecrate the holy heritage of freedom, by cord ruled; here Love was displaced by our venerated falbers, whose blood, poured them so nobly and so dearly bought. Hatred ; and Wisdom, Truth, and Purity out like water on the neighboring heights, were quite shut out. One who was called baptized the soil for freedom. THE THE WATERING PLACES.-The Nor. Knowledge was here; but how different Sixth of SEPTEMBER, 1781, although ap- wich Bulletin, on this subject remarks ;-from the angelic being I saw in the other parently unnoticed by many, will, we

The cool weather of the past two or palace ! She carried in her hand a basket trust, never be forgotten by the descend- three days has had the usual effect upon of the forbidden fruit of paradise, and ants of its noble band of martyr's wbo the watering places and sea side hotels.wore around her head a garland of its sealed with their death the liberties of the The trains and boats go laden with the dead ly leaves. Pride was her companion country. But very few of the patriarchs of camp equipago of the returning army of and Misery followed ber.

the present day remain to tell us of those pleasure seekers, and heal:h bunters, who Yet, in this fearful place, there was one dark scenes of bloody conflict and heroic fled the cities at the begining of summer, person evidently of divine origin. I valor—those fearful days that tried men's and through July and August, have been pointed him out to my guide. "Who is souls”—when in sangunnary conflict on exerting themselves to keep cool and be he,” I said, “ with the pure robe, uplifted the battle field our patriotic fathers met bappy. From Newport the begira comfinger and stern ove-he who is always and repelled, hand to hand and shoulder menced on Monday. The trains of the speaking, and whose voice grows louder to shoulder, the advances of the foreign Shore Line Road were loaded all day with and more terrible every moment?”

invader. Seventy nine years ago to-day, passengers from that and other summer - That," he answered, “is Conscience.

a day ever to be remembered by resorts, between New York and Boston, He is stronger than the strong man arm- the citizens of New London and the adja- The Pequot House which has been ed, and cannot be driven out. Conscience cent towns and villages. Led on by the quite full during the season, is being is unconquered and unconquerable."

treacherous Arnold, a large force of infu- gradually deserted as the days and nights “ Will he, tben," I asked, “ at some fu- riatod soldiery had invaded our peaceful grow cooler.

The house has had an unture period, make this palace like the shores, forced with overwhelming num- usually successful season, other? Will be transform these misera-bers our citizens from their dwellings, and The Sachem's Head House, which is ble beings into pure spirits, extinguish taken possession of the town, a greater undoubtedly one of the best ordered and this fiery furnace, and let in light from part of which under the incendiary torch pleasantest, as well as most popular of the beaven ?"

of the enemy had become a mass of smoul. sea side hotels, closes next Monday. A “Alas, no!" replied my guide. “He dering ruins. The bodies of our citizens number of Norwich families have been is here as a tormentor only. They would shot down in the streets, the gardens, and spending the summer there.

Some of not accept a ransom. This palace must the cornficlds lay exposed to the full glare them have already returned, while others remain a ruin. of the mid-day sun.

are tarrying, still reluctant to leave the “ And now," he added, as he led me

On the opposite banks of the Thames, healthy bracing air of the Head, its cool away from this dismal scene, “hast thou the overlooking heights presented a scene breezes, pleasant company and agreeable undørstood these things that I have shown that cannot adequately be described. The appointments. The two houses at Watch thee?"

bodies of men, venerable for years, nd Hill have been full the whole season, and “Only in part," I answered.

" What

youth in the morning of life, the brave particularly so for the past fortnight.dost thou seek to teach me ?"

and the chivalrous and good-noble do- They usually keep open till the last guest “In the first palace,” he replied, “ thou fenders of their houses and their country, is ready to say good bye. hast seen a human sou), saved, sanctified, bathed in the gushing torrents of their The Nauyaug House at Mystic Island, glorified. In the second palace, also, lown life blood, promiscuously covered the has also been crowded. Its well spread


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tables bave rarely known a vacant seat.-small. To these causes we attributo the past year, and a considerable increase in A number of Norwich families bave been fact that this route between New York numbers, Address to the youth present spending the summer there, and so well and Boston is receiving, the present sea- by Rev. E. A. Hewitt of North Stoningpleased are they with the household ar- son, two or three times the patronage it ton; Essay by Rev. J. P. Brown of Moorangements, they have not yet begun to had last season. It well deserves it. • sup; Paper on Benevolent Objects by think of packing their trunks for leaving,

Rev. A. Gates of Pequonoc. and probably will not until all McCune's

DEATH or Douglas W, HARRIS. -In early vegetables have sped and the corn the death of Deac. Douglas W. Harris, re

CITY ITEMS. tops take on autumn hues and sing har- corded in another column, we chronicle rest home,

VISIT OF THE NORWICH FIRE BkIGthe departure of “a good man." Although At Pine Island, Eastern Point, Block modest and retiring in bis pretensions, the

ADE.-This fine Brigade under the comIsland, and all the places along shore noble virtues of his heart, the kindness of

mand of Chief Engineer Peale, visited where sbade, cool breezes, fresh air, salt his disposition, and the excellencies of his our city on Thursday, last week, and met water, surf, and all that have attracted mind, were inanifest to all with whom he

with a very warm reception. On their arthose who have leisure and full purses, associated, and his whole life was á noble

rival in the Jenny Lind, they were met the season has been successful and profita- exemplification of the reality and power and quite a number of our citizens and

by F. L. Allen, Esq., of the Nameaug, ble to landlords, and most agreeable to

of pure and undefiled religion. Affable guests. in his deportment, and deeply sympathetic when they partook of a collation, furnish

escorted to the Nameaug Engine House, SUMMER TRAVEL-The-SHORE LINE. in his feelings, his intercourse with othersed by that company, and then proceeded to -A correspondent of the Boston Recorder, was pleasing and cheerful, and always left Lewis Grove, at East New London, for after answering the question, .“ Where a favorable impression upon the minds of

the purpose of target shooting. shall we go ?” in reference to the usual those who shared the intimacy of his friend

On arriving at the grove, Messss. Isaac Summer pleasure excursion, proceeds to ship; while his influence was of that Johnson, Amos C. Williams and N. C. make another inquiry, viz. : How shall kindly conservative nature which never Brakenridge were appointed Judges

, the we get there ?" and remarks :failed to win for him the respect, and

target set up and the firing commenced.* The ways and means for reaching the secure the warm sympathies of those around There were 198 shots, each man firing watering places along shore can be learned him. Although never an aspirant after

twice. The prizes were awarded as folfrom a good railroad guide, but one season's office, he has filled various official positions

lows: Daniel Brown, Silver Cup; experience is better. both town and city, with honor to himself

George Swain, Fireman's Coat; J. P. " From Boston, the Old Colony route and the satisfaction of his constituents.

Shaw, Bible; James Chesebrough, Retakes you to the rocks of Cohassel, or to At the time of his death, he was an hon. volver: H. Wilber, Velvet Vest ; James the sands and surf of the Cape. Or the ored Deacon in the First Baptist Church, Maples, Pair of Boots ; Geo. B. Norton, Eastern R. R. will take you, if you choose, which office he bad mest devotedly and Box of Cigars ; George Carroll

, Pair of to all the beaches from Nabant to Maine. usefully filled for several years.

Boots; Geo. B. Norton, Box of Cigars ; From Boston westward, or from New Ha

With numerous warm hearted and de

Henry Walden, Hat; Warren McLeland, ven castward, our favorite route is the voted friends, we are not aware that Mr. Hat ; Henry Walden, Target. Shore Line Railroad. From either point, H. had a single enemy.

After the firing was over, the brigade good cars, attentive and gentlemanly con

In his death his own bereaved family marched to the Metropolitan Hotel, where ductors, and flying speed, take you to have suffered an irreparable loss, bis rela

a collation was served up, and speeches Newport, Stonington and Watch Hill, tives and friends a christian brother and made by Mayor Harris

, Fred. L. Allen, Sachem's Head, and to a score of watering associato

, the church a warm hearted co- foreman of Vamenug. Engine Co., and places of greater or less note, and of every worker and valuable counsellor, and the other citizens of New London. The brigsariety, from the most fashionable to tho community a most worthy and valuable ade returned in the Jenny Lind in the most rural, so that all tastes, and all no- member. His life was a constant example afternoon. The company now numbers tions of expenditure can be gratified at of kindness and benevolent feeling and 85 men. The Bulletin says, they are the various houses on Long Island Sound. action-his death will be regretted by all loud in their praise of the excursion, and "Some time since a Railroad Corpora- who ever knew him.

the very gentlemanly treatment they retion requested us to address the public on

ceived from the officers and members of “The Moral Benefits of Railroads." We


tho Fire Department of New London. replied, that if they would stop running learn from the correspondence of the

MARRIED. their cars on the Sabbath, we would cheer Chronicle that the Sabbath School confully comply with their request. The vention of the Stonington Union Associa- ALLYN-MCKINSTREY.-In this city, on the 30.h

ult., by Rev. Mr. Wilcox, Noyes B. Allyn, of Shore Line Company ruos no cars on Sun- tion held its 3rd Anniversary with the

New York, and Miss Mary McKinstrey of this city day. This secures a great moral benefit to Sabbath School at Noank, on Wednesday,

President Rev. J. M.

DIED, the villages and communities along their the 29th ult. road, and if the traveller on this route is PHILLIPS, Vice President, Rev J. P.

LEPARD.-In this city, on the 29th ult., Mrs Ellen not a better man morally, we can assure Brown, Secretary and Treasurer Wm.

Lepard, aged 68.

ROGERS.- In this city, Mr. Isaac Rogers, aged 63, every one, from our own experience, that H. POTTER.

WINTHROP.-In this city, on the 3rd inst., Mr.

There were some eighteen or twenty William H. Winthrop, aged 69. the physical benefits sure to be derived

HARRIS,- In this city, on the 3rd inst, Mr. Dougfrom the sea breezes and easy rides over

schools represented, showing an encouro lass W. Harris, aged 57. the Shore Line Road, are neither few nor aging degree of prosperity during the SWAN.-In Montville, on the 31st olt., Mr. Isaac

Swan, aged 34

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