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the name and residence of such elector on shall remove said deputy registrar and ap- list sball vote, or attempt to yote, at either their respective lists, and add thereto the point another

in bis place, which said re of the elections named in this act, oo the words "by certificate from

" (therein inovaland new appointinent shall be duly name ofany other person wbose name is on naming the town from which such elector's recorded on the town records by the town said list, he shall pay a fine of one bundred certificate came ;) but the name of no elect- clerk.

dollars, and be imprisoned one year in the or shall be added to such list unless, in addition to proof that he is a legally qualified elect- uty registrar to act in preparing the regis

Sec 12. It shall be the duty of the dep. county jail.

Sec. 16. If any person other than the reg. or of this state he shall also furnish proof, if trý list, only in case of the inability of the istrars sball make any alterations, additions, required, that he has resided in said town registrar to perfect tbe saine ; and, in case by erasures or otherwise in the liste prepare where said registrars reside, the period of of the resignation or death of'the registrar, ed by said registrars, or if the presiding of, four months next immediately preceding the then said deputy registrar shall become ficer of any town meeting in either of said day of the ensuing election. And said regis- the registrar, and shall immediately appoint towns, or of any city meeting in said city trars may, on the day of election, add in writ- another person to the office of deputy reg of New Haven, or any other persoo baving ing the name and residence of any elector istrar, which said appointment shall be du charge of any ballot box in ang voting diswhich may have been omitted by mistake or. ly recorded by ihe town clerk.

trict, at any election in either of said towes inadvertence, fraud or clerical error, and may erase from said lists the names of any per: istrars shall, before entering upon the dus shall allowang person to deposit bis vote

Sec. 13. The registrars and deputy reg. or in any ward id said city or New Haven, sons who were not legally entitle to vote at ties of their office, take the oath by law therein,whose name is not on the registry said election ; provided that no such names provided for executive officers, and lodge a list, or shall refuse to allow any person to shall be added or erased, unless upon consent certificate of the fact with the town clerk, Pote whose name is on said list, without the of both the registrars of said district : and no who shall keep the same on file in bis of assent of bottlufthe registrars of said voting person shall be allowed to vote for any officer,

district, be shall be punished by a fiue not at any election holden within either of said towns, whose name is not on said registry ties shall have the right to administer prisonment in the county jail pot exceeding

Sec. 14. The registrars and their depu- exceeding one hundred dollars, or by im. lists in the town where he offers to vote ; oaths or affirmations, whenever in the dis. three months, or by such fine and impris, providel, that whenever said registrars shall refuse to add the name of any elector to said charge of any of the duties of their office onment both; and it shall be the dutŷ of lists, or shall erase the name of any elector they, or either of thein, shall deem it be either of the grand jurors of either of said who claims a right to vote at said election, cessary or proper to take the testimony towns, and also the right of person aggries.

of such eloctor may appeal from the decision of right of any person to vote or to be made towns, to forthwith prosecute any violation

any person whatsoever regarding the ed, or of either of the registrars of said said registrars to the board of selectmen; and said registrars shall certify to the select a voter. The form of the oath to be ad- of this action. ininistered by the registrars and their dep

Sec, 17, The registrars ol the several vomen the reason of their refusal

, when the ap- uties shall be as follows : -"You solemnly ting districts in said (towns) of New Haw peal is taken ; and the board of selectmen shall examine, under oath, such elector, and swear that concerning the matter now in ven and Hartford, woo were chosen at tbe such other persons as may offer as twitnesses question, you will tell the truth, the whole last annual town elections io said towns, eitheç in behalf of or against his claints; and truth, and nothing but tbe truth, so belp shall continue in office till their next an. if such elector shall prove to the satisfaction you God.". and the said registrars and nual town election, and uptil others are of the board of selectmen, that his name was their deputies shall keep a record of the chosen and sworn in their places ; but omitted from the registry list by fraud or names and residence and testimonr, of all cach of said registrars shall on or before clerical errors, they may direct the registrars persons to whom said oath or affirmatio the 15th day of July, 1860, appoint a depto add his name to said registry list.

was administered, and any person wbouty registrar, 10 accordance with the proSec. 10. At the annual town meetings for sball swear falsely before said registrars or visions of this act. the election of town officers hereaiter to be their deputies, sball be deemed to be guil. Sec. 18. The compensation of the reg. held in the said towns of Hartford, New Ha- ty of the crime of perjury, and punished istrars and deputy registrars shall be fixed ven and Middletown, and at the annual city with the penalty thereof.

by the selectinen of said towns of Hartmeetings for the election of city officers in

Sec. 15. It sball be the duty of the reg- ford, New Haven and Middletown respect the city of New Haven, the voters at each of istrars to be at the ballot boxes in their ively; and all expenses incurred by the said meetings shall cast their ballots in the respective voting districts in each of the registrars for printing lists of voters, and voting districts of wards where their names elections for state officers, presidential elec- all other necessary expenses incurred by were registered at the time when the last tors, and town officers in each of said thein in the discharge of their duties, sball preceding registry list was made and publish- towns, and for city officers in said city of be paid by the treasurer of said respective ed, and no person shall be allowed to vote in New Haven, beld during the year for which towns. either said town or city meetings whose names tbey were elected ; to hear and decide any of each of said towns or Hartlord, New

Sec. 19. The selectmen and town clerk are not on the registry list. Provided, how questions pertuining to them, which may ever, that the registrars may have the right to arise louehing the right of any person to Haven and Middletown shall meet in their add to said lists in writing, at least three vote, who may offer to vote at either of respective towns, at such congenient place days preceding either of said elections, the said elections, and on eaea of sand elections as they may appoint, on the Monday of names only of such persons as may be entitled each of sail registrars shall emp.oy his as

the third week preceding the week ou to vote therein, who were not entitled to vote sistani registrar, or some other suitable wbich ibe annual state election or the elecat the preceding state or presidential elec- person or persons, to keep a list of the tion for the choice of electors of president tion.

rames and residences of all persons voting and vice president of the United States Sec. 11. It shall be the duty of each reg- at their resepctive vuting places, and also shall be held, for the purpose of deciding istrar, immediately after bis election, to ap- i to check the names of all such persons on upon ail applications to be admitted to the point a deputy registrar, whose name and the registry lists, which said registry list, privileges of an elector, and sball continue appointment shall be deposited with the so checked, shail bave the number of names in session for that purpose, from nine o's town clerk of the town where the said reg. cbecked thereon certified to by the regis- clock in the forenoon, till five o'clock in tiar resides, and shall be, by said town trars of the respective districis, and, to the alternoon of said day, is so long a time clerk, recorded on the town records, at the gether with said record of names, shalliin be necessary ; and may adjourn said meelend of the record of the town meeting at mediately :fter the closing of the polls, be ings from time to time, fron place to place, which said registrars were «lected ; and in deposited in the office of the town clerk,by as may be necessary, until the Thursday case said deputy registrar shall from any whom they shall be safely kept and be open of the following week at nine o'clock in cause be unable or unwilling to perform for the inspection of any elector, and if any the lorenoon, when they sball, at five o': the duties of bis office, tben the registrar person whose name is not on the registry clock in the afternoon of said Thursday,

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adjourn to Tuesday of the week preceding | clark of either of said towns shall give a provision of Section sixteen of the “Act relatthe day of election, for the purpose oofdig false certificate to any person, such Officer ing to Electors and Elections," sball preside at beariog and deciding upon alt appeals that or town clerk sbal be punished by a fine the place of voting in the first district, and the may then be made from the registrars ; not exceeding five hundred dollars and by town clerk and selectmen of said town sball but any appeal that can be made at that imprisonment in the common jail six designate for bis assistance in the duties of bis time shall not be ailowed to be made after months.

said office an assistant presiding officec for that day, and no appeal shall be heard by

Sec. 24. The ballot boxes at each of the each of the other districts, who shall preside the selectmen on the day of election, that elections herein provided for, except in the at the place of voting in the district to which might have been made prior to said last city and town of New Haven, shall be he shall be designated, and who shall perform preceding meeting of the selectmen ; an, opened at nine o'clock in the forenoon all the duties, and possess all the powers, withsaid selectmen shall on said Tuesuay ad- and closed at five o'clock in the afternoon; in said district, ot a presiding officer at elecjourn to the hour of seven o'clock on the except that in all elections held in New tors' meetings, except as berein otherwise promorning of election day, and shall then Haven, the ballot boxes shall open at the vided. continue in session for the adınission of time now prescribed by law.

Sec. 5. The selectmen and town clerk of electors, for two hours and no longer :

SEC. 25. All acts and any portions of the each of said towns respectively, shall constiprovided, that at said last session they sball charter of the city of New Hayen, incon-tate a board of registration, who shall have not adunit ang person to the privileges onsistent herewith are bereby repealed ; and and exercise, in addition to the power vested an elector except those whose names

are the act passed at the present session of the in the board of registration by “An Act to on the corrected registry lists, we made out General Assembly, entitled “An Act to provide for the more perfect registration of the by the registrars under tho itlo "To be provide for the more perfect registration of names of electors of this state,” the other powmade," certified copies of which shall be the names of electors of Ibis State,” is, and ers and duties conferred by tbis act. "T'be surnished by said registrars to saiu select the same is hereby declared to be, not ap- town clerk shall be the clerk of said board, and men.

plicable to or in force in the towns of Hart. in case of his absence or bis inability to perSec. 20. It shall be the duty of the town ford, New Haven and Middletow n.

form the duties, said board may appoint any clerks of said towns to give to each of the

Approved June 23d, 1860.

other elector clerk thereof. persons who may be ad vitted to the priv.

Sec. 6. The clerk of the board of registrailege of an elector at said last mentioned

tion in each town, shall, at least fourteen days meeting of the selectmen and town clerk, a An Act relating to Electors and Elections in before any of said electors' meetings, make certificate of bis admission, wbich shall

those towns of this State which are divided and deliver to said board a list for each district contain the name, residence and number of the voting district, wberein such person Be it enacted by the senate and House of Representa, in said town, at any of said electors' meetings,

ito voting Districts.

in said town, as nearly perfect as practicable,

of the names of all persons qualified to vote resides, and shall be delivered to the regis

lives, in General Assembly condened: trars of said district, and the name and residence of such person shall be entered held in all the towns of tbis state, which are

Sec. 1. In warning the electors' meetings wbo have their place of lodging is said district,

which pames shall be duly arranged in alphaupon the registry list before such persoo divided into districts, except the towns of betical order on each of said lists. shall be allowed to cast bis ballot therein. Hartford, Norwich, New Haven and Middle

Sec. 7. The board of registration in each All of which certificates shall be kept by town, the constables of said towns shall in ad- of said towns respectively, shall, at least twelve said registrars, a record of the same to be dition to the warning now required by law, days before any of said electors' meetings, demade by them, wbich said record, together give notice therein that ballot boxes will be posit the lists thus made, each list being signwith the certificates, shall be lodged in the opened in each of the districts in their respec-ed by said board, or a majority of them, in town clerk's office, immediately after sail tive towns, for the reception of the votes of the the town clerk's office, for public inspection. election; and be open to the inspection of electors entitled to vote therein, according to Said board shall also, twelve days before ang any elector of said town. the provisions of this act.

of said electors' meetings, post at the plaee of Sec. 21. When any person exhibits to Sec. 2. At the annual electors' meeting for voting in cach district in their respective the board of selecimen and town clerk pa- the election of state officers and other officers towns, and also in at least two other public pers of naturalization, issued to him in due required by law to be voted for at such meet- places in each district, a copy of the list of form by a court baving jurisdiction, it ings; and at the electors' meetings for the el- said district, giving the boundaries thereof, said board is satisfied of the genuineness ection of electors of president and vice-presi- which list shall be certified by the clerk of of such papers, and that they were issued dent of the United States, the persons quali- said board ; and the town clerk, upon pay

to the persons presenting them, they shall fied to vote shall give in their ballots in the ment of the legal fee3, shall furnish to any one approve them by a written endorsement district wherein the naine of each person is desiring it, a certified copy of any of said lists thereon, with the date thereof, signed by registered, according to the provisions of this so deposited iu his office. the town .

Sec. 8. I he board of registration shall applicant sball bave the other legal qualiti. ac i'ue name of each person who is qualified to meet in the first district in each of their respeccations for an elector they shall admit biun vote at any of said meetings shall be register- tive towns at such convenient place as they in due form, and causa bis dawe to be en. ed in only one district at the same time, which may appoint, on the last Blonday in March, rolled on said list.

shall be the district wherein such person has annually, aud on Monday of the week next Sec. 22. Whenever the town clerk of his place of lodging at the time of such regis preceding any election of electors of president eitber of said towns shall gire a certificate tration.

and vice-president of the United Stales to reto any person that he is is an elector of Sec. 3. The selectmen of said towns shall vise and make corrected lists of the several said town, it shall be his duty to keep a provide a suitable and convenient place for districts, and also to examine and decide upon record of the name of such elector, the voting, at such electors' meetings, in each dis all applications to be admitted to the privileda te when such certificate was granted, to trict of their respective towns, and shall give ges of an elector, and in the discharge of said wbom given, and the name of the town public notice thereof at least three weeks be- duties, the board sball proceed in the manner where said certiticate is to be used. fore the day of such meeting, and they shall provided in "An Act to provide for the more

Sec. 23, It ́any officer named in this act procure for the use of the electors, ať such perlect registration of the names of electors of shall, witbout just or reasonable cause, re- meeting, the necessary ballot boxes, for the this state.' fuse or negleci to discharge any of the du- purpose of receiving the votes of the electors Sec. 9. The board of registration in ties bereio prescribed, he shall on convic. in the several districte, which boxes shall be each town shall give notice or the time and tion, be punished by a one of three hun used in said districts in the same mapper as is place of holding their sessions, to correct dred dollars : or if any of the officers nam. now by law provided.

and revise the lists of said districts, as ed in this act sball willfully violate any of SEC. 4. At such electors' meetings, the pre aforesaid, upon each of the lists posted in the provisions of ibis act, or if the town siding officer, who sball be chosen ander the tbe several districts, as is gerein before pro.

vided, and also by advertising in one or ted by fraud or clerical mistake from the purpose ; and in all cases in which the assesmore newspapers in each town respective duplicate copy delivered to said presiding sors in any town bave omitted to post notices, ly, if any are published therein. And said officer.

or publish the same, in accordance with tbe board sball,be in session, in each town, at the Sec. 13. Immediately after the ballot provisions of the third section of an act entiplace of voting in lbe first district on the boxes are closed, at any of the elector's iled "Ad Act for the Assessment and Collecday when said electors' meeting shall take meetings berein provided for, the presid. tion of Taxes," and in all cases in which as place ; which said session sbali be for the ing officer, and his assistants presiding in sessors have omitted to sign, or return, or purpose of admitting as electors only those the several districts, shall, with the aid of make oath to, an abstract of the assessment applicants, legally qualified to be so admit the civil authority then present, and such lists of their respective towns, or to lodge the ted, whose right to be made electors shall other person only as he may select pro- same in the towns clerk's office in said towns bave accrued since the last meeting of the ceed in their respective districts to sort by the filteenth day of December in each year, board. But the names of such electors so and count the votes which may have been or have not included in said abstract the list, admitted shall not be added to the list of given in said districts ; and the several as. or a part of the list, of any person ; and in all the district in which they have their place sistant presiding officers shall each make a cases in which the assessors bave pot signed of lodging, unless at or before the last prior true certificate of all the ballots given for the assessment list or lists of their respective meeting of said board, notice shall have the respective officers voted for in said dis-towns collectively, but have signed the same been given to said board of the intention tricts, and shall each forth with transmit individually, as for districts or societies in said of such persons so to apply to be admitted such certificate, together with the votes towns, or have not signed them at all; and in electors and their names shall have been received, and the list of voters as check all cases where said assessment list has been

entered on the list of their said district, ed, to the presiding officer in the added to made out, or altered, before the under the head of "Intended Applications," first district, and thereupon the said boards of relief bave equalized and adjusted and it shall be the duty of the board to presiding officer, after having ascertain the returns and assessments of their respective give such electors so admitted, a certificate ed the results of the ballots in the whole towns; and in all cases in which the board of addressed to the presiding officer of the town, as given in, in the several districts reliet in any town have met for the transacdistrict wbereio such electors are entitled to as aforesaid, sball declare the same in open tion of business before the first Monday of vote, stating the fact of their admission ; ineeting. The presiding officer of the first January ic each year, or have omitted to and the presiding officer to whom said cer- district shall make the lists of the votes give notice of the time and place of their tificate is addressed, shall, on receipt there given in said town at any such eleetors' meetings, according to law; and in all cases of, enter the vame of the person thereio meeting, and make return thereof io the io which the town clerk of any town has not mentioned in the list of said district, who madner now provided by law for the pren Accounts, an abstract of the list of such

transmitted to the Comptroller of Public shall thereupon be allowed to vote in said siding officers of electors' meeting. district.

Sec. 14. Any person who shall lake a towns, by the first day of March in each year, Sec. 10. In each town duplicate copies false oath before said board of registration, and in which said assessors, or members of such shall be made of the corrected list of each shall be liable to the pains and penalties of board of relief, have omitted to take the oath district-one set of which duplicate shall, perjury.

provided by law; or when the assessors in on or before the Wednesday of the week Sec. 15. If any member of the board of any towo have assessed any company or cornext preceding any day of election as afore. registration, any presiding officer or 85. poration under a name or firm by which they said, be lodged in the office of the town clerk sistant presiding officer, of an electors' are generally known or recognized, yet other for public inspection, and the town clerk on meeting, or any clerk appointed to perform than that by which they are known in law;

payment of the legal fees shall furnish a tbe service specified in this act, shall, witb- such assessmeot lists shall pot, for any such certified copy to any one desiring it, and out just or reasonable cause, refuse or ne- causes, be adjudged void, but the same are the other of said duplicates sball, before the gleci to discharge any of the duties here- bereby ratified and confirmed; and all taxes opening of the polls in each district at any prescribed, be sball, on conviction, be sub- wbich have been, or shall be bereafter laid and electors' meeting, be distributed among the ject to a fine of three hundred dollars ; and imposed, according to such assessment lists, presiding officers in the several districts, if said member, presiding officer, assistant may, notwithstanding, be levied and collected ; each presidiog officer receiving the dupli- presiding officer, or clerk, shall be guilty provided, this act shall not affect any suit cate list of his own district--and such pre- of fraud in performing said duties, he sball pow pending siding officer shall cause the name of each be subject to a fine of not more than five

Sec. 2. This act shall take effect from and elector to be checked on said !ist at the hundred dollars, and to imprisonment in the after the day of its passage. time of voting. county jail six months.

Approved, June 23, 1860. Sec. 11. Tbe list used in each district on Sec. 16. If any person shall will!ully

DRY GOODS! the day of election with the marks or give a false name or a false answer to said

checks upon the same, sball by the presi» board of registration, while in session, be ding officer in the first district, within sball pay a ine of birty dollars, and be im- AND WHERE THEY CAN BE BOUGHT AT twenty-four bours after the ballot box is prisoned in the county jail three months ; closed in said district, be lodged in the of- and if any person sbalı vote or attempt to

Low and Uniform Prices ! fice of the town clerk, where the same shall vote, at either of the elec:ions named in be kepton file and carefully preserved. this act, by assuming the name of any oth

CHRISTOPHER CULVER, Sec. 12. The officer presiding in each er person whose naine is on said list, be district at the electors meetings shall re shall pay a fine of une bundred dollars, and ceive the votes of all persons whose names be imprisoned one year in the county jail.

AT No. 12 MAIN STREET, are on the list prepared for the district Sec. 17. All acts uod parts of acts inwherein such officer is presiding. The consistent berewith are hereby repealed. namo of no person sball be added to Approved, June 23d, 1860, the list of any of said districts on election

Very Desirable and Choice Selection day, except as provided in the ninth section of this act; nor shali any person sote An Act to confirm the doings of Assessors whose name is not on the list of the district in wbicb be claims the right to vote, Be it enacted bythe Se sale and House of Representaand Boards of Relief, in certain Cases.

SEASONABLE GOODS! unless he shall furnish to the presiding of. twes, in General Assembly convened: ficer of said district satisfactory proof that Sec. 1. That in all cases where the asses

Which purchasers are solicited to examine before bis name appeared on the original corrected sors or board of relief, in any town, have been purchasing. list of said district, and that it was ommit- elected at a meeting not legally warned for the July 1–5 mos.



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Vol. III.
Thursday, August 2, 1860. 3

No. 24. EMPIRE OF WOMAN. that, if the weakness of our constitution

labors, your dangers. If I live happy in if opinion and manncrs did not forbid us,

the midst of my family, if my husband Her might is gentlemass—she winneth sway

cultivates bis fleld, and reaps his barvest By a soft word and softer look; to march to glory by the same path as the

in peace; if, surrounded with my children, Where she, the gentle loving one hath failed, men, we should at least equal, and some

I myself nourish the youngest, and press The proud or stern might never yet succeed.

times surpass them in our love for public it to my bosom without being afraid of Strength, power, and majesty belong to man, good. I glory in all that my sex have

seeing myself separated from it by a feroThey make the glory native to his life, done that is great and commendable. I But sweetness is a woman's attribute:

cious enemy; if the house in which we call to mind with enthusiasm and with By that she has reigned, and by that will reign. admiration all those acts of courage, of

dwell, if our barns, our orchards, are safe There has been some who with a mightier mind constancy and patriotism, which history incendiary; it is to you that we owe it.

at the present time from the hands of the Have won dominion, but they never won bas transmitted to us : the people favored And shall we hesitate to evidence to you The dearer empire of the beautiful; Sweet sovereigns of their natural loveliness. by Heaven, preserved from destruction by

our gratitude ? shall we hesitate to wear a the virtues, the zeal and the resolution of

clothing more simple; hair dressed less PATRIOTISM OF THE LADIES OF THE REV•

Deborah, of Judith, of Esther—the torti-
tude of the mother of the Maccabees, in elegantly, while, at the price of this small

privation, we shall deserve your benegiving up her sons to die before her eyes

dictions ? Rome saved from the fury of a victorious

Who among us will not renounce with enemy by the efforts of Volumnia and

the highest pleasure those vain ornaments Apropos to the Mount Vernon monu- other Roman Ladies—so many famous when she shall consider that the valiant ment of the Ladies of our time, was that seiges where the women have been seen defenders of America will be able to draw of the noble Women of the Revolution; forgetting the weakness of their sex, build

some advantage from the money which who dividing Philadelphia into districts, ing our walls, digging trenches with their she may have lain out in these ! --that appointed select committees to visit every feeble bands, furnishing arms to their dehouse, which they did and received con- fenders

, they themselves darting the mis- they will be better defended from the rig

ors of the seasons ; that after their painful tributions for the suffering soldiers, two sile-weapons on the enemy, resigning the

toils they will receive some extraordinary thousand one hundred and seven shirts, ornaments of their apparel, and their for- and unexpected relief; that these presents and a paper of the time states, the total tur.e, to fill the public treasury, and to has- will perhaps be valued by them at a great. amount of the donations received by the ten the deliverance of their country; bury

er price, when they will bave it in their Ladies of Philadelphia for the American ing themselves under its ruins; throwing

power to say, This is the offering of the laArmy, to be three hundred thousand sev- themselves into the flames, rather than sub-dies! The time ie arrived to display the en bundred and sixty six dollars in paper mit to the disgrace of bumiliation before a

same sentiments whicb animated us at the currency. This was in the winter of 1780. proud enemy.

beginning of the revolution, when we reThe following is the address of an We are certain that he cannot be a nounced the use of teab, however agreea"American Woman,” extracted from the good citizen, who will not applaud our ef- ble to our taste, rather than receive them newspapers of that day, immediately suc- forts for the relief of the armies which de from our persecutors: when we made it ceeding the publication of which, the no- fend our lives, our possessions and liberty. appear so, then that we placed former ble work of tbe ladies began.

The situation of our soldiery has been repo necessaries in the rank of superfluities, "On the commencement of actual war, resented to me; the evils inseparable from when our liberty was interested ; when the women of America manifested a firm war, and the firm and generous spirit our republican and laborious bands spun resolation to contribute as much as could which has enabled them to support these. the flax and prepared the linen intended depend on them to the deliverance of this But it has been said that they may appre- for the use of our soldiers; when, exiles country. Animated by the purest patri- hend that, in the course of a long war, tbe add fugitives are supported with courage otism, they are full of sorrow at this day, view of their distresses may be lost, and all the evils which are the concomitants of in not offering more than barren wishes their armies be forgotten. Forgotten ?

Let us not lose a moment; let us be for the success of so glorious a revolution. Never ! I can answer in the name of all engaged to offer the homage of our gratiThey aspire to render themselves more my sex. Brave Americans, your disinter- tude at the altar of military valor; and readily useful ; and this sentiment is uni- estedness, your courage, and your constan- you, our brave deliverers, while mercenaversal, from the north to the south of the cy will always be dear to America, 80 ry slaves combat to cause you to share with Thirteen United States. Our ambition is long as she shall preserve her virtue.- them the irons with which they are loaded, kindled by the fame of those heroines of We know that at a distance from the receive with a free hand our offering, the antiquity, who have rendered their sex il- theatre of war, if we enjoy any tranquili- purest which can be presented to your virlustrious, and have proved to the worla ty, it is the fruit of your watchings, your tue.”

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THE REPOSITORY: ordination and have been en


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In the

Oh may this shrine be made thy bone,

Through all the changing years to come, VEW.LONDON, CONN.

And, tears and toils and struggles past, gendered, and in the street the deadly

Fathers and children meet at last ! BY W. H.

poison bas been insbibed, which, unless Thursday, August 2,

'This was followed by an interesting speedily eradicated, will prove fatal to ev- Historical Address by Kev. Dr. Bond, the 1860.

ery future prospect of the peace and bapSOCIAL EVILS. piness of the child, and like the deadly hours in its delivery. It was a produc

pastor, which occupied inore than two Upas, sbed its torpid influence upon the NUMBER THREE,

tion worthy of the distinguished speaker, young heart, until its ruin is consumated.

Let parents as they value the comfort, the and was listened to with deep attention by STREET ASSOCIATIONS. peace, or the reputation of their children,

the large audience in attendance until its

close, when two more hymns were sung by keep them from this untoward influence. There are many evils inseparable from

Let those who love the children over

the choir, one of which was written for city life, from which the country is compar. whom they have watched with a mother's

the occasion by our talented and highly atively free. We are often reminded of

esteemed contributor Miss F, M. Caulkins fondness or a father's pride, and reared sermon on the evils of such associations like tender plants to flourish by their side,

of this city, in her happiest style, wbich we preached by a clerical friend, in one of our restrain them from unnecessary exposure

from the Bulletin.

copy large cities, from the text, “ And CAIN in that great thoroughfare to evil-that

We praise thee, Lord, that thou did'st found, builded a city.In his contrast between a

This church on Christ, the Rock, city and country life, be enumerated the highway to ruin- The Public Street.

And still has't kept it walled around,

From error's fatal shock. evils of the former, and their aggregate

CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION. was vastly greater than that of the latter.

Praise for the souls of precious worth, And among these (and not the least of The centennial celebration of the or

Renewed and nurtured here :

Praise for our vine's celestial birth, them in our estimation,) is the sad influ- ganization of the 2nd Congregational And for our hundredth year. ence of street associations. In many in- Church, (Rev. Dr. Bond's,) at Norwich,

Praise for the pure and honored names, stances our children, especially our sons, took place last Thursday week in accord

Upon our shield enrolled : are scarcely out of their mother's armis, ance with previous arrangements. The For Niles (1) whose fame the nation claims, ere they are in the public streets. Almost day was propitious, and the occasion one For King. (2) devout and bold. as soon as they are capable of ruunning of much interest, not only to the present For Hooker, (3) mid the angeis sphered, alone, they may be seen at play upon members of the congregation, but by For Mitchell, (4) crowned and blest; the sidewalks and not unfrequently in many of the former members who were

For living guides, (5) whose light has choered,

Full many a darkened breast. the gutters. And as they grow older invited by the committee to participate in

For trlals that the church refine, and begin to act in some measure indepen- the festivities of the occasion. A large

For good men passed away; dently of nurses and parents, this habit in number of the citizens of Norwich and the

For yon fair scion from our vive.(6) creases, until they can scarcely be kept adjacent lowns, were also in attendance,

Our sister church to day. from an almost unrestrained indulgence in and shared largely in the interests of the

Now Savior, let thy grace divino, it. And wbat is the result? Alas! sad celebration.

Fall on us like the dew ; experience too often soon developes what The exercises consisted in reading selec- Say to thy chureh, Arise and sbine! one would scarcely have expected or be- tions from the Scriptures by Rev. Thos. Revive our love anew. lieved. Children are creatures of imita- L. Shipman and prayer by Rev. H. P.

So may the century begin, tion and their habits acquired from their Arms, after which the following Hymn, High o'er the past ascend;

A noble throng of converts winstreet associates are most generally pernic. written for the occasion by Anson G.

In loftier anthems end. ious. Whatever may be their facilities for Chester, Esq., of Buffalo, N. Y., was sung improvng the mind, or however they may by the choir.

1. Rev. Nathaniel Niles, the patriot preacher of improve their other cpportunities, they A century's suns have shone and set,

the Revolution, author of the beautiful ode, entitled are certain to acquire, very rapidly, a street

Since first our pious fathers met,

**The American Hero." And builded bere a holy shrine,

2.' Rev. Waller King, ordained May 24, 1707. education.

And planted here a tender vine.

3. Rev.Ashael Hooker, installed Jan. 16. 1812. How often tte bold falsehood, the ob

4. Rev. Alfred Mitchell, ordained Oct. 27, 1814.

Through all the long and weary years scene epithet, or the profane oath from

5. Rev. James T. Dickinson, dismissed in 1834,

That vine they watered with their tears, even tender lips, first startles the parents God saw the vigils, heard their cries,

to go on a mission to China, and Rev. Alvan Bond.

D, D., the present pastor. from their dreams of the innocence of their And sent a blessing from the skies.

6. The Broadway Congregational Church-2 colchildren, which, like the sudden meteor's

That shrine by many a foot was sought, ony from the Second Church, organized, June 1, 18. flash discloses the fearful vortex into which That vine a glorious fruitage brought,

42. they are entering. “Where did you learn Jehovah bade the blossoms start,

In the aftenoon a social pic-nic of pres

And twined the tendrils round-His heart. that !” enquires the almost horror stricken

ent and former members of the church and parent. In the street," replies the cbild, Oh, God I thy gracious ear incline,

congregation was held in the grove in the

To those who koep th larger vine, with a scarcely faltering tone. Yes, in the

rear of the Free Academy. The Sabbath

And give it rain and dow and sun, street, before the fond parent is aware, the And take its clusters from thine own.

School and West Side Mission School wero tender mind of the unsuspecting child has

present by invitation,

And when our watchful eyes shall close, been vitiated. In the street the insidious

And death shall bring us sweet repose,

Prayer was offered by Rev. Mr. Hay. evil has been lurking. In the street the Still let this vine receive thy care,

den, and several hymns were sung by the corrupting influence has been at work.- Stil let it thrive and let it bear!

Sabbath School, after which short address


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