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N annual Preface, like an annual New-Year's Ode, must be in a great Mcafure the fame Thing over and over again : And as the one generally tells us, that the Sun still continues to shine, and to warm and

enlighten the World, which · Nobody disputes ; so the other acquaints us, that the MAGAZINE still keeps up its Reputation, and continues to entertain or instruct Mankind, which every Body who buys it, does by that very Act allow. And, indeed, what can be said upon such an Occasion ? To launch out into little spiteful Invectives against our Competitors, or to fit down with the malignant Purpose of depreciating their Labours, and picking out their smallest Faults, is an Employment too despicable and invidious for any one but the meanest Scribbler. It is true, the Enemies which have in general appeared against us, have been such poor, maimed, fickly, and



miserable Opponents, that it is ridiculous even to appear in the field against them ; somewhat like leading out an Army to attack an Hospital : But what Glory can attend the Triumph over Impotence or Imbecillity ? Let them languish out their Days in Peace, and run the short Course which Nature hath appointed them, without Interruption. As their Lives have been unnoticed, their Deaths are unregarded; like a Weed in the Defart, which lives and dies without offending any one with its Stink.

All that can with Propriety be said on this Occafion, is to make proper Acknowicdcments to such of our lcarned and ingenious Correspondents, as have enabkd us to support this Work with Credit and Reputation for so many years; to return our Thanks to the Publick for their kind Encouragement; and to promise that we will still continue our Endeavours for their Entertainment, with grateful Affiduity and unwearicd Care.



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Or, GENTLEMAN's Montbly Intelligencer.

For J A N U A RY, 1752.

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence cach Month.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quartily, than any Monthly Book of the same Price.) İ, An Account of several Experiments, in XIII. Examples of Duty to Parents, among

order to discover the Height to which the Romans. Rockets may be made to ascend, and to XIV. Case of a blind Boy restored to Sight

what Distance their Light may be seen. by Electricity. II. A Letter concerning Government, of XV. The new Commencement of the Year,

the French Government, and what is by the late Act. called the Parliament of Paris.

XVI. A Care in Aferiments to the Poor. III. Abstract of a new Scheme for a Militia. XVII. Remarkable Distress and Deliverance IV. A Description of DERBYSHIRE.

at Sea. V. The Wonders of the Peak, Chatsworth- XVIII. Sheriffs appointed for 1752.

House, Elden-Hole, Pool's-Hole, the De- XIX. POETRY: Prologue to the Comedy vil's-Arse, &c.

called Taste; the Shepherd's Panegyrick VI. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Poli- on his Dog; on the Death of Dr. Barrow

tical Clur, &c. continued : Containing by; a New Year's Ode; the Glutton, a the SPEECHES of T. Sempronius Grac

Tale ;

on reading Barclay's Apology ; chus, Servilius Priscus, and C. Livius an Elegiack Monody; Damon and Sylvia, Salinator, on a Question relating to the a new Song, set to Mufick, &c. &c. General and Staff-Oficers of the Army.


Treaties with Tupis and Tripoly ; MaleVIII. Account of the new Comedy, called factors executed ; Murder of Mr. Cary; Tafe.

Seilions at the Old Bailey, &c. &c. &c. IX. Morad and Abouzaid, an Indian Story. XXI. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ; X. Two excellent Letters of Cicero to his Deaths ; Bankrupts. Son Marcus.

XXII. Prices of Stocks for each Day. XI. Deformity of Vice, and Beauty of XXUI. Monthly bill of Mortality. Virtue.

XXIV FOREIGN AFFAIRS. XII. Vanity of human Greatness.

XXV. A Catalogue of Books. With a Beautiful Map of DERBYSHIRE, and a fine View of CHATSWORTH, the Seat of his Grace the Duke of Devonfire, in the same County, elegantly engraved.

MULTUM IN PARV 0. LONDON : Printed for R. Baldwin, jun. at the Rofc in Pater. Notter-Row. Of whoin may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or

Stiich’d, or any single Month to complete Sets.

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