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es were delivered by Rev. Dr. Bond—who creditors have agreed to cut down the for a gentleman's country residence, and read letters from absent friends of the church bills to $105,000 below which they say one for a summer residence in the Vene- Rev. Mr. Hurlbut and Rev. Mr. Wilcox, they will not go. It will be recollected tian style, both by eminent architects.of this city, Mr. Wm. C. Gilman, of New that the original appóropriation for the ex. The various and valuable Receipts for York, Hon. John A. Rockwell, Dr. Wm. penses of the embassy, was $30,000, which Preserving, Household Hints and Health

properly and economically expended, Department, are each indispensable to our P. Eaton, and others. At the close of these exercises, the whole would have been abundantly sufficient. readers, and are of themselves worth

The Mayor and Common Council of New party adjourned to the tables, whlch were

more than the entire cost of the Magazine. York are careful not to hold office for Louis A. Godey, Philadelpba. Sold by spread in the grove, and covered with a profusion of things pleasant to the eye and nothing. They are fond of mint juleps Starr & Co., New London, Price $3,00 tempting to the taste. The remainder of and are exceedingly liberal in-spending

per annum: other people's money.

Our large city the afternoon was spent in discussing the

CITY ITEMS. good things from the tables, and in social governments are becoming an intolerable

nuisance. conversation, until the lengthening shad

SABBATH SCHOOL Pic Nic.-The leachows commenced lettering the “ Finis" of

NEW STI MBOAT COMPANY.-We ers and scholars of the Sabbath School the hundred years, and the hours of the learn from the Norwich Bulletin that connected with the 2nd Congregational century's history were well nigh garnered the Norwich and New York Transporta- Church in this city, are intending to give up."

tion Co., is the name of a steamboat cor- their annual pic nic party on the 14th inst.

poration recently organized with a capi- This school is now the largest in this city, DECISION OF CHARACTER. — Decision tal of five hundred thousand dollars. — numbering 309 members. We predict for of character is one of the great elements of Capt, Jos. J. Comstock, of the steamship them a happy and delightful season. success in life. “It is wor:derful" say Adriatic, has been elecied President. The

New FIRE ENGINE.-A first class engine John Foster, “however apparent the cas- new company bave just completed con has been purchased by the city for the use ualities of life seem to bow to a spirit that tracts for the builậing of two large side of Reliance Engine Co.

, No. 5. She was will not bow to them,” words that it would wheel passenger boats, to be over three

tested yesterday on the firemen’s wharf, be well for every young man to ponder in hundred feet in length, and which for his mind. How many, instead of acting beauty, strength and finish are to excel after which the company proceeded to the

station house of Engine Co. No. 1, and the noble part, throwing themselves into anything afloat. The boats will be ready the stream, and breasting manfully the to take their place in the line early in the partook of a bountiful collation provided current in the great life struggle, are nev. year 1861. The new company also pro

by the latter company. The price paid

for the engine was $600. er found active and strong in duty, but are pose to build two large side wheel freight always “ waiting for something to turn boats, to supplant the old propeller s now

SABBATI SCHOOL EXCURSION.-The up." How many of this class may be seen in use on this line.

Sabbath School of the Methodist Episcoaround us at the present day, irresolute, indolent and dependent, waiting and look

HONORARY DEGREE.-Frederick L. pal Church, in Federal St., makes an exing for something that shall give a favora- Chappell and Pierce S. Starr, both of New cursion today to Gardiner's Grove. We ble turn to their circumstances. And a

London, were recent graduates at Yale trust both teachers and scholars will find sad spectacle they present to the commu

College, both receiving the degree of it a pleasant and interesting occasion.

Bachelor of Arte. nity--mere drones, accomplishing nothing,

BURGLARY,—The Store of Mr. Jabez helpless and heartless in regard to the

PRIZE OF HONOR.–At the recent exam- Hill streets, was entered through the cel

Smith on the corner of Huntington and great duties of life. Such an individual is

ination of the Senior Class at Williston lar, by some petty burglar, last Saturday a moth in society, a clog rather than a help to the great wheels of progress in the bits, of this city received the third prize in Seminary, Easthampton, Mr. J. A. Tib

night, and robbed of a trifling amount of world; while an indomitable energy, per order, as an honorable testimonial of mer.

change, and two counterfeit bills. They severance under difficulties, active whole

probably found the booty not worthy their it. Mr. T. is a member of the .“ Delta souled effort on the part of others in far

effarts, Kappa Sigma Fraternity." more discouraging circumstances, lead to


OF FIRE. --Last Monday aftera noble independence and honorable dis- LITERARY NOTICES.

noon a fire was discovered in the basement tinction.

GODEY'S LADY's Book for August has of the dwelling house. No. 76 Bank Street.

been received.—the first of the August It was extinguished with but little damNEW YORK AND THE JAPANESE.—The monthlies on our list. The present num- age. city of New York, it appears, bas bad a ber contains another of Godey's “gemo

DIED. nice little bill of $110,000 presented for the graph" plåtes so much admired by his

NYE.- At Head Mystic, on the 21st inst., Elizabeth expenses of the Japanese Embassy. The numerous readers. The steel, colored

D. Nye, wife of Siephen F, Nye, in the 47th year Leland's alone charge $91,000 for the en- fashion plate is a life-like picture, and the TREADWAY.-In this city, on the 27th, inst Maria tertainment of their illustrious guests. which numerous and varied illustrations, pat: Treadway. charge covers the expense of the great tern drawings &c., &c., are the reliable

MARRIED, ball, at which it is alleged 10,000 bottles standards of fashion with our lady readers,

PERKINS-PERKINS.--At Kirkwood, near Camof champag ne wine, was drank, an average The present number contains in addition

den, the 11th ult., by Rev. 8. H. Hay, R.G, Perof morethan two bottles to each guest. The two beautiful architectural designs, one

kins, Esq., of Charleston. S. C., to Miss Caroline Jumelle. only daughter of Benjamin Perkins, Esq.

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State of the Weather.
Day of Temperature above zero *; below -. Direction of the wind.

General remarks,
Day of
the week. Month.

observations, &c. &c. Sunrise. | 12 o'cl'k. (10 P. M. m'n temp. Morn. | Noon. | Eve. Morn. | Noon. | Eve.


78 *
67 *

71 * Sunday,.... (July 22

N. W. N. W. Scuth, clear clear clear Hot. 23 65 Monday,

74 "

70 71

S. E. S. W. North. rain rain cloudy Showery. Tuesday, 24 54 71 6

North, South South. clear clear clear Pleasant. Wednesday, 25 60

68 65 South. South. South. hazy clear clear Very warm.


63 64

South. South. South. bazy clear cloudy Showery in afternoon 27 Friday,.. 68

East. N. E.

East. clear clear cloudy Hot and Sultry. 28

52 Saturday,..


61 6 59

N. E. N. E. West. clear clear clear Pleasant. HORTICULTURAL. land, placing it in good condition as for a large by side shoots from the crown, and

crop of corn or wheat. His plants were would throw up twenty or thirty fruit STRAWBERRIES,

planted in rows, about eighteen inches stalks, bearing eight or ten good berries

apart. He mulched with tanbark, buck- each, thus giving a couple of hundred to At the late meeting of the Fruit Grow- wheat straw. &c., but never with sawdust. each plant. ers' Society of Western New York, the

Once in about five years plowed up the

Mr. Glen had grown strawberries in question in regard to the six best varieties beds and made others. The excrementary

this way, and had counted thirty clusters of strawberries for family uso was freely matter thrown off by the old plants ren

of fruit from a single plant, but did not discussed by its members. We extract

dered it necessary to form new beds. Dia think this the most profitable mode of culthe following from the Rural New Yorker, not allow the plants to grow too thick in

ture. Our readers will, doubtless, be interested the beds,

Prof. Coppock said there were some adin the subject.

vantages and some disadvantages in the

C. L. Hoag, of Lockport, was well “ E, Herndon, of Macedon, could rec

hill system. The principal disadvantage ommend but one variety for market, and nleased with the Wilson, and the Pyra- | was, that where a portion of the plants is

midial Chilian. Hooker, as a family her- killed by the frost, it makes a great vacanthat was Wilson's Albany. It will produce four times as much as most other ry, never was excelled, although rather

cy, while if grown in a mass it would not tender. Pyramidial Chijian next to this, sorts, and twice as much as any other,

be noticed. almost as productive as Wilson. Wilson It is rather acid, but of a good flavor

C. L. Hoag sald Hooker's was very prois of fair quality when fully ripe. Never ductive when grown in hills. Had seen one of which the taste never tires. It not

cultivated except to destroy the weeds, it give as large a crop as Wilson's Albaonly produces a great crop, but uniformly large berries ; those of the last picking is apt to injure them, and injure the crops. diest of all varieties. as deep stirring of the soil near the roots

ny. The Pyramidal Chillian is the harbeing almost as large as the first. Culti

The soil Mr. H, cultivated was a sandy vate in rows, first setting plants eighteen

Chas. Downing of Newburgh, being loam. feet apart in the rows, and the rows four

asked to express his opinion on the ques.

F. Glen, of Rochester, said there was lion, said he regarded Wilson's Albany as feet apart, and allowing the runners to cover half the ground.

Mulch with straw one variety which had not been mentioned, the most productive variety, but had a

that he thought would produce more beror cut grass. In answer to an enquiry,

great dislike to its flavor, and would not Mr. H. said he had cultivated Triomphe ries in a season than in any other variety grow it. Jenny Lind is a fine early sort,

-the Crimson Cone, de Gand, but not so extensively as the

From a bed con- Triomphe de Gand was his favorite.Wilson, which he thought would produce taining sixteen square rods, be picked last Trollope's Victoria was of good quality

season 1100 quarts, and this season 1000. but not productive. twice as many quarts the acre.

Hooker does not do Mr. Moody, of Lockport, said we need-Wilson's Albany the second year was al. well. Scott's Seedling is a fair bearer, ed earlier berries than tha Wilon, Jenny most worthless

, but the very first year but of poor flavor. Was cultivating á He considered Tri

new variety from Canada called Ladies' Lind is early, large, productive, and a fine very productive. fruit. Burr's New Pine is the finest fla- omphe de Gand the best of all. Large Pine, in favor like Burr's New Pine, and vored of all. Peabody is a very good Early Scarlet was

very valuable sort, moderately productive. strawberry. Triomphe de Gand bears well and in three years would yield more ber.

Mr. Beadle knew nothing about cultiwhen grown in bills, but must not be alories than Wilson.

vating for market, and could only give lowed to run into a mass. Scott's Seedling

James Vick, of Rochester, coincided his experience in growing for family use. he considered the meanest berry in culti- with Mr. Glen as to the productiveness of His preferences were the Large Early vation. His soil was a chestnut loam. the Crimson Cone. A few years since Scarlet, Hovey's Seedling, which does well Recommended as the best six varieties, this was almost the only variety grown and gives a few large berries on each truss Jenny Lind, Triomphe de Gand, Hooker, for the New York market, and several of the root being of moderate size, Burr's Trollopes Victoria, Monroe Scarlet, and the growers in Jersey, had informed him New Pine, the best strawberry, and tolerWilson.

that it was the only variety from which ably productive. The rival of it in flavor Professor Coppock considered Prince's they could make money, He believed is Triomphe de Gand. Hooker bears Eclipse a valuable bearer, prolific, medi- they were now growing other varieties to large berries and fine crops, with few um sized, and of a very fine flavor.- some extent. Mr. V. also called atten- small berries on the truss. With regard to the cultivation of straw. tion to the advantage of growing strawber. Hooker is tender. With us in Canada berries, Mr. C. stated, in reply to a ques.ries in bills, stating that a plant, if kept all strawberries are tender. When covertion, that he plowed and subsoiled his shorn of its runners, would become very ed with leaves all are safe,

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An Act concerning Education," approved them, to testify under oath, in all matters PASSED MAY SESSION, 1860.

July 20, 1856, and according to be pro- pertaining to this act and the act to which visions of an act entitled “Av Act concern. this is in addition, after taking the oaib

ing Education,” approved June 17th,1859, prescribed by law for executive and judiAn Act in addition to “An Act for the regu

shall be computed on the amount of three cial officers. lation of Civil Action."

per cent, of the assessed Valuation of said Sec. 6. This act shall take effect from Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- real estate, and all polls addid to the said and after its passage;. and all parts of lives, in General Assembly condened :

list last completed before the passage of acts inconsistent berewith are hereby reSec. 1. That the deposit, by any person, in this act, shall be added al ten dollars each, pealed. any stream, brook, or water course, or on or according to the system of computation of Approved June 23, 1860, near the banks thereof of any substance, mate taxes and valuation of polls heretofore io rials or rabbish, with an intention, or where use in this state. bere is a reasonable liability, if suffered to re- Approved, June 23, 1860.

An Act relating to the Treasury Departmain, that the waters thereof, by their ordipa.

ment of this State. ry action, or when swollen by rains or freshets,

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represhall carry and deposit the same, on the lands An Act in amendment and in alteration of

sentatives in General Assembly convened : of any person, to the latter's injury, director

That no person shail enter upon or fur

an Act entitled "An Act to prevent the ther continue in tbe discbarge of his duties consequential, shall be deemed a' nuisance ;

spread of Disease amung Cattle," ap- as clerk in the treasury department of this aud the party so offending shall pay to the party injured thereby, double. damages and Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre- of ten thousand dollars, with sufficient

proyed June 6th, 1860.

state, without first giving bonds in tbe sur costs of suit, to be recovered in any proper ac- sentatives, in General Assembly convened : tion; provided, that it the party so offending Sec. 1. That tbe public notice of the surety, approved by the governor of this shall remove, or cause to be removed, within a prohibition to be given against the intro-state, payable to the treasurer of the State reasonable time after a notice of the injury duction of neat catile into ibis State,requir

or bis successor in office, as indemnify ofa complained of shall have been given by the ed by Section 2,of the "Act to prevent the any loss occasioned by the fraud, atdecep party injured, such substance, material or rub spriad of Disease amung Cattle," approved

tion or fault of such clerk during hir conbish, from off said land, he shall be exempted June 6th,1860, to which this is an addition, unuance in office; which bond shall be from the provisions of this act.

may be given by the commissioners by lodged on file in the office of secretary of Sec. 2. That this act shall affect no suit now posting a copy of such prohibition upon

State. pending. the principal travelled roads, at or

Approved, June 23, 1860.
Approved, June 23, 1860.

the line mentioned in such probibition, and
in such other manner as they sball deem
necessary; and sucb notice, so given,

An Act further regulating Insurance. Ao Act in addition to “An Act for the shall be a sufficieat notice of such probibo

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa

tives in General Assembly convened · regulation of Civil Actions." ition,

Sec. I. Whenever any inbabitant of this Be itenacted by the Senate and House of Representatives, in General Assembly convened :

Sec. 2. Whenever said commissioner State shall effect insurance in a life, fire, or That writs of replevin to replevy proper. and the owner or owners of any boat cat. marine insurance company, existing or doing ty attached, may be signed by the clerk of tle removed from one locality to another busicess in this State, and wbo sball give a dethe superior court in the county where as provided in said act to which tbis is ap posit or premium note to said company, the such property was attached, in all cases in addition, can and do agree in writing, sign policy and note shall be deemed to constitute #bicb.said writs may now be sigued by ed by a majori:y of said commissioners one contract, and every note so given, though tbe judge of said court.

and by said owne owners, in conses transferred or endorsed to a third party, shall Approved, June 23d, 1860.

quence of such removal or isolation, the be subject, in offset, to all the equitable claims owner or owners of said cattle, so remov- of the maker upon said company ; when any

ed or isolated sball receive the amount so company so ipsuring shall, during the term o An Act relating to the assessment and Cot agreed to be paid for such damages, from said insurance, become insolvent, the assured lection of Taxes.

the treasurer of the State, as provided in shall not be liable on said pote for more than Be it eracted by the Senate and House of Repre- said act; and said agreement sball be bind the equitable proportion thereof, for such part

sentatives in General Assembly convened : ing upon all parties; and in case said ot the term of insurance as said company conSec. 1. That nothing in the acts passed coinmissioners and owners cannot agree tinued to be solvent ; and if the insolvency at this Session of the General Assembly, upon the amount of said damages to be occurs within sixty days of the date of said in alteration of and in addition to an

act/ paid said owner or owners, then and in note, the said note shall be yoid, except for entitled "An Act for the Assessment and that event, there shall be an appraisal of any amount for which the maker shall have a Collection of Taxes,” which acts were ap. the saine,' as provided in Section 4, of the claim on said company: proved May 31st, 1860, and June 12th, act to wbich this is an addition.

Sec. 2. All mutual insurance companies 1860, shall be construed so as to effect any Sec. 8. No claim for damages in conse- aforesaid, doing business in this state, shall abatement of poils which it may have been quence of the removal or isolation of

take premium notes to the full amount of the

any legal heretofore to abate, or so as to effect neat cattle shall be allowed or paid, unless obligations of the insured under their policy. the exemption of any property or polls notice in writing of such claim

shall be All assessments other than on such premium from taxation, beretofore by law exempted, given to the chairmen of said board of notes shall be void. All Assessments so mude or so as to effect the right of any county, commissioners, by the owner or owners of shall be for losses, and endorsed on said pretown, society or school district, to lay tax. such cattle so removed, within thirty days mium notes, and shall so far extinguish the obes upon a grand list last made and perfect from the date when the cattle of said own

ligations of the insured under his or her polied. er or owners are ordered to be removed or

cy. Sec. 2. When any school district shall isolated by said commissioners.

Approved, June 23, 1860. lay, or has laid a tax, and said lax shall be

Sec. 4. That any expense incurred by made out from the grand list of the town to the selectmen, under and in pursuance of which said district belongs, last completed the act to wbich this is in addition, and Au Act in addition to “An Act concerning before the passage of this act, the said tax previous to the action of the commission Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa

Foreign Insurance Companies.” on any real estate in said district, which ers, sball be paid by the town where such tives, in (teneral Assembly condened : shall be assessed according to the provis expense shall be incurred.

Sec. 1. Every person who shrll act as agent, lions of tbe 15th Section of Chapter IV, of Sec. 5. That the commissioners shall in any city or town in this state where a fire "An Act in addition to and in alteration of bave power to summon witnesses before department exists, for or on behalf of any cor




poration organized under the laws of the state and payments as are hereby required in That the treasurers of the different of New York, to effect insurance in this state this section, he shall for foit to the state, vingbanks and savings societies in tbis against loss or injury by fire, shall, in the or the use of the stote, five hundred dulo | tate be required to give bonds with surety mooth of January in each and every year, ren- lars to be recovered in the name of the n the sun of ten thousand dollars,payabiei der an account, verified under oath, to be a treasurer by action on this statute. to said banks and kept by the presidents

just, true and complete account, to the treasur- Sec 4. If any person acting as agent, as thereof. er of the city in which such agent shall act as fdesignated in the first or third sections of Approved, June 23d, 1860. aforesaid, or, in case such agent shall so act this act, shall beglect or refuse to comply without the limits of any city, to the treasurer with ally of the provisions of this act, the of the town in which such agent shall so act, treasurer to whoin said account is to be An Act in addition to an Act concering Eduof all the premiums wbich during the year rendered and said suu paid by the provis

cation. ending on the next preceding thirty-first day ions of this act, may apply to any judge of Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represen of December shall have bepo received by such the superior court to enjoin sach person

talides in General Assembly --t vened : agent or person or by any other person for againsi effecting iosurances as such agent;

Sec. 1. That in all cases where the collecbim, or shall have been agreed to be paid, tor and it shall be the duty of the judge tú tor of any school district has sold land or any insurance against loss or injury by fie in whom such application is made, upon find other property levied on by virtue of a warthis state, effected or agreed to be effected by ing that such agent bas neglected or refus- rant for the payment of a district tax, at a him,

as such agent; and such agent sball, in ed to comply with the provisions of this place other than the public sign post, all such the month of January in each and every

, act, to grant said injunction, and said judge, held to be good and valid, the same as if they

sales of property by said collectors shall be pay to the treasurer to whom the said account or, i. case of his inability to act, any oth had been made at the public sign post. is hereby required to be rendercd, the sum of er jud:e of the Superior court, may two dollars on the bundred dollars, and at tbat solve said injunction, whenever said agent heretofore held, shall be invalidated by rea

Sec. 2. The doings of no district meeting rate upon the amount of all premiums receiv- shali comply with the provisions of tbis act, ed by him, or by any other person for him, or The fact of such agency shall be deemed to son of the neglect of the committee or peragreed to be effected by him as such agent, as be sufficiently proved in any case that may of the notice of said meeting with the clerk

son calling said meeting to leave a copy afore:oid. And all sams paid to said treasur-arise under the provisions of this act, by of said district, or by reason of the neglect of ers, under the provisions of this act, shall be any person baving acted as such agent, or applied, under the direction of the common beld himself out, or advertised as such trict to sign the notice of such meeting, or by

a part of the committee of any school discouncil of the city, or the selectmen of the

agent. town, (as the case may be.) to defray thc ex

reason of the notice of such meeting haring

Sec. 5. The tax hereby imposed upon been posted at some place other than the penses of the fire department in sach city or such agent shall be in lieu of all other tax. school house in said district,or for a period of town.

es now required to be paid by them as such less than five days, inclusive, before said Sec. 2. No person shall act as agent for of agents; and all acts and parts of acts so on behalf of any corporation organized under far as they are inconsistent berewith are said notice, or for neglect to specify in the

meeting, or for any defect or informality in the laws of the stute of new York, to effect to that extent, repealed. insurances in this, state as aforesaid, until he

vote the particular object for which a tax

Approved, June 23d, 1860. shall have executed and delivered to the treas

was laid in any district. ure to whom, by the provisions of the preced

Sec. 3. That all acts of school districts in ing section of this act, said account is to be ao Act in addition to an Act entitled "An school house has been fixed by less than a

locating school houses, where the site of a rendered and said sum paid, & bond in the

Act authorizing the establishment of two third vote of the meeting at which said penal sum of five hundred dollars, with such sureties as said treasurer shall approve, with

Savings Banks and Building Associa- school house was located, are hereby ratified

tions." a condition that be will comply with the pro Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre.

and confirmed. visions of this act, from and after the first day

Sec. 4. That all acts of school visitors in sentatives in General Assembly conuened. of August next, without having executed and delivered the bond hereby required, shall for money, whether payable on demand or oth-have acted in pursnance of such appointments,

Sec. 1. That no contracts for the loan of any town in this state, in making appointments

of any and all school district officers who feit and pay the sum of two hundred dollars erwise, which have heretofore been made wheter the same shall have been made by a for each offence, to be sued for and collected by by the flartford County Savings Associa full board or a delegated board, or whether said treasurer in his own name, in an action tion, to any person or persons, corpora made to fill vancancies, or in addition to ap. on this statute ; and euch penalty when col- tion or corporations, wbo, at the time of lected shall be applied to the same purposes, making such loans, were subscribers to or

pointments already made, are hereby ratified

and confirmed. and in the manner therein provided, as the sum owners of the stock of such association, on

Sec. 5. That all records of school societies required to be paid by said agent, in the pre which said contracts there shall have been in any town in this state, heretofore made, ceding section of this act.

taken, accepted, received or paid, or agreed whether they apper to have been made, at a Sec. 3. Every person who shall act as to be paid, in advance or other*ise, more agent for or on behalf of any corporation than the sum of six dollars for the forbear meeting held in pursuance of a warning or

otherwise, or whether informal or otherwise, organized under the laws of the State of ance of one hundred dollars for a year, and provided the same can be clearly understood, Rhode Island, to effect insurances in this after that rate for a greater or less sum, or and confirmed. state, shall, on the first Monday in October for a longer or shorter time, shall for that

Sec. 6. This act shall affect no suit now in each year, during the continuance of his reason, be held illegal, ususrious, or in any pending. agency, make a return to the comptroller respects void ; but such contracts, if in

Approved, June 23, 1860. of public accounts, verified under onth to other respects legal, are hereby coufirmed

be a just, true and complete account of the and deciared to be valid, both as respects amount insured by him as such agent in principal and interest. his state, and of the aipount of premiums Suc. 2. This act shall take effect from An Act in addition to and alteration of an and assessments received by him as such and after the day of its passage.

Act entitled “An Act concerning Commu

nities and Corporations.” agent, during the year next preceding said Approved, June 23, 1860.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representafirst Monday in October ;-and shall, at

lives, in General Assembly convened : the same time pay to the treasurer of the

Sec. 1. Every joint stock corporation now state, for the use of the state, a tax of two An Act relating to Savings Banks and Sa-ized under the act to which this is in addition,

organized, or that shall be hereafter organper cent on the gross amount of said premiums and assessments. And if any such Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre- the amount of their capital actually paid in,the

vings Societies.

shall annually make a certificate containing agent shall neglect to make such returns sentatives in General Assentoly convened:





mount invested in real estate,and the amount away, removed or otherwise disposed of, or the same, said homestead or domicil sball

vested in personal estate, the amount of appoint a receiver to take and hold possession be deemed, to all intents, intestate estate. eir debts and credits, on the first day of of such property, or may make such other or- Sec, 4. That an bomestead, or domicil, anuary or of July next preceding, the time der in the premises as may tend to the secur- owned by a widow in her own right, on

making such certificate, as nearly as the ity of the rights of such creditors, and as shall the death of her husband, or any other anne can be ascertained, with the name of not be unnecessarily burdensome to such deb- person having a family, be, and the same ach stockholder, and the number of shares tor ; which order shall continue in force un- hereby is, in like manner and to the same old by him at the date of such certificate, till a trustee bas been appointed and qualified extent, exempted by any levy or sale by hich certificate shall be signed by the presi- and has taken possessiou of the property of virtue of any judgement or decree of any ent and secretary of said corporation by the debtor ; it proceedings in insolvency shall court of law or equity, unless the same be hem, and shall be deposited with the town be instituted under said act, cr until the ex- founded on the contract or causes excepted lerk of the town in which said corporation piration of the period of sixty days from the in tbe first section of this act. ansact their business, on or before the 15th time of such a tachment, if there shall not Sec. 8. That the provisions of this act ay of February or of August, in each year, witbio such period be any proceedings in in- under the limitations herein above specior record.

solvency instituted, either by such debtor or tied shall extend only to the exemption Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the town by the creditors of such debtor, under the pro-trom levy and attachment as herein above Berk with whom such çertificate shall be de- 'visions of said act.

provided, of such bomestead or doinicil, as osited as aforesaid, to record the same at

Approved, June 21, 1860.

may be acquired from and after its passage all lenth in a book to be kept for tnat pur

and to such other bomstead or domicil as ose, and when so recorded, to return said

PROPOSED ACT certificate, with his endorsement of record Relating to a Homestead Exemption.

may be acquired before the passage of the

same, is, in the latter case, at the time of hereon, to said corporation, on their de. [Continued to the next General Assembly, the passage thereof, the debts and credits mand ; and for recording such certificate

and ordered to be printed with the Pub of tbe proprietor of soch homestead or domsaid town clerk shall be entitled to receive

lic Acts ]

icil shall bave been first paid or cancelled. he sum of twenty-five cents for each page.

An Act relating to a homestead Exemption. Sec. 3. The certificates of transfers of stock Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre. consistent with the provisions of this act,

Sec. 6. That all acts or paris of acts inn every joint stock corporation, now required sentatives in General Assembly convened :

be and the same are bereby repealed. by the two hundred and twelfth section of the Sec. 1. That so much of a homestead, or act to which this is in addition to be deposi. dornicil, being the property of any one Eed with the town clerk and recorded, shall, person having a family, as does not exceed Proposed Amendments of the Consti. after the same are recorded as aforesaid, be in value the sum of seven hundred dollars,

tution. returned to said corporation on their demand and as will reasonably and conveniently At a General Assembly of the State of Con; on payment of the fees.

accommodate only such person and family. necticut, holden at New Haven, in Raid Sec. 4. If the president or secretary of any and such live slock as is now exempt by State, on the first Wednesday of May, such corporation shall intentionally neglect or law from warrant or attachment, sball be, 1860. refuse to comply with the duty requried of and the same heroby is, exempt from any Resolved by the House of Representatives: them respectively, such of them so neglect- levy or sale, by virtue of any judgment, That the following be proposed as an ing or refusing shall jointly and severally be or decree of any court of law or equity, in endient to the Constitution of the State, liable in an action, founded on this statute, this state, founded on any tort or contract which, when approved and adopted, in the for all debts of such corporation contracted comunitted or inade after the passage of this

manner provided by the Coostitution, during the period of any such neglect or re-act, except the same be for the mortgage shall, to all intents and purposes, become a fusal.

or purchase money of said bomestead or part thereof, viz : Approved June 23 1860. domicil, or for mechanic's lion thereon, for

"Every tale citizen of the United States labor, materials and expenses performed, wo shull bave attained the age of twentyfurnished, incurred, and duly secured un

one years, wbo sball bave resided in this An Act in addition to Ao Act for the Relief der provisions of existing law.

state for a term of one year next preceding, of Insolvent Debtors and the more equal SEC. 2. That a like exemption, as provi- and in the town in wbich he may offer distribution of their Effects among their vided in the preceding section of this act, binself to be admitted to the privileges of Creditors."

shall be, and the same hereby is extended an elector, at least six months next proBe it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa lo whatever structure, apartment, tenement ceding the time at abich he may so offer Lives, in General Assembly convened :

That whenever any creditor shall have at vr addition, made from time to time in con. bimseil, and shall be able to read any artitached the property of a debtor, and shall have nection with, or in reference to such home cle of the Constitution, or any section or reason to apprehend that within sixty dys stead or domicil

, and as may be reasonably the Statutes of this State, and shall sustain thereafter the debtor will make an assignment necessary to accommodate as a foresaid, a good moral character, shall on taking in insolvency, under the provisions of suid act, though the same thereby may in some such oath as may be prescribed by law, boand shall have reason to fear that in the inean- ideasure be enhanced in value ; provided,

come an elector. time such debtor will sell, convey away, r: that all structures, apartments, tenements,

Resolved, That the foregoing proposed move or otherwise dispose of his assetts or or additions, not reasonably necessary for any other portion of the same, so that the same the accom.nodation aforesaid, shall not be amendment to the Constitution, be contin.

ued to the next session of the General Aswill not be ia the baods of said debtor or affected by this act. within the state, when such assigoment will be Sec. 3. That the benefits of the provis- sembly, and be published wiih the laws made, ayd will not be fouud by the trustee in ions of this act be and the same are hereby passed at the present session. insolvency, such attaching creditors may ap- extended to the homestead, or domicil of House of Representatives, June 20th,1860.

Passed. D. E. HOLCOMB, Clerk. ply to any judge of the superior court, or of the widow of such person, being owner the supreme court of errors, for an order in thereof as aforesaid, at the time of his de.

House or REPRESENTATIVES, the premises ; and such judge, on such notice cease, during the period of ber lifo, for the

May Session, 1860. to such debtor as may be considered reason- use and benefit of berself and resident

Resolved, that tbe followiog be propos. able, and on bearing the facts, may issue an children of ber deceased husband ; proviinjunction, restraining such debtor from sel- ded, that on her decease, she surviving him ed as an amendment to the Constitution of ling, conveying away, removing or otherwise the same shall no longer be exempt, by this State, wbich, when adopted and apdisposing of said property, or may require the provisions of this act from warrant ro proved in the manner provided by the Confroin such debtor a bönd," with surety, that execution as aforesaid, and that, in the stitution, shall, to all intents and purposes, such property shall not be so sold, conveyed absence of any testimentary dis position of become a part thereof, in lieu of sectioa 3,



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